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The Asteroid Coming in 2020

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I discovered the Bible’s solution to the problem of humanity hiding from God and perhaps all problems.  The man child church in Rev. 12:5 is defined as the children of Zion by Isaiah 66:7-8.  Zion is a hill outside Jerusalem implying higher thus closer to God than government.  Its children imply a community, always praying to make the government obey Jesus’ true will like the true church did in Acts 12 engaging the Angel of the Lord to free Peter, until he was freed and came to where they were praying.  This shows man child churches should be planted in every city of government around the world.  Of course as government constantly does the selfish will of politicians, there will be a constant need to turn to God keeping the man child church in business praying, instead of prayer being the least attended meeting as in Paul’s Rev. 17:5 establishments or the denominations.  

Now that Trump is starting to fulfill the 4 horsemen prophecy in the Mideast, we can be increasingly certain the one Revelation chapter each year theory is fact.  Thus in 2 years, the Revelation 8 asteroid will come in at a tangent spiraling down to earth, likely in the Atlantic ocean, burning 1/3 of the trees and grass as it spirals down.  It appears to be a rubble pile asteroid, which drops hot rocks as it spirals down.  The swath of the burning should be at least 2,000 miles wide to cover 1/3 of the earth.  When a NASA like agency in some nation tries to nudge the asteroid to a different path, it will only guarantee the asteroid’s surface becomes radioactive bringing fallout to spread over 1/3 of the earth poisoning fresh water supplies mostly with radioactive Cesium with a half life of over 30 years, killing many who drink the water.  

God’s formula for turning people to Him doesn’t stop there.  The Tribulation doesn’t even start at that point.  The Asteroid will just help warm up people to get the man child church ready to ascend for the pre-trib rapture to Jesus’ throne where they will initiate the war to cast Satan down to earth.  That implies the man child church will do lots of practice of praying serious rod of iron prayers against Satan in their nations until the man child comes together as one man in prayer to cast Satan out of all the earth and as they are about to do it, they ascend to God’s throne.

Everyone should listen to the testimony of the two witnesses when they appear.  They will help motivate many to turn their hearts to God.  But nearer term, what will happen to the snow pack when the asteroid burns 1/3 of the earth?  One thing for sure, when it comes you better be out of direct line of sight if it can burn a 2000 mile swath as it travels at faster than jet speed.  Any one who sees it will be in danger of being toast.  Can you predict what that asteroid will do to the tectonic plastes and how they will react 8 years later?  

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    • Dun Foaming

      “Now that Trump is starting to fulfill the 4 horsemen prophecy in the Mideast, we can be increasingly certain the one Revelation chapter each year theory is fact. ”

      How can one become increasingly certain; you’re either certain, or you are not?

      By the way, the asteroid thing happened just under 200 years ago, if i were you I’d be more concerned about those hemorrhoids; they’re gonna be with you in 20 minutes :wink:

      • Kirk Fraser

        You should be preparing to escape the convergence of the tectonic plates in 2028.

      • Anonymous

        “How can one become increasingly certain; you’re either certain, or you are not?”

        Because it’s maybe without a doubt. Irregardless!

    • Anonymous

      That God guy looks to be really, really mean. :smile:

    • wheeties

      kirk fraser–another idiot who is or who belongs in a padded cell–total bs,a fool ranting about the insane thoughts banging around in his very empty skull–has more to do with the nut jobs who follow the bible….another insane bible thumper on a rant like he/she knows something…nothing but a fool like all the other fools–even god laughs at this nonsense..they been ranting about since the beginning of time–we are still here–but,in a 100 years 99.9 percent of the idiots on this planet today will be gone! o my god!!! the end is near!!!!! morons—insane rascals…god has no law–only stupid,immature,petty,human control freaks have laws,rules–if god has one question when you get to the other side its “how did you love?”–god is love–god knows exactly who,what you are–idiotic humans have been saying the same crap since the beginning of time,like the taliban,direct decendents of satan like most bible thumpers,christians–jesus told us in his day that salvation is for ALL–no hail marys or forgiveness needed–the bible thumpers of his day killed him because he threaten their power,$$–the bible thumpers of today would do the same being the evil,hateful,judgemental bastards they are,guided by satan…christianity is the deception as is the bible–
      these self proclaimed salvation experts talking like they are god themselves–delusional–using a man written book inspired by satan–spiritual hell is being a bible thumper,christian—god would not touch any of that crap with a 1000 ft pole cause god does not read the bible–never has,never will–was not written by god either–some insane homeless dudes in a cave wrote it inspired by satan–the word of men not god—the bible is the book of wrath and judgement–god has no wrath,nor judgement–only petty,weak,immature evil hateful,judgemental humans have wrath and judgement like bible thumpers,christians–jesus told us in his day that salvation is for everybody–but the bible thumpers of his day did not like that so they killed him–the bible thumpers of today would do the same—god loves all his stupid humans,even evil,hateful,judgemental bible thumpers–god knows who,what we are..would you as a parent turn on your children for being unwise little stupid kids?no,unless your evil–god is the same–get over yourself and your insane evil book–god is not like your stupid self–god is above the fray–your job to to rise above all that bible thumping nonsense–its a long shot—-humans have been the same stupid bastards since the beginning of time–bunch of evil morons–the bible,the book of satan,not god…




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