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Fake Pipe Bomb Hoaxer Arrested; Obvious Signs of a CIA False Flag Operation to Shift Election Narrative to Blaming Trump Supporters +Video

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Image: Fake pipe bomb hoaxer arrested; obvious signs of a CIA false flag operation to shift election narrative to blaming Trump supporters

By   /  Natural News

The alleged fake pipe bomb hoaxer who sent bomb-like hoax props to prominent Democrats, has been identified and arrested. His name is Cesar Sayoc Jr., and he is reportedly a 56-year-old Native American drug dealer, according to media reports.

His criminal rap sheet includes possession of illegal steroids “with intent to distribute” as well as retail theft and other crimes.

A white van discovered at his property looks like a professionally produced false flag theater prop, with nearly every window covered with high-end graphics promoting President Trump, Mike Pence and “CNN sucks” messages.

In other words, not only were the fake pipe bombs convenient props for the left-wing media to play the victim; this van is the perfect visual prop to repeatedly broadcast on left-wing news to blame conservatives for this obviously staged false flag theater.

The van wrap images look pristine, brand new, as if they’ve never even sat in the Florida sun. There isn’t a single sign of any of these images fading or peeling, and there are no signs of any vandalism carried out against the van. It’s obviously a staged prop. A fake.

It’s all another CIA-run psyop, in other words. And it’s painfully obvious to nearly everyone that this van has been decorated by a professional team for precisely this purpose:

We predicted this exact scenario months ago by understanding the false flag playbook of the deep state

By the way, I am on the record predicting nearly this exact scenario, saying a kinetic attack would likely be carried out against CNN before the election, and it would all be blamed on a right-wing Trump supporter (patsy). I even explained that his laptop would be recovered, and it would show links to InfoWars and other conservative websites. Just watch: You’re going to start hearing all this soon. It’s a scripted rollout of a false flag operation. Classic CIA psyop.

Here’s a video compilation of just a few of my warnings over the last several months, where I publicly predicted almost exactly what you’re seeing right now. I even predicted that CNN would be the most likely target:

Here’s another picture of the white van:

Here’s the 56-year old patsy who was arrested: Cesar Sayoc Jr..

This entire event, of course, was staged to change the narrative right before the mid-term elections. It’s all pure theater, and it’s yet another obvious psyop being played out on the minds of the American people.

What this really shows is the absolute desperation of the deep state to steal the elections, terrorize the American people and win at all costs.

Yes, it’s criminal. But they just might pull it off unless the American people reject this staged violence and for to restore the rule of law. Remember, it’s the deranged Leftists who have been pushing violence, terrorism and death threats for the last two years. The left-wing media hopes you don’t remember any of that.

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    • Anonymous

      Is it any surprise that a Trumptard mailed these bombs? Trumper has lied regarding every campaign promise he ever made. He has pissed off the Trumptards big time.

      I knew the Trumptards would try to place the blame on the Left though. Which is great because I am a Trumptard. :smile:

    • Just me

      When will they ever learn? The left and the right are the two legs of the NWO beast. They both will take us to the same destination.

    • ElOregonian

      Well of course it’s from the same old tired, worn out Deep State playbook. These treasonous, seditious knuckleheads are so arrogant and believe that the Rule of Law does not apply to them, that they actually believe that whatever evil that they manifest is for the “Good!”.

      Their day of reckoning is fast approaching, their criminality will soon be exposed for all the world to see, and once and for all they will be gathered up together in gitmo, never to be troubled by that lot again…. until the next band of treasonous tyrants rise up and are again, taken down.

      But the time of judgement draws near. Take heart.

    • huge_juan

      I got a suspicious package one time. It in a box about 12 inches long, wrapped in plane brown paper. When I opened it There was this big long clear thingie supplied with 3 D cell batteries. I showed it to my wife and she said “That looks like a pipe bomb. Let me have it and I will dispose of it” Never saw it again after that day but I did hear a lot of loud buzzing noises and moans after that.

    • unidentified

      he was a male stripper/ entertainer in his younger days and might have a connection to florida porn industry,

    • RLS

      Sorry folks. My Uncle works with a man who actually KNOWS this guy. The bomber has been decorating his vehicles like that for YEARS. He’s a real guy, with real problems, who has ironically done Trump a terrible disservice.

    • Slimey

      Good point. I did notice how “clean” everything looked. But never drew conclusions because maybe he was a neat-freak. But your conclusions also make sense.

      They always gots to have a patsy. Or is he really one? Paid informant?

      • Man

        So it is obvious that it can’t be him because it is too well done…


    • DK

      Covered in Breitbart
      Arrest photo here(
      Lives in gaudy vehicle here(
      Is it me or does he have to have a bank account for internet access by phone or spend most of his time at internet cafes uploading to facebook and reading articles. Expensive for a homeless man without a steady job. Slight hole in logic.
      The arrrest photos show two different people the one from the 90′s has a suntan, pointed chin different shaped ears, it is a good Putin body double i.e. the 90′s photo has brown eyes and the current arrest one grey/blue.
      He might have been making pipe bombs, but all the ‘evidence’ is sheer tripe, not least because it was released before trial in a criminal trial by jury situation. Right now pre trial this should be a media blackout situation if a ‘geunine’ suspect.
      The last person they did this to was in Charlottsville and was convicted by directed verdict in a secret hearing by a Grand Jury in his own state and not the state of Virginia for Manslaughter of death of a person not hit by a car similar to his of which several hundered thousand were made which he was not driving because a meeting of 200 people complaining about the removal of a statue of General Lee were blocaded in by Antifa so spent till 1 pm after the announced cancellation by CNN doing speeches whilst CNN filmed – he would have been tracked by his phone and telematrics and have a transaction record of a fender repair done that day. At a Grand Jury trial you do not get to present a defense or have an attorney. This is going the same way, we have got the case for the prosecution already, notice there will be no defence allowed if the guy is todays patsey, if simply a mental patient he will just give out a catchphrase such as Britain First(Joe Cox) and will be unable to answer a straight question. Currently the Shrills are out wth comments and articles on conspiracy theories of all flavours. Well you can tell here. :wink:




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