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Atlantis & Apollyon the Destroyer have risen! A MUST WATCH!!!

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Atlantis & Apollyon the Destroyer have risen!

The 5th Wave, NIBIRU IS A SHIP NOT A PLANET, “Apollyon Rising” (Revealing End Game!).

Watch 1080P!

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 King James Version (KJV)

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

A Demon Hunter / Paper Thin Veil Collaboration: Apollyon’s “Squadron of Demonic Filth”!

Watch 1080P

A Demon Hunter Presentation: Planet NIBIRU vs. NIBIRU Ship (A MUST WATCH!!!)

Watch 1080P

This video is aimed at capturing the inconsistencies of Planet NIBIRU Researches vs. NIBIRU Ship Researches. 

NIBIRU is a Ship, not a Planet!

The End Game:

NWO False Alien Invasion and Coming Disclosure is upon us! What you need to know is that NIBIRU is a Ship not an incoming Planetary System! Anyone informing otherwise should be considered Cointelpro/ Disinformation or CHALLENGED IMMEDIATELY as time is running out! 

NWO, NASA and Blue Bloods are working in collaboration to weed wack Earth with their Fake NIBIRU, Weather Chaos, WMD Weather Warfare apparatus, using Forbidden Fallen Angel Technology aimed at depopulating the World by the millions, blamed on Weather Chaos and Climate Change, followed with Fake Alien Invasion. All of which they are creating! Wake-up!

Also, this info is only as good, if shared! Those who want to participate but don’t know how, share this video on NIBIRU Planet Research pages, share with brothers and sisters in Christ so they are not deceived, as God states “even the very elect shall be deceived”, share with the Lost in hopes that they find truth in Jesus thru these videos. Everyone has a hand in this game! There are two Kingdoms at War… God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom. If you are in God’s Kingdom, then you are at WAR with Satan’s Kingdom, so fight if your life depends on it, bc it does. May God Bless you all, know that you are deeply appreciated and loved!!

Please upload copy of video to safeguard, as well circulate far and wide! 

Channels of concern!

Anyone pushing Planet X or Planet NIBIRU should be considered Cointelpro and/or challenged using this video!



BPEarth Watch




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    • counselor john

      Silly silly silly! No research! There is much more smoke regarding a planetary system coming through than a ship! Mercy

    • Demon Hunters

      No research, did u watch the video? Do u see all the research on Demon Hunters Channel? What more do u want? Everything aligns perfectly with scripture too! You have some scales over your eyes that need removed!

      • Andy

        you have a BEAM in your eye – it’s called religion

        - the universe was not created but has always existed
        - there are no gods and no god
        - the bible is a man-made fiction
        - jesus never lived

        oh, and Nibooboo isn’t real either

        time to grow up child, time to let go your safety blankie & your imaginary friend and mature into a responsible adult who does what is right, for no reason other than it is right

    • curious

      Interesting video and images and YES Nibiru or something much like it is a ship. There are clearer more distinct imaages taken from ISS cameras showing it loading up on radiant energy from the suns surface through the large canon type orifice at the bottom of this sperical “Death Star and then departing only to move to a position in line with earth and with the sun on the directly opposite side of earth and then blasting us with the radio active energy it had previously loaded into it’s cannon orifice in order to cause a reversal of the suns solar wind which then becomes trapped around the earth protective magnetospher, weakening it more and more allowing this radiation to penetrate into the iron nickel magma core of the earth causing it to overheat and expand causing volcanic activity which is up over 400% all around the planet….and many other dramatic environmental ant meteorological anomilies and changes that are damaging to the life supporting system of the planet from our perspective. You have captured images of something also very real and significan…but quite different….and the most important parts of it you have overlooked entirely in your video image synopsis.. What you have actually captured are images of the humanoid bodies and faces that are appearing in the skies above us both night and day. What you have captured is images of interdimensional portals that are now being opened all around our dimensional matrix allowing satans demonic forces to enter our matrix in preparation for the final battle for the future of humanity between what is in essence the forces of good and evil from our human perspective. If satan and his negative energy based demons and minions are triumphant it will be the end of mans quest to reach the higher state of spiritual energetic consciousness which is humanities rightful herency and domain and that would allow man to join the universal congress of interstellar life forms as an equal in the decisions involving the future of our universe. Satan has worked very hard at confining mankind to only his lower wrealm of consciousness for milleniums to achieve this final goal in this final battle of intelligent energetic consciousness. it will furthermore hasten satans ability to move onto other planetary wrealms and conquer them also….causing the same effective loss of positive higher consciousness and in effect marching quickly and steadily onward towards the destruction of god’s kingdom and the demise of the positive living intelligent force of energy that is synonymous with LOVE and thus Synonymous with that living intelligent force of energy we name as GOD. The overwhelming majority of humanity has been dumbed down by the well organized satanic followers and forces that at present all but control this entire planet and every living entity and human within it. There are others working and fighting both in the physical and spiritual spheres of existence to help preserve humanities rightful future while humankind sleeps in the mind controlled doldrums of it’s bainful existence. The real question is….Will there be a sudden awakening of human higher consciousness brought on by God and those forces of and with him in time to vanquish satan and his master plan….or will God be content to bring about the end of times and gather only those souls who have fought to attain and maintain a belief in god and that higher positive life force those who have consciously renounced satan and all his works……..and allow the rest of the lower conscient demon affected human souls to be dragged into the eternal abyss along with satan to writhe in the darkness for an eternity. We shall see…….All that is taking place in the weakening in the structure of the matrix and the invasion of other spirits, beings, nibirus, and other craft and anomilies……Is really centered around the battle I have stated above…..nothing else…..THAT is ALL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL…….

    • YellowRoseTx51

      All “worlds” are V.A.H.’s. All VAH’s are Ships.
      They were disallowed their ‘crossing’ event.
      Humanity Won.
      The “Event” supersedes all others.
      The The Division of the Families. Which occurs at the end of each cycle.

    • Tetrad

      The Earth is flat?Now,that’s the biggest hoax that’s being spread.

      • Andy

        flat earth, ice wall, the dome, no stars, no satellites and the sun being only a few hundred miles up shining more like a torch etc etc etc

        people who will believe man-made religious fairy-tales like the bible will build an incredible world of bullshit in order to maintain their religious self delusion




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