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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News: As Shocking as it Gets ( Dane Wigington ) Videos

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Dane Wigington

Published on Mar 2, 2019

Our world continues to change at a pace that exponentially exceeds anything ever documented in the entire history of the planet. Completely unsustainable artificial realities are keeping huge segments of population pacified for the moment, even while the rumors of global conflict grow. What is unfolding won’t seem real until it is.

Attempting to make a difference for the better is a personal decision, it is a choice. No matter how great the odds are against us, we are not beaten until we decide to be so. If we stand together in the dedicated and relentless effort to sound the alarm and to awaken global populations, we may yet accomplish profound good. If we can expose climate engineering, we could stop it. If we can stop it, we would at least buy time. All of us are needed to do our part, share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Dane Wigington



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DAVID ALMANZA9 hours ago

,,,When I hear persons refer to the white dry powder chemical that lay on the ground which evaporates in sunlight at far below freezing temperature as `snow`, I wonder if they really know that its a toxic artificial substitute but are pretending it`s not?,,,

hike oganessian

hike oganessian10 hours ago

regarding vaccines, I would hope most of know…We have been taught to respect vaccines starting with TV shows in the early 50z ; one in particular, was the spaceman who bought vaccine to earth as a gift from his people of X…and all the shows glorify the doctor..never ever have I ever heard any show speak of Natures medicine and how people used them especially in America…The Navaho were very advanced in medicine….( not the toxic chemical scam)…Navaho medicine was superior in result..see Indians of North America, Geoffrey Turner..


radarw6411 hours ago

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.


overtcovert11 hours ago

NASA is demonic

Chess Blitzer

Chess Blitzer11 hours ago

Why don’t we all just go stand on our towns main Street corner one day? Let’s decide on a date and time.


overtcovert11 hours ago

As it was in the day of Noah…….

Jonathan Lalonde

Jonathan Lalonde12 hours ago

Thank you Dane! It is important to repeat valuable information for new viewers.


gameguy7513 hours ago

It was snowing in Cincinnati, Ohio this morning with a temp of 40 degrees!

Thomas Robinson

Thomas Robinson14 hours ago

lyndon johnson:if we can control the weather we can control the world(one of the evilest people who ever lived)

SPH 777

SPH 77715 hours ago

watch your show every week and spread the word for years always get laughed at but still try personal i think we are doomed people are way to rude ignorant and selfish to care what a shame this use to be such a beautiful world to live :( God bless you Dane and your viewers :) 


istrobe16 hours ago

Worlds Air Pollution real time air quality see here


istrobe16 hours ago

Dane I like your work but here’s something to consider. YouTube is not the only place to show your videos . Loads of people dont like Google and Company considering the owners of your base of operation have quite their jobs at Google and went to work for the Government . He sold everyone out. There is another place or two you could get identified on . Even get your own website and stream it your selves . You tube though it has been popular may not be as we look ahead. Just a mention. Oh yea your right about Austraila Adelaide is experiencing dramatic changes yes its a very strange time all over the planet. Pollution has grown in China and India look at this weather live link pollution is radically out of control. See the link Keep on truckin Dane your doin a good job sound the alarm and look at

Norma Rosin

Norma Rosin17 hours ago

If I murdered one person, I would be charged with murder. Now, imagine spraying chemicals for global warming. Ice nucleated rainfall and snow produce a huge percentage of vehicle accidents/deaths.. . Murder, plain and simple

Mickey and Nickie

Mickey and Nickie17 hours ago

shouldn’t Air National Guard be activated to engage these airplanes?

Elaine Holmes

Elaine Holmes18 hours ago


Laura Kimball

Laura Kimball19 hours ago

Dane, I truly believe God will have a special place for you in heaven ❤️ Thank you for all your efforts to stop this madness

Ricky Holloway

Ricky Holloway19 hours ago

Aluminum In Honey – I talked to a fellow selling Raw Honey. He gets most of it from homes that have honey bees in the walls of older homes, exposing the honey to insulation backed aluminum and asbestos.

Jeff McMullen

Jeff McMullen20 hours ago

Snowing March 3rd Berks County Pennsylvania Outside air temperature 40 .Dane your absolutely right how can it snow at 40 jets over head dumping chemicals to make it snow.

Steve Parsons

Steve Parsons20 hours ago

Thank you Dane …


jake19822221 hours ago

The Rothchilds Brothers said Wayback in 1863, the few who understand the system will either be so interested in it and its profits or be so dependent upon its favors there will be no absolutely no opposition from their class. While on the other hand oh, the great body of people incapable of comprehending the advantage Capital devices from this system will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without suspecting the system is inimical, dangerous or destructive to their interests or their lives. How true this is especially today. Those who are making money and have plenty of it and have a pension plan, will or shall do nothing. I believe their thoughts are if it comes to an end at least we’re all going together and it was sure fun while it lasted. How dangerously sad and pathetic.

G.T. Sauer

G.T. Sauer21 hours ago

Thank you Dane ! I had to take time off to be happy. I did this because fear overwhelmed me due to the state of what’s happening. Please make the feeble attempt to sign the petition now active at white house petitions. Be well.


JEFF DALE21 hours ago

go on messenger.type in p.o.t,u,s. of the usa and send global alert newsdirect..i did and it seemed to get sent..aso sent to potus a letter.same way .hope he gets it or someone in his admin side does

Dava Golino

Dava Golino23 hours ago

this is why they are disarming legal gun owners.

Chelle Shiiki

Chelle Shiiki23 hours ago

Notice how mass shootings have ceased? Antifa is quiet, no riots, no one driving down sidewalks….does everyone just stop being insane during winter months? Mainstream is focused on vaccine mandates, pushing flu fears, measles, weather, and women running around in pu**y hats. Everyone talking about how great the record snowpack is, how much its going to “help the trees” and water levels…Just wait till the melt starts, the rains come, and we begin seeing “100 yr floods” everywhere (or fires, or both). 2019 will be insane. The trees won’t come back, they know this, so they’re going to have to play their last card this year, and give the cascadia a nudge.

Amaline Bassetti

Amaline Bassetti23 hours ago (edited)

I got a email from vaxxed saying Amazon forced them off their streaming platform when the movie had mostly 5 star reviews.

Gord K

Gord K1 day ago

I get very angry and frustrated whenever I read or hear people denying global/climate change.Call it what you want but it’s real and extremely serious and of course the MSM never mentions geoengineering. It doesn’t help that Mr. Trump denies global warming just because it’s cold where he is. Our government isn’t much better here in Canada as the current administration is in a mess with a major controversy. You just can’t trust the government, sad to say. Thanks again Dane for all your work and dedication. Peace, love & understanding.

Taylor Daniel Sciff

Taylor Daniel Sciff1 day ago

It’s time to move out of America

Taina Amayi - Truth Seeker

Taina Amayi – Truth Seeker1 day ago (edited)

The weather “forecast” for the Midwest “changed” drastically over a period of four days. My observation is that wherever people awaken to the truth, the weather war crimes intensify. Is this only true of the Midwest? No. This is a specific observation for where I reside. The whole world is in the crosshairs of artificial entities called #governments.

Christian Eschatology

Christian Eschatology1 day ago

They are finding aluminium in the bees that are dying off.


SnapcrackerzTeam1 day ago

Jiggity Jake

Jiggity Jake1 day ago

What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Every time “they” spray, I get stronger and stronger. Soon, I will live forever. Stop crying about stuff and start reframing everything to your favor.

Little Blessings

Little Blessings1 day ago

Oh Wow on our Recycling and trash. dumping and burning at the sites.

row gun

row gun1 day ago

Climate engineering is causing Eco anxiety PTSD, , and depression on a mass scale

Bill Gus

Bill Gus1 day ago

Hey Dane, besides controlling the weather, alot of people are getting sicker to with geoengineering, alot of people in Knoxville here are sick with cold and flu like symptoms, I take a lot of supplements to try and stay healthy. Maybe u can talk more about people getting more sick

row gun

row gun1 day ago

Ronald Bernard ex Dutch banker stated at the very top in this world they (rulers)are all luciferians,satanists.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Karim Hayes

Karim Hayes1 day ago

Dane that study showed they are 10 times more likely to die. the poor kids in Africa i mean


meandgyp1 day ago

It is already TOO LATE ….And still “THEY” carry on with the Capitalist agenda….screw the Planet, screw the people, just give me more….Money Power…Money Power…. Money Power…..Elites are very sick and

Karen Strong

Karen Strong1 day ago (edited)

When I discovered this channel in its early conception I was shocked now nothing shocks me anymore.. our skies are worse than ever and still most don’t notice or if they do they insist they are a jet stream .. but I have to say people are beginning to notice now, but still getting involved is an issue .. making a stand seems difficult for them .. it challenges their perception of our world and they are protective of what they perceive as normal .. Mother Nature will fight back and corporations won’t get away with the abuse of our planet for much longer .. my life has changed since I realised this truth ..the sad truth also is that aluminium is the metal that Little is known about, yet it is the one, that is being injected and breathed in 24/7 ….. we do know that it deposits in the brain .. we have snow on our alps in New Zealand and it has just formally ended summer this week .. how is that possible ???well man made of course ..

hike oganessian

hike oganessian1 day ago

Don’t be so hard on them Dane, the experts just don’t know why ?   Could be dolphin flue ?  lol



french19561 day ago

Spain has been hammered by persistent spraying.

Isaac Rouse

Isaac Rouse1 day ago

Vaccination = Aluminum

Isaac Rouse

Isaac Rouse1 day ago

Keep making a difference good sir

Isaac Rouse

Isaac Rouse1 day ago

Keep ringing the alarm, episode 186

Isaac Rouse

Isaac Rouse1 day ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same Lord Wiggington

Isaac Rouse

Isaac Rouse1 day ago

Good show, Good Sir… quote on quote James Baldwin

Legend Killer403

Legend Killer4031 day ago

do it on own people

Fukushima is Revelation

Fukushima is Revelation1 day ago (edited)

hilarious if what your saying is true bill gates has pushed vaccines which intentionally cripple people on hundreds of millions of other peoples children but bill gates is unwilling to take any risk regarding vaccine even with the very best quality vaccines that exist on the earth with his own children, bill gates the bioterrorist to Guantanamo bay detention camp.

summerlamkin truthseeker

summerlamkin truthseeker1 day ago

So sad doctors r pushing flu shots on everyone I asked her did u get it she said no but she feels guilty but she be getting it soon yeah she knows why so I said no thanks . I build up my immune instead . So sad this has been going on right beforr us wake up people .children dont have a chance or granchildren .if we dont stop this . Shared again so sad .bees r dying dolphins r dying .dolphins repersent peace they killing us and our home mother earth .wake up world 👍⏩🌠⏩🌠shared

Eve Roissy

Eve Roissy1 day ago

Even those of us who know about this are not as angry as we should be. Could it be the lithium in the chemtrails?

Mike Bond

Mike Bond1 day ago

22 TRILLION Missing… 23 TRILLION national debt. We’re screwed, along with every living thing on the Planet.. There is only one Hope. And most of you Know what I’m referring to. Don’t cha. Have a nice day.

Christine T.

Christine T.1 day ago (edited)

about aluminum from an 1992 book “Aluminum in Biology and Medicine” ‘In addition to phosphorylation, aluminium could act as a non-covalent crosslinking agent.’ and further: “Aluminium may also alter a number of phosphorylation processes important to learning and memory performance, thereby further contributing to the dementia of Alzheimers Disease. In vitro, aluminium at low concentrations stimulates adenylate cyclase, possibly as AlF4- stimulation of the guanine nucleotide-binding regulatory component of the enzyme. Chronic oral administration of aluminium to rats results in significant increases in cyclic AMP levels and in the hyperphosphorylation of microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP-2), of the 200 kDa neurofilament subunit, and of at least 10 other proteins (Johnson et a1 1990). Aluminium also inhibits 3 ’ ,5 ’ -cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (Farnell et a1 1985). Jope & Johnson (this volume 1992) have presented evidence that the G protein-InsP3 second messenger system is also disturbed by aluminium.” G-coupled proteins are a main functional network which keeps our ‘surfaces’ in ‘peace’….

hike oganessian

hike oganessian1 day ago (edited)

The Feds have no business stepping in because they were and are meant to deal with the States only. They have no authority over us except for specific issues and conditions…We are citizens of our State..The Feds have their own job to do working for the states as a Service to deal with Specific jobs and authority, Their business  ain’t us as citizens of our state…their is a chain of commands…ours end with our Governor. That is why we don’t elect the President of the United States. It’s not our business…Only the Feds should decide who they want as their President…Our President is our Governor…

hike oganessian

hike oganessian1 day ago

No surprise about Gates and the vaccine. And I mentioned before. It’s not that we are stupid following our doctors…Tv got us to believe them, Even an ancient show, The twilight Zone had a spaceman bring to earth his great gift to was Vaccine…. All the shows sell the 50z psychiatry, along with the cigs..and loyalty to those who order us sneaking it in with mass media…Tv is a brain washing tool to sell their products, life style and Their messages that They decide we should hear….

High Calling of God

High Calling of God1 day ago

I notice walkig somewhere to an appointment OK……but walking BACK my hands are FREEZING when before YES in gloves they were cold , BUT like the temp dropped and I have noticed that almost like your starting to freeze and my hands HURT awhile after I get back indoors. Almost like the temps are dropping within a FEW minutes. Ice storms are increasing. Toronto , Canada.

hike oganessian

hike oganessian1 day ago (edited)

After 2 -3 months I started crying….it’s the grand kids, animals bugs plants…..It’s getting to really sink in…I wish It were just me that was to go…

Christine T.

Christine T.1 day ago

The pictures of ‘clouds’ on the skies these days, indicate the end of the process in ‘driving capabilities’ of involving every single piece of water in the skies! The regularity of all these ‘clouds’ is TOTALLY FRIGHTENING, to me. Even the water pattern on the windshield of a car driving in the rain, is totally not normal. The usual water repelling properties are absolutely missing, meaning the surfactant’s are present in every piece of ‘normal rain’ water.

Beggars And Thieves

Beggars And Thieves1 day ago

Dane. No matter the outcome of this insanity. You have the distinct honor of being the literal tip of the spear of truth and courage. No one, and I mean no one has show the dedication and steadfast determination that you have. You are a literal super hero. From my family to yours, thank you.

Dave Davis

Dave Davis1 day ago

Going after the vaccine industry is big . they will fight back , block you in all directions . Wonder why ? Because truth will be only way to take them down .

nordic warrior

nordic warrior1 day ago

snow looks like spider webs today

Sky Watcher

Sky Watcher1 day ago

YouTube always removes my upvotes.

Peter Fonteece

Peter Fonteece1 day ago (edited)

An excellent broadcast with a significant amount of valuable information!Thank you for your dedication!!

Bill Smith

Bill Smith1 day ago

The snow here in the Detroit area is unbelievably slippery. I don’t remember it ever being so slippery to the point where I can’t even drive in 2 inches of snow without barely being able to stop or get going.

Tammy Parry

Tammy Parry1 day ago

The Press NEVER asks about Chemtrails!






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      Apparently Geoengineering with its man made hurricanes and Forrestfires are more realistic than global warming




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