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Q Post Decoded  -  All Seeing Eye Present  -  Future Proves Past  -  "Truth Unsealed" on David Zublick? 

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Hollywood Cabal in Sheep’s Clothing?  -  Inject False Evidence Into Public & Secret Proceedings?  -  Derail Military Tribunals?  -  Warns Pedophiles, How & Where Caught?  -  Advertising Sale of Pedophile Trafficking Evidence and He Is Selling Food?  To Eat?  -  Asking for Donations?  -  Is He Making Money Off of Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured, & Murdered Children?

Written by Sun Tzu

I occasionally watched Truth Unsealed by David Zublick, NOT ANYMORE…


 … I thought his material interesting, at times, information about UFO Coverups, Assassinations, and all sorts of material about “X-Files” type stuff, allegedly from declassified government documents from the FBI and CIA, etc.

Many of you have heard about the possibility of Military Tribunals.  Some of you are just waking up.  There may be secret arrests going on behind the scenes, some of the unusual suspects have been missing from Twitter, the Media, and public life.  Rumors of executions going on as well.  Possibly a repeat of Nuremberg after WWII?  Execute the lower level bad guys so the upper worst bad guys can live on in commit further atrocities with impunity and procreate their little club of evil horrors again?

It does appear the Military Tribunals are underway.  Below you will find David Zublick’s “Truth Is About To Be Unsealed,” allegedly all about the Military Tribunals and a Secret Journal, allegedly containing actual evidence of organized pedophile rings, authored by a  missing Business Executive CEO, the 90 plus page document being given to Mr. Zublick, and for which Zublick was directly sought out for, after the journal was mysteriously discovered “just sitting there” in an everyday ordinary business establishment, in a totally random place, in the USA.

Now Mr. Zublick has sent that “Evidence” to the prosecutors of the secret military tribunals, to allegedly be entered into evidence?  Sounds chk-chk-chk-shady…  

Watch the video first or read my analysis first of this man, David Zublick’s actions, either way, you may not want to buy his food, donate to him, you might not want to “anything” him anymore, ever again.

Just as “Q” told us, “Be careful who you follow!”

David Zublick’s Production:

Notice the ”All Seeing Eye”,. which is revolving in the upper right corner in real time, also appears on the backdrop behind Mr. David Zublick in multiple locations.

Is This, “Welcome to Deep State Cabal Operative,  “Truth Unsealed About David Zulblick?.”"

Is David Zublick a pedophile?  Is his production, “Truth Unsealed,” making money off of pedophilia?  Is this show a Deep State Cabal Hollywood media attempt to warn pedophiles, congregate larger numbers of unkown pedophiles, and make money off of the process in the name of saving kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered children, who’s organs are then harvested for ill profit gain, all under, ”PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY?” (All images in this article are from David Zublick’s show, except for the “Q posts.”)

David begins by establishing trust, informing the viewer.  David talks about Trump signing Executive Orders, leading up to… 


…Military law(s) pertaining to enemy combatants, foreign and domestic…

 …Court Martials…

 …Arrests, and Seizure of property.



 Drug Running and Presidential Assassination Attempt…

 Secret Societies…

 Your face when you know that you are going to be executed too…

Other people finding out they are going somewhere fun too!
Your face(s) when you find out your turn is next?

“She just stares at it, as if, “I cannot believe this is happening to me…”
“And it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!”

“We’re all gonna die…”  “But how could you fucking rat… you rolled on us, yer my brother and you rolled on us!?”

David Tells you then, about a mysterious notebook.


 Presenting the evidence?

 Yep, its a spiral notebook.

 Allegedly belonging to and authored by?


 Her alleged bio?  Her alleged husband?



Wait for it…
David presents no evidence from the notebook.  But tells you to buy it instead.  But David has sent this secret spiral notebook to the authorities overseeing the military tribunals and that it will be used as evidence.  A spiral notebook from a person who is missing, who left their notebook in a random place of business, in a random location somewhere in the United States, sounds like salacious and unverified dossiers to me.

But anyway… David’s mission is saving kids!!!

 David wants to “Save Children Forced To Be Slaves?”

 David sure did put a lot of production and cgi work into this production.

 David reminds us of the Lolita Express…

David reminds us who is being held captive.


 Children, Forced To Be Slaves…

 For Sexual Gratification…

They are branded as Child Sex Slaves for the rest of their lives, property, to be traded like cattle, mutilated at will, delivering un-surmounting pain, suffering; mental damage, emotional scarring, and in many times, death…

Would you like to order a child for sexual abuse, torture, and murder?

No one will ever find out…


But we are cleaning away the filth of pedophilia…



Major pedophiles are being taken down…


 More will follow…



The scuttlebutt here is they wore a girl’s face after they raped her, what in mid-evil times would be considered as a, “compact of mutual assured destruction” between to criminals, “If you rat me out I hand out my videotape of you, you will go down too.”


David then tells you that you can purchase his awesome Pedophile Reports!

“His most requested report?”

“I personally have never wanted to own one.”

But if you buy his report, he will tell you their methods, tactics, how they lure children, and where they congregate, so these sexual predators can get ready for the incoming persecution of pedophiles, go under the radar, into hiding, live to rape children, another day…

David says you will also Report #2…  How to run a pizza place, smuggle children… and not get caught…

You will also get this one too…

Learn how to mind control your sex slaves…

Do you want to join a child sacrifice cult?
Pictures of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden touching little girls in uncomfortable places…
You can get it all from David, you do not have to look for your sick illicit materials any longer…

David will even teach you how to navigate the dark web, so the Deep State can still bring children to you, every business has to work twice as hard when the economy is not fruitful…

 You can order David’s products online…

 But wait, there are three ways to purchase!

 You get all this pedophile action, all at once… in just three neat bundles, in exchange for green backs, for which David sold his soul…

 The best Pedophile Value in the Bundle Plus Options…

 Pay David and he will email you this Pedophile bundle…

 The Bundle, Plus Reports…

 Now you also need to Prepare, with David…

 From his website…

Buy David’s food, it will last for 25 years, good for a pedophile in hiding, or if you want to think about torturing and murdering children for the next 25 years…


 Great food!…

 Yum… Delicious…

 You can eat it every day…

 Made with the Finest Ingredients… Sourced by small suffering children…

No, I think he paid someone to say that, or maybe he just paid someone to make the picture…



“What you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it.  You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.  You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”  
- Morpheus “The Matrix”

 ”Sorry, I’m must have accidentally left my money at the bank.”


 Donate to David Zublick!


 Donate now…


 It’s that easy!


 What are you thinking David Zublick?


 I totally want to donate to someone trying to make money off of kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered, victims of organ harvesting children.


 There’s another illuminati symbol right there…


 Nope, still not gonna do it!


 David, it might be easy for you make money off these kids, but it certainly ain’t right…


 And I do not appreciate it either…


I do not know whether you are a pedofile, a criminal, or just really greedy stupid…


 Oh, but by the way, if you “Donate” $125 to David, and email him a copy of the receipt, he will send you his product to you anyways…  Would this be a way for the Deep State to pay you David for your Dark Deeds or to proliferate false evidence into legal proceedings, by injecting into the public awareness more falsified, unsolicited, salacious, unverified evidence to derail the efforts of patriots?


 Oh no…


 Yep, I do believe you might be in the “Satanic Cabal’s Iron Grip of Evil…  That or you are trying to draw public support, just not the support that most people would want.


 How to fit in…


 Do you want to eat and think about suffering children?  Do you want to buy your food from someone who profits from the suffering of children?


 Here is David’s web sites and brand.


 Nah…  I bet some sickos will want to hang out though…




 Thanks for sharing!




 Where not to go.


 Someone else who might not be okay?




 Mental note,




 Totally ruined that show for me!



Allegedly so many people have committed crimes against the Republic, against Americans, and Against Humanity, that the “good guy authorities,” cannot arrest, hold, and prosecute all of them at the same time, the number of criminals is overwhelming due to a couple hundred years of criminality and lawlessness.  

So, apparently, the Alliance decided to arrest them quietly, to do in what our founding fathers would quite possibly call, “Conduct In A Manner Resulting In The Least Harm Possible, While Preventing As Much Harm As Possible,” this would make sense since our Founding Fathers gave us “Common Law,” which meant “Do No Harm,” which meant if there was not victim, there was no crime, no crime, no arrests, that simple.  Where did it all go wrong?

While I still do not agree with “secret proceedings,” and “secret” military tribunals, for now, I watch, helpless to stop the military and powers that be, but I hope you are all watching wide eyed wake too. 

But, I am firm, and I believe others will agree, that executions are out of the question.  We The People will not let our grand children and great grandchildren relive the same evils we currently endure.  We will not repeat Nuremberg, We Will Not Repeat Hastened Speedy Executions, we will not Allow Evidence to be Burn Bagged and Incinerated, the Ashes So Nicely Swept Under The Rug, and We Cannot Allow Bad Guys To Get Away, Our Children Matter.

It appears as though the “good guys” first took out the greatest threats to life, the pedophiles and the MS-13 gang members, coupled with miscellaneous muscle and offenders, now on to high level targets which recently disappeared from the scene.  Taking out the foot-soldiers, then the high command, now squeezing the middle criminals without letting them know they are next on the chopping block, otherwise they would all scatter at once, many of them getting away.  Yes, settle down for a long one, this is going to take quite some time.

Remember, the International Syndicate of Interlocking Crime Syndicates will make money off of everything they can, even their own demise in the United States.  

In the words of Q:



 Q says:  “Be careful who you follow, some are profiting off this movement.”





 Define Patriot:  Is David Zublick a patriot?


 …Some are profiting off this movement?





Because you do not want to support this…

 Or this…

 Because then you will be just like them…

 Maybe you can be like them and practice crime under the name of protection and charity…

(This article was written partly as sarcasm, partly opinion, use your own discretion, that is the real world we live in… )

I do not know if David Zublick is a pedophile, maybe he just didn’t listen to “Q,” or maybe he has bad judgement, or maybe his judgement is affected by the people he works with, maybe they are criminals.

Written by Sun Tzu

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  • Anonymous

    Why has everyone become a critic? It’s like people are constantly looking for something that’s wrong with everyone. Do you have any idea how long it takes to keep up with just the research? These people have to survive and this is how they do it, sponsors, just like regular tv. They don’t have time to stay on top of research, do interviews and have a full-time job. THINK ABOUT IT. And, please, everyone quit acting like selling products to finance your alternative reporting career is more of a way to verify the authenticity of the information put out than a means of survival and supporting their life.




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