Discreet Prepper
Brett Creamer is happily married father of 4. He\'s lived up and down the east coast of the U.S. and currently resides in the corn fields of Indiana. Brett works in the marketing and advertising arena and one of his passions is learning all he can and teaching others about prepping and emergency preparedness. His survivalist/prepper training comes from on the job experiences, life experiences, as well as years of camping and exploration. Brett has a varied and well-rounded background which enables him to handle most situations. He has worked as: a construction worker, a graphic designer, a Bible teacher, a government contractor, a law enforcement officer and a public information officer. Since Brett came from a family of law enforcement professionals, he decided to follow in their footsteps and become a police officer. When you are surrounded by law enforcement, you get to know the \"ins\" and \"outs\" of the position as well as training and tactics. This knowledge helped him tremendously in college, where he received his degree in Criminal Justice. Brett started his law enforcement career by working for Richmond Housing Authority in Richmond, VA. from 1998-2004. He was a patrolman in the drug infested projects of Richmond where he worked the night shift. Due to a back injury, he had to leave the physical side of law enforcement, but his background enabled him to transition into working as a Public Information Officer for the City of Pompano Beach, FL. This position had him working for the Sheriff, the Pompano Beach Fire Department as well as the Office of Emergency Management. While working for the City of Pompano Beach, they had several hurricanes which tore up the area and made living difficult. One of the largest and most destructive storm they had to deal with was Hurricane Wilma. After a situation like that, you see how people react to a disaster and you also see the capabilities of the government to help its citizens. One look at Hurricanes Sandy, Wilma and Katrina shows that you cannot depend on anyone to help you in a disaster. When it strikes, you need to have a plan and you need to be prepared! Besides Brett\'s on the job preparedness training, he has been camping since his teens. For several years, he and his wife Tammy ran large camping trips (for over 20 people) where they planned activities, housed and cooked for the group. Brett\'s hobbies include: spending time with his family, motorcycles, auto restoration, camping, shooting, archery, custom building projects and photography. Since Brett is quite handy at building and repairing things, he normally builds what he needs to get the job done. He currently have several videos on Youtube where he teaches people how to build survival packs/items and he offers tips and tricks on how to survive. Besides his love of family and self-reliance, Brett is fiercely devoted to God. He prays and studies his Bible daily and teaches Bible seminars at his church.
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