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Man Trapped In Time Vortex Appears In The Future

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Did a space-time vortex snatch a man from the 1800s and plop him down in the middle of traffic on a busy New York City street? Many witnessesincluding the New York Police Departmentsay YES

Time travel stories have emerged over the centuries . One of the best time travel stories convinced many people—including some of the NYPD—that time travel’s not a theory, but real.

The Spanish website recounts the tale of the best documented occurence of time travel in recorded history. The incident is allegedly corroborated by witnesses 74 years apart.

All details are said to be documented by official law enforcement records.

Rudolf Fenz, Senior disappeared in 1876. Despite an intense search by police, Fenz was never found. Yet his family always held out hope that the kindly immigrant from Europe would return. They waited years, eventually dying one-by-one still with the hope that their beloved Rudolf might come back.

Busy New York City, New York circa 1950s

The return of Rudolf Fenz

Long after all his living relatives had died, Rudolf Fenz returned. And he returned in the most incredible fashion possible. For Rudolf Fenz suddenly materialized on June 1950 in the middle of a busy Fifth Avenue in downtown Manhattan74 years after vanishing without a trace.

Seconds after appearing in the midst of heavy traffic he was struck down and killed by a car.

Time had played a cruel trick on Fenz, it propelled him three-quarters of a century into the future only to toss him in front of a speeding automobile.

What is time, what is space? We really don’t know

New York’s Finest get involved

From the beginning of their investigation into the odd death of a strangely attired man, the New York police knew the case was anything but typical.

The motorist who struck and killed the odd pedestrian testified the man seemed bewildered and confusedin a daze. The driver swore the man literally appeared with no warning right in front of him.

The corpse itself was an enigma.

Although the deceased dressed immaculately and his clothes looked new, the police investigation confirmed the mystery man laying dead on the street wore clothing almost a century out of date.

Police officers of the 1950s were no-nonsense cops

According to police recordswritten by the investigating officers at the scene of the accidentthe dead man wore a black coat, a wide-brimmed hat, trousers and odd shoes that fastened with archaic, 19th Century style oversized buckles. He appeared to be in his early thirties.

Police found coins long out of general circulationsome still retaining mint lusterin the man’s pockets. In his leather billfold were U.S. banknotes with dates preceding the 1870s and crisp calling cards engraved with the name “Rudolf Fenz, Senior.”

The officers also discovered a receipt for the boarding of horses and storage of a carriage among the man’s effects.

Old Times Square, New York City 1950

Amazing facts uncovered

Unable to determine where Rudolf Fenz, Senior livedor locate any next of kinthe police handed the case over to one of their crack missing person’s investigators, Hubert Rihn. With the resources of the Missing Persons Bureau of the State of New York, Rihn contacted his counterparts in European countries, including Austria and Germany, in an attempt to find any existing relatives of the victim.

Allegedly, Rihn’s investigation ran into blind alleys.

Finally, almost in an act of desperation, Rihn requisitioned a copy of an old New York City telephone directory from 1939. There, the dogged investigator found an important clue: the directory listed a man named Rudolf Fenz, Junior.

1950s New York where a confused Fenz met his death

That discovery, followed by a lot of painstaking police work, led Rihn to an elderly woman, the widow of Rudolf Fenz, Junior.

Here the case takes its most unusual and bizarre turn. The facts that emerged left the officers of the NY police force stunned.

During a lengthy interview with Mrs. Rudolf Fenz, Jr., she told investigators that her father-in-law, Rudolf Fenz, Senior, disappeared during his daily walk. At the time, his sonlater her husbandwas only four years old. Reports were made by the family and an investigation was undertaken by authorities, but no trace of her missing father-in-law ever surfaced.

The year was 1876. Rudolf Fenz, Senior was then 31 years old.

So Rihn dug into the 19th Century archives of unsolved missing persons cases recorded by the Missing Persons Bureau of the State of New York. There, to his astonishment, was the record of one Rudolf Fenz, Senior, reported by his family as missing. The record stated he’d never returned from his daily walk.

Photo claimed to be Rudolf Fenz, Senior: Time traveler

An old photograph of Rudolf Fenz, Senior accompanied the missing person report. The photo was the exact likeness of the man killed on the busy New York street.

Could the hapless Fenz, out for his daily walk, have been swept up by a time vortex and thrust into the alien world of the future there only to meet a swift and merciless death?

If so, then Rudolf Fenz, Senior, who lived only 31 years, died 105 years after his birth.

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    • Anonymous

      A short fictional story, turned urban legend, long disproved.

    • CircleofOne

      Very interesting, and without him even wearing Tesla coils ;) Thanks for posting!

    • Anonymous

      How cool this story would be if it was real, but unfortunately an urban legend.

    • grasscrown

      The photo of the 50 year old 31 year old proves its true. Why go for such a facepalm at the end unless…unless…is that Wyatt Earp?

    • Honesty

      But What If? The technology is apparently around now. Maybe someone in the near future pulled him out of his timeline & tried to put him in ours? He may have been sent here to provide himself as evidence of time travel? He may have been kidnapped into it, or may have been working on the technology himself? We cannot know because he died, but the possibility exists…

    • g-man

      hey anon, it was never disproved.

    • Anonymous

      Excactly, It wasn’t disproved, Keep you’re minds open people.

    • basscat348

      I think this goes on all the time you just never told of it.

    • MCE2020

      great story regardless to its validity!

    • Anonymous

      I am working on a time machine as I type. If successful I will be back last week to let you all know!

    • Mellissa

      There has been legends of people being lost in time and recovered for thousands of years. Often a space of 200 years had passed when the person returned. The people of the time attributed it to the fairies.

      Of course they could be just good embellished stories sung by bards to their court of listeners.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll bet this is true. Maybe happens more often than you think. I’ll bet some people even hope that a time vortex sweeps away the current set of GOP candidates at the next debate – except for possibly Ron Paul, whose future followers generated it and sent it back into time in order to get him elected… ;)

    • Anonymous

      I saw some seriously great article published on this site that were massively educational and relevant to our problems and possible solutions and they only got 143 hits for the effort and this piece of fantasy gets thousands. WE WONDER WHY WE ARE IN SUCH DEEP TROUBLE AND WILL UNLIKELY GET OUT OF IT??? Now you know why.

      I wish I had followed all the others that left this place when I had the chance. I wanted to stay and try to save the nation, but you can’t save a nation that doesn’t want to be saved. Oh, well, Uruaguay, here I come.

    • Anonymous

      Well, let`s hope Uruguay is safe for a while. Paraguay land has been almost bought out by the Bush family. I still believe in a God of mercy whose commandments are good instructions for all mankind. The best state of mind to be in is maintaining love and kindness as Jesus taught and that is the safest mindset to be in. Hatred and revenge is from the god of this world.

    • Anonymous

      This is from a fictional short story by Jack Finney called “I’m Scared”, published in Collier’s Magazine, September 15, 1951.
      If the author of this article can’t find out the simple truth, which took me less than 5 minutes to find online – why are they even being allowed to write and publish articles in ‘Before It’s News’? I want to read articles about researched and verified subjects – if I wanted fiction re-spun as pseudo-facts I’ll go out and but a copy of the “National Enquirer”. Geez, what a waste of time this article was!

    • Anonymous

      No wonder this site is losing credibility by the day, if not by the hour – presenting myths, urban legends, speculation, rumour and heresay as fact. Is this deliberate disinformation?
      It definitely isn’t journalism.

      Pathetic at best, if not deliberately misleading.

      When did Before It’s News become a tool of the NWO agenda?

    • NoPuppet

      ALL of these stories, and thats what they are. Are tied at the end to whomever that is trying to sell that book about the Multiverse, or whatever it is. Keep an eye open and see !

    • BetweentheLines

      I like anyne else here can claim this is true.
      However there are many reports from people claiming to have stepped backwards in time, mostly only for minutes 30 minutes maximum as far as I can tell.
      Here in Liverpool, we have a streeet called Bold Street, I know of at least half a dozen people who have almost lost their minds finding themselves almost half a century in the past, when questioned, they gave names of shops, things they saw, one person even mentioned trying to get his mobile phone to work, but couldn’t figure out why there was no signal until he looked up and noticed his surroundings, even a report from two people who did not know each oher, entering the same shop and being confused at the look of the inside.
      My favourite was a lady who tried to call someone on her housephone, only to hear air raid sirens on the other end, and the phone being answered by someone claiming to be an officer (a captain if memory serves me right) the lady told him she was trying to contact whoever it was she was trying to call, she ended up joking that it sounded like the war was still going on, only to be threatened by the officer with prison for wasting their time, telling her of course there is a bloody war going on.
      If you search online for Liverpool time slips, there are lots of details, some appearing in books by local supernatural author Tom Slemen.
      So if this can happen backwards, then why not forwards in time? I even believe Liverpool University had a team investigating these reports by their Physics DEPT, whether the investigation is still ongoing I cant say for sure, but I can say with 100% certainty, that at least one of these incidents are true, with it happening to a family member who has no reason to lie

    • Pilgrim

      The movie ‘Time Changer’ fit’s this story:

    • Anonymous

      If the guy is trapped in a point in time, you wont see him.

      The reason is that you are not trapped in a point in time.

    • terry the censor

      Anonymous on January 10, 2012 2:03 is correct. This is a work of fiction, which the poster would have known if he had bothered to look. (Not one of Mr. Aym’s strenghts, I have learned.)

      Here is the short story.

      Here is an investigation of the hoax from the wonderful Magonia magazine.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome and very important story because it ENTERTAINED me! Life… for entertainment purposes only. Don’t you get it? The whole thing is senseless, wonderfully meaningless entertainment. Oh, how fun it is.

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      This article is correct even if the case is irrelevant. Science has a glitch. There are not just time vortexes. All dimensions and anything linear comes with “kinks”. The ratio maybe 1:10,000 or 1:10,000,000 but it will always be there and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

      In relation to “time” specifically. There is forwards and backwards time. Backwards time is the blueprint of what “should” happen and therefore is inconsistent with forwards time. Forwards time is what actually happens – i.e. “reality” [which is perceived reality]. Occasionally there’s a conflict. Einstein’s “theory of relativity” is fit only for the toilet, but he knew it was bunkum…………..!!!

    • Anonymous

      I have perfected my time machine and use it regularly. It has only two draw backs, it can only travel FORWARD in time as the past is over and cannot be brought back. The other draw back is a lot more serious. Although I have tested it on many occasions I have found that it will only work at a ratio of 1:1 (i.e. one second=one second).

      Should anyone else want to construct one of these FULLY WORKING TIME MACHINES just let me know and I will post the fully schematic diagram for one (the components are very easy to get all you need are a 1.5v battery, a switch, one led, a bit of wire and don’t forget a box with “time machine” written on it.

      • anonymoustache

        You mean a “clock”!

    • Eka

      I’ve heard other similar stories which don’t get out there much, then get labelled “urban legend” by someone who refuses to accept the validations presented, such as the ones in this story. I guess I’ll go check out the urban legend debunking site, good ol’ I’ve heard too much about time travel to think that no one is trying to make time travel work. Whether it does work at man’s will or not, I think it is possible. Joshua prayed and the sun stood still for almost a day, and scientists have proven that as fact, but good ol’ has probably already called it an “urban legend”. BTW, I also believe in God, whom most common people also consider an “urban legend.”

    • Anonymous

      someone took him from our timeline for a reason, i’d bed.

    • terry the censor


      We have proven this to be a fraud, you don’t accept these facts, so we’re the ones who are close-minded?

    • Anonymous

      Too funny. You guys just LOVE stories like this one; too bad it’s LEGEND!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I believe it.

    • Mark Brander

      For all you geniuses who do not believe in time travel you need to learn about project Pegasus and the Montauk chair. I am not sticking up for this work of fiction, but time travel is real folks, read all about here….

    • Mark Brander

      By the way, while I do believe Andrews time travel experiences are real, I do not agree with any of his new age beliefs or benevolent greys opinions, all that nonsense is evil!

    • Anon Amous

      Oh my word…….. WHAT???? GMPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sten

      Slightly entertaining if not true, what am I saying? “IF not true” lol. Good story though and this is precisely the way that the story of “Gods” were created and how the bible came about “Pure Fiction” but fun to read.

    • Anonymous

      Keep your minds open you say? Only dumb bunnies would believe this.

    • Lliam

      OK kinda sounds like the nick cage is a vampire story

    • Masonicon

      this is proof that Time Travel does exist IRL and the explanation is: Ley Line Vortex Points

    • Anonymous

      “Flight of the Navigator”, is a film which scientifically explains the principal of which this sort of thing COULD happen. If you leave the earth for a period of time,( Einstein’s relativity) then time (in the clock sense) passes slower for you than people left behind. so when you came back a greater deal of time would have passed for people on earth than for you. In this film aliens took the boy & brought him back, but I am not saying this happened to the man. only the explanation of time lost principal.

    • Anonymous

      this is exactly why B.I.N. has ZERO credibility!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      HA!! I interned on that film “Time Changer!!” In Visalia….. that whole town is in a time warp!! film was a bit too much religious slangin, but it was really interesting meeting Captain Stoobing!

    • Anonymous

      The purpose of B.I.N. is to get people to come to the site & see the lovely ads. They use whatever juicy headlines they can scrounge up to do it, without regard to credibility. The credibility is secondary to the ad revenue. Now, lets see if this gets published or censored?

    • mmkkpro

      Humans are more capable than we will ever know,we are taught not to.develop our capabilities because its more power than TPTB want us to.have,and those that dont believe time travel is real fit perfectly in the box buil by TPTB

    • Mellissa

      This site doesn’t even let you Finish comments now before rejecting them,….I give up.

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