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Benjamin Fulford: Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Being Negotiated as Khazarian Mafia Attempts to Start War Fail

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Benjamin Fulford


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    • truck driver

      Ronald Reagan said space aliens control the world so space aliens are the khazarian Mafia.

    • The Ferrett

      “Khazarian Mafia” huh- let’s call, it what it is Talmudic Judaism!

      Christians who propagate the “Khazar theory” should not forget that the Talmud is perhaps the most anti-Christ tome ever written. The Talmud portrays Jesus being boiled in human excrement—“forever”!
      The Talmud as well the gospel recounting of the Jewish persecution behind the crucifixion of Christ all took place hundreds of years before any supposed Khazar conversion!

      Bear in mind, the problem we face is not a “Khazar” problem, it is a Jewish problem, it is a problem of extreme Jewish racism and supremacism which continually plunges our world into war, hatred, tyranny and degradation.
      It is for these reasons, that I no longer believe the Khazar theory.

      It is important to note that Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews are not claimed to be Khazars by anyone and they were scattered throughout the Mediterranean world at the time of Christ some 900 years before any alleged Khazar conversion. They were the very ones who crucified Christ, those to whom He constantly railed against. Some of the very same people who expose the Talmud and the Jewish role in Christ’s crucifixion are now telling us that today’s Jews are actually Khazars!

      Remember no Khazar ever wrote a single word of the Jewish Talmud – The Biblical “Traditions of the Elders.” They were Christ’s enemies then, as they are to this day – modern day Pharisees!

    • Man

      pointing fingers at the jews for anything gets old very quickly

    • Anonymous

      I still have no idea who this Benjamin Fulford guy is, like a lot of name dropping around here in headlines. All you can determine of all these named people is those who know them point out they’re either self-promoting liars (heaven forbid anybody would do that on BIN…) land/or whackjobs. From what the more intelligent people say, this man is Foolford, which begs the question: we should want to know him, or any of these nobody names of God knows who are thrown at the wall in headlines here, that must only be known somewhere in the dregs of society on the web, among the gullible and tin foil hats, why? Is your game, “Get a load of so-and-sos latest crap! Must see nonsense to clutter your brain with!”? Why, pray tell? Is that intelligent, “Here’s the latest from the crackpot!”? That’s too “bone chilling” for me.

      All that aside, you can’t write an article? Are we to where you just lay your monetized YouTube videos on people, and they suck it up the rantings of the liars and delusional, like your own personal click monkeys? To be frank, there are many very stupid people in the world, but I don’t see you’re making anything but peanuts in this game. So, how smart are you? I fear not very, if we were to evaluate it all, where the rubber meets the road.

    • Stefan

      Benjamin bullshit,,is a joke,, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:




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