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The Zionists Have No Clothes - Part 3: The Debunked Holocaust Hoax

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By Rebel of Oz,

Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern RootsPart 2: The Debunked Anti-Semitism Hoax

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the biggest taboo topic in modern history, I would like to ask my readers to try out the following experiment. Ask a few educated family members or close friends the following questions. Ask them to answer honestly and don’t tell them which country or historic event you are referring to.

  1. If the establishment of a country systematically ostracises and destroys anyone daring to question the mainstream narrative of a historic event, what is more likely, that the mainstream narrative is true or false?
  2. If a government passes and enforces laws making it illegal – under the threat of years of imprisonment – to question the same narrative, what is more likely, that that narrative is true or false?
  3. If in those numerous cases where someone is dragged in front of a judge because he had questionned the official story, or published the work of others who did, the defendant is NOT allowed to present evidence supporting the veracity of his historic claims, what is more likely, that the defendant’s claims are true or false?

Most educated people would whole-heartedly support the view that in above described scenario in all likelihood the official narrative is untrue and that dissent is being oppressed to prevent historic lies from the truth, rather than the other way round. Unless, of course, the historic event in question is the ‘Jewish Holocaust’, right?! So what leads perfectly intelligent and educated people to refuse to apply common sense, leave alone thoroughly investigate an important historic matter when it is obvious that there is something wrong with the official narrative. Is it just the fear of losing everything, job, fortune, friends and family? Or is there more to it?

Let’s listen for a moment to President Obama on his speech held at the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2012.

What Barack Obama is doing is putting the Jewish Holocaust narrative in the realm of religion, away from free historic questioning. In fact, some scholars argue that the Holocaust has become a religion in itself. It was brilliant French revisionist Robert Faurisson who first pointed out the religious qualities of the ‘Holocaust faith’. His view was later confirmed by numerous Jewish writers from the opposite side of the Holocaust debate such as Israeli philosophy professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz.

As with any religion though, an intelligent observer should be able to look beyond its ‘make believe’ aspects, as taught to its faithfuls, and see the hidden agenda of those elements within the ruling ‘elite’ who are facilitating the religion’s success for their own selfish reasons. This leads me to more questions.

Who benefits from the official, law-enforced narrative of the Jewish Holocaust and how?

There are two main groups who benefit from the Holocaust story. Firstly, there are those responsible for the Allied war crimes against Nazi Germany:

  • 90% of the civilian infrastructure destroyed,
  • over 1 million German civilians slaughtered in the Allied firebombing of German cities,
  • over 1.5 million prisoners of war starved and frozen to death in General Eisenhower’s ‘Rheinauen camps’,
  • millions of German girls and women gang raped and brutally murdered by Russian troops,
  • millions of German refugees machine gunned and bombed to death by Russian fighter pilots,
  • millions of German civilians starved to death under Allied occupation,
  • tens of millions of Germans expelled from their homes, farms and businesses, with their UN guaranteed right of return refused ever since.

These unprecedented and unsurpassed crimes against humanity obviously sooner or later would have caused a problem for the Allied forces, if they had not been able to confuse public opinion by alleging an ever bigger German crime.

Secondly, there are the Zionists and the forces behind them. Without the Holocaust story, the Zionists would have found it far more difficult to get the necessary support for a ‘Jewish state’ on stolen Palestinian land. As it is, there was considerable opposition to the idea from many influential people within the Western establishment. The Holocaust narrative, especially reports of industrial-scale slaughterhouses in German concentration camps, obviously made it harder for the anti-Zionists to hold their front.

This opposition numbing effect of the Holocaust story proved to be so successful, that the Zionists keep pushing it down the throat of the Western public, with Holocaust movies, museums, books, newspaper articles, exhibitions, memorials and law-enforced Holocaust education. There cannot be any doubt, that the land-grabbing occupation in the Palestinian territories, the genocidal siege of Gaza, the systematic torture of Palestinian political prisoners, the rampant use of extra-judicial killings and false-flag terrorism wouldn’t have been tolerated by Western public opinion if it wasn’t for the empathy Jews as a group are generating out of the Holocaust narrative.

And last, but not least, there are the financially benefits arising from the alleged murder of six million Jews. Ever since 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany has paid Israel and individual ‘survivors’ hundreds of billions in reparations and damages. It is also doubtful that – without the Holocaust story – the American people would allow their government to keep Israel afloat with billions of US Dollars each year in open and hidden subsidies, while their own country is broke.

Would it be out of character for the main beneficiaries of the Holocaust faith to lie for their own benefit?

12 years after the events of 9/11, there cannot be any more doubt that Westerners are systematically lied to by their governments and media. In fact, 9/11 proved to be an eye-opener for an increasing number of Westerners about the extent to which they are being fooled. It would be no exaggeration to say that virtually everything we are being told by the establishment about history and current events is a blatant lie.

The same certainly can be said about the Zionists. In fact, their religion goes even as far as providing them with a license to lie and cheat (see Kol Nidre). So if asked whether it would be out of character for Western elites or the Zionists to lie for their own financial or political benefit, the only answer can be a resounding ‘No’.

Why do Holocaust revisionists believe that the mainstream Holocaust story is a hoax?

Anyone questioning the official narrative gets almost immediately attacked as an ‘anti-Semite’ or ‘Jew hater’. These kind of ‘ad hominem’ attacks are the oldest trick in the professionally lying lawyers toolbox. If you can’t beat the argument, just attack the man; question his integrity and motives, imply that he lies.

Hardly any pro-Holocaust scholar has ever bothered to debate the arguments of the Holocaust revisionists. Whenever they tried, they miserably failed. The arguments of the revisionists are just too strong:

  • If the Germans had wanted to murder millions of Jews they would have done what General Eisenhower did in 2 weeks with 1.5 million of German prisoners of war: starve and freeze them to death in open camps without food or shelter, then dispose of their bodies by throwing them in the closest stream. That way the German government would have saved valuable resources which were desperately needed to fight the war, especially the hundreds of millions of litres of fuel they allegedly used to cremate the millions of bodies.
  • You cannot gas over a million of people with the exhaust fumes coming from the diesel engine of a captured Russian tank. Diesel exhaust fumes don’t contain poisonous levels of carbon monoxide, which is why Diesel engines are commonly used in underground mining.
  • It is impossible to dispose of a million dead bodies on the territory of the size of a soccer field with ground water levels as high as 1 meter below surface by pouring fuel on them and alighting them, without leaving any trace detectable to modern forensic science and satellite technology.
  • The shower rooms supposedly used for gassing purposes have been proven repeatedly to be unsuited for execution purposes. There are no traces of exhaust fans, which would have been necessary to make the rooms safe for entry to remove the bodies. The walls don’t contain any traces of the Zyklon B chemical, while the walls of neighbouring uniform disinfection rooms do contain high levels and are visibly coloured blue from the deadly cynide contained in Zyklon B.

These are just a few of the arguments provided by the Holocaust revisionists. None of them have been convincingly rebuffed. Instead the revisionists were hounded, destroyed, imprisoned, some even murdered. That fact alone should be enough evidence that the Holocaust story is a hoax.

Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern RootsPart 2: The Debunked Anti-Semitism Hoax

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Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of the dissident site.


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    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Wheres that famous black and white video of those SS trucks hauling those people and then it stops in some field and all the people in the truck jump down from it and they were all happily rushing to run in the field with smiles on their faces and then everyone executed with bullet on back of the head by those wonderful SS soldiers? :mrgreen:


    • Anonymous

      Looks insanity is catching, you people are losing the plot

    • Anonymous

      Got a nice plot on planet Uranus to sell, you will buy anything, so why not, going cheap, just send me a few billion
      You are a disgrace to all Humanity in denying what they did to those Jews, hope when you put your swastika or head scarf pricks your conscience if you had One

    • Rebel of Oz

      All three commentators fail to provide any counter-arguments that prove anything wrong with the revisionists’ arguments presented in this article. Instead, they just resort to more ad hominem attacks or Hollywood style deception.




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