Peter Lumpkins
Biography My name is Peter Lumpkins. My wife and I live in Carrollton, Georgia, which is known in these parts as West Georgia. A call to ministry came to me in the Fall of 1978. Since, most of the ministry to which God graciously honored me to do has been as a local church pastor. When I turned 50, however, God led in another direction. Presently, my ministry focuses on teaching through an editorial/writing ministry. I am definitively conservative theologically and decidedly Baptist by conviction. Yet I find myself eager to dialog with those not of my spiritual DNA. Personally, I think my journey enriched, not threatened by, open, honest dialog. Thus, I simply refuse to allow non-essentials to drive me from my fellow believers. \"By this, all will know you are my disciples\", Jesus said, \"if you have love for one another.\" Such does not mean, however, I understand no biblical or biblically-derived, ecclesial boundaries to exist. To the contrary, I most decidedly do. It does mean that, even though we may or even must belong to different faith communities, our common faith in the redemptive cross-work of the Lord Jesus Christ especially binds us together for eternity. Specifically, I express my unalterable belief in what\'s come to be the highest view of Biblical Inspiration--Inerrancy. In short, for me, whatever Scripture says, God says. Interests reading, writing, coffee, people-watching
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