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Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison

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In the summer of 2005, a package arrived at the Hollywood offices of Highway 61 Entertainment from London with no return address. 

Inside were two mini-cassette audio tapes dated December 30, 1999 and labeled The Last Testament of George Harrison.

A voice eerily similar to Harrison’s tells a shocking story: Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in November of 1966 and replaced with a double!

British intelligence, MI5, had forced the Beatles to cover up McCartney’s death to prevent mass suicides of Beatle fans. However, the remaining Beatles tried to signal fans with clues on album covers and in songs.

Until now, the “Paul is Dead” mystery that exploded worldwide in 1969 was considered a hoax. However, in this film, the mysterious voice on the tapes reveals a secret Beatles history, chronicling McCartney’s fatal accident, the cover up, dozens of unknown clues, and a dangerous cat and mouse game with “Maxwell,” the Beatles’ MI5 handler, as John Lennon became increasingly reckless with the secret. The voice also claims that Lennon was assassinated in 1980 after he threatened to finally expose “Paul McCartney” as an imposter!

Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison from Osde on Vimeo.

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      • Anonymous

        If this had really happened, wouldn’t the other Beatles have gone the whole hog, and not left any clues whatsoever about Paul dying ? We were’nt supposed to know about it.

    • HereAmI

      It is impossible that there could be more than one person in the entire world who is as irritatingly loathesome as PMcC. That’s why I think this story is crazy. But I am thinking about that song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer “…..hmmm. But why would MI5 be bothered about suicides amongst girl fans ? Doesn’t make much sense. They would soon have got over it, like all girls do. They are the world’s biggest pragmatists. “Oh well, he’s dead, who else have we got ?” and moved on to some other infatuee.

    • youstopandthink.disqus

      Seriously. Dead or Alive. Who cares. With all the stuff going on in the world, there are more important things to ponder. Like survival.

    • Anonymous

      As I watch this film further, I feel compelled to reiterate one particular point – the man providing the voice-over/ narration is DEFINITELY NOT FROM LIVERPOOL and, quite probably, not even English.
      I am English, and I have friends from all over the country, all with different regional accents. Furthermore, no Englishman would ever try to pass off such a pitiful attempt at mimicking a regional English accent as the real thing.
      So, Americans, don’t be drawn in by this film. Even if Paul McCartney is dead, this is NOT the definitive supporting evidence.

    • apd

      I’m from Liverpool and we don’t pronounce Maxwell as Moxwell and btw trying to say this rita is heather mills well the mi5 must have a time machine too as well as the surgeons off the film face off…

    • Anti-Religion

      if the guy narrating the movie is suposed to be the voice of george harrison from the tapes Highway 61 received, he sounds nothing like him.

    • 1shot

      This goes back to the secrets when you play the albums backwards

      paul is a dead man, miss him miss him miss
      and i buried paul
      which sounds like cranberry sauce this was floating around for some time
      even that he poisoned his wife, and made it looked like cancer.

      george could have been high at the time,
      and was a jokester who thought up the paul is dead to sell more album when they were getting ready to split up

    • Jude

      @youstopandthink….Seriously, STOP AND THINK.

      It DOES make a difference, to the real person named Paul McCartney, AND TO YOU. Dead then, or going to die, he is in, or is headed to, HELL. STOP AND THINK. HELL IS VERY REAL! “Survival” is a stupid game Satan plays with you to keep your mind and heart from realizing that HELL is where EVERYONE who rejects Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord end up, for all eternity. NOT VAPORIZED, NOT “EXTINGUISHED”, but a CONSCIOUS, KNOWING, AGONIZING BURNING IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY. STOP AND PRAY! John 3:3 John 14:6

    • bigbobswinden

      I agree with apd, this voice is a man trying to copy an accent not an authentic native speaker. No one from Britain would be fooled by this.

    • Boffomet

      Paul is Paul and not fade away.

    • Anonymous

      Visit the Plastic Macca blog. McCartney is a well known double.

    • Eka

      This is why conspiracy theorists have no credibility!

    • Anonymous

      I’m a conspiracy theorist and I say I saw him recently, oh wait a minute he is alive.

    • Dave

      I wish this was a bit shorter, funnier than hell, but took the hilarity out of it after 15 minutes or so. Great gig, half this stuff as is funny or believable as the stuff we get from the 1% media charade. Actually this is more believable, WMD=10 year war and Trillions of dollars, who’s laughing now?

    • Anonymous

      The Onion!

    • Anonymous

      Uh oh… christard alert seven comments up. Whew! What a nutbag.

    • 1shot

      uh oh…Godless monkey alert 666

    • amommamust

      I guess we need to hear from Ringo now. Ringo?

    • massvocals

      this dead thing is just a monkey place in by those who know truth
      Paul is not dead he is true paul and to proof of this is easy
      DNA test show this married blood test public information
      same as type and why would anyone do this . there nuts
      the only Beatles dead are john and george

    • Anonymous

      That’s so stupid. They found a double that could sing like Paul and write songs like Paul?

    • Officer Jethro Bodine

      95% of conspiracies are so stupid.

      I know people who believe this mindless dung, they also believe in Bigfoot, JFK is alive, JFK is dead and shot by multiple gunmen, Planet X, Bush did 9-11, and every other crazy conspiracy that comes down the pike.

    • Synickel

      What’s obvious that this is fake is the fact that it is plain the guy is reading a script and not speaking from memory.

    • Anonymous

      I believe it, it’s true!

      And I saw John Lennon and Elvis Presley flipping burgers in my local McDonalds, honest!

    • Ruthanasia

      No doubt the accent it wrong but I’ve been a lifelong Beatle fan and for some reason I’ve always loathed McCartney. I’d like to believe this is true to justify my position. Have to admit, some of it is very interesting…..

    • Colorado Fly Over Review

      Even if this far fetched tale had a chance of being believed, the prospect of someone finding a Paul McCartney double who had the same extreme song writing and artistic talent is IMPOSSIBLE!
      Only a fool or someone still using 60s drugs would believe this horse*#%@

      • Anonymous

        True. Also the very next album the Beatles made after the supposed death. (Sargeant Peppers), was arguably one of the very best they ever did! Some replacement! And all done within a few months!

    • Things that make ya go hummm


    • Anonymous

      ….Hmmm… Sounds more “Fake Brummie” than “Fake Scouse”!!

    • newsie

      george is a bad actor

    • Anonymous

      The authenticity of the tapes received by Highway 61 Entertainment need some back-up. The voice is reading a script, so, assuming they haven’t, Highway 61 Entertainment should make a statement.

    • Anonymous

      Rubber Soul released 3 Dec 1965.
      Revolver released 5 Aug 1966.
      Heather Mills born in 1968.

      The dates above prove these two tapes are fake.

    • Spytre Man

      It is well known that around the time that this conspiracy start the Beatles had stopped touring, John was calling all the production shots and that their sound fundamentally changed- it had a morbid undertow. If you couple this with the strange passing of John and George along with the knighting of only Paul and not Ringo things look odd with the bunch. Not only so, when Paul does not appear interested in buying back the rights to the Beatles discography but lets Michael Jackson outbid him- I really started to question if the rumors were true. I think John really lays it out for all you doubters in ‘How Do You Sleep’:

      So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise
      You better see right through that mother’s eyes
      Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
      The one mistake you made was in your head
      Ah, how do you sleep?
      Ah, how do you sleep at night?

      You live with straights who tell you you was king
      Jump when your momma tell you anything
      The only thing you done was yesterday
      And since you’re gone you’re just another day
      Ah, how do you sleep?
      Ah, how do you sleep at night?

      Ah, how do you sleep?
      Ah, how do you sleep at night?

      A pretty face may last a year or two
      But pretty soon they’ll see what you can do
      The sound you make is muzak to my ears
      You must have learned something in all those years
      Ah, how do you sleep?
      Ah, how do you sleep at night?

    • Anonymous

      I love a good story, But I’m from liverpool and the bloke who is talking is not even from Birkenhead never mind Liverpool, Sorry but it’s a load of crap merry x-mas all……….

    • malvina

      I agree with above – a load of rubbish!
      This site has stories that make all of them unbelievable
      Even if there was a story with truth in it we wouldn’t
      be able to trust after reading trash like this

    • Anonymous

      I enjoyed this documentary(?). It certainly brings coherence to all the music and activities of the Beatles. Bottom-line we will never know if this is true or not, but I did learn a great deal about the artwork and lyrics that I never would have otherwise considered. Given all the interviews revolving around mind control and so forth, it all seems to fit. We will never know.

    • Anonymous

      Where does the death of Brian Epstein fit in with this?

    • irmensul13

      This is total fiction who would wast their time thinking all this rubbish up? Lennon was killed because he was a threat to the ‘illuminati”s warmongering,banging on about peace etc..He was killed by Aga Kahn style tactics adopted by the western elite

    • Anonymous


    • longshorts

      To my experience, MI5/MI6 doesn’t threaten anybody (just like the Israeli Mossad), they just go ahead and kill them. An “airplane accident” would have taken care of the problem quite nicely. Nobody would have thought it unusual, as many other high profile musicians and rock groups have died the same way. If Paul had died as the article says, they could have thrown his body in along with the rest of the Beatles and NOBODY would have known the difference. Maxwell’s job would have been easy, and these types always look for the “nice and neat” solution.

      I wonder if John Denver did anything to piss our government off, or was it really a “heart attack”? At any rate, his aircraft was already in pieces before it hit the ground – kind of makes you wonder.

    • Anonymous

      Gullible Americans might go for this……as they have no idea of regional accents in the UK…..especially Liverpool…..which has a unique twang,(Scouse;Liverpudlian,)and is recognised throughout the UK as being only from this area.

      I will repeat the following dates, which are incorrectly referenced to regarding Paul’s alleged death in the film:

      Rubber Soul was released on 3 Dec 1965, and so CANNOT have been called Rubber Paul in 1966, as it had already been released.
      Revolver was released 5 Aug 1966, and so CANNOT have been called Revolving Doors after December 1966, as it had already been released.
      Heather Mills was born two years after the alleged car crash, and in 1968……two years after his alleged crash. I am not sure how a pre-born baby, walking the streets after midnight and in the rain. and wearing a skirt, can then get so excited as to recognise Paul and then jump all over him because she recognises him as a Beatle, and then cause him to crash his car.

      The dates above prove these two tapes are fake…….and make this an interesting, but flawed Mockumentary, aimed at stupid people only.

      It even says that Paul disappeared from the public view and went to live in the centre of England, (the Midlands,) but really meant Scotland. Look for the name of his biggest hit single ever to give you a clue of the place he bought. It most definitely wasn’t in the “middle” of England.

      Americans can be so stupidly gullible sometimes. Please at least do some research before agreeing with such garbage.

    • longshorts

      Who the hell said I agreed with this? I said “if”, or can’t you read what I said? Us “Colonials” as you so fondly still call us are not so easily taken in – neither are we stupid as you claim (anonymous, you call yourself?). You really should READ before you comment.
      Stupid, eh? Who had to bail your collective posterior ends out of not one, but two assaults by Germany? Chamberlain’s “white paper” had you fooled enough to let Hitler gobble up three soverign nations, and grab part of another before you did anything about it. Now, who are you calling stupid and gullible? Before the Japs attacked us, and Germany joined them, we were already gearing up our massive manufacturing industry and sending vital supplies to all of you – “Lend, Lease” it was called, then we were already sending our finest young men on convoy duty to make sure the stuff made it to you. We had to join you, because if you failed, then it would have been our butts on the line, because you didn’t plan for what you KNEW was coming. I respect Churchill, and Thatcher (Falklands, and our massive intel supply), because they had the guts to realize you needed our help. Enough said.

      And a “Merry Christmas” to you, as Ebeneezer Scrooge once said once he realized that you have to remember the past, consider the present, and anticipate the future in order to live a good life.

    • 1shot

      Hey Black sheep it looks like you were put out to pasture.

      Oh well cry aloud maybe the GOOD SHEPARD will find you.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a thought: if the MI5 gangsters had reason to worry their deception (or murder) would be revealed soon, this is exactly the kind of disinformation that they love to create to throw simple sheeple offtrack. Exactly their M.O.! Just because this vid is fake doesn’t prove the story is not true….but that’s what most people will conclude. Deserves futher investigation, that’s for sure.

    • Anonymous

      And another thing….This huge an MI5-run cover-up just to “prevent suicides”? And And they took over the crash scene and sent someone to tell the other Beatles within an hour?? For starters, since when do the elites care about anyone but their own hides and heinous takeover plans? If Paul really died, it’s clearly because they killed him…hence the death threats. No wonder Paul was knighted by the most evil people on the planet.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the double is better! Was he responsible for the band “Wings”?

    • Anonymous

      Ha, good one.

    • VKB

      What a load!!

    • Anonymous

      @HereAmI: You Sack Sniffing Jackwagon!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a south African with an American accent, load of rubbish! They should ask Paul McCartney what he thinks of it all. One knock for yes.. Two knocks for no… or just telephone him depending if you believe this or not.

    • Crystali

      I think the moral of this story and all it encompasses is trying to reveal the truth of the industry of so called music. It is so protecting of it’s power and income source that many of its failed programmed cash cows are replaced with clones, programmed lookalikes etc.
      The revelations of this industry is why they need the so called intelligent agencies to protect it and their slaves!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe that so and so thinks PMcC is the greatest living musician on the planet. Whatever they’ve been smoking or ingesting is not something I want anything to do with. Quite frankly I’ve always thought the Beatles were vastly over rated. Oh sure there’s still the odd tune that was well written and stands the test of time such as “Girl” for example. For the most part it was all just drivel but that’s the modern music industry for yah. The medium is the message and the message has been about mind control through whatever means necessary to maximize profit and power for the select few. When sales are down they find a cause such as Band Aid to boost sales through good deeds. Too bad most of the money never reaches the people who actually need it. It’s the same with the Rolling Bones. They haven’t really done anything since the mid sixties. Between them and U2 lately I don’t know whose carbon footprint is bigger. By the way, Carbon Credits are a scam that the rich use to assuage their conscience and dupe the gullible into ignorance.
      I always preferred the Zombies to the Beatles or even the Beach Boys for that matter. They did some tunes that were interesting and musically clever. They also had the temerity and good judgement to do their shtick and then leave. Was there a better all round musician and entertainer than John Sebastian in his day or groups such as the Lovin’ Spoonful and The Rascals as compared to the Beatles whose every album was half rated filler songs?

    • earthboar

      The entire text from the above article is plagiarized, word for word, from the home page of paul is really dead dot com.

    • earthboar

      The film seems to be categorized as a mockumentary.

    • Anonymous

      The details are uncanny.

      What amazes me is “they” would kill 2 original Beatles to
      maintain a cover up all these years later to protect their own lies.

      And, that they just steal someone’s life and give it to someone else.

      And all you people who just refuse to consider the info provided, and insist its false without much thought, or inject
      ideas never put forth in the tapes, lol.

      I grew up with the Beatles, and the tapes answered questions
      I had many years ago…I find the whole thing quite plausable..

      And if it is true, it just proves that NOTHING is what it seems…this whole planet is a matrix of lies.

      RIP Paul McCartney.

    • Anonymous

      Hang on a minute. Rubber soul and Revolver were made before Novenber1966, were’nt they?

    • Anonymous

      Would’ve helped if they’d found someone who sounded a lot more like, George Harrison.




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