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Meet Mystery FBI 'Agent 5' Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts While on Clinton Taint Team

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By Tyler Durden  /  ZeroHedge

Moyer – an attorney and registered Democrat identified in the Inspector General’s report as “Agent 5″ is a veritable goldmine of hate, who had been working for the FBI since at least September of 2006.

When Moyer sent the texts, she was on the “filter team” for the Clinton email investigation – a group of FBI officials tasked with determining whether information obtained by the FBI is considered “privileged” or if it can be used in the investigation - also known as a taint team.

Moyer exchanged most of the messages with another FBI agent who worked on the Clinton investigation, identified as ‘Agent 1′ in the report.

Moyer and Agent 1 were in a romantic relationship at the time, and the two have since married, according the report. Agent 1′s name is being withheld. -Daily Mail

Some of Moyer’s greatest hits:

  • “f*** Trump” 
  • “screw you trump”
  • “She [Hillary] better win… otherwise i’m gonna be walking around with both of my guns.“ 
  • Moyer also called Ohio Trump supporters “retarded” 

“Agent 1″ who is now married to Moyer, referred to Hillary Clinton as ”the President” after interviewing the Democratic candidate as part of the email investigation.

Another FBI official, Kevin Clinesmith, 36, sent similar text messages. A graduate of Georgetown Law, Clinesmith – referred to in the Inspector General’s report as “Attorney 2,” – texted several colleagues lamenting the “destruction of the Republic” after former FBI Director James Comey reopened the Clinton email investigation.

In response to a colleague asking he had changed his views on Trump, Clinesmith responded “Hell no. Viva le resistance,” a reference to the Trump opposition movement that clamed to be coordinating with officials inside the Trump administration. 

Two high-ranking FBI officials – Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, were discovered by the Inspector General to have sent over 50,000 text messages to each other – many of which showed the two harbored extreme bias aginst Trump and for Hillary Clinton. Like Moyer and “Agent 1,” Strzok and Page worked on the Clinton email investigation.

Don’t worry though – none of their bias made its way into the Clinton email investigation…

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    • AJ

      Just trying to figure how these Bozos ever got hired to Our FBI?…..Oh, forgot was the last fake president….The Kenyan gay guy…

      • Anonymous

        Or maybe from the Republican A-hole before him. :smile:

      • Anonymous

        If you had read the article you would have seen she was hired no later than 2006. So, who was president in 2006? It was the same guy who let the Saudis fly back after 9-11.

        Man, AJ, you are a dumb ass. :smile:

      • LindaJoyAdams

        The guy who was born in Topeka KS and from the lynching of his dad, Jim T Parks was a pawn to be the ruler of the world under puppet masters. Many good people fooled but fake birthers among all to promote Kenya as its needed for the UN election. Main media had the truth in 2008 and suppressed it to aid?? Hilary to get into the Sec of State and start WWIII and now her army of G4S is owned by their cabal is also the HHS contractors ‘recruiting for the 10,000 new army recruits of 12 to 18 year old who are UNACCOMPANIED MINORS.. THIS IS NOT about an invasion of illegals, but an army that can be trained amd if they do not get to stay here G4S us around the world and even ‘protects’ other nations embassies. Gaddafi would not let them into his country and Benghazi lef unprotected
        All put in power by the US CONGRESS IN 2002 as an earmark to a 6000 page bill that removed the right of agencies to spend existing budget for audits, oversight and criminal investigations/prosecutions of govt contractors . WELCOME TO THE NEW contracted Army who will be trained and brainwashed to NOT PROTECT THE US AND PEOPLE. As for ‘papers, Lynne Blodgett et al has virtual control of Social Security to create any citizen the cabal wishes. SSA officials begged Congress 5 years ago to let them inside the contractors and CONGRESS REFUSED to act and WHY ISN’T THIS THE REAL CAMPAIGN ISSUE ? WITH MILLIONS DEAD DUE TO THEIR ILLEGAL ACTS AND TRILLIONS STOLEN (SSA and Medicare Not broke_they robbed it and still are) CONGRESS HAS THEIR GAG ORDER RULE THAT COVERS UP WHAT WAS DONE IN 2002 AND REMAINS DOD KEPT OVERSIGHT AND WHY THESE EMAILS WERE HIDDEN BY THE FBI CONTRACTORS WHO CONTROL THE DATA (no oversight)AND MICHAEL HOROWITZ GOT THE MILITARY TO FIND THEM Linda Joy Adams

    • raburgeson

      All the people watching this realize that this is a researched well investigated conspiracy. It involves traitors, breeches of national security, and, total understanding that the news is in fact a source of propaganda. There has been no real investigation into the related murders, trafficking, and illegal wars. The CIA is in this too. Other intelligence agencies are suspect. Only one person behind bars for this of course an unrelated reason.

      They attack who is not part of the conspiracy. No whistle blower’s testimony is recorded in a manner that it can be presented in court in case something happens to him. The Justice department is not in shambles, it is corrupt to the core. The houses aren’t doing anything, they have a lot of gas and no action. Democrats are trying to kick this can down the road until they can steal the next election when they can protect these crooks and continue to rob the country.

      If you don’t believe me then just ask any foreigner that has been following this soap opera and they will tell you the same thing I just told you. Drop the propaganda and pay attention to what is going on. On top of all this we have pedos that torture, kill, and sell the body parts. I’m completely discussed and hope you all are getting there.

    • Slimey

      Another liberal. When you want to destroy something you send the Negroes, women and the fatherless. All of them have been enabled by the left to infiltrate your government, schrewls, and MSM. :twisted:

      These are the USEFOOL idiots. :roll:

    • unidentified

      obama was elected/selected by the mafia not the muslim brotherhood no one thought he’d really get elected

    • Bob DD

      The Bushies, pure evil and Satanists. They aren’t in Skull & Bones for Boy Scouting. I voted for both clowns, NWO Daddy and 911 Junior. What a mistake. GOD HELP AMERICA.




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