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Space Agency: Phobos Is Artificial

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The prestigious European Space Agency has declared Phobos, the mysterious Martian moon, to be artifical. At least one-third of it is hollow and it’s origin is not natural, but alien in nature. The ESA is Europe’s counterpart to NASA. Could this revelation motivate NASA to release the secrets it’s harboring? Don’t count on it

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Proven right: Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky

Phobos first believed artificial by famous astrophysicist

Astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky first calculated the orbital motion of the Martian satellite Phobos. He came to the inescapable conclusion that the moon is artificial and hollow–basically a titanic spaceship.

The Russian astronomer, Dr. Cherman Struve, spent months calculating the two Martian moons’ orbits with extreme accuracy during the early 20th Century. Studying the astronomer’s notes, Shklovsky realized as the years progressed into decades Phobos’s orbital velocity and position no longer matched Struve’s mathematically predicted position.

After lengthy study of the tidal, gravitic, and magnetic forces, Shklovsky came to the firm conclusion that no natural causes could account for the origins of the two odd moons or their bizarre behavior, particularly that exhibited by Phobos.

The moons were artificial. Someone or something built them.

How Mars appeared many millions of years ago

During an interview about the mysterious Martian moon Shklovsky explained: “There’s only one way in which the requirements of coherence, constancy of shape of Phobos, and its extremely small average density can be reconciled. We must assume that Phobos is a hollow, empty body, resembling an empty tin can.”

For decades most of mainstream science ignored Shklovsky’s breakthrough work, until the ESA began to take a closer look at the odd little moon.

ESA study declares Phobos not natural

The ESA study abstract that appeared in the peer-reviewed Geophysical Research Letters reveals that Phobos is not what many astrophysicists and astronomers believed for generations: a captured asteroid.

“We report independent results from two subgroups of the Mars Express Radio Science (MaRS) team who independently analyzed Mars Express (MEX) radio tracking data for the purpose of determining consistently the gravitational attraction of the moon Phobos on the MEX spacecraft, and hence the mass of Phobos. New values for the gravitational parameter (GM=0.7127 ± 0.0021 x 10-³ km³/s²) and density of Phobos (1876 ± 20 kg/m³) provide meaningful new constraints on the corresponding range of the body’s porosity (30% ± 5%), provide a basis for improved interpretation of the internal structure. We conclude that the interior of Phobos likely contains large voids. When applied to various hypotheses bearing on the origin of Phobos, these results are inconsistent with the proposition that Phobos is a captured asteroid.”

Casey Kazan writes in ESA: Mars Moon Phobos ‘Artificial,’ that “the official ESA Phobos website contained explicit scientific data, from multiple perspectives, which strongly ‘supported the idea that this is what radar echoes would look like, coming back from inside ‘a hugegeometric hollow spaceship’. In fact, they were the primary source of the decidedly ‘internal, 3-D geometric-looking’ radar signature. The concurrence of all three of these independent Mars Express experiments- ‘imaging,’ ‘internal mass distribution,’ (tracking) and ‘internal radar imaging’ now agreed that ‘the interior of Phobos’ is partially hollow with internal, geometric ‘voids’ inside it.’ Meaning that Phobos is artificial.”

In other words, phobos is not a natural satellite, is not a “captured asteroid,” and is hollow. This is exactly what Dr. Shklovsky found back in the 1960s.

Phobos was artificially constructed and placed into Martian orbit by…what?

Phobos: what is it?

Data reveals Phobos is not natural. As of now there isn’t enough information to discover exactly what the Martian moon is, but there are several intriguing possibilities.

1. It’s a gigantic spaceship possibly built as an orbiting station or space observatory.

2. It’s a generation starship that arrived from another star system and was placed in parking orbit around Mars.

3. It was being built in Mars orbit for insterstellar travel but was never completed.

A fourth possibility is more ominous and deeply disturbing.

4. It is a functional (or non-functional) gargantuan planet-killing space bomb, perhaps left over from some interplanetary space conflict millions of years in the past. (Some researchers are actually proposing this hypothesis.)

Alien ship, superbomb, or uncompleted project?

Whatever Phobos actually is its origin and purpose are completely unknown.

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    • Anonymous

      Mind citing the ESA’s “decleration”? I didn’t see anything when I searched it…

    • Blackie the faithful border collie

      It is clearly a martian space rodent.

      • GenZan

        It looks more like Space Rodent poop!

    • Ranger_Ric

      Richard Hogland is a fraud.

      • Ozzie_Thinker

        This is correct. He pushes propaganda cased within truth. However, it has been long known that Phobos is artificial and maybe a giant, disguised, space facility. We apparently have no involvement with it, so is it a large grey stonghold?

    • Ophelia Océane

      this story is almost 3 years old

    • Anonymous

      The comments are all non believers!
      I was excited but now I expect to be disappointed as I research it further.
      If all they have to go on is density driven orbital characteristics it would seem that a very loosely packed fibrous carbony or silicon material could match the needed weight.
      There isn’t much gravity to moosh it down.

    • Moses

      Is that big so-called “crater” on it a radar or communications dish disguised as a crater?

      • Jay

        Imagine what the Aracebo observatory would look like from above after a half million years of jungle overgrowth or perhaps desert wind and sand blasting it. Probably like a big crater!

        • B. Honest

          Aricibo was built in a crater to begin with, very little was needed to be done to turn it into a radar telescope, basically just line it with a radar reflective material and set up the towers/cable system for the send and sensor head is all.

          And as for the article, there have actually been several articles on Phobos and nearly all of them say the same thing, and yes, the radar signals show it to be hollow and those hollow spaces in the shapes of various rooms, connecting corridors etc. There is also a tower on the exterior as well, squared off and straight sided, as various photos show it.

          Phobos is, for sure, not a natural satellite at all and is, indeed a construct.

    • Alpha

      A Death Star is a moon-sized Imperial military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlaser. The Death Stars, were the first in a long series of superweapons developed to execute the Tarkin Doctrine. :cool:

    • Anonymous

      Hollow just like our moon!
      Our moon has partial control still working. They can still trim it’s rotation to perfectly match it’s orbit so we only see one side from Earth. That can not happen naturally!

      • Tsurugi

        Actually it can and does, it’s called Tidal Locking. Many of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are tidally locked with their primaries.

        What is interesting about Luna is not that it is tidally locked with Earth, but that it is situated so that when viewed from the surface of Earth, it has the exact same apparent size as the Sun. A full Lunar Eclipse will, for a brief period, perfectly block the mass of the Sun but leave it’s atmosphere(the corona) visible around the edges, just like the sun filters we put in telescopes that are specifically designed to study the coronal activity(such as SOHO).
        The odds of such a thing happening just by chance are so ridiculously small they might as well be non-existent. You are more likely to be struck three times in succession by lightning during a phonecall informing you that you are the grand prize winner in a national sweepstakes when you also have a winning lottery ticket in your back pocket and a UFO has just landed in front of you and disgorged an bipedal alien who looks remarkably like (choose your preferred gender) Brad Pitt/Megan Fox and is asking for your genetic assistance to save his/her race.

    • Anonymous

      The size of our moon from the Earths surface is exactly the same size at that of our Sun when viewed from the Earths surface. In a total eclipse you can see the Suns corona. What are the chances of that being natural? It allso rings! That makes it hollow.

      • Pateriot

        True. There is no rational reason. It is called the biggest coincidence in the Universe. I doubt this but the chance of this happening randomly is pretty extreme. Some people point to this as evidence of a creator. Personally until I can think of a more reasonable reason for this anomaly I will go with the huge coincidence theory.

    • Nemilike

      Maybe it is a fail safe put up there thousands of years ago to intercept with an expected outside threat.

    • terry the censor

      > Space Agency: Phobos Is Artificial

      A total lie. At no point does the ESA call it artificial — that’s a speculation by someone else.

      And Terrence, you know it’s a lie.


    • Anonymous

      Wait – there is more to this!
      The ESA just finished a fly by in November and they concluded that the origins of this moon were undetermined.
      The ESA declared that large parts of the thing, only ten miles round, are hollow.
      The Russians claim they detected out gassing and even sent a lander to land and return surface samples but it exploded oddly just outside the Earth’s atmosphere.
      It has a perfectly circular retrograde orbit very unlikely for a captured body.

      And in the list of possibilities above they left one out – the zoo gatekeeper.


      Why is it that people cant read the 14 Clay Tablets of Enki (properly)
      and realize what it is saying
      When was sent in disgrace to Mars – where he died
      (which the Anu do not normally do)
      arriving there from a MOBILE PLANETOID
      (as are all the celestial bodies owned by the Anun.nakim)
      why would there NOT be “islands” in common use, by those who
      “from the heavens came down”
      including our own hollow moon

      just the pyramids alone are a dead give away

      and where is Deimos?

    • Anonymous

      Fascinating as this may be, what is more interesting to me personally, is that our own moon is a Dyson’s Sphere, hollow structure as well. The Space Agency isn’t sharing this with us yet.

    • Pateriot

      This story is bunk

    • stormalong

      ok what about a left over transport ship from when we moved to the earth from mars?

      • Jay

        Cannibalized millennia ago to support the colony till it became self-supporting. If it was VERY long ago (7 to 10k years), the hulk is long gone to rust or at the bottom of the sea.

    • Anonymous

      Especially with number 4 it sounds like someone has been watching too much Star Trek and Star Wars.

    • Icecharge

      Artificial origin? Too wild an imagination! What about the pumice? It even floats on water. (Read at the Wikipedia In addition to it, there is something else stone material, and an inner gas explosion or a meteorite impact has made the crater. A rare case but such things can happen in the limitless space.

      Kauko Loukas

    • Anonymous

      BIT – please learn how to use the apostrophe!

    • mfritz0

      It was probably built by someone on Mars. When, I would have no idea, but here is proof there was someone there.

      • Jay

        could you highlight the evidence on that pic?

    • Anonymous

      Time to do something about the SPAMMER “ssarandon” already. Thanks.

    • Se777en

      If you follow the source trail, it leads to some guy’s blog. Not a space agency. lol

    • Hwyone

      Fascinating indeed!

      More on hollow moon (see item 9)

      Iapetus, Saturn’s strangest moon

      “What has been will be again,
      what has been done will be done again;
      there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

    • mrnorris

      is this the black knight?

    • StraightDopes

      Doesn’t that translate to “fear is artificial?” (Phobos=fear)

    • Titus Vorenus

      The whole thing sounds a little crazy to me. I wonder if this conspiracy is related to the whole “Chem trails” conspiracy here on Earth? Oh wait, maybe President Obama is one of the “aliens” in control of the Phobos spacecraft! (now, imagine the sound of a cuckoo clock) :roll:

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Come on everyone. Life takes forever to evolve but spirits are around from the creation of matter. Why is everyone saying that Phobos has to be a space ship made by aliens? Its an asteroid that is a clump of much smaller asteroids which is why it is so light, along with Deimos that was brought there from interplanetary space by the spirits of Mars and parked in perfectly circular orbits for them to escape as the Mars atmosphere, which once allowed water on Mars, which has low gravity, was slowly stripped from the planet by solar wind. Fairies do exist, and they can do anything, I know, I’m Irish.

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