Medium For God
I started on a psychic mission to stop sex slavery by doing crime tips to stop the capturing of human beings. In 2008 my psychic reading tip was \"a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying.\" In 2009 I became a full medium clear with the ability to write for deceased peoples spirits. I wrote pages of crime tips by God, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary,and Richard Nixon,Lincoln and Washingtion etc. who explained how sex slavery is run.(and still do everyday since this miracle occured) I faxed thousands of pages all over the world in 2009 and in 2010 I started channel typing and John F. Kennedy wrote \"It\'s a war of good and evil and the war is on the internet.\" I knew I had to outweigh the devil.I learned also reporting truth and facts outweighs their lies and deception as I learned of their devil system. I have been channel writing as a medium and reporting the information for over a decade. I started posting my crime tips and emailing links everywhere so people would be aware slavery is run underground and people are captured by Government Agents who pretend they are taking people to help them. I have figured out the devils formula and reported my psychic theorys for years by emails,posts,and youtubes,and I am glad so many are now aware and working in the war of good against evil. I do this stop sex slavery psychic medium crime tip work day in and day out with my heart and soul so the world can be a safe place again. I pray it is soon. I grew up in Sherman Oaks, CA and did Ouija Board readings and I have had exact psychic predication dreams since I was a kid. When I was a teen I started reading Astrology and Cosmic books and in my 20\'s I read books about the afterlife and did Iching, The Ruins, and my own tarot card readings as a hobby. I worked as a Costume Designer on movies, Nancy G. Fox I am sober since 1985 and turn my life and will over to God. In 2005 I started channeling on an Angel Board, same as a Ouija Board and it spelled out.\" This is God\". I started getting crime tips then, words I channel wrote later on. In 2007 my Angel Board spelled \"Voyerism\" which means peeping tom ispy cams. In 2009 I started doing my stop sex slavery readings everyday and said I have to stop sex slavery completely internationally and I won\'t stop until its stopped so I am very loud on the internet and send alot of emails and do alot of posting so the whole world will know everything as the criminals block it. I work as a psychic medium reader since 2010. I am a medium for all the passed on United State of America Presidents and many famous actors and musicians such as John Lennon and George Harrison, I channel write for them since 2012 to stop sex slavery internationally also. I do alot of networking with the fans of the spirits I am a medium for so all will know their words brought to the earth from heavens light above and around them now to produce a real miracle which appears to be ever occuring right now by the Qanon reporting coming to thus light and for all to believe the horrible satanic crimes can be stopped. No one should risk lives and say it can\'t be so as they don\'t know but I do know as I am an accurate psychic dreamer, a clairvoyant visionary, an astral projector with remote viewing ability and I have seen it and I do know and the important beings I channel as their medium know as they are Angels flying around to see the crimes and report them by writing through me so life on earth and under the earth can be saved. In 2005 I was told in an Angel Board reading \" Your put on earth to do goodwill and save the human race.\" Therefore I do alot of anonymous reporting also for over ten years and it appears I am called the Qanon reporting from the Pacific Coast, that there are several Qanons reporting. Qanon Jesus, yes I am writing for Jesus Christ to stop a satanic pedophile cannablist sex ring that he informed me of in 2009 and he said \"a sex slavery ring is being run under the base of L A County\" So how scared am I? Scared enough to write and write and write and write to the whole world.
Valid 10 years unless revoked
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