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It's Launched: “Trump Going to Jail” Says Warren and Alex Jones Warns “Trump Removed in March?”

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By Lisa Haven


I wish I could tell you that 2019 was going to be the best year for the American people and that it would be full of prosperity, blessings and happiness, but that is simply not true. I could also fill your head with promises of an upturned economy, better border contro, and that Trump would defeat the swamp, but I would not be doing myself justice as a reporter. 

The truth is, I believe we are going to be faced with extremely turbulent times both economically and politically. And I also believe President Trump is in deep trouble.

In the video below I reveal how Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is stating that Trump may be in jail and that Alex Jones is sounding a potential alarm for March.

All that and more in this report…



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  • GuitarLots

    Lisa Zionist Haven here bringing you an update from Alex Jonestein, Trumpster in the dumpster coming soon, as we try and scare you into buying storable food from patriot supply … you and all of your pals should be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t believe anything you say at this point, you have become a click bait ponzi scheme, and by the way, the rapture is totally fake just like your videos. Stop with the fear porn and publish something uplifting, you are very depressing, are you even a happy person? I don’t believe so, and guess what, we are all going to die one day anyway, so get over it.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares if Drumpf is dumped? What is different?
      He’s pushing us into Venzuela invasion, and Iraq, Syria and soon Lebanon too.
      thanks to this zionist pimp, who is owned by the zio sludge bankers who bailed out his many casino bankruptcies? This POS POTUS is using OUR taxes and troops to fight MORE zionist wars for AIPAC. fyi, national debt is near 23 TRILLION $ now- faster than even Obummer.
      He appointed the neocon crap going all the way back to Bush. REALLY scooping the bottom of the barrel’s slime. Jonestown is his fraud spokesperson and now Haven’s Coven is Jonestown’s fraud spokesperson.
      Bush=Clinton=Bush=Obummer=Drumpf its all the same.
      Only the theatrics have changed.

    • Anonymous

      The Wall, the faQe indictments and the pizzagate shtik, ETs, giant nephilim are all distractions. From WHAT?

  • Central Scrutinizer

    You mean Alex A.K.A. Blowhard Jones and his AmWay crap he peddles!?!

    Bet anybody who fell for his vitamin/supplement/survival food rip-off is feeling like a total schmuck years after they spent their hard earned cash and still, NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!

    My mailbop dot is still red, but I change it out to a blue one every so often just to mess with the FEMA squads that never seem to make it down my street.

    Jones is an @ssHat AmWay Ponzi Shadrool that will cry on cue, though. “The children, … just think of the children”……. :mrgreen:

    • GuitarLots

      Thank you Central Scrutinizer … finally someone with common sense on BIN, I appreciate you, because I am sick and tired of this total B.S. from Alex Just a Jocker, Lisa Zionist Haven, and people like Steve Quaylude, and the list goes on and on, it is getting ridiculous at this point. The problem is they really believe their own fantasy, so sit back and watch this for fun

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Shhhhhhh. Don’t let it be known that you have common sense and can think for yourself.
        The rats on BIN will descend on you like Winos at the Grocery Store when their EBT card get reloaded each month!!! :mrgreen:

  • Bob DD

    Cut the hair, keep wearing the nice shirts and I’ll tune out Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, and Maxine Waters.

  • Bob DD

    Ms. Smartypants, a sitting President cannot be arrested

    • Killuminati

      You must be a fucking retard. If they impeach the President out of power then he’s no longer President and can be arrested. You see how fucking simple that was retard?

      • wheeties

        you do not know what the word impeach means–it is just a hearing–a sitting prez has never been removed,never even close–nixon resigned to spare the nation a bunch of bs– you try to arrest a former prez your asking for some real trouble–even the clintons who’s malfeasance is well known will never face a jury or arrest-these 2 maggots are old and useless and will be let to just rot away-same with obummer–these people will just slither away-i would suggest killurselfi that your the f ing retard

  • tibbs 1964

    Honestly??!!! Who in the hell r u that u and u alone has info like this

  • Killuminati

    Once you mention Alex “Mossad/COINTELPRO” Jones you lose all credibility. That piece of shit won’t tell you the Israeli Mossad did 9/11.

  • Dlwrightsman

    You are so full of crap it is hard to believe you could even operate a keyboard. With you it is always doom and gloom. You have been exposed as a fraud more than once. Please go away and promise never to return

  • 2QIK4U

    Ok so that tells me 4 MORE YEARS OF….. NOTHING

  • insane2bme

    the president has the right to forgive himself so they are pissing up a rope and grasping at straws you do know the president has the best attorneys and advisors dont you,sorry not buying it

  • raburgeson

    The military will take over and the tribunals will be real busy.

  • Slimey

    Libs living their fantasy. Remember her fancy, er fantasy of being an Indian? Now she imagines that ebil Trump is in jail.

    Are you like her saying these things to feel good about herself? With libs it’s ALL about them feeling good about themselves. They are not concerned with you and me. LIke their father SATAN, it’s all about them, at your expense, of course.

    Libs and the left make life absurd. Evil makes life absurd.

    You wanted to feel good about yourself too when you called your dear Nerogro sodomite – PRESIDENT! When facts, law, and logic indicated the Negro could never be “President”.

    Even the Negro thought he was “President” when all you and he did was humiliate a Negro on the world’s stage in his attempt to become an imagined dicktator – Nerogro the TURD. :arrow: :neutral:

  • No time

    Tell him not to drop the soap in the shower!

  • Vistoreny Glosvader


    So only the privileged few are privileged to look down their pharisee noses because their desire is to join with the rest of the bankster globalists and make their Amerikkka a third world banana mindset? That is not what voters wanted, to lift the Illuminati !!! Do they crucify Christ anew, because Christians elected him?

    Since the internet got our brave president elected, is there something amiss about creeping in unawares to change course in midstream?

    It is written, “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Jude 4, KJV

    President Trump, We’ve got your back !!!

  • Canderson

    Alex who? He is not on youtube, not on twitter…

    InfoWars – Alex Jones Channel “Home”

  • Canderson

    FAKE JEWS AGENDA FOR WHITE GENOCIDE Quotes; those who say they are Jews are Asians that is why they say whites should kill themselves. We should kill them and the terror would be gone.

    • Canderson

      We need the approval of Xi Jinping,(we don’t, but it would be for the better if we agreed.) this is not racial on our side but for the survival on our people, it turned out to be racial supremacy against us . Or WW3. Perhaps they do not see that but it will be the underlying cause of it if it is allowed to continue. Remove “Jewish” Supremacy.




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