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Creepy Obama Mural In Burma Has Twitter Users Spooked Out

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This Obama mural in Burma is way creepy.


Oh, dear. The beautiful child farthest from the mural looks to be pointedly staring ahead. “Don’t make me look, don’t make me look, I can’t see you.”

Creepy seems to be the operative word here.

Yikes. -> RT @ExJon: This Obama mural in Burma is way creepy.

RT @SooperMexican: RT @ExJon: This Obama mural in Burma is way creepy., super creepy.

FavoriteGreg Kelly@GregMKelly

Looks like an evil Joker. @SooperMexican: RT @ExJon: This Obama mural in Burma is way creepy.

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    • Anonymous

      Barry is a creep and a closet homosexual. Family man? LOL

    • Louis

      Economic expert Roger Wiegand, in his Nov. 14 commentary, SMART TRADERS AND INVESTORS FLEE TO HARD ASSETS, makes some interesting predictions about Obama.

      1. He will not be able to contain the debt crisis.

      2. He will be forced to endure a number of crushing scandals centering on sexual misconduct and his gross mishandling of the Libya assassinations investigation.

      3. The Petraeus controversy will become a vortex further swallowing Obama’s suitability for office.

      4. Obama will not finish his second term, but instead become incapacitated by a nervous breakdown that will force him to resign from office.

      But in between now and then, who knows what this obsessive pathological egotist might do?
      He shows every indication of being possessed by some dark and evil spirit of anti-Americanism.

      • King of Shambhala

        Illinois Lottery marked Obama by 666.
        The lottery draw on the day after Obama’s election was 666.
        Obama’s from Chicago, Illinois and over 50 million get that lottery broadcast live and they heard that draw of 666.

        • Sonny Jim

          Shut up tard boy. Everybody and their brother have heard the one and only story you are capable of telling..


        • SKuNKy

          King of Shambhala, i think Obama will take seat#666 at the EU Parliament that is opened and reserved for him. ;) Also remember the pick 4 was 7779 Completion/Judgment next few months will be very interesting to say the least, especially with the whole Israel/Palestine thing heating up….

    • GuardianAngel55555

      Finally a mural or a picture that portrays obama for who he really is “the evil joker”!!!!

    • Anonimal

      he’s visiting there, just some local government propaganda thats all

      • Chris Jacob

        No. NO NO…Which ever country he visits, expects, major devastation, deaths in hundreds and chaos…Burma will go into CIA sponsored ethnic violence very very soon.

        This thing goes back to 1000s of years …

        • UmanMike

          Obama? ..going back 1000s of years? …a zombie? … I don´t think so – his speech in Burma had some promising key-words! Read between the lines, dude! :arrow: :idea: :mrgreen: :lol:

    • trouble8696

      Though Obama maybe Creepy, very Creepy… But the 19 years old Arker Kyaw din’t spray paint it to look Creepy… with his 15 cans of spray paint … It took him all night ( Dark night ) to paint the Graffiti…Arker Kyaw, whose passion is graffiti, labored from 3 a.m. until the sun came up… The 19 years old Objective was to Welcome Obama not to spray paint a Graffiti of BO looking like a Creepy Evil Joker… :lol: … The Graffiti U guys are looking at is … not his original one… The next day, someone… a rival graffiti artist, scribbled over Arker Kyaw handiwork with a can of black spray paint… Before dawn the next day , as he watched for cops between tea breaks, he painted another wall with an image of Obama scrawled with the words… HELLO AGAIN … against a background of the American and Burma flags…

      BO’s Graffiti by 19 years old Arker Kyaw…looks Creepy though … :lol:

      Source : same same…

    • LukeSkywatcher

      HAHA! Evil joker! “Why so serious!”

    • Anonymous

      Not Obama, that’s a vampire.

    • common law private attorney general Chris

      The ILLUSION is to relating the Thief in Chief to AH Mon RA; alleged: pagan man god from the Sun? Hosea 4:6 MY People are DESTROYED for lack of Knowledge (Truth is True Knowledge) not Lies?
      The Head Dressing is properly nomenclated: NEMSIS

    • YellowRoseTx51

      The reason it is so creepy is that they have super imposed the ‘double eye’ on his closed eye lids.
      Look carefully at the image. The subconscious picks it up long before the conscious mind, and recognizes the classic Moloch/EL possession. All the way back to Egypt. Even on Easter Island they had the ‘evil eye’ drawn on the statues and glyphs. This is called by many names “White” or “Shining” Eye, “Double Eye”, “Evil Eye”, “Rep(tilian)” Eye.

      The eye is the Mirror of the Soul. It shows what is in the Vehicle/body, what type of Spirit possesses and runs that vehicle. The Moloch and El(illumi), the numerous races of SET(An) that took possession of these vehicles are only visible to Human eyesight by the eyes of the possessed vehicle which gives off those tale tell signs.

      It is instinctive awareness within all the races of Mankind, despite all the lies and propaganda, to recognize this image even if only subconsciously. We are all in full awareness, that there is a real War going on with these invading parasites.

    • Anonymous

      what is so strange………looks just like that on the news briefs. it is a Caricature. i am more scared looking at Hillary Clinton’s picture both print and vid.

    • Dave

      Ya know the Bullies never change there rolls just there masks. Are people had a way of dealing with such aggression. If you could sneak up on a family of porkiepines and touch one with out getting Quelled then your medicine had a purpose. If you where filled with bad relations then the pain from getting stuck was enough of a lesson and more growth and another winter needed to retry. Simple Easy and No one gets hurt but your pride Warrior.

      To many sucking on the machines nipple, That is an endless hunger milk and a mountain of diapers for Gerber to laugh @. Mothers in Africa just intuition know when there children need to go poty and while working there fields undue there hand woven carrier and the baby releases him/her self. That’s Strength and Vulnerability in action. Still a long road ahead Kiawhia :) )

    • Rick Carufel

      For an artist the explanation is simple. The person who painted the mural has, along with many other artist trouble painting eyes so they don’t look crossed. So rather than battle with the eyes the artist decided to just paint it with Obama’s eyes closed. Noting creepy, no hidden meanings.

    • Anonymous

      Now we know what the Antichrist looks like after fornication!

    • MC hammers

      Looks just like him. You people are just now noticing how creepy he is? :idea:




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