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Alex Jones Admits CIA Ties - Trust Only God!

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Glenn Canady (Friend me!)

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Alex Jones has now fully admitted that half his family are retired CIA!  Here’s the clip where he admits that his family his riddled with spies.  He says about 50% of his family reunions are ex-CIA!  And of course even Alex admits that once you are CIA you are always CIA.  You never really retire!  Here’s the video clip.





Project Nsearch did an extensive two day interview with Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb where Stew goes over his evidence that Alex Jones not only has family in the CIA but that Alex Jones is being currently handled by the CIA and has taken money from the FBI #5 Cointel division.  I can’t prove this but Stew says he can and Stew has never lied to me before.


In this interview, Stew  recounts how before he found out that Alex Jones was being run by FBI and CIA that Alex ran a honeypot operation on him.  Alex promised Stew would be on his show after he told him everything he was going to talk about.  Once Stew told a lot of what he was going to say, Alex began to play the stall game with Stew and never and started making excuses for the delays.  Keep in mind now that Stew Webb is a recognized Federal whistleblower that over 8 books have been written about.  He has hundreds of Intel contacts and was illegally arrested and incarcerated to shut him up about this information about the new world order banisters and their minions!  Why wouldn’t Alex Jones want to help such a patriot?  By the way, make sure you visit Stew Webb’s new website and bookmark it at and find out the information that Alex Jones didn’t want anybody knowing!


When Stew’s Intel sources found out that Stew was talking to Alex Jones, they basically told him to stay away from him because he’s taking money from FBI #5 Cointel division and had a CIA handler which Stew names in the interview.  When Stew found this out, he confronted Alex Jones on the phone and asked him if it was true that he had a CIA handler and named the man.  According to a witness, Alex, turned white as a ghost, put down the phone and walked out of the room!   Here’s the interview that deals with Alex Jones and many more that Stew Webb is very familiar with.  It’s two radio shows put together.


Link to Video:



I really wish Alex Jones did not have any agenda and never censored information  but my own experience shows that he has an agenda.  He censored the best cancer doctor in the world that has cured hundreds of thousands with natural cures – Dr. Coldwell.   Here’s the proof on that.   Why would Alex censor this man that his co-host Mike Adams admires and promotes?  It makes no sense why Alex wouldn’t have Dr. Coldwell on his show for years now.  


Link to Video:


Another issue I personally know about regarding Alex Jones is that he lied about Lee Wanta and said he was “As Real As the Easter Bunny” but we have an exclusive interview with Gordon Duff who is friends with Lee Wanta that destroys this lie.  Lee Wanta is VERY real and Alex KNOWS this.  Why is he lying about Lee Wanta?  You’ll find the latest about Lee Wanta from patriot Tom Heneghan’s blog which is a must read for all patriots.  Alex is a great man in many ways but he knows the Commandments – Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness!  Here’s the interview with patriot Gordon Duff of VeteransToday who Alex never talks about either on his show.  Why?




I cannot prove that Alex Jones works for the FBI and CIA but why else would he lie and censor certain people that I have interviewed and that are true patriots?  Stew Webb is a great patriot and deserves to tell his incredible story!


In defense of Alex, I will praise him for a few things he has done extremely well.  He’s a very articulate, smart and funny guy.  He’s the kind of guy you would like to have a beer with and have some great conversations.  He really cracks me up sometimes.  He’s a family man that clearly loves his wife and children.   He has played a vital role in waking people up  even though he has acted as a gatekeeper and hidden information also.  Was he forced to censor certain things in order to keep doing what he was doing?  I don’t know.  In the past, Alex’s ego really got the best of him but I’m seeing God work on him in the last few months on this also.  He has become much more humble which is good because he always talks about how he talked about the 9/11 attack a month before it happened.  But what he has failed to disclose is that Stew Webb was talking about it months before the attack and went on many radio shows warning people.  Alex knows this of course so why couldn’t he tell his listeners about Stew Webb?  That’s the gatekeeper thing that I don’t like about Alex.


Alex has brought a lot of vital issues to the forefront through his writers that are absolutely legitimate.. But I cannot stand by when anybody tells known lies and censors patriots such as Dr. Coldwell and Stew Webb.  Just as Alex exposes liars and people that censor I will keep exposing people that censor because that proves they are gatekeepers and have an agenda.  I don’t wish to do this because I wish Alex never censored Stew Webb 10 years ago.  If Alex had just raised Stew $50,000 at the time, Stew had lawyers that could have sued many of the top people in the new world order that Alex talks about!    Lawyers have told Stew that over $300 Trillion could be recovered for the American people!  Why wouldn’t Alex be interested in getting justice for the American people?  Stew has had dozens of attempts on his life and it’s just not right that Alex wont’ even mention his name on the air!  Alex knows this isn’t right either and hopefully someday will stop being a gatekeeper.


I will say one more nice thing about Alex because he’s absolutely not all evil and has reached a lot of people with true information.  Alex has done a wonderful job of talking about the importance of God and Jesus Christ in the last month.  In fact, Jones has talked more about Jesus in the last month than I’ve heard him say in the last 3 years!  That’s great because in the end all you can trust is God and his only Son, Jesus Christ.  Even though every man has his flaws, God will never let you down.  Those that believe in Christ shall never die!


It doesn’t matter what evil the new world order does to us if we have God on our side!  Jones has done a GREAT job telling people this and in reality this is his most important message yet!  So I praise Alex highly for the good work he has done and I urge him to come clean about those he has censored and lied about.  Mike Adams knows he censored Dr. Coldwell so I hope that Alex will get Coldwell on his show when he reads this article.  If he does that then he will potentially save thousands of people from dying from cancer!  God forgives everybody for their sins but Alex will have to come clean about everything to his fans someday.   Here’s an interview I did with Dr. Coldwell that you can share with others.




Every Christian should share their belief in Jesus Christ as Alex Jones has done to his millions of fans.  Every soul is precious to God so tell everybody about Jesus.  So Alex has family in the CIA and has admitted it.  We know there are good people in the FBI and CIA just as there are bad ones.  I praise Alex Jones for putting in the time and money to wake others up to real issues confronting us all.  If Alex Jones is forced to be a gatekeeper of some type through his CIA ties then he should just secretly fund somebody without such restrictions that will have people like Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Gordon Duff  and Dr. Coldwell on their show!  That’s my suggestion anyway to him when he reads this article.   If he does that then he’s done all he can do working within his limitations because it’s possible he only gets money if he’s a gatekeeper on certain issues.  I’m just theorizing here but if that’s the case then Alex needs to get a suitcase full of cash to somebody that WILL interview and promote those that he has censored.  That’s the only fair thing he can do at this point if he’s going to continue to pretend that Gordon Duff, Stew Webb, Dr. Coldwell and Tom Heneghan don’t exist!


Why Did I bring God into This Article?



By the way, I know I will get emails from those that hate God that will say why did I have to bring God into this article.  Well I bring God into this article because God is the ONLY thing that really matters!  Saving souls is what God wants all believers to do on this planet now.  God knows all about the evil new world order and those involved will get their punishment in the end.  We will all go before the throne of God someday and will have to answer if we did not help spread the word of God to others.  So whether you believe in God or not doesn’t matter in the least to me because I know God and Jesus Christ are real and I know that this life is a test to see who defends God and who falls for the new world order brainwashing that God is just a fairy tale.  You can have the highest IQ on the planet but if you don’t believe in God, you’re not very smart in my book.  Over 1,000 prophecies have come true in the Bible including 300 about Jesus and you dare doubt your maker?  That’s just not too smart in my book!


The Blood of Jesus found and analyzed by Ron Wyatt

To help spread the message of God and drive those God haters CRAZY, here’s a video that has been suppressed.  Ron Wyatt found the Ark of the Covenant with the Blood of Jesus on it!   When he had the blood analyzed, the Israeli scientists were so amazed at what they found that every one of them converted to Christianity on the spot!  To see the powerful evidence that those scientists found, watch this video and be sure to see all the other videos about Ron Wyatt in the Nsearch Youtube channel.    Spread them everywhere!


Link to Video:


In closing, I praise Alex Jones for his good work no matter he works for the CIA/FBI or not.  You cannot take away a man’s good work.  I just want Alex Jones to come clean about the people that he has censored and lied about in front of God and his audience.  If he has been restricted in talking about certain things then he needs to make things right and secretly fund people that can put Dr. Coldwell, Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Gordon Duff of VeteransToday on their program!   If Alex Jones really wants to WIN the fight against the new world order then he must either stop censoring or fund and support those that will not have such restrictions placed on them by the FBI and CIA.  


Because in the end you can’t tell people you are the “Tip of the Spear” and then tell them to ONLY come to you for the truth while you lie and censor patriots that are doing their best also!  Even Alex would have to agree that censoring information makes him no better than the FBI telling people to ONLY look at THEIR photos of the Boston Bombing and nothing else!







If you would like to hear more information about God and Jesus Christ, be sure to listen to Nsearch Radio which has an all Christian lineup 7 days a week.  


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    • War Pony

      Jones grew up in Austin, but his still the pied-piper for the NWO Zionistas. He doesn’t talk about Israel, the Rothchilds or the Vatican connection.


        NWO Pharisees who concocted Freemason doctrine to enlist Catholics and non-Catholics in a papal crusade to take Jerusalem for the popes. Freemason doctrine centers around Solomon’s Temple. Freemason Albert Pike was an episcopalian fairy clown whose statue is in Washington, D.C. Jesuits own and operate 24 colleges and universities which train the intelligentsia of the US and many graduates go on to hold government positions in CIA, State Dept and other influential positions. George Tenent CIA head at time of 9.11 graduate of Jesuit Georgetown Univ. CIA is a Jesuit operation. Vatican is a geopolitical animal and its goal is to rule over all Gentiles and to get themselves a Temple in Jerusalem to rule over Jews too. China on Vatican/NWO hit list for refusing diplomatic ties to Vatican, refusing Vatican appointed priests in China, refusing to share the wealth of the Chinese Catholic churchgoers with the Vatican.

        • Louis

          While speaking to the Samaritan woman, Christ condemned all further temple worship in favor of worshiping God in spirit and truth. So your claim about the Vatican seeking to “get” a temple (on Mt. Moriah) in Jerusalem is ridiculous. You are a know-nothing raving lunatic and a bigot.

        • ThenAgain

          anon, yet another zionist shill, getting all cranky because people are catching onto the facts. The bigger picture is that catholics like christians have been duped by the zionists. Those are the facts.

    • Anonymous

      duff is as much a shill as jones is

    • Seymoregray

      I’m just an average guy in his 50′s and have always wondered about Alex Jones ever since I discovered who he was and what he did. I’ve never been able to get my mind around the fact that if Alex exposes so much “hidden truth”, why would the “powers at be” allow him to continue and grow more powerful?
      My only answer that seems reasonable is that Alex Jones is used for a purpose. He is used because he is working for the same people that he rails against, sort of like Glenn Beck. Both of them pontificate endlessly about government control, manipulation of the MSM, powerful men that control things behind the scenes, and on and on and on. What is it that either of these two men have revealed? They state the obvious.
      The purpose is a little more difficult to understand. The truth always finds a way to surface, sort of like that line in the movie Jurassic Park having to do with “life”. Jeff Goldblum states, “life finds a way”. In like manner, truth surfaces eventually, but it needs to be controlled and diffused. A half-truth or a truth mixed with a lie is much better than the unadulterated truth!
      I know and you should too, that anything we see on TV is controlled,…100% controlled. Everything is scripted and planned like that of a music video. Do you think anything we see and hear on TV is not controlled? If I owned a TV network, you better believe I would have it locked down tight. Those that stepped out of line or made a mistake would lose their heads, figuratively of course. After all, my owning a network would be no different than me writing a book or a newspaper column. It would reflect exactly what I believe. We shouldn’t think any differently about MSM. They promote, direct and guide the masses toward a mindset, an agenda with the outcome they want to occur.
      Obviously Alex Jones uses the internet and therefore, it seems like he’s his own man. Hell, I can’t even post my business ads on Craig’s List without them being flagged by my competitors or Craig’s List! And I am to believe that because Alex Jones uses the Internet he is beyond “their” reach. Don’t be ridiculous. Anyone or any organization is controllable. Want proof? Just look what happened to Breitbart.TV. I haven’t heard from Andrew lately, have you?

      • DanielVincentKelley

        Very well put.

      • KNOW

        AGREEEEEEEEEE!!!!! this sh*t isn’t hard to figure out, stop looking for a hero, we ‘the people’ are the heroes not these highly promoted idiots like Jones

      • Michelle

        I always thought if all the stuff Alex Jones is true then he would have been popped off by now. Never liked him anyways.

    • Botox Pelosi

      Yet another hatchet job on the Great Alex Jones! What is it with people? Is it jealousy, because they have no hope of reaching such a wide and awakened audience? Some people preach about censoring being such a sin when they themselves partake in exactly that! Just because Alex Jones has family in the CIA does not mean that they are bad elements; every organization has good and bad elements. Alex has woken up more people to the dangers of the NWO than any other person in contemporary history! That is to be respected and admired, not something for which he should be excoriated!

      People think that Alex should be long dead because of his anti-government views, a ridiculous observation! That being the case, not one high-profile anti-government activist would still be alive today. It’s like Santilli’s view that Alex must be a fraud just because he won’t entertain Dr. Judy Wood’s 9/11 theories. So what? There are many theories going around about what happened on that day. Is he obliged to interview every single person with a theory? Of course not! Not to mention the fact that Judy Wood appears to be Santilli’s handler!

      It’s time for people to stop this hateful baloney, desist from ramming down peoples’ throats their own religious agendas, stop pretending that people like Duff, who himself has said that some of what he publishes has little to do with fact and truth, explain why people like Webb, who is good value, is still alive to this day. Instead, they should be getting behind the good work Alex Jones does, and show us irrefutable proof of what they say, rather than rely on hearsay and innuendo.

      If Alex is somehow involved with the FBI, so what? He is imperfect like everyone else and has never said he was as pure as the driven snow. What people ought to be doing is going after the real crooks and purveyors of death in today’s world; the same people who have utterly destroyed countless lives. If critics were 0.00001 percent as effective as Alex, the world would still not be a better place.

      • Anonymous

        You slick, filthy weazel. So ‘reasonable’ about such hypocrisy, lying and sham… “Oh be nice- Alex may be working for the worst enemyies of mankaind – but look at all of his works”.

        Deceit is deceit. You say: It doesnt matter if Alex is FBI? It doesnt matter that he is in the CIA intelligence apparatus? If it doesnt matter- then why doent he come clean and say it? Are you effing kidding me? What a crock of trash you & yours are. So seductive with your phony righteousness. Jonestown is the most dangerous of all, because his lying is so persuasive and insidious. He was installed to replace REAL truth and patriotism- Bill Cooper- even while Jones STILL, doz years later, is stealing Bill’s 911 prediction and cashing it into an Empire off of it. Rubbish. Jones needs be exposed for the liar he is, and his front work is no excuse.

      • ThenAgain

        Shilling for jones huh. Jones diverts from the bottom line, and he’s trying to get people to start the fight. Tries to keep christians duped from Who is Really behind it all. Talks about ‘big sis’ rather than the fact it’s zionists.

      • Anonymous

        The fact that shills DO exist can no longer be denied. The PROOF is being discussed all over the internet and is on BIN as well in at least two stories about PAID SHILLS.

        But that does not mean the shills are going to stop. Oh, no! The money is too easy and too good during the Second Great Depression for them to get a real job.

        Here is more proof about shills, this persons’ comment.

        • no2lies

          Yea, if someone disagrees with you, they must be a shill. There just isn’t any other logical conclusion.

        • ThenAgain

          no2lies, we just disagree with zionists/trolls whose ilk has been Bleeding the US Dry.

    • LightOfTheWorld

      Jesus Christ The Son Of God is the way, life, and truth. Dont put your trust in anyone but him. Alex is part of the whole thing either knowingly or unknowingly. People its time to repent of sin, and turn to Jesus The Son Of God he loves you so much and is calling. Big things are coming and a great deception for those that would not believe the truth. Dont be one of those, dont take the mark of the beast on your forehead or hand they will promise all kinds of things with signs, proof, and wonders but I tell you it is only temporary and will damn you to hell. Jesus saves!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry religionist. ALL the world’s major religions have essentially the same message:

        1. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
        2. There is a God and love him/her/it.

        Whatever rocks a person’s boat about spirituality or, if they insist, an organized religion is okay. People do not have to accept Jesus was the son of God or anything else.

        Matter of fact I know Jesus was not the ONLY son of God. We are all God’s children, even Alex Jones and the paid shills who operate without morals.

        • ThenAgain

          LOL what kind of bs is that. That’s not even good trolling lol. Get out of here with that nonsense.

    • AUSSIEwill

      who cares he still exposing main problem worldly issues and the lies and curruption,,,

      • Anonymous

        what an idiot thing to say.

    • Anonymous

      45 Failed Alex Jones Predictions

    • Endtime

      Is it really Alex’ voice in that radio interview. To me it sounds a bit different!
      Could it be an imitator? Is all this disinformation? Even though Alex may be doubtful in various ways, there is not doubt at all that he will be attacked by all kinds of intriguing means if he tells truths we should not know…
      Not the least from fundamental Christians…

    • Botox Pelosi

      It’s about waking people up you damn fool!!! If it’s perfection you want, you will NEVER EVER find it!!! Everybody has an agenda, no matter what you might think. If Alex Jones continues awakening the comatose, that’s a VERY GREAT thing!! If he was as bad as you imply, would he continue attracting people like Keiser, Pieczinik, Icke, Ventura etc, to be on his show? Damn idiotic fool!! And a stooge to boot!

      • KNOW

        the only thing Jones is promoting is marshal law… they want us to revolt, AJ helps to further their agenda by helping create fake wars and feeding the sheep information to wake them up so they will rise up against the tyrannical government. 1984, who do you think will be the host for the daily 2 minutes of hate… why Jones of course… he’s still alive for a reason, nuff said

    • Bobbyray

      Perhaps because he had family that was retired cia and such helped to make him get into the theory conspiracy frame of mind to promote the conspiracies. Perhaps it encouraged him also over the years with support. Who knows? He had done much good to wake people up no matter what else. That accounts for us waking up to begin with and to get educated on the subjects. Business is business and it is a hard one to deal with and maintain. Anyone can hate and say bad things about anyone so look in the mirror and say I am perfect and have never done anything wrong against societies laws and so on. Who are you to judge anyone without factual proof? Where is it? Really this is just your suspected opinion. Be fair. We are all in this together so we need to hang together because we are all we have. Any help or information is a good thing. A good investigator collects info and facts to build a case and that comes from many areas and people. They are not all correct in themselves alone and can appear to be or are misleading out of context. Before you judge someone….get all of the facts. I think therefore I am intelligent……guess again. That’s why we are in this mess globally. Point your hate in the right direction. Be smarter than this.

      • ThenAgain

        We are smarter than that. It’s you that needs to get informed. see links.

        • Bobbyray

          ThenAgain……and you being the all wise and knowing village idiot that can’t even read or understand?

        • ThenAgain

          Have a little tantrum there son? Lol. As I said, get informed.

    • HereAmI

      Alex is just entertainment. Jesse ditto. There used to be an ad for the telephone company in the UK, Bob Hoskins saying “It’s good to talk”. Jones talks, but that’s it. It’s a way of people letting off steam instead of actually doing anything. It’s coitus interruptus. Let off steam a bit at a time, a bit every night, and you don’t get the explosion. That’s his job. Working for the jews. The CIA is 60% jewish. Jones’ wife is a jew. So he is one too, as good as, anyway. She would never have married him if he weren’t kosher. That’s why the J-word never crosses his lips.
      If you want someone who, for one man, is actually telling the unvarnished truth about America, then you need to check out a converted jew called Brother Nathanael. He actually tells the truth, instead of hiding it behind weasel words.
      The agenda is a deep-seated one; it centres on the absolute hatred the jews have for anyone who is not a jew. Read the Talmud. Know that they consider that a jew who has sex with a gentile is guilty in their eyes not of sodomy or fornication, but bestiality. Know that they are trained from birth to lie to goyim, and steal from them, and kill them if possible. Know that they will never, ever, report a fellow jew to so-called law enforcement, irrespective of his or her crime. Know that the so-called Blood Libel is not a myth. They are the vilest most disgusting parasites that have ever disgraced God’s world. And they are in complete control of America.

    • War Pony

      If Jones “woke” you up, you were WAY behind the learning curve! Fact is, there were so many already awake, they had to stick Jones out there to attempt to control the dis-info speil.

      Just like the days (’90s) when TPTF tried to make a bad word out of the term “militia” and every so-called militia leader that could get air time on any “news” net work (remember the Donahue show were the “militia leaders” showed up) – 90% of them were feds.

    • Anonymous

      Alex Jones is part of COINTEL allegedly.

      I realized Alex Jones is in it for himself even if he is not an information “gatekeeper,” shill, or disinfo agent.

      He avoids the two biggest cover ups in history like the plague:

      Planet X/Nibiru
      The ET presence.

      Enough proof for this person who must remain anonymous because I have seen Planet X with my own eyes and I know ETs exist because I am a human being incarnated with an ET soul (along 1 billion others). People like me are called Star Children or Star Seeds or Wanderers. The reason so many ETs are here and the Star Children are incarnating in droves is Planet X and the pole shift will eventually cause. Due to that pole shift the transformation of the earth from a third density (or dimenson) planet to a fourth density planet strictly for service to soul beings only is happening. But for the pole shift which the Zetas of ZetaTalk fame revealed is expected to mean the end of this lifetime for 90% of humans the earth would have many miillions of years before its inhabitants would vote whether to be service to other or service to self. It was determined by very high density ETs or beings that if the pole shift is going to be that bad this time (Planet X comes around every 3,657 years) then it is a good time for the earth to graduate. Fortunately for many of us, earth souls voted for their beautiful planet to become SERVICE TO OTHER and not service to self (highly STS souls think about themselves 95% of the time).

      • Paul Gilbert

        :lol: I believe the ET presence not sure about the man with white beard that sits on the cloud
        the only thing I get worried about is when people say God sees everything I hope he does not :lol: if he does its not my porn books under my bed it was a set up :wink:

    • Pix

      “Trust Only God!”

      What god would that be? The one and only oxymoronic all compassionate god of premeditated mass murder?

      Think I’ll trust my own instincts, thank you very much, I have far better morals. :lol:

    • FreedomBuck05

      Whakjobs talking about a whackjob who works for whackjobs. Brilliant!

      Look – Jones isn’t the end all be all – so chill out my tin foiled hat friends. He is however the closest thing the liberty movement has to a speaker – besides Ronny Paul, of coarse – and he does a considerable job at waking up the masses.

      The only thing more entertaining than Jones is you peons talking about Jones. Oy Vey.

      • ThenAgain

        So, you assume yourself the authoritarian, push for jones the zionist shill, think you’re in position to cut Everyone on the thread, then, you have the shriveled sack to end with…. ‘oy vey’, a jew term? LOL. Normally I use the term ‘zionist’ because that more closely relates to the group behind the destruction, but make no mistake, many are realizing that many Jews are vicious, Talmud pedophile type racist Supremacist pieces of crap, and your delusional authoritarian rant pretty much paints that picture, so good going. lol.

        • FreedomBuck05

          I’m happy to have brought so much laughter into your life, my racist cohort. I’m sure your waking up so many closed minds with that attitude and delusional point of view. EVERYBODY RUN!!!, its the JEWS!!!. Lol. And you wonder why Jones veers away from topics you think he should discuss?

          Could we just forget about the Jewspiracy and concentrate on fighting for the number one dwindling social resource – liberty. You will win no hearts, no minds with this divisional drivel.

        • ThenAgain

          You zionists have slithered around with your Supremacist BS while your ilk has killed millions and ripped off the US for far too long, so NO we’re NOT going to ‘just forget’ when your ilk is Right Now behind ALL of this including jones.
          You whine ‘won’t win hearts and minds’, you’re not in a postion to lecture me, troll.n
          You divert from the zionist issue, and try to hand me the divisional card? LOL.
          Zionist punks have used via the scum adl, splc and all the other game to create racial hate. YOU are the ONE group deserving of scruntiny -zionists/marxists.
          Your comment, how long did you work on that, have a friend help? Look how much twisted bs you jammed into such a small space. You actually play the ‘division’ violin, how about a song about the holohoax. LOL.

    • sindarella

      Well, Alex does a good job of alerting Thinking People to the truth. (And the truth is upsetting).
      He caters to Thinking People. Makes them believe that there’s still hope(?) ..that is, if everybody else (sheeple) can still be woken up. But, fact is they never will, or if they do wake up at the last’s too late.. Either way , there’s lots of Negative Energy being generated for the “Reptilians” to feed on.
      If you Google Anita Moorjani, her experience will inspire you to not fear ..DEATH. That’s what everybody in the end is most afraid of!! But we all die anyway, and , once you no longer fear death, ..then there’s nothing left to fear!! That’s a really good place to reach in your mind, Because then you can stop feeding the Reptilian entities and just do what needs to be done, without losing your power to FEAR (and anger,.. and all the other negative energies which they need)

    • wunmansho

      So what if he’s being paid by CIA. People bitchin about that want thier hands held. What anybody who’s concerned about the truth should clearly understand is that the truth is PART of the disinfo process. Not only are they doing a cursory job of hiding it they probably would say they’re slapping us in the face with it. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT GIVES THEM LISCENSE TO WHAT THEY ARE…because were to stupid to have it otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      Ties in with his sire’s alleged role in the assassination of President John Kennedy, which occurred in Jones’ home city of Dallas Tx. Nov 22, 1963! We know CIA brethren E Howard Hunt and William F Buckley were there, as well we know George HW Bush was, furthermore computer enhancement of the Moorman photograph ..

      Reveals not only the additional profiles of Martin Luther & Coretta King, black Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, and Andy Warhol, but also the muzzle flashes from twenty or so other shooters on the Grassy Knoll .. one of whom was likely GHWB, another Jones senior! JFK Assassination Nutshell

      • ThenAgain

        You’re not asserting that the King’s were involved of course. You mention Coretta being on the phone with Ms., what’s the point there. MLK was assassinated by conspiracy, the same finding that was given for JFK. If you don’t know why, then do some research.

    • anonymous

      Infowars host is an enigma, his own ego mania seems to be at direct odds with his calling in life. At this stage in his career there should be a few books written about him, yet there are none. Infowars host ego problems cause many misinterpretations of his method. One can’t pin down his prejudices when compared to his experiences in life when confused with his abnormal ego. The absurdities that seem to be linked to ego problems cause rumors which seem to add spark to his career.

    • JayWill

      The Alex Jones Hoax
      Alleged STRATFOR intelligence operative Alex Jones appears to be fed just enough Israeli intelligence to make bold terror predictions a few months, weeks or days prior that terror event transpiring in realty. On March 18, 2013, Alex Jones stated on his radio program that Chicago was a top false-flag terror target and that “When they blow stuff up, it might be a daycare”. Clearly, Jones is forecasting school bus terror in Chicago. In all documented cases, Jones never cares to substantiate his predictions with any hard evidence, only that he “knows how the government thinks” and that “after analyzing the enemy profile” he is able to make certain assertions that given events will happen. Jones has made terror predictions in respect to the 9/11 terror attacks, the Norway terror attacks, the future assassination of President Obama, and the upcoming bio-terror pandemic. In the aftermath of a bloody terror attack on American school busses, Jones will likely attempt bait his radio audience of over 3 million gun-owning Americans into taking up arms against the U.S. government. The goal of Alex Jones and his Zionist handlers is to get America to destroy herself the same way that Russia was destroyed under Stalin. This is done by dividing and then collapse society upon itself by baiting Americans into a violent revolution against their own police and military.

    • anonymous

      Negative,,Jones wants the status quo, if infowars host knows that it is unlikely to maintain that he be a rich guy and have what little rights remain to him, then as an American he has THE RIGHT to ask his fellow countrymen to stand together and resist, nothing else figures into the equation, JayWill,,,

    • anonymous

      In fact if he does anything less it would arouse my suspicion. Nice try at paralyzing someone though,,,

    • anonymous

      The way you all zionist jew hating persons are getting in the way of retaining a republic makes me think you all are the government shills. Y’all don’t even know how the spirit works through man and is subject to his spiritual shortcomings, prefering to believe in some ‘special’ God favors (except when false witnessing to hurt someone else) instead of realizing your own responsibility in God’s power here on earth now.

    • jan

      Look this reads like the mainstream media attacking Alex. (Just put in a little doubt, plant that seed that you can’t believe anything you read crap)
      Fact is he has woke people up to do the research themselves and that to me counts for a lot regardless of any agenda you think he may have. Its all about getting people to think beyond the MSM crap.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve often wondered who ‘gave’ Aaron Russo his ‘Cancer’. While it can be delivered in a magnitude of ways by anybody, knowingly or unknowingly, I think it was from someone he trusted and was spending time with.

      He was interviewed by Jones about the Rockefellers then not long after contracts cancer and dies.

      Typical NWO Modus operandi.

      Aaron Russo was murdered. Did AJ have anything to do with it given his access to Russo?

    • Anonymous

      Who’s god? His god?

    • ocerious

      if he gives good info people will listen, believe, and SIGN UP to the site. when the nwo wants to target someone they can just look through his cite emails and pick anyone. now because of the patriot act they can lable that person as what ever they want. and when the time is right they can go get everybody that was and made comments against big brother. its one of the best traps.

    • Anonymous

      Good post, thanks.

      Also check out:

      Parallels between Alex Jones and CIA front National Review




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