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By Terrence Aym (Reporter)
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Future War: Transhumans Versus The Indigoes

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The two super races of Man: The Transhumans and Indigoes

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The battle for control of the planet will not be fought by any nation, nor any traditional armies. The future of the world will be determined by the ultimate war. It’s a war that’s inevitable as two rising groups of superhumans are destined to clash for the control and mastery of the Earth, the planets, and all their resources.

Prepare for the coming war of the biotech enhanced ‘immortal’ Transhumans against the next evolutionary leap of Mankind: the super-intelligent Indigoes armed with their growing psi powers

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Titanic forces to become legion

Someday the Indigoes may be called Titans. They are the evolving race of Mankind. Most are empaths and exhibit strange mental acuity between others like themselves.

As the years have progressed researchers notice their numbers are growing. Someday “normal” humans will become the minority and the advanced DNA of the Indigoes will become the new human race.

These new Titans will stride the Earth as its ordained masters and shall cast their eyes upward to the stars and claim them as their future.

But there’s a hurdle they must overcome. It’s one that Nature did not prepare for: the artificially evolving Transhumans, an amalgam of flesh and bio-machinery that’s designing it’s own evolutionary leap.

And the determined, single-minded Transhumanists want the future all to themselves.

Transhumans want the Earth, the planets everything

Merciless Overlords

The Transhumans intend to rule the world. Their leading spokesmen are not hesitant to trumpet their grandiose and incredible plans. Nor are they reticent to share with those–who may be someday become their slavesexactly how they intend to become the new philosopher-kingsor merciless Overlords.

If God bestowed life upon Man, Transhumans look to improve upon it

Transhumans are working feverishly to create their own evolutionary leap and hijack the future. If they succeed every other human will be sub-ordinated to them. That’s their dream. They think they will achieve it in 30 years or less.

Then race stops mattering: there will be only the elite superhumans (Transhumans) or the former human race, now relegated to the role of a “higher” ape.

The Indigoes are ‘Humans 2.0′

On the other hand, a new evolutionary human began appearing almost a century ago and almost half of all children are now appearing with advanced traits: higher intelligence, deeper empathy, greater awareness, better cognitive skills, and some incredible psi powers.

These Indigoes may challenge the self-evolutionists in a future battle between Transhuman engineering their own destiny as superhumans in their own right with a full array of emerging psi powers.

The foundation for such a future war is being built right now.

Transhumans want the universe and will fight Indigoes for it

The terrifying goal of Transhumans

Transhumans expect to become virtually immortal and have 1,000 plus IQs. Even if you are intelligent by today’s standards, in their brave new world today’s Mensa members would be certified as merely quick-witted monkeys.

Quite simply, many of the people in the Transhuman movement seek to augment themselves bionically, extend their lives to thousands of years, artifically boost their intellects by factors of teneven hundreds of timesand rule the world.

Lesser beings (the current crop of humans) will, of necessity, have to go. Oh some can stay, even be allowed to procreate like animals, if they serve their philosopher-king rulers. Some may be fodder for new scientific experiments. The laboratories will be busy.

They expect to attain their goal by 2050.

‘Scientists shouldn’t have ethical responsibility’

81-year old Marvin Minsky, called the father of artificial intelligence, creator of artificial neural networks, and the co-founder of the AI lab at MIT, believes the general masses haven’t a clue about how to handle immortality, nor do they deserve it. From his ivory tower perspective he believes that scientists need the extra time that immortality can provide, while the rest of humanity should be satisfied with normal lifespans.

Dr. Marvin Minsky

Sounding godlike, Minsky brushes aside ethical considerations as archaic and argues scientists are above such things. No restrictions on the research and applications, no regulation of any kind, should be accepted by the scientific community.

“Scientists shouldn’t have ethical responsibility for their inventions, they should be able to do what they want. You shouldn’t ask them to have the same values as other people,” Minsky adamantly declares.

This is the Transhumans’ world view; they’re obsessed with becoming the immortal elite.

The rise of the Indigoes

The Indigoes were first noticed as very special, unusual children.

Nancy Ann Tappe identified them during the 1970s, and later spiritualist researcher Lee Carroll and Jan Tober confirmed Tappe’s observations.

Indigo children (also called the Violet Children) are claimed to be remarkably smart, have incredible memories, telepathic (and other psi) powers.

Many Indigoes exhibit an array of psi powers

While some psychologists believe the children are simply suffering from various degrees of autism, those who work with the Indigoes claim the children and adults are different and tend to exhibit singular traits that alone might be found in many children, but together make up a group that’s growing in number.

Now, as notes, genetiticists are noticing the changing human evolution that has been transpiring slowly for about 200 generations. The last 40 years, however, significant traits have emerged that many who are following the mutations have labeled Indigo.

Meanwhile, over at The Register, Lewis Page wonders if the emerging evolutionary mutations may become X-Men. Obviously, he’s unaware the transformation’s already happening.

Culture clash philosophical clash

The emerging culture of the Indigoes, while often linked to each other telepathically, is not a collective.

Conversely, the vision of an elite cabal of godlike Transhumans could easily slip into a rigid collective hive mind. That thought is terrifying.

Many Indigoes seem to be linked telepathically

The two groups represent two different versions of the future. Which group becomes dominant may decide what type of human has mastery over this part of the galaxy for millennia to come.

Although much of this may sound like science fiction the foundation is being built even as this is written.

It can only accelerate.

Nothing can stop the evolutionary leap that is naturally occuring in the human race. And, it would seem, nothing will stop the determination of the Transhumans to own the future.

Mind over matter?

In a battle for control of the Earth, who would win, the Transhumans or the Indigoes?

It’s hard to tell. It may all depend on how strong the psi powers of the Indigoes are. If they are strong enough the advanced Indigo brains may be able to defeat the Borg-like Transhumans.

But if they are too weak

Transhumans will innovate and adapt quickly

The problem is that the Indigoes must rely on an accelerated evolutionary process while the Transhumans can innovate, augment and enhance themselves depending on the needat least in theory.

Some of you reading this may be Indigoes. If you are, this writer wishes you luck. The Earth and the Solar system would probably be much better served with evolved humans than artifical, machine-enhanced cyborgs seeking power that past Earth tyrants could never have imagined.

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    • Anonymous

      E.M.P. from the mother and son
      Tore the digital down
      Dawned are the age of the innocent ones
      The indigo children

      Analog time piece, sky wide
      Sync to the ticker inside
      Move to the rhythm of the moon and tide
      The indigo children

      Sirius, Venus and the lunar child (Let your light open wide)
      Giggle and the flames grow higher
      Dance in a circle around a central fire (Dance and laugh and love a central fire)
      The indigo children

      Lyrics are from The Indigo Children, the band is Puscifer

      • anonymous

        Awesome song…awesome band…: )

    • whitebear

      Dude, you’re missing something here. There is a larger picture.

      A picture where among the suffering there is compassion.

      This compassion grows in time debasing big governance and there’s the rub.

      It will however be a new and better way to be across all lands in regard to caring for another being on this Earth.

      The Indigo People know the way and choose to disassociate with less knowledgeable potentially harmful . . . um.. transhumans.
      They will lead you if you let them.

      That would be nice to see

    • Anonymous

      But,but,but, what about the chosen people? Are they going to be holocausted again by the transhumans?

    • Neil Armstrong

      We use to just call them narcissists now we call them indigo’s. They have no special powers just inflated egos and self confidence, yes some people are born that way. We use to train this out of our children so that they could grow up and function in society now we just let them do what they want and encourage their self serving behavior.

      • whitebear

        my guess is you’ve not been properly socialized.

        If you were you would know that what you’re about to say is idiotic

      • Authentica

        I feel very sorry for you NEIL.. Comparing narcissists to Indigos just shows how clueless & out of touch with REALITY you are.. You have no idea.. Try perceiving life through your Heart, not just with your narrow judgemental mind hm? Perhaps you see children that don’t buy into the conditioned traditional force-fed ‘values’ of society anymore. Perhaps they don’t intend to spend their lives as mindless consuming dumbed-down, in-their-box unconscious drones? That doesn’t make one a narcissist, it makes one a unique Individual, which seems so frowned upon by the old-ways nazis.. You are missing out on so much! Ther is so much more to Life than most people would even dare Dream of!!

    • stranger in a strange land

      God will never allow transhumanism, which is evil ,to progress much beyond what is aleady is. Wake up, the world is about to change, big time.

    • Malcav

      P.s. thought this was a news sight.

    • Zeikos

      I’m a transhumanist and this article isn’t fair for the transhumanist movment , really… Why using technology to put an end to disease and better ourself should be bad? We are alreadly doing it with medicines (like antibiotics) , and we are enhancing our capability of communication with the internet and smartphones. I understand that “fusing with machines” sounds scary for the ineducated but it’s not that big deal if handled propely. I know and understand the risks connected with that kinds of technology but banishing them is not the solution ! it may be even worse (they might be developed in labs not propely under control)

      Oh and anyway on the “indigo” matter i think there isn’t any kind of scientific support on the matter at all … everybody know that X-men like powers break like tens or almost hundreds laws of physics so i don’t think it’s a real phenomena o.O

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