Patrick Henry
America News Room is us! I stand against all enemies foreign and domestic. I came to the united states of America in 1996 from Britain. Prior to migrating to the usA I worked as a building services / controls engineer / contractor / Project Manager for Military / Civil / A-Class building developers in SE/SW England. From 96 – 2005 I was 100% focused on several high tech startups. Educated in Comp Science, Electrical Eng., Electronics Eng., Mech Eng. and Prod Eng. at Un-Plymouth/Kingston-Un. I helped launch companies that pioneered 1-1 Marketing technology (Amazon 1st customer - co became Public April 19 1999), Web Broadcasting, Secure Real Time collaboration / desktop video conferencing and Secure computing and communications (DOD, Oracle, Comp Ass, Unisys etc). In 2005 I started working on alternative Energy Technology. In mid 2005 my life took a 180 degree turn when I was dragged in to Family Law Court system through a marital dissolution. Prior to this I had zero interest in law or did I want to become a legal scholar. Necessity forced me to do so. I was criminalized and separated from my children and all my real property for no lawful cause. Three 99 years RO\'s were issued for no cause in an attempt to permanently separate me from my children! It took me seven - nine years to reconnect with each of my children and to start rebuilding relationships destroyed by actors/parasites pretending to be Government. While unlawfully kidnapped/caged by Alameda county Actors for 81 days in Santa Rita jail from December 23, 2011 – March 7th 2012 my SF Bay Water side home, automobile and all real property were stolen by COUNTY OF ALAMEDA Corp. / BNYM Agents for no lawful cause. After I was uncaged from the ALAMEDA COUNTY Human Warehouse facility I was issued with a 5 Year no contact order preventing my contact with my own children. My \"crime\" was daring to defend my right to parent my own Children, exposing state crimes / criminals including NWO Weather Warfare (Chemtrails), Family Law Corruption, the International Bankster Fraud-closure Scam including theft of 20,000,000 homes across The United States of America and in Commiefornia, 7,000,000 homes all by Crown BAR agents across the California state. I proved I was separated from my children for no lawful cause and my home was stolen by BAR Attorneys relying on Counterfeit paper invented by One now infamous Robo Signer Christine Carter exposed in now famous Case written up here in the WSJ: These crimes were aided by an Attorney connected to my ex-wife who was directly connected to STATE OF CALIFORNIA Governor Comrade Brown through his Petty Fogging Shyster Law firm in Alameda, California state. The Petty Fogging Shyster (BAR attorneys) crimes I and my children suffered were through conspiring attorneys working with the Family Court, Alameda DA, Civil Court and all operating under completely illegal US corp. Sub Corp, the DC State of California Corp. Between 2005 and the present I have engaged in unscrewing the system and educating the people on the truth about our real world and what was done to America by banned foreign agents. The most important take away is that all BAR attorneys are foreign agents engaged in a Human Trafficking scheme and were banned from America since 1819. American has been in a civil War since the 1860’s of which there are three factions: Robber Baron – criminal clans [i.e. ] Vs Crown / Vatican Vs the Awakening American People. First and second factions are connected and operating as one with exception that crime families appear to be fighting for who controls US Plantation for the Crown – Vatican operated Black Nobility! Please unlearn, re-educate pass forward while you still can! As a result of the Tyranny I experienced and my discoveries I turned from 100% High Tech Entrepreneur to 100% Whistle-blower / Advocate / Gov. Oversight Monitor committed to awakening the American people (all people) to the NWO threat and their 1860s ongoing NWO coup of The United States of America and all nations by the unholy Luciferian Roman cult / Crown Corp. of London [See Cal. Gov Code 1027.5]. I was recruited under a 2010 Treaty event in 2013 executed by the High Contracting Powers (QEII, Pope Benedict and 10 other HCP Office heads) as an an America’s oversight monitor. I operate in accordance with the 1866 Civil Rights act Contact as a Private Attorney General and am active in helping people fighting state Corruption and corrupt attorneys in the SFBay Area. Contacts and links: [email protected], Projects,, and other Red Pill Projects to be announced… Don’t get Mad, get even, JFK. Dedication To the Zionist Bar Attorney actors pretending to be Government Officers that betrayed / abducted my children and my friends, stole from me, caged me, thieved my home and all my property and did the same to friends under the same pattern and practice (RICO) FOR NO LAWFUL CAUSE. Thank you for pissing me off enough to cause me to down my tools ten plus years ago and figure out how you and your comrade criminals f%^%ed up America and why those running the so called “Government” and the so-called legal system lie, thieve and cheat. It was your criminal activity that directly inspired me to become interested in the real laws of our land and in discovering our true history. Thanks to you, those following me will not have to endure what I and those around me were put through because of your degenerate, un-American, criminal ways. Judgment day is approaching for all of you! I now understand why your Talmudic Luciferian Cult brethren have been kicked out of 109 Nations since AD 250 [NWO, Crypto-Jews-ZIONIST\'s have forced TALMUDIC law on humanity, 109 Locations whence they have been expelled by the natives since AD250 ]. It is noted that those Banned from American Governance including Bar Attorney criminals pretending to be Government, Judges and Attorneys that conspired to cage me and thieve my home and all of my property and three of my friends’ homes were all Jewish! I am sure this is just a coincidence. In a nation of 1.9% Jews why are all most of those that stole from me in court houses alleged Jews? Did they not learn that thou shall not steal, cheat and lie, or does that only apply Jew against Jew? The Jewish people have had their faith hijacked by imposters and they themselves need to do something about it! KM, Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia The Real Power families behind the cabal… an excerpt from (links to articles below): The truth About Palestine’s Occupation and war crimes in Occupied Palestine:
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First amendment rights: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.