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Claim: Giant UFO Base Under Lake Erie

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Do UFOs really exist?

Not only are they real, claim some top researchers, the entities that pilot them have bases all over the world.

UFO bases have been pinpointed on every major continent including Antarctica. One of the largest is claimed to be hidden in the Andes mountain range of South America.

North America has a major base too located in one of the Great Lakes: Lake Erie. Evidence suggests the base is underwater.

Amateur photo of lake UFO snapped in 1952.

Lake Erie a hot spot for UFOs

It’s true that strange things have been occurring in and around Lake Erie for more than 100 years. The great airship flap of the 1880s occurred throughout the American Midwest and Northeast, the radial patterns of their flight paths often tracked back to a point in the Lake Erie region.

Classic saucer UFO photographed near Cleveland, 1954.

In more modern times it’s been suspected for decades that Lake Erie—a hot spot for UFO sightings since the early 1950s—harbors a base.

Squadron of ‘scout craft’ UFO’s photographed over lake.

Back when UFOs were still called flying saucers sightings were rife in the Lake Erie area. Disc shaped craft were seen at all hours. Daylight sightings were common. Many eyewitnesses said they saw saucers rising from the lake or diving into it. The infamous US Air Force Project Grudge—later Project Bluebook—launched investigations several times to research sightings of otherworldly craft near Lake Erie. Their conclusions appeared in cut and dried reports buried within with columns of statistics.

The ominous ‘Men in Black’ investigated some Lake Erie sightings.

The more interesting investigations were conducted by nameless, ominous men who only identified themselves as “representatives of the United States government.” Those men interrogated witnesses and tried to intimidate them into silence. Some of those men later became known in flying saucer circles as the “Men in Black.”

Of course the results of their investigations were never released.

Today, most people think of Men in Black as two entertaining comedic films, but back in the 50s no one was laughing.

Frame of video taken of craft hovering over Lake Erie.

Men in Black often appeared after sightings near Lake Erie and it was back then that prominent flying saucer investigators such as Major Donald Keyhoe, Gray Barker and Morris Jessup focused some of their attention on the mysterious comings and goings of the unidentified aerial craft haunting Erie.

National organizations such as the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) also had thick files on sightings in and around the growingly eerie Lake Erie.

Researcher Robin S. Swope recently compiled a very impressive case book of stunning sightings occurring around southern Lake Erie over the past few years.

In his book, A Hidden Underwater UFO Base in Lake Erie  Swope describes sustained UFO flaps and many sightings of massive craft plunging into the lake.

Artist depiction of incredible U.S. Coast Guard sighting.

He spotlights an amazing encounter between the U.S. Coast Guard and a UFO. They witnessing a mammoth craft landing on the lake and launching a flurry of small scout ships. Of course, as is the norm, the mainstream American media chose to ignore the incident concentrating there attention on the travails of Britney Spears.

The record of incidents since 2000 has ticked upwards and it’s safe to say that more UFOs are being tracked, seen and encountered in the Lake Erie area than during all previous years.

Swopes writes in a blog post that “Recently places on the western part of the lake such as Sandusky and Cleveland have been hotbeds of UFO activity and similar lights have been filmed, making them a Youtube sensation.

“These UFOs have been investigated by world-famous UFO researchers [and] Cleveland ufologist Aaron Clark in the March 8, 2007 Cleveland Plain Dealer declared that ‘Some believe there’s a UFO base on the bottom of the lake.’”

If you’ve sighted a UFO in the Lake Erie area, please report it to the National UFO Reporting Center here.  You may also report sightings using their hotline telephone number: 206-722-3000 (they ask you call them only if the sighting has occurred within the last week).

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    • Anonymous

      I believe the picture “Frame of video taken of craft hovering over Lake Erie.” is actually from sighting in Turkey in 2008.

    • TwelveStrand85

      I can say that one of my fathers best friends lives on Lake Ontario not Lake Erie. He has repeatedly seen strange lights over that particular lake. Also I would say that IMO there most definitely is a base there under Erie…perhaps it extents over to Ontario? While I cannot provide any evidence other than mention a witness… how would you provide evidence? I mean there is plenty of footage on youtube of strange lights over the great lakes. Wouldn’t that be the best evidence that one could provide suggesting that something of that nature is a reality?

    • Anonymous

      Do UFOs really exist? – NO. Only in the heads of the simple minded.

      “Not only are they real, claim some top researchers, the entities that pilot them have bases all over the world.” – But still no one (of the 6.5 billion people on earth) has snapped a single clear picture.

      Godzilla exists to. I saw pictures of him when I was a child.

    • TwelveStrand85

      “Do UFOs really exist? – NO. Only in the heads of the simple minded.

      “Not only are they real, claim some top researchers, the entities that pilot them have bases all over the world.” – But still no one (of the 6.5 billion people on earth) has snapped a single clear picture.

      Godzilla exists to. I saw pictures of him when I was a child.”

      Dude you are as ignorant as they come with those statements….why dont you take a look into the skies sometime perhaps you’ll see something other than the 5 oclock news….just pay attention to the skies and stop watching mind rotting TV …after all there is a myriad of evidence out there…whether you accept it or not. that is a fact

    • KrazeeDayz

      It’s only a matter of time before they make themselves known worldwide. Then, people like Anon, that believe believers are simple minded, will be shoving his foot in his mouth.
      As the anon said, just look up once in awhile and pay attention to the skies. Trust me, you’ll all kinds of things that totally defy mainstream explanation.

    • Anonymous

      What does anonymous think of the persons with missing time and scars from abduction surgery? YIKES! I worry that a self absorbed like anonymous could actually think he thinks. thanks

    • Str8Talker

      If aliens really built a base under the shallowest & clearer fresh water lakes in North America… then they are TOTAL MORONS!!! I know because I grew up on Lake Erie and folklore…
      Oh, fyi… NASA has a facility there in Cleveland. So, if they are really there… we have both moronic humans and aliens working in a collaborative fashion. Might explain why the Cleveland Browns can’t get to a Super Bowl to save their lives!!!

    • Anonymous

      “Godzilla exists to[o]. I saw pictures of him when I was a child.”

      You probably believe in God though. . . .

    • Anonymous

      They’re as real as you and I. The bottom of the Great Lake’s is an excellent place for a base. Especially one that may have been there for hundreds if not thousands of years already. God has nothing to with it and never has for those of the organized religion persuasion. What god? There have been many of them over the history of humanity. Nope, the god thing doesn’t wash, it never has. But, this does article does.

    • Al Gores Genitalia

      Love the screen cap of a Cylon fighter from the original Battlestar Galactica! It’s the one tagged as “Frame of video taken of craft hovering over Lake Erie.” (June 8, 2008)

    • Anonymous

      Well….. the truth to it is… Godzilla probably did exist or still does somewhere. While our body is a copy of the physical planet we live on, our minds are a copy of the universal life force (in other words, all that is contained within the universe is also contained within our mind). They say we only use around 10% of our mind capability, but I suspect it is more likely to be .00000001%, truth be known. Whatever the case, any idea or whatever we are able to come up with, either in our imagination has to exist somewhere in the universe and has come from a place hidden deep down in subconscious mind, otherwise we could never imagine it. :o ) Think about this…

    • Upaces

      Anon, great explanation.
      It is hard for those who have never seen one; trusts no one;
      and believes we are the Superior people of the Universe.
      What a small mind way of thinking. Probably the same ones had they lived at the time of Columbus believed the world was flat.

    • Anonymous

      Well, the must be midgets. The lake is only 60 feet deep on and average. There are a few pockets deeper, but not of any great size.

    • Anonymous

      “Frame of video taken of craft hovering over Lake Erie” is a still shot of a “Cylon” fighter from the 1980′s TV series, “BattleStar Galacticia. I just finished watching the entire show and remember this ship. Perfect match.

    • Anonymous

      God could easily have something to do with it. Maybe he created life on thousands of other planets as well.

    • Upaces

      Anon., Thank you for saying that. Human beings tend to believe that “we are IT.”
      The Old Book tells us that (paraphrase) — “HE created everything on Earth and IN THE HEAVENS. He never said “we are IT.”

    • Anonymous

      – “HE created everything on Earth and IN THE HEAVENS. He never said “we are IT.”

      Ah, yes but it does say he created man in his own image. Whose image is ET in?

    • Upaces

      I was raised in Fort Worth, TX. When I was about 10 yrs old, for some reason (?) my entire family walked out the front door and stood on the lawn looking to the end of the block. It was about 9:30 p.m. Everyone in the neighborhood was out in their yards also. At the end of the block was a huge disc shaped object hovering. Lights were all around it. No one said a word. We just watched.
      The next morning when the children met outside to play, we just stood there looking at each other — everyone just shook their heads like “yes, it happened.” However, no one spoke about it ever.

    • Upaces

      Have you seen God Lately?
      We didn’t always look as we do today.

      We developed bodies according to the environment of the earth.

      He did create everything — so if we evolved according to the environment of earth — then maybe(?) since he created everything, beings would look different when evolving from another type of atmosphere.
      He did create EVERYTHING.


      MY HUSBAND AND I HAD A CRUISE BIZ IB BERMUDA AND WENT OUT EVERY NIGHT OVER 100 PEOPLE ON BOARD, LIGHTS IN THE HULL…. we saw so many ufos coming in and out of the water on the north shore that we had to report them to the US Navy base and NASA. i recall being off the south shore on a yacht for a kid’s B-day party, we were all diving for shells and conchs. when some sort of patrol boat told us we had to leave the area, they were pretty nasty, and it was just below some strange observatory on a hill above…we also saw a bizarre hovering UFO in the Bahamas, some 1500 miles south of Bermuda when we were sailing in 1978 at night, we could not find the approach beacons to make port and as soon as the UFO left they all appeared. weird.

    • Outlaw_Wales

      Not a cylon pic that was hacked from the show. The craft are extremely similar. That photo is one from the lake and the same craft was filmed in Turkey and Oman. The shots of the craft from Turkey are phenomenal.

    • Anonymous

      The June 8, 2008 photo looks like the Cylon Ships from the classic Battlestar Galactica

    • Upaces

      Twelve…you’re the idiot.
      Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan are on file talking about the UFO(s).
      Google it.




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