About Me Born in 1945, native of Southern California. Spent 3 years in US Army 1966-68 as military policeman in Erlangen, Germany. 1970-73, US Customs Agent, 1973-1995, DEA Agent. I was stationed in LA, Bangkok, Milan, Italy, Pittsburgh and Washington DC area (DEA Training.) Retired in 1995. Since then, I have been teaching English as a Second Language (since 1998 at the University of Calif at Irvine.) I have also written 3 books which are: The Languages of the former Soviet republics-their history and development (University Press of America, 2000) The Story of Papiamentu-a study in slavery and language (UPA-2002) and Erlangen-an American's history of a German town (UPA-2005). In addition, I have published the following articles: Kompa Nanzi and Brer Rabbit-Two Tricksters and Their Fates-Published in Carib Kaleidoscope, 2003. Slavery and the Development of Papiamentu- published in Journal of Caribbean Literatures, summer 2007.
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