Economic Modeling Specialists (EMSI blog)
Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (EMSI) provides high-quality employment data and economic analysis via web tools and custom reports. We also produce comprehensive impact analyses for colleges and universities in the US and internationally. EMSI started conducting economic impact studies in 2000 (under the name CCbenefits) to show the economic contribution of higher education. To do this work we had to collect lots of data on industries, occupations, demographics, etc. We found this labor market data to be really useful so we built simple web-based tools to bring the information together and make it easier to use. Now we supply these tools to many community colleges, universities, workforce boards, economic development groups, and private industry throughout the U.S. so they can better understand the local employment picture. We also recently developed a tool to help jobseekers find great careers and the right training path. Today we are a company of roughly 40 people based in Moscow, Idaho, who have become well-known for our work with labor market data. We are dedicated to delivering this data to our clients through our handy tools and reports.
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