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Releasing the Memo Will Unleash Extreme Deep State Revenge Upon America

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Releasing the Memo Will Unleash Extreme Deep State Revenge Upon America

The release of the memo regarding illegal FISA issued spy warrants on Candidate Trump and his staff should send Deep State servants to prison including Obama and Clinton. Now that the memo is being released, how far will the DoJ go in bringing the guilty to justice? How far will the Deep State go in diverting attention away from the memo?

The following is an analysis of the impact that the potential release of the “#memo release” will carry and what the ultimate impact on America will be.

#Release the Memo

On Monday evening, the House Intelligence Committee surprisingly voted to “#release” the classified memo circulating in Congress that purportedly reveals government surveillance abuses as well as outrageous criminality up to an including treason.

People all throughout the Patriot community have hailed this unexpected decision as a tremendous victory for truth and justice from a government that has come to look more like a brothel than a legislative body.

The current leading representative of the Communist (eg Democratic) Party, California Representative, Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called the decision to release the memo a “very sad day, I think, in the history of this committee.” Isn’t it nice to know that this Democrat thinks that releasing a truthful report on criminal corruption from high government officials is a “sad day”. This Tony Soprano version of how to run a  government is on full display for the entire American pubic to view. The motion passed on a party-line basis. In other words, Republicans = Truth (in this instance) and the Democrats = lies and corruption as well as subverting the will of the American public who voted for Donald Trump.

The burden now falls to President Trump as he has five days to decide whether he has any objections before the memo can be publicly released. If by some small chance, the President were to not to release this memo, he would lose his base as well as cast a long shadow over his Presidency.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said he believed people could lose their jobs after the memo is released. His statements give some timely clues as to who and what he is talking about.

“I believe the consequence of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and the Department of Justice,” he said, referencing DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr.

Rosenstein has done a magnificent job keeping Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, in line, or should I say, towing the Deep State line? Sessions is afraid of his own shadow as he is so timid that he will not even prosecute the low-hanging fruit that constitutes Hillary Clinton’s emails which is evidence that cannot be taken back. Will Rosenstein be the first major player to turn state’s evidence? Therefore, my fellow Americans, do not get your hopes up.  Exposure of criminality is not the same as prosecuting criminals. I predict that at this time next year, Hillary will be making more “bitches” quotes and getting a free pass from the mainstream media.

I would be remiss if I did not state that many of these revelations remind me of the movie, The Pelican Brief, in which two Supreme Court Justices were murdered to cover up criminal activity from a major oil baron. One has to ask, with these coming revelations, how many planes will crash and suicides will happen which will all be designed to cover-up the truth? If one thinks that Clinton’s trail of bodies is lengthy, I am predicting that we have not seen anything yet.

The Deep State/Democratic Party Options

Many in the Independent are hailing the pending release of this information as a great victory for the “People”. It is and it will be hailed as a great victory by all loyal Americans. However, if one thinks that it is going to be sunny skies from here on out, they are fooling themselves.

The Deep State-Democratic coalition have many cards left to play and they can be summarized as follows:

  1. A series of major false flags could be released that will take all attention away from the exposed criminality in the name of personal and collective survival for all Americans. This could and probably would include the detonating nuclear weapons  inside of many of our cities.
  2. The release of a bio-agent upon America, which was predicted by my former FEMA friend who bugged out in fear of this event. His speciality was counter-bioterrorism.
  3. Beginning World War III.
  4. Inciting a civil war.
  5. Causing an economic collapse
  6. Any combination of any of the above.


Why Have the Republicans Suddenly Donned the White Hats?

Why all of a sudden are the Republicans intent on exposing government corruption at a high level? The answers to this question are multi-dimensional and varied.

  1. The pervasive criminality of the Democrats (eg Clinton, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, et al) is on display for all to see and the enhanced exposure will score political points with the public during this mid-term election year.
  2. All of sudden, being honest as well as exposing corruption has suddenly become in vogue in Washington DC. Along these lines, Fox News has become the “Goody Two Shoes” network who has conveniently forgot how the Republicans have lied us into one war after another.

The Democrats need to be exposed for who and what they are. However, the Republicans should be careful to not get to close to the action because they, too, live in glass houses. Remember, politics equals deceit and corruption. There are some good people in government who are Republican. However, it would be a mistake to view the party as a bastion of morality based and freedom-inspired politics. The latter phrase is a quintessential oxymoronic statement.


Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry said,“You think about, ‘is this happening in America or is this the KGB?’ That’s how alarming it is…”  The KGB? Finally, someone understands what the Independent Media has been truthfully saying all of these years.

How far will the Republicans go in exposing the corruption? Not very damn far, just far enough to score political points would be my assessment Why? Because the Republicans are worried about that old phenomenon called “Guilt by Association”.

Someone sarcastically joked, yesterday. that I will soon have nothing to write about because we have destroyed the Deep State. I smiled and said, the writing has just begun. The Deep State is coming after the people with a vengeance. I still maintain that America’s darkest days lie ahead. There will be hell to pay for our newfound spirit of populism.

Which is worse? Would it be capitulation to a New World Order that will enslave some and exterminate the rest? Or, is it better to risk everything in an effort to stand up this tyranny? When we break down our options, these are the only two that I see. At the end of the day, are we cowards or a products of Deep State capitulation, that is the question all of us have to answer.

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    • 2QIK4U

      Yes True but the same was said about #pizzagate and the Poodesta files so do we really believe Obama will be arrested after getting away with a faked cia birth certificate and the admittance of him creating ISIS after Bush was finished with AlQaeda. Mthrfckr needs to swing.

    • freedomfirst

      America has been living in a matrix of lies for far too long we do not know who to trust any more it is as all is up side down. We The People chose Mr Trump because he was our last chance to save our country against the Deep State minions and puppets of G. Soros and the 1% psychopaths of satanic orders controlling the west and EU. We The People see clearly the invasion odama and killary set loose into our cities from west to east with more rights and protection than we citizens have. For many decades the progressives have weaseled their way into government power seats quietly and steadily changing the very fabric our country was founded on this is easily seen with in the young adults coming out of Universities not with an education but have been indoctrinated to hate this country the inability to think for them selves to be able to analytically reason on important social/gov. issues, they have become self absorbed ants it is the collective following one this is a very scary reality for our future leaders.

    • Pink Slime


      Buy my survival food now. On sale…..

      See ya when the memo is released – staytooned. :lol:

    • Iggy A

      I think we should take a look at Watergate: What happened after a presidential aid told a congressional committee that all conversations in the Oval Office were recorded?

      Nothing could stop the groundswell of the mass calling for the release of those tapes or at least giving investigators access to them. No amount of claims of Executive Privilege or any other recourse under the law was going to keep Nixon from having to hand the tapes over once the American people became that infuriated.

      And much like today, the public had been bombarded for a year about how criminal Nixon’s team was and so on. The people were tired and fed up by the time they discovered —– there was this huge treasure trove of raw data that could expose just how corrupt Nixon’s White House had been…

      The fear today isn’t about what just the 4 Page Memo says. The fear is about what happens if a witch-hunt kicks off…

      The 99 Page Memo confirmed the government has been collecting ALL electronic communications + has created systems which allow a user to search through them like we do the Internet. That means —- the public knows there is a treasure trove of data that would significantly expose just how far, wide and deep criminal activities runs in our government. The evidence is right there in storage waiting to be mined…

      We’ve known this. We knew the claim Hillary’s emails or McCabes text messages had “disappeared” was BS — that they would have been collected for storage like everything else.

      But before now – the public hasn’t been ready to throw 4th Amendment concerns aside to scream for an investigation.

      What about now after the 4 Page Memo is leaked? —- If elements of the government have been illegally using the storage against political opponents — why not rise up to demand the same system be used to dig up dirt on them…?

      Pizzagate —- the public has also been reminded – thanks to Podesta’s emails – that big named government officials and powerful individuals connected to politicians have been caught up in pedophile scandals… That some have claimed pedophilia is used to compromise people in government.

      What concerns about the 4th Amendment and other constitutional rights —– which would have trouble using this wealth of potential evidence — might fly out the window if the masses see hard evidence the conspiracy theories about organized pedophile rings among the elites might be true….?

      And a key point: Even a little authorized mining of that data warehouse could easily snowball if it turns up evidence of horrible wrongdoing…

      The Deep State is freaking out because the very system the developed to spy on everybody created an excellent tool for —- blowing them to pieces…

      • The Troubles

        :arrow: I remember the Watergate hearings very clearly to this day. I watched them growing up. The difference we have today is the Smart Phone and the numerous Apps on them. Add tons of selfie Pics, and Thumbs ups, Likes, Hates and whatever button there is to push, and then there was none. None as in NO ONE Cares these days about anything other than themselves. Self enamored glorification with the push of one button. :eek:

        No drive, no ambition, no hope, and no future, That is Social Media. The internet Ghetto is the difference today. NO Internet back in the Nixon days. There are still many Americans alive today, that do in fact remember the 1960′s and 1970′s. Much better way of life back then. Simple and easy, the work hard and rewarding. :lol:

        Best seek the Lord Jesus Christ if one has not yet done so. He is Watching everyone and everything. :shock:


      The FISA document will not be released. The Democrats will stop Trump at every turn.

    • raburgeson

      BS, lock them up, all of them, throw away the keys. Let’s do this fast so we don’t have to deal with a nuclear false flag.

    • truthseeker4809

      It will accelerate the demise of the Deep State as well. The West Virginia train accident is already suspicious.
      Let’s dig the truth out every sector of society so that there will be no more secrets left. JFK assassination, 911, school, casino, night club,theater mass shootings etc etc. Let’s dig it deeper and deeper until there is no more secrets left.

    • Ideas Time

      Bring it on traitors. The masses are many and they are few. Informed people know about deep state false flags.

    • dandelion231

      Your comments about what will happen if memo is released is moot. All those things will happen regardless. Allowing the Deep State to continue is allowing our own deaths. It is no secret these people want us all dead and by doing nothing we are inviting an increditable slow and painful death. I would much rather to put it all on the table right now and let the bullets fly.

    • Traci393

      Trump shouldn’t have worked with the Russians to get elected in the first place. If his people didn’t meet/talk with Russians so often, and discuss the campaign, the FIB/CIA wouldn’t have been monitoring them.

      • Waldo

        The MSM has an anti-Trump agenda so they follow the direction of their DNC masters. And because they do that they have people like you confused. Don’t believe the lies – you are smarter than that.

    • Counter Analysis

      The really interesting part of all this is that those who fund the republicans could withdraw or threaten to withdraw all support to any lawmaker that goes along with the Trump agenda and supports releasing the memo. If that had occurred, do you think the memo would ever see the light of day? My conclusion is that there is a larger force at work behind Trump and in opposition to the deep state faction the Trump forces are fighting. God bless Trump, Nunez, Horowitz, and others on the front lines. They are risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Even so, I will continue to watch for any clues as to the motives of those hidden members of the shadow govt and deep state that have evidently allowed this movement to progress. Such clues may not appear until after the Clinton cabal has been vanquished. But regardless of motives, I will rejoice to see so much rot gutted from America. Trump makes it feel good again, to be American.

    • yes2truth

      Re the Memo:

      “BREAKING NEWS!!….Something completely irrelevant to your life just happened and now we’re going to blow it out of all proportion for days to keep you distracted from what’s really going on!”

      – Mike Walsh, ETHNIC EUROPEAN




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