Terrence Aym
\'AYMING\' HIGHER || NEW: Terrence Aym is pleased to announce the publication of his first book: \"Mysteries of the Multiverse - 25 True Stories of Time and Space.\" It\'s available now on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Go to Amazon page here: . A paperback version will be available soon. || For more information about the book, go to this website to learn about 25 stories that will challenge your imagination and mind || \"The most important person in my writing is YOU. And I try never to forget that and strive to make what I write entertaining and worth your time.\" ~ Terrence Aym || Following Aym on Twitter? If not, do it now! - || Once you\'re signed up you\'ll get the latest cutting edge articles with a different perspective than all the rest. Fun, thought-provoking, informative...sometimes controversial. But never boring. || Once during a radio interview, Terrence Aym was asked what motivated him to write. He responded that he writes for two primary reasons: the first is to entertain and inform his readers; the second, writing gives him personal pleasure. || Aym has appeared as a guest on talk radio across the US and internationally. His articles have been read, discussed and sometimes heatedly debated by millions. || The news media has also discussed and debated Aym\'s articles and ideas. Some that have featured articles about Aym and his writing include ABC News, FOX News, TIME, Business Insider, Smithsonian, Nature, National Review, Discover Magazine, Pravda,, The Nation, and many more. || Several of Aym\'s internationally viral articles have been re-published in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Chinese. || Follow him on Twitter now! - || © Copyright AYM Communications, 2010 - 2011.
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