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Satanism in America Today: Asheville, NC

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Welcome to  Asheville, NC

Pagan Mecca of the Southeast

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am quietly crying as I write this article. I frankly don’t want to even think about this city called Asheville, NC, and my many years of research and spiritual warfare I performed there throughout 13 years of living near that region. SO many memories from there are painful and sad. 

I suffered at least two attempts on my life for my Christian witness there. Including a set-up for my abduction in nearby Ridgecrest, NC, wherein a Ryder rental truck was awaiting me, complete with duct tape and chains and knock-out drugs. Had they successfully abducted me, I would have been hauled to the infamous satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains, to be nailed to a cross and sacrificed to “teach me a little lesson”  (as my father’s former high priest admitted to me as I interviewed him) for daring to stand against satanism in those mountains.

These mountains are filled with the blood of Christian martyrs, in fact.

There is a reason for my hesitation in returning to this dark region of America.

Yes, thankfully God is also there, and many wonderful miracles have occurred in those mountains of the “Bible Belt” of America’s  Southeast. There are many fine Christians living in this region as well. But it is far past time for the untold stories to also be heard as well.


One street evangelist in downtown Asheville

And so I must obey the Holy Spirit, and He is telling me to write this article for His Christian intercessors, so they might be inspired to pray against this darkness called SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, and for the salvation these tragically lost people, old and young alike, of this region. And so here it is.


Please pray for the many lost youth in that pagan mecca of America’s southeast, Asheville, NC. The battle is always raging for who will own and control them…the power of satan, or the power of the Living God through Jesus Christ their only hope.

And understand that what is happening in the Asheville region, is actually happening all over America, in city after city. And in YOUR region as well. Most of you simply don’t know it. The highway to hell that leads to Asheville, runs right through your city as well…


I can never forget my years of working among and interviewing these young people, and hearing of their tragic experiences of being raised in multi-generational occult households throughout this region. I know I will cry as I write this article, even though I am sitting in a local Internet cafe here in Montana, 2,500 miles away. I just can’t help it.



One young satanist

But then, should not tears be shed for cruelties and horrors such as these? 

Shouldn’t we all as Christians in our nation be weeping for and praying against the terrible sins of this generation, and the terrible darkness that Satan’s influence and his followers have brought upon our nation? 

Should we not weep for the victims who continually are dying in secret on the satanic altars all across America…abducted adults and children who will die in terror and rejection, to never see their families again…and babies deliberately bred to only be sacrificed? 



The power of INTERCESSORY PRAYER can change America’s destiny

Christians should all be weeping over and praying about this great sin and darkness found across America. And in order to care, we must first KNOW. Too many Americans and Christians do not know. And that is why articles like this must be written. And why such articles like this must also be read. This is not an hour for Christian naivete on this urgent subject (nor was there ever such an hour).


“Can Jesus ever forgive me…???”

How can I ever forget….

The young man who admitted to me he was recruited into satanism in his elementary school in the Asheville area while in the 5th grade, and by the time he was 19, he had already sacrificed countless victims on the satanic altars of those mountains. 

And finally, here he sat before me, his eyes filled with grief and tears, so tired of this darkness and wanting out…and wanting Jesus to forgive him.

“Can Jesus ever forgive me for the terrible things I’ve done, ” he asked me as we sat in an isolated corner of a local Asheville McDonald’s that day. He had just admitted how his coven had forced him to sacrifice his girlfriend recently, because she was discovered to have been going to the police after giving up her newborn child for sacrifice and regretting it later. 

“No one narcs to the police on the coven and gets away with it…and because she was my girlfriend, they made me sacrifice her. We took her up the side of  Town Mountain, and she was chained to our altar. They put that knife in my hand, and I cut her open from neck to groin…” And now he sat before me, his eyes filled with remorse and torment. My heart was breaking now as well, as I envisioned all he recounted.


Downtown Asheville as seen from Town Mountain

At that moment, the Holy Spirit stepped in when I was at a loss for words and in shock. I can never forget how the love of God came down upon us both. I was compelled to take his hands in mine, and to look at  him with the love of God, and say what God inspired me to speak.



“Father, forgive them…”

“There is NOTHING you have done, that Jesus did not die on the cross to forgive! Remember…Jesus died a human sacrifice, crucified at the hands of Roman pagans, and from the cross Jesus said, ‘Father, FORGIVE THEM…for they know not what they do!’” This young man then prayed that very day for Jesus to then come into his heart and to forgive him and set him free from that tragic world of SATANISM.

Another young woman recounted to me in a church in downtown Asheville one day, her lifelong experience with grim satanism in the Asheville area. Her family belonged to the “power people coven” consisting of the self-professing “rich, elite and powerful” of that region. 

(Oh, how deceived they are, the satanists who think they are somehow “the elite!” Rather, they are the damned and accursed whose judgment does not slumber.)


This “power people coven” consisted of  many of the wealthy and influential, including doctors and brain surgeons, judges, many lawyers, DA’s, mayors, and other various prominent people throughout that city.

Through years of research, I discovered that every city across America has her own “power people coven” that secretly rules over that city from behind the shadows. Asheville is but a microcosm of what is happening in many other cities and regions across America, in varying degrees. Every state has their “Asheville.” It could even be your own home town…

“My parents dedicated me to Satan from my mother’s womb, ” she admitted. “At the age of four, I was forced to offer my first act of human sacrifice. An infant was put in front of me and a knife was put in my hand….” 


Asheville High School, NC

She told me all about her years in Asheville High School, where she and other kids of satanist parents had to constantly play the game of “pretend.” 

“We would pretend to be just like the other students in the high school…but we were not. We had to fake it all the time to avoid being uncovered as satanists…” Sadly, it was not just certain students who played the game of “pretend.” Many teachers and at times principals as well are satanists by night in the school system of America.

She admitted to being gang-raped by the coven as well in one of many rituals her parents forced her to attend. Not surprisingly, the former major abortionist in Asheville, NC, was also a member of this powerful coven, and both he and his sons were part of the gang raping ritual. She told me he was chosen to do sacrifices in their rituals, because of his skills as an abortionist(!)


“FEMCARE” Abortion Clinic, Asheville, NC



Abortion clinic of former abortionist who is a satanist as well

(SO what’s the difference between 

abortion and human sacrifice…?)

“We held many rituals in Seeley’s Castle on Town Mountain Road. Many infants were sacrificed there…” 

Many other former satanists I interviewed there confirmed this about Seely’s Castle. One person even admitted, “We skinned that baby alive to the screams of ‘hail satan.’ I took it’s remains home, forced it down the garbage disposal, and saved the skull to burn candles to satan on…” 


Oh, GOD! WHEN will the killing of the innocents ever STOP?


Seely’s Castle, Town Mountain Road, Asheville, NC


One young man I spoke to in downtown Asheville while ministering to homeless in the park, admitted to me his family was multi-generational vampires from that region, and showed me some of his occult paraphernalia that he carefully unwrapped.


Yes, vampirism is also found in the mountains of NC and TN. In fact, vampirism is where the “Goth” look comes from. Goths have that pale, pasty white look on their faces for a reason. Drinking blood creates anemia in the person doing it. Anemics have very pale complexions as a result.



Friday night drum circle


Park in downtown Asheville where I encountered

one young vampire


I have personally noted young people there who had filed their canine teeth down to sharp points to appear more vampire-like. Christians, let your hearts be broken for the endangered youth of America today.


Is THIS what God wants for the youth of America???

Even DHHS services in Asheville are infiltrated with satanists. They use their positions in the Department of Health and Human Services to seize children from poorer homes in that county. The pretense they use is that “the home is too poor” to take adequate care of the children. What frequently happens then to those seized children???



I was informed that some of these precious children were then sold to homosexual households out of state. They were forced into satanist covens. They were even sacrificed. Or sold to pedophiles in that region as well. A friend, former CIA, admitted that the DHHS in that area was the most satanist-infiltrated agency there.


When one Christian family I was assisting, tried to rescue such children from the corrupt hands of the satanists with the DSS there, they came under horrific attack. A roadblock was set up one night for the husband, as he was coming home on a lone country road. As soon as he brought his car to a stop, three satanist gunmen emerged with guns blazing…one an UZI.



As he later recounted to me, John Bruce threw himself out of the vehicle and rolled down an embankment in the dark. They could not find him, and so shot up his vehicle and then fled. He climbed up the side of the hill and walked back to his car. Bulletholes filled it everywhere..even through the headrest. BUT NOT ONE BULLET TOUCHED HIM! He was able to drive his vehicle home, in spite of a shattered windshield. We all knew this was the grace and mercy of God. 


And at the very time this event occurred, I was praying for him and his family, 600 miles away…because the Holy Spirit had spoken to me at that time and informed me that IF I DID NOT PRAY FOR HIS FAMILY, someone would be killed that night. I began to pray with tears, not knowing what the situation was. And found out only a few weeks later when I went to visit them. How amazing is God!


And if that were not enough, while his family was away one weekend selling items at a flea market, they returned to find their home burned to the ground. It had been firebombed by the satanists of those mountains. His father-in-law, Edward,  also had all of his one hundred head of cattle poisoned by these same satanists…and one even sacrificed for good measure.


And when I went to the NC Bureau of Victim Justice to report one confessed act of human sacrifice, they warned me, 

“This kind of thing is much more common in these parts than most people think. And don’t even trust the police you think are working with  you…because many of them ARE SATANISTS.” 

So much for legal help in fighting satanism in this region, I remember thinking sadly.

In fact, at least one prominent judge in Asheville is, by night, just one more human-sacrificing satanist. Even Christian police officers warned me about this very  judge, when I and other Christian pro-lifers were on trial in Asheville in the Buncombe County courthouse below.  AND THIS VERY JUDGE PRESIDED OVER OUR TRIAL! She found us GUILTY and sentenced all 26 of us pro-life protesters to a year and a half in the state prison of NC for one act of pro-life protest.

However, then state Senator Jesse Helms declared this sentence to be excessive (and ridiculous) and got us released early. But the memories of being in prison remain.


Buncombe County Courthouse, Asheville, NC

I was later told by a Christian connection in the courthouse, that this judge maliciously gave us an excessive sentence because of her satanist background and desire for revenge against the Christians.

Look at the top floor of this courthouse carefully. The two top floors were where the former Buncombe country jail was located. This is where I and many other Christian pro-lifers actually served our sentences for RESCUE at Asheville abortion clinics. It was in this decrepit old southern jail that I saw the power and glory of God descend so many times as I ministered to the many prostitutes, drug addicts and lost souls there. (Since those years, however, a new jail has been built.)

Oh, how well I know Asheville, inside and out.

And Asheville’s hidden tragedies go on…


The little children abducted and chained to satanist altars, and then mercilessly chain- sawed into pieces, even while screaming for mercy til they can scream no more…


Pregnant women abducted and chained to altars, their bellies ripped open and unborn sacrificed first, and then the mother……


Even Christians abducted BECAUSE they are Christians, and then chained to altars and tempted to deny Jesus and join the satanists. And when they refuse to deny Jesus, they are tortured to death and even nailed to crosses to mock the death of Christ.


And people wonder why I have become a ceaseless, weeping intercessor over this nation??? Or why I often cannot sleep at night, because of what I know…and so I must pray throughout the long night for God to STOP THE KILLING AND SAVE THESE SINNERS AND THEIR VICTIMS AS WELL.


And why at first I had no desire to return to those mountains, ever. There is such a thing as total burn-out in spiritual warfare.

But now, I must. My brother needs me in this region. And I suspect the sinners still need my witness there as well.


And God must have a greater purpose for His glory in all this.


Asheville youth in the park

(I know the man standing above, 

and he is a Christian in fact)

Please pray therefore for the lost souls of the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. These are the actual satanists who once counter-picketed Christian pro-lifers in Asheville, NC, chanting for two hours, “BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS.”


Unlike so many naive Christians, even these younger satanists know exactly what is to come under martial law. And they intend to be a part of the coming round-up and genocide of Christians in America under martial law as well.


If these people are NOT reached for Jesus Christ NOW, they will certainly be used for Satan’s dark purposes THEN. And their tragic end is eternal destruction in the lake of fire, separated from God’s love and kingdom forever. Oh, God, have mercy on their eternal souls! And have mercy on their intended victims as well.

Pray for the lost of Asheville and of our nation.

Pray for my safety as I return to this region of America, and this modern day BABYLON whose judgment has been long prophesied by so many Christians in that region. 

GREAT EARTHQUAKES have been prophesied for Asheville and the surrounding area, and many are the visions of the buildings of this city toppled as if by a great earthquake.






And in one hour of earthshaking judgments upon this region, that once-great city of Asheville will someday be no more.


-FALLEN will be their many satanist-owned mansions…


-FALLEN will be that corrupt county courthouse…


-FALLEN will be the satanist front churches…


-FALLEN will be grim Seely’s Castle and every other satanist mansion on Town Mountain Road…


-FALLEN will be every satanist owned business establishment…


-FALLEN will be the horrific satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains wherein so many victims have perished at their bloody hands…


And even as earth will lament, Heaven shall rejoice as the blood of the innocents who perished on their altars in finally avenged at the hands of a Holy God Who




“For all nations shall come and worship before Thee, for THY JUDGMENTS ARE MADE MANIFEST.”

~Revelation 15:4~


But before the hour of her great judgment comes, mercy and salvation must proceed first. God desires that none should perish, but that ALL should come to salvation through JESUS CHRIST.



Thank you for joining me in prayer over all this I as return once again, this time to complete 

my ministry begun there so many years ago.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


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    • Dolores

      OH PLEASE!
      Enough of the fear porn.

      • Rad

        Read twice the RANTING and Ravings of these deluded, brain.washed.from.birth LUNATIC member of judeo.chris.scum.dumb!
        Truly dangerous individuals!

        The members of chris.scum.dumb are like the Borg on Star Trek. If you do not allow yourself and your family to be assimilated by these war-mongering monsters, they kill all of you and keep your stuff. They demonize you and call you ‘vampires’! All these truly demonic dangerous lunatics do is JUDGE OTHERS.
        No debate.
        No discussion.

        Their own history proudly documents each of their violent actions as a group for the last 1,600 years.
        Strong ACTION needs to be taken against members of chris.scum.dumb, as a group.

        All ‘Religion’, especially ‘christianity’ must be declared a “Mental Illness” that cannot be cured.

        But, those afflicted with this ‘mental disease’ called religion, can be identified and isolated from the ‘sane’ population.

        All lunatic christians need to have their licensed fire arms taken away.

        No more 501 (3) (c) tax exempt status for Private ‘religious clubs’! You will pay tax at EVERY LEVEL, and generate for your country about $71 billion dollars per year in NEW tax revenue.

        christianity will be declared a “Race-Base intolerant, and violent religion’ , since they worship a dead, white-skinned man all tortured and hanging from a cross AND FORCE ALL OTHERS TO DO SO! True Terrorists! WORSE THAN COMMUNISTS!

        Penalties should be especially harsh for teaching this chris.scum.dumb ‘Terrorism” to children.

        • Anonymous

          You need to get some help.

        • Louis

          “Rad” sounds mad, as in psycho-city.

        • tinybladedturtle

          Hey you. Learn what you’re talking about. WE’RE NOT ALL INTOLERANT ASSES. Kay? We’re not the ones that need help. You do. You’re calling us intolerant, psycho? Sounds like you’re being one hell of a hypocrite. And if you knew what you’re hating, you’d know that the entire basis of Christianity is NOT judging. No debate, discussion? Please, tell me you’re joking. You cannot be serious. With all your claims that we “force all others to” be Christian, you sure do sound like you’re forcing people to hate all of us. HYPOCRITE.

        • Puhleese

          Oh come on people, this comment is straight up satire. :evil:

        • Bstylemirc

          Tinybladedturtle – for every 10000 people that misuse relgion there are maybe 1-2 that are “doing it right” but youd never know because they are quiet and humble..however..that doesnt make the religion itself actually TRUE..nor something that deserves to permeat our govt and school systems when we all pay taxes to NOT have a god we dont want shoved down our throats..typical uneducated reaction… read some history books..real ones..that have verified facts in them..

    • Abyssa8

      I feel sorry for your lack of concern, but that is what satan is best at, implanting doubt into your mind that this doesn’t exist….

      • delciousbacon

        I feel sorry for your concern, but that is what Satan is best at, implanting concern into your mind that this does exist…

        ^You see it can go both ways?

    • Abyssa8

      Why do none of my comments get published when they say they have been accepted???

    • Fianna

      EEEeeeeewwwwwwwww….hippies, worse then slipping in 2 day old dog poo while playing football with friends!!!

    • cleric451

      can you offer even ONE SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE to all this madness you spew forth? you’ve supposedly been going all van helsing on the forces of evil in this place for quite some time, but even the photos in your article are nothing more than unrelated stock photos you acquired on the internet. you claim to know the names and crimes of many murderous satanists in this area yet you refuse to list them. if the best you’re willing to do is write a veiled and useless article instead of publicly outing these dangerous and evil individuals, then that would make you an accessory to their crimes, or complicit in them at the very least.

    • tk-3839

      Please! This is just a whole lot of peacocking. All about getting attention and sex. Everyone of these boys and girls have self esteem issues and feel they need to be more outragous than the other boy and girls. Makes me laugh when I see people doing this. Everyday can be Holloween, too many of them watching Twilight and Harry Potter.

    • KM This is all true. We should be VERY concerned. The sin of abortion is nothing more than child sacrifice. These people are everywhere. The prayers being given to Maria Divine Mercy can save these people from the fires of eternal Hell. We need to stand and pray. We don’t have much time. Martial Law will be here soon. The Seal of The Living God is being given from heaven. Please don’t reject this chance. You will be protected with it. Please. I love all of you and would never try to mislead you. May God bless you and protect you and save everyone of you. I want to see all of you in heaven with me. Please prepare now. I know a lot of what their plans are now and its all true what this person says. Don’t fear. Instead trust the Lord and let him guide you. You will see in time these messages are true. Don’t wait until its too late.

    • glamhalo

      lol ….. oh. wait. this was meant to actually be SERIOUS?! wow….. delusional.

    • Ultrafox

      The woman Who wrote this is à good exemple of radical christianism.
      Sadly they Cannot think beyond the borders of what had been written in à thing they call holy books.
      They oppose everything what is different according to this. They even are capable of murdering doctors Who carrie out abortions. Even when the mothers life was at stake.

      But i do agree there is satanism in many places in the USA. But it has nothing to do with the classical religion as we know it today. Try to visit the new airport of Denver and see what I mean.

      Christian religion has been created to cover up the true force and nature behind many historical events through history. I urge everyone to read the books of David Icke especially “the biggest secret” to places all peacenik of the puzzel in right places.

      I wish all American people much wisdom during these confusing timers.

    • Praise Jebus

      crazy cracka christian nut job :razz: :razz: :razz:

    • Music Heretic

      That house, Seely Castle, built by the son in law of E.W. Grove who built the Grove Park Inn, Grove Arcade, Asheville court house to name a few things. Was bought by UNCA in the 40′s, and sold to Overlook ministries in the early 70′s. In the late 90′s it was sold to the CFO of the Bon Worth corporation who spends 2 months out of the year there. There were rumors in the 80′s that a cult and satanists lived there but that was during the time that Overlook Ministries were based out of the house. So go figure.

    • Anonymous

      Asheville has been the home base for Billy Graham for many years. Funny he hasn’t mentioned the problem there.

    • g-man

      you’re a moron. i live in asheville and have for years. it’s a great midsized college town with a host of great breweries, museums and art galleries. your ridiculous self indulgent rant is a piece if fiction. and the last thing we need in asheville is flaming crazy a-holes, please, stay the hell out of the mountains.

    • SatanistDoom

      I have a confession. I too have been part of the Satanist Occult Doom Groups of Asheville. I have been daily performing flower abortions as I walk across the once virginal fields in my mountain home. I have abducted numerous burritos to be tortured and devoured by my heathen cohorts. I frequently stand outside schools and hand out Twilight novels in an attempt to get them to become vampires LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I KNOW. It isn’t working so well, but that might be because the novels are written so poorly.
      Can jesus ever forgive me? What shall I do to make things better? OH! Wait! Nevermind. I just remembered I still love satan burritos. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • Laurie

      I love Ashville N.C. I haven’t been there in years but the last time I was there I saw, I called them weir hippies, hanging out in the streets. I don’t know what is going on now but its terrible it this is happening.


      The only thing scary here is the writing. THE HORROR

    • Anonymous

      I lived in Waynesville for awhile, went into Asheville for AA meetings quite a bit. Your comments are correct the scribbler of these comments is self delusional. I would take my Miniature Schnauzer in – he loved to sniff the hippies, doggie dewd…..

    • LedaOhio9

      Scary Stuff.. it is!

      Reminds me of this short read..
      The Most Dangerous Book “Lost Chapter”

      Enough to give you nightmares!

    • Gabe

      How many ways can you spell “stark raving mad lunatic?”
      I will offer the first……..Pamela Rae
      Get a vucking life, you fear porn addict!

    • Pagan Snake 65

      Dear Christian Writer… sorry for what you when’t threw… please stop limping pagans and wiccans in with satanism… we don’t worship satan… also the bible isn’t a history book… it is a total work of fiction plagerized from the egyptian book of the dead, which is 5000 years older… and remember christians murdered native americans, stole there land and said they should be greatful that they are now saved… If you havn’t noticed the Catholic Church is crumbling more everyday and soon will colapse… and as it goes so does all of christanity for you can’t have one without the other…


      Pagan Snake a Reformed Catholic

      P.S. god is within… Christ is a conscionuseness… and the true Sun of god is that yellow thing in the sky…

    • Gabe

      Can someone give this woman a good swift ………….

    • VvNocvV

      Thinking you need to re-learn what Satanism is and variations. What you describe sounds more like even anyone could cause no matter the religion and using the term Satanism is just a cover up for a more sinister reason. Do you have the proof and lay it on the table. Please do not shove religion into this than you already have. So you are saying the castle on the hill is a satanist temple or sorts? Asheville is a place of many spiritual beliefs and I for one don’t see any proof til you can provide it as such and why not bring gov’t into this instead of preaching to the people for pity.

    • chroncat101

      WHY? Do you write like this.
      I DONT, get it.
      IS THIS WHAT YOUR ENGLISH teacher taught you?
      I DON’T think so.
      IT MAKES IT SO difficult to read.
      PLEASE stop.

    • ellenry

      I have news Pamela..that is not the promptings of the Holy Ghost..those are the rantings of the voices in your obvioulsy disturbed head. Good grief! And I’ll bet you believe all this crap too. It is not true and you ought to be concerned about them sending you to Broughton. You need to get off the drugs..or find a doctor to give you the proper ones to help with your paranoia and stay away from posting anything until your are grounded.

    • Ashevillearcie

      From what asylum did this person escape to write this utter garbage about my home town and who in the —- does this wench think she is? Bat sh– crazy! This kind of fear mongering and filth in the “name of Christianity” is enough to make one ill. The only hope is that this is not the type of article ANYONE would ever consider taking seriously.

      BUT! If you read it with a sense of humor, and laugh, because when you start to read the whole thing, you begin to laugh out loud at the insanity of the words and the preposterous bullsh– you are supposed to actually believe, then I suggest this woman’s next article be on the Yeti baby that the Sasquatch raised on the back of the Loch Ness monster.

      That article I may take more seriously.

    • Julian

      Paranoid delusions are a helluva drug…

    • UmmmOkay

      So, how exactly do you know that the Ryder van was full of duct tape, chains and knockout drugs if the attempt failed? Did you actually see anything that will prove your claim, or did you just see a van one day and the driver kind of looked at you and you just immediately assumed that he was there for you?

    • The Almighty

      I just love the hypocrisy that she is lambasting the satanist for their human sacrifices at the alter and then proceeds to say, ” There is NOTHING you have done, that Jesus did not die on the cross to forgive! Remember…Jesus died a human sacrifice”. Her whole existence as a Christian is reliant on a human sacrifice.

      Does the author not realize that Christianity and Satanism are just opposite sides of the same coin? Somehow her praying to an imaginary man in the sky and devoting her life to him is perfectly acceptable yet worshiping another deity is sinful.

    • delciousbacon

      This person is no more crazy than any other Christian. I’m sorry, but if you claim to have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe then you’re a little crazy.

    • helpher

      As a therapist in an IOP program I suggest the author find a therapist she trusts – not meant as a judgement or a put-down, she (and those that love her) would benefit from a prescription like clozaril or zyprexa.

      • as-snoo-is-my-witness




        LOL AT YOUR SOUL!!!

    • frost.patrick32

      Shine on you crazy diamond!

    • Lord Satan, Prince of Darkness the Second, Esquire

      Oh no, one of my most potent covens has been discovered by this fantastic investigative warrior of Christ reporter! I am feeling my dominion weaken just from the exposure that this amazing discovery has exposed!

      Truly, truly I tell thee, Pamela Rae is my my greatest enemy, and my demonic hordes will indubitably begin hunting her and fill her life with constant nuisances, like burning her chicken, making her lose her keys, and making her antivirus software immune to updates so that Anonymous and Obama can get into her computer and plant child pornography and goat sex!

      Hear me, for I am Lord Satan, ruler of the underworld, and it takes ages to type with these claws. Toodles.

    • Felix

      So I may have missed it, but why exactly did you think there was this elaborate plan to abduct you? I mean how did you find out about it and what evidence is there that there was a credible threat to your life?

    • MCH

      The reason this entire website is bullsh** is because none of the articles have been able to support any kind of actual proof or research on ANY topic. It’s always just some lunatic raving and using terrible 1990′s graphics and extra large bolded font to get their point across.

      I just read recently that 1 in 5 adults in America are mentally ill which makes a lot of sense when you read the ramblings of this site and the people that read and believe these insane conspiracy theories. This is not a real news site. Anyone can buy a domain and start a blog. Please do not believe everything you read on the internet.

    • Felix

      This article is true frightening. It’s this kind of fear mongering nonsense that leads to witch hunts. Then again I bet the author probably thinks that the people of Salem did the right thing.

    • samada72

      I think Pamela Rae Schuffert needs to be on some very strong anti-psychotic medication. I’m still not sure if this is real or satirical. In either case it paints a frightening picture.

      And for the record this doesn’t even come close to qualifying as investigative journalism from a Christian, atheist, or Pastafarian perspective. It’s nothing, but fear mongering and ignorance.

    • billR

      I am quite shocked by the crowd of people who claim to be of the “tolerant age”. I guess it is okay to be tolerant if the person agrees with your philosophy or point of view, but as soon as someone like Pamela comes along espousing a differing point of view she is all of a sudden someone who should not be tolerated or shut down. All “true Christians” (and I believe Pamela is a true christian) do not come forth to judge her fellow man, but to love her fellow “man”. “True Christians” do not kill abortionists, or bomb abortion clinics. Instead, they provide comfort and hope for those who choose to come to them for peace and truth.
      I too believe Satanism and human sacrifice to be horrifying practices, and I hope anybody who is reading this agrees as well to that effect. Jesus came to bear witness to the truth. The truth is love. I hardly think sacrificing babies to Satan is an act of love. I suggest to those people who made negative comments on this comment board to get a KJV Bible (the only authorized Bible) and read through GOD’S word and see what it says. It will transform your life. In the words of Ephesians 6:12
      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      • barnhouse

        You don’t get a different point of view from reality. You can’t just make up unsolved murders, a corrupt police department and court system, and systematic torture/sacrifice of children. That stuff can be easily verified. Easily. You’re telling me that all of this is taking place and the whole damn world is just clueless to it?

        You don’t have to be tolerant to the views of someone who is so very clearly making up facts to support her views, rather than deriving her views from the facts presented.

        And dude, you should really read up on KJ, from your KJV fame. Could I see God’s signature on that authorization form?

      • tigger

        why a KJV? And who authorized it?

    • manburpig

      This is a terribly written article. Not to mention completely laughable.

    • Gob

      I absolutely loved this article! This caricature sounds like something right out of a Stephen King novel (although Mr. King is not quite so good at comedy). Particularly amusing is that dozens of people seem to get sacrificed in the most gruesome of ways every year and no one else seems to notice or care.

      I would suggest you work on that area for your next draft. The reader will have a hard time suspending their disbelief when such a volume of abducted and murdered people doesn’t pique the interests of any sort of authority. Some possible ways to build plot:

      1. Include the FBI (Plot twist: FBI Director sabatoges investigation because, lo, and behold, he is a Satanist too!)

      2. You forgot to mention that the satanists are also COMMUNISTS! And they’re not sacrificing pregnant women and babies only to please satan, but also because THEY HATE AMERICA!

      3. If you wanted to make it more contemporary you could have the Satanists be muslim extremists – Although that would lead to a significant plot hole (Muslims cutting women and babies up as a sacrifice to Satan seems oddly Christian-centric) But I’m sure your intended audience wouldn’t have any trouble believing it.

      Good luck,

      Chive on!

    • Justin

      You people frighten me.

      “And so I must obey the Holy Spirit, and He is telling me to write this article for His Christian intercessors, so they might be inspired to pray against this darkness called SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, and for the salvation these tragically lost people, old and young alike, of this region.”

      You are scizophrenic. No one is talking to you. Please see a doctor.

    • matt7

      As a non-christian, Matthew7:1-3 comes to mind.

    • Aaron

      Lady, you are one serious lunatic.

    • BillBob

      By the way, jesus rode around on a velociraptor hi-fiving the pagan sinners you are talking about, so I would suggest you get a velociraptor and fact check before making judgements.

    • Timmeh

      This article is pathetic and sad.

    • Yahweh

      Guys, guys, guys, calm down. Just because I created all of you in my image doesn’t mean you are all equal. Look, to be completely honest, I have my bad days too. Sure, I’m the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, but I still have days where I stub my toe and spill coffee. It happens. And while most of you are made in the image of me during a normal day, some people are me on my off days. This poor soul is one of those days. Actually, I think she was probably created in the image of the day after I created all Korean food. Sure, it was a taste and filling creation, but I didn’t realize the effect that it would have on the all powerful bowels. Long story short, that toilet hugging day of pain and excessive body fluids is this poor author. Be merciful, have patience, be kind. She is doing the best with the image she was given.

    • Sardis

      This is literally in the top 5 dumbest and most useless articles I have ever read in my life. You should spend the amount of time it took you to write this nonsense by helping the poor, homeless, and destitute. You are a very sad little person and I feel sorry for you.

    • Chris

      Christian persecution complex at it’s finest.

    • Greg Ericson

      conspiracy theorist – propaganda words – meaning – dont ask questions

      divide the people with religion :arrow:

    • mcfilth

      At what point did you report all of these murders to the police, or if they were on the satanist’s payroll, the state police or the FBI?

    • For the love of God stop

      Get mental help and strong medication before you go near the Internet again.

    • selfrighteouscollegekid

      You DO realize that literally every statement you have made in this article is either blatantly false or entirely unsupported by anything but your claims that these things happened? Honestly, you are embarrassing not only yourself, not only Christianity, but the human-freaking-race with this ignorant, fear-mongering propaganda! It’s shameful and sickening that you would abuse the beliefs of over a billion people to try and spread fear and hatred because you can’t accept the fact that some people might act differently than you, dress differently than you, or *GASP* believe differently than you! Change and discord are a part of life, and until you understand that you are a fool child. Grow up.

    • marcus

      The authors name is Pamela Rae Schuffert and she is easily findable on Facebook with a Christain-everything profile. Give her a piece of your mind!

    • Michael

      I have often wondered why ‘christians’ such as this author are not more concerned with the biblical strictures against ‘bearing false witness.’ Are you not concerned for your immortal soul when you lie with such abandon and malice aforethought? When you tell tales that are obviously untrue? When you mislead other believers with such stories?

      I always thought that odd. I would have thought that they would be even more careful with their speech based on their trying to lead a christian life.

    • Bstylemirc

      This is the most hateful and ignorant thing I have read in years..can I also make up stuff about people i dont like and pass it off as news? pfft..drek. :!:

    • Bstylemirc

      1- Those mountains are also filled with teh blood of christians who came and tried to kill off my ancestors and their gods..and well..theyre dead now. Shove your dominionism.
      2- if you would read up on history (2000 years of real history but 6000 if youre going to believe that abraham was real) youd see ho religion spread. Not theu eyewitnesses of miracles..but at the end of a sword. Genocide/rape/war spread this message across the earth..which im sure..the true god would never use to spread his message of love. Then the church tried to rule the world during the dark ages when reading was akin to withcraft..(another idea your church created)
      3- just because youre not catholic doesnt mean that you can use their made up story and not be counted among them…
      4- THIS is a prime example of why religion is dangerous..if there ever were a sure christians everywhere would kill anyone else off that wasnt like them.
      5- general are the loudest whiners about percieved abuse when asked to back off.. they are the biggest abusers of children and just about any other human rights violations have a believer at the bottom of it… but does that mean its the religions fault? Only if you consider an enabling framework to be culpable.
      with religion you can commit evils that ONLY can be done with religion as the can do all the good churches do and have all the community and support..without a god. But clamping everything down to “love on another” is the hardest thign to get christians to do en masse. yet they bully and harangue everyone who isnt one of work..wether theyre co workers that are being cold or evil to you or if theyre your boss that thinks your lifestyle goes against his religion so he wont allow birth control to be covered by the insurance..
      My greatest hope is that we can defang religion before we lose our modern society and have to fight for resources again. Because they WILL round you up and run all over you.

    • Enoch

      It would not surprise me one bit that there are Satanist’s that perform human sacrifice. There are countless youtube videos that report the very same types of things. Why doesn’t anyone ever supply names of people involved. Why? ???? Outrageous claims need to be supported with real evidence, not conjecture. Why didn’t you give the names of these people? Fear? Bullshit!!!!!
      Christian doctrine says Greater is he that is in me then he that is in the world. If you are a Christian then you shouldn’t have any fear, the devil has been defeated according to the Christian church. Why doesn’t anyone ever take the fight directly to these people, if it’s true? I think your either full of shit…..or self delusional. If all this is true…….tell me where to go and when…..and if I see that it’ true……then I will kill them all……..

    • PaulW

      This is satire, right? Or did I just run cross Wacko Central?

    • chitowngirl

      I know these mountain well for I have lived in them for 20 years. I love taking weekend trips to Asheville, It is a beautiful town. Yes it is a College town and yes there is hippies there but everyone is very nice there. I would recommend you stop there for a visit if you ever pass through. And the Tennessee mountains are beautiful also. If you go up on a dead end road that you don’t belong on you might get a warning shot but my children have grown up in these mountains and I’m sure there is some strange individuals but nothing like a big city.

    • sallyboy6

      this chick lives in her car !! any questions ??

    • djfxw

      All hail the dark lord Satan!

      • Daughter of the Church

        In the after-life, alas, you will have an eternity to regret your own curse upon yourself. This woman Pamela Rae Shuffert tells it from the heart. Your “Lord Satan” is a murderer and a thief who hates you more than you can possibly imagine.

        • AllRoadsLead2NWO

          Wrong there, you must have not read either the new or old testaments for the jealous god of israel is the one in both books that is always, killing, maiming terrorizing, torturing, send plagues, disease, famine, etc.etc and even totally abusing his supposed only ‘son/sun’- not any character named satan, you self proclaimed “god of israel’ the jeaous god that doesn’t want you ‘worshiping any OTHER gods’ is the killer of the bible. Go re-read it.

      • Jack Shlitz

        Go shampoo his crotch! :lol:

    • WeBeDoomed

      I think the Satanist girl in the photo is rather hot looking :oops:

    • Daughter of the Church

      I wholeheartedly thank the staff of beforeitsnews to have published this piece!
      The witnessing of Pamela Rae Shuffert is true.
      This town of NC has accursed the entire region due to a participation in a Satanic ritual which marked the enthroning of Lucifer in the Vatican. The enthroning was done in a simultaneous Satanic ceremony which took place on June 29, 1963 at both the St. Paul’s Chapel (in the Vatican), and at a targeting chapel located in NORTH CAROLINA.
      This said Satanic ceremony was fictionally narrated in the novel Windswept House, by Malachi Martin, but IT WAS NO FICTION.
      The ritual took place in the Vatican and in NC. The Satanic Priest was a Roman Catholic renegade. The Italian review Chiesa Viva quote “Bishop John Joyce Russell (1897-1993) Bishop of Charleston (1950-1958) and then Richmond (1958-1993) along with Card. Joseph Bernardin were accused of sexual perversity against a young girl in a Satanic ritual.”
      North Carolina has participated to the entrance of Satan in the Catholic Church during this night of June 29, 1963.
      Pamela Rae Schuffert does not know the cause of this diabolical ceremony. This valiant woman is only reporting the now world-wide effects of the Holy Catholic Church having been invaded by the devil.
      A word for the seventy something comments posted before my own posting. Most are either in denial of the evils of to-day, some few are simply cowards in front of the devil, and the rest are friends of Satan. Those latest, unless repentent, will have the same evil done to them for an eternity.

    • Politically UN-Correct

      HHHHmmmmm I was doing some research on Seelys Castle for a friend and came across this article…..I realize it’s old. But let me assure you Seelys castle is a very REAL place! I attended UNC-A in the late 70′s I have actually walked up to it at night, after a few brewskies, and got as far as the courtyard behind it when I and others were greeted with dobermans and “men in black” asking us what our purpose was for being there? We were young and dumb, not at all worried about trespassing, but were quickly ran off. We had heard of some strange things going on there too and decided we’d investigate it ourselves.n The grounds are closely watched even though it looks abandoned and crumbling from the tunnel. Its so gloomy looking you barely notice it but it sits up to the right of the tunnel. Funny thing though….all these people she’s describing seems to be on this thread! LOL. I’ve known my whole life there was a lot of evil in the area, you can see signs of it everywhere. Furthermore Asheville is the biggest bunch of liberals on the planet earth! and….we all know they hate God, they proved that at the DNC.




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