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Bush Facing Firing Squad Over JFK - Tom Heneghan Update!

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Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb just put out one of their best shows with all the latest Intel on the JFK Files, Las Vegas black op, Clinton Uranium deal and much more!  Tom talks about why Bush Jr crawled out from under his rock and gave that ridiculous speech accusing Donald Trump of being a bigot!  You’ll find out why the Bushes are so desperate right now with Trump announcing the JFK files are being released.  

Nobody names the name like these two do and it’s why they are under massive attack right now! 

Tom Heneghan reports H.W. Bush was actually taken into custody for questioning immediately after JFK was gunned down in Dallas by multiple shooters!  He was only released after FBI director J. Edgar Hoover got involved!  George W. Bush was also there in Dallas as a young boy to witness the event also!  I guess daddy was really proud of killing a great man and wanted his son to witness it too!  Tom Heneghan goes off on the satanic Bush family in this broadcast!

Matt Drudge (fake name) (Mossad operative) who Alex Jones says will save you is now pushing hard for his satanic Bush masters as he linked to the evil speech G.W. Bush gave today blaming Trump for the race baiting that enemies of America have been engaged in!   Have you ever seen Drudge expose the crimes of the Bushes?   Heck no and you won’t because he’s a traitor to this country.   Alex Jones never mentions the dual US Israeli citizens in our government either who have destroyed u and now want our guns!  He never reveals the hardcore truth now posted on Stew Webb’s site below about the Bush pedophilia information!  In fact Alex Jones fired two radio show hosts on his network for interviewing Stew Webb.  Who would fire radio show hosts for interviewing somebody but an Illuminati Card Deck “agent in place”.  Drudge is an agent also and that’s why he hides the Chemtrails, Vaccine poison and the federal reserve scam of his zionist masters!  Let’s face it, if Drudge or Alex were real, we would have won the war 10 years ago because nothing would be held back!

Listen to the names of the traitors told by Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan in this broadcast and ask yourself why doesn’t Alex Jones expose these names?  All of this information is out there in books written by Al Martin and many others!  The Bushes use the Clintons as a cutout!  The Bushes run the Clintons!  Why do you think the Bushes always get on all the TV channels and nobody says anything bad about them including Alex Jones and Matt Drudge fake name!   Figure it out!  Why will Sean Hannity never say boo about the Bushes!  Tom Heneghan just found out some more shocking information about G.W. Bush trying to steal US Treasury funds but this was stopped today!  This will be on Tom’s next report.  Spread Tom and Stew’s information everywhere!   Google took down my 80,000 Youtube channel simply because of Tom and Stew’s intel releases!  

If you want to actually win against the new world order stop worrying about making Jones more shekels and start spreading the hardcore truth below exposing the Bushes that Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, and Matt Drudge won’t touch!   H.W. Bush killed JFK but Alex Jones won’t even mention that we have the photograph proving he was involved!  No, that hits just too close to home for Alex Jones the fake fraud put there to make sure we lose but he gets rich!

Share the following on social networks and send it to Alex Jones at [email protected] and watch how you get ignored!  Prove me wrong – I dare ya!

Bush Clinton Homosexual Pedophile Sex Ring Has Been Totally Unmasked


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