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Happening Now! Sen Graham Just Released the Sealed Indictments! Hillary & More Shaking in Fear Now! - A Must Video

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Published on Mar 16, 2019

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Breaking News1 day ago

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Dolf Kampman

Dolf Kampman1 day ago

They have the crimes already now go get the criminals. God bless you Lindsey Graham

USA Latino

USA Latino1 day ago

Wow! Just wow! Thanks Senator Graham! A very effective summary of the situations needing rectification. VIVA TRUMP!

John Doe

John Doe1 day ago

The country will never recover from this corrupt news media and DOJ and FBI. UNTIL FBI AND DOJ GO TO PRISON

American girl

American girl1 day ago

He was suppose to be investigating corruption NOT protect criminals !

G-Dub 85

G-Dub 851 day ago

Lindsey better beef up on security because we know how Hillary handle ppl for exposing the truth 👀

michael meissner

michael meissner23 hours ago

This man is sharp as hell. I’m glad he’s become an ally of the president.

Daytha Heintzelman

Daytha Heintzelman1 day ago

Thank you Sen Graham!! You came to your senses after McCain died! No more leash around your neck!🎉

Junior Bailey

Junior Bailey23 hours ago

The Americans people wants to thank you for fighting for us.


Vickie1 day ago

High Treason right in our face and still getting away with it. Mueller’s report can it be trusted!!!

Ken Vaughn

Ken Vaughn1 day ago

Senator Graham is spot on ! The FBI has had internal corruption for years .The names that he mentioned in this video are just a drop in the bucket . Keep up the good work !!!!

De Dowd

De Dowd1 day ago

Thanks Sen. Graham. You are 100% correct we need a 2nd Special Council to investigate HRC.



Jer Harr

Jer Harr23 hours ago

God Bless Lindsay Graham and all the TRUE Patriots in Washington!



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church of rock n roll

church of rock n roll1 day ago

Brave man! Even from perspective as a non us citizen…maybe there is still hope in the u.s ?



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Ñega1 day ago

Include the FISA Court imbecile judges, stealing our money for signatures of soap operas by the Democrats!



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⭐ Wheeled Skeptic

⭐ Wheeled Skeptic23 hours ago

Dog and pony show continues. Until politicians and judges hang from the gallows, nothing will happen



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Syndea Soroka

Syndea Soroka1 day ago




Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith22 hours ago

lock Bill up also for persuading Lorretta Lynch to look the other way.. and Obama for turning a blind eye



Deplorable Trumper

Deplorable Trumper23 hours ago

Restore faith in the American Justice system. NO MORE TWO JUSTICES! FIND THE SERVER!



SNG 777

SNG 7771 day ago

Lindsey Graham has really come into his own since getting out from under the shadow of John McCain. I’ve developed a whole new respect for him.



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Cal Baliton

Cal Baliton1 day ago

Thank you Sen. Graham for being our voice to uncover the corruptions committed by Clinton.



wayne mcclory

wayne mcclory23 hours ago

Start building the Gallows because the Constitution demands it. Death by hanging per the law no exceptions ! This was TREASON !



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BG21 day ago

TELL us something is going to be accomplished, FINALLY!



Steve Salmons

Steve Salmons1 day ago

God Bless you Sir, for doing the Right Thing. Thank you so much !!!



Paul Fedko

Paul Fedko23 hours ago

Tine has come for new investigations to be carried out with the subsequent charges and punishments — like our law-abiding society requires…



John Mills

John Mills1 day ago

Good eventually wins over Evil ! Thank God !



Thomas Witzke Sr

Thomas Witzke Sr22 hours ago

Sen. Graham is the most intelligent elected official in government besides our President.



Jag Claw

Jag Claw23 hours ago

Not just emails but embezzlement and murder. Hillary and Bill are responsible for many deaths. They should both get the death penalty.



Mike G

Mike G1 day ago

Mr. Graham, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! Please continue full throttle!



Pete Lasko

Pete Lasko23 hours ago




Mark Hatch

Mark Hatch1 day ago

Yeah baby, TEAR THEIR ASSES UP! “Lock ALL of ‘em up”



Dawn Williams

Dawn Williams23 hours ago

So Thankful for Sen Graham, nobody else would be doing this.



Krissy Whiting

Krissy Whiting21 hours ago

The only Russian collusion involved Hillary and DNC supporters. We want justice!



Bonibel Trapse

Bonibel Trapse1 day ago

What took you so long Mr. Senator? About time!!!



Jerry DuBois

Jerry DuBois1 day ago

Keep up the good work senator Graham I pray you will have more help than I have seen in the past. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY



Melisa Sprague

Melisa Sprague1 day ago

,Hillary Clinton and her partners should be made an example of what it looks like to be caught up in this mess, they should be hung, and no one allowed to watch ! TRAITORS TRADITION



Lazy-new Neo

Lazy-new Neo1 day ago

I dont support the system anymore. but my president any day. patriotic is a choice. make me believe it again. because of this I dont show up in courts. sue me w there fake laws. 😤😎its cool. I dont play . So why show up in a court! 2 play. ….. until you make me believe in the system . again. till then. …. .. .

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Richard Ainsworth

Richard Ainsworth1 day ago

You are a patriotic in all sense, thank you so much for getting justice served on the other side.

Marshall Fischer

Marshall Fischer23 hours ago

Just wondering if Hell will freeze over first…

Felicia Kerr

Felicia Kerr23 hours ago

Change the world. Expose them and take them down publicly.

Truth Rainer

Truth Rainer1 day ago

So hillarious all the left and dems side pre-ordered the book about muellers investigation!!! To read about their coreupt party!!!!!

Grandma Love

Grandma Love23 hours ago

Good luck with getting anything done . The Democrats will gut any effort giving control back to the people.

Jacob Stegall

Jacob Stegall21 hours ago (edited)

They would be hanging President Trump for collusion and likely treason if he had done what the Democrats have involving Russia, foreign agents and the doj that’s why they are screaming so loudly and accusing Trump!!! it’s projection of their own actions.


LVN6021 hours ago

It is NOT the Democratic Party , but the Socialist Party !!!

Dicky Ball

Dicky Ball21 hours ago

Damn right, start with Barack Hussein Osama and lying Loretta Lynch.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson23 hours ago

Democrats are Treasonous Criminals. They should all be hung for their Treachery.

Cathy Phillips

Cathy Phillips23 hours ago

Senator Graham I believe you, God Bless you Senator, God Speed!

Richard IV Cummins

Richard IV Cummins23 hours ago

God Bless Your efforts Senator Graham. God Bless our President!


Dreadog21 hours ago

The other shoe is about to drop…..So excited. Start sweating Dem’s

Ronnie Underhill

Ronnie Underhill21 hours ago

You’re a good man Lindsey. I agree with you totally. Let’s see where the Democrats go with this.

Osprey Saurus

Osprey Saurus23 hours ago

Report: DNC Hack May Have Used Tech System In Steele Dossier | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC mar 15 Rachel Maddow reports on a newly unsealed court document from a cybersecurity expert that found evidence that the web infrastructure of a tech firm mentioned in the Steele dossier may have been used in the Russian hack of the DNC.

Albert Mas

Albert Mas21 hours ago

Hillary Clinton,James Comey , Loretta Lynch ,Mueller and others ” democrats ” should be investigated .Agree with you Sen.Graham

Tina Sikl

Tina Sikl22 hours ago


Connie Sandel

Connie Sandel23 hours ago

Senator Graham, I hope, will continue fighting to find the truth about Hillary’s modus operandi!

Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson22 hours ago (edited)

Sen. Graham you are the man…. Make America Great Again Americans Armed Forces, Police, Militias should gather together and root out the destroyers of our Great Nation.

Stacy Large

Stacy Large23 hours ago

We need a revolution….you’re either with me or against me !

ron rowdy

ron rowdy23 hours ago

click bait: where were the “sealed indictments” ?

Mary Lee

Mary Lee23 hours ago

Let’s pray Senator Graham doesn’t end up suicided.🕊️


LoveMyPresident1 day ago (edited)


ma turner

ma turner20 hours ago

Thank you Lindsay Graham. This has been necessary for a long time.


KAREN B KOOP22 hours ago (edited)


Sandra Preston

Sandra Preston20 hours ago

sen.graham, i sure wish you were the sen.of missouri because you are great!!!!

Dewey Self

Dewey Self23 hours ago

Trump for president.the man from the lord… remember in the bible.hamon prepared a gallows to hang morticiah..god worked it right around an hamon was hung on his own gallows..i notice everything they come against falls on them.quit going against then you’ll be blessed..

elizabeth hestevold

elizabeth hestevold1 day ago

Amen, Senator Graham, you are one off the few shining lights in the Senate! And, courage’s to boot!!!

jake mcdonald

jake mcdonald22 hours ago



colonels823 hours ago

Senator Graham is an Air Force Colonel and a lawyer. I propose we let Air Force Office of Special Investigations handle the Hillary Clinton email “matter.”


Germaxicus23 hours ago

I’m glad Graham found his testicles after McCain passed. Go get ‘em!!!

santini deutch

santini deutch23 hours ago

How about today MR. Not just 2016! Let get this on NOW. Stop Stalling.

Mr. Green

Mr. Green23 hours ago

Thank you Senator Graham. Finally someone with backbone. Lock Her Up !!!

Rhuben Collins

Rhuben Collins23 hours ago

I don’t trust the American government any farther than I can throw a MACK TRUCK. Corruption top to bottom.

Carvin Lambert

Carvin Lambert23 hours ago (edited)

we need to tell…. All Federal Law Officers to get out and go Arrest those that are Corrupt! YESTERDAY !!!!!

US Patriot

US Patriot21 hours ago

Mueller is not bi-partisan, He as far as I see with all that he has done so far should be looked at as part of a coup

RevBiker Big D

RevBiker Big D1 day ago

Treasonous heads should be cut off ! Really cut off to send a strong message so this Never happens again!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 😎

Anthony Spicer

Anthony Spicer1 day ago

No more kicking the can down the road on this crap. Americans want justice served.

ZipYour Lib

ZipYour Lib23 hours ago

*Hang Hillary, Revive… Burn alive & HANG Again…!!

So Ho

So Ho22 hours ago (edited)

Trump opened my eyes to how corrupt the system really is. He put a spot light on it and made it interesting. Shit is about to get real for 2020!

Bobbie Mooser

Bobbie Mooser21 hours ago

Question. What happened with Senator GRAHAMS REQUEST❓❓❓

Alfonso Waldo

Alfonso Waldo21 hours ago

Stand up Republicans unite that’s the only way we can get anything done. Trump 2020.


Mike23 hours ago (edited)

👍🏼🇺🇸👍🏼💥💥💥 Where is Ruth Bader Ginsberg 💀?


594kk22 hours ago

Stand by our president, or we are going back into slavery.

David R

David R22 hours ago

The title of this video is complete click-bait.  There’s absolutely NO mention of any sealed indictments.

Chris Newman

Chris Newman23 hours ago

Prediction: Muller already investigated that side of the issue. That’s why one investigation took more than twice as long as it should have. That’s my prediction.

Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds16 hours ago



Dorkchop21 hours ago

This is taking too long. Can we just go to war already?

screw ball

screw ball1 day ago


Doug Prominski

Doug Prominski1 day ago

Here Here Senator Graham !!! You hang in there and make it possible for those bast%&*rds to pay for there dispicable crimes and the endless hounding of our GOOD President !!!!!!!!!

Woken AtLast

Woken AtLast23 hours ago

Special council done. Power resides with the people. DONE ! TRUTH over politics . Justice over politics. Done !

fairy princess or something whatever

fairy princess or something whatever20 hours ago

They pin people against each other for 2 years exactly what they wanted !Dems are opssesed with race!!


JAFO22 hours ago

We can’t allow time to erase the crimes of the Democrats. But historically, that’s what usually happens.

Rose Aaron

Rose Aaron1 day ago

See this thru All the Way to Gitmo…Or BEYOND


bluewater45422 hours ago

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy here, but why is it that Republicans only seem to grow a back bone when they don’t have the power to actually put their money where their mouths are? This little speech is all well and good, but it should have been made when the Republicans controlled Congress.

Susan Auger

Susan Auger23 hours ago

No matter what is revealed the dems will not accept any answer except bad for Trump. Just like the election. They do not accept it. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT LOL

Doug Decker

Doug Decker21 hours ago

At last!! Senator Graham hopefully won’t let this go away. There is or was a corruption of the DOJ and the FBI in 2016 and probably even before that, during Obama’s presidency. These damn crooks need to be investigated and sentenced as any other American citizen would be. Let’s go with the obvious Democrat policy now……guilty before proven innocent just like they cried during Kavanaugh’s hearing! How can the Democrats deny this, someone outside of the government looking into the corruption of the Clinton’s, DOJ and FBI at that time. We’ll see how the Dems try to get out of this. Also, whoever does the investigation needs to be protected against a sudden death incident. That seems to happen a lot to people who go against the Clintons.

Osprey Saurus

Osprey Saurus1 day ago

YOUTUBE : “Here’s how Trey Gowdy Could Be Next in Mueller’s Russian Collusion Investigation.” . In May 25, 2017, it came to light that Gowdy had faced a House Ethics complaint against him over his conduct in former Sec of State Hillary Clinton’s investigation. Gowdy’s super PAC suddenly started receiving large sums of money when the House Intelligence Commitee began investigating Trump and the accusation of collusion with Russia. In May 23 2017, in an interview with CNN Mau Raju, Gowdy let slip that “it’s not unusual for Russians to contact campaigns.”

Ravnar 777

Ravnar 77720 hours ago

Graham is playing politics and is a spineless bastard. Graham and his new “best buddy,” anti-gun zealot Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), are scheduling a hearing on Gun Confiscation Orders — sugar-coated as “red-flag laws” — on March 26 of this month. Gun Confiscation “red-flag” Orders were drafted and are being promoted nationally by Leftist anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. They would allow an angry relative or the police to make a telephone call to a judge. And, based on that telephone call, the judge can issue an order stripping you of your Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights — all without your knowledge. Do not get complacent because republicans won the senate, call your senators, e-mail them, write to them and tell them to vote no against any red flag and gun control legislation.


Nes1 day ago

Why not just go snd investigate Clinton already..why cannot it be done

Canadian Deplorable

Canadian Deplorable1 day ago

Is this why Trey Gowdy has resigned? Will he be running this investigation?!!!

Bea Torres

Bea Torres23 hours ago

Thank you Mr. Senator Graham Amen Gbu and ur loved one’s always


deebbie222219 hours ago

HRC deserves military tribunals for what she’s done. Live on CNN!

Tesla Kuhn

Tesla Kuhn11 hours ago

“He said smoking gun. Too soon.” ~w/ British Accent (for Some Reason)

yep Now

yep Now1 day ago

Have an extremely dire situation within the Democratic Party it seems like the Democratic party is dead set on transforming our country into something that is detrimental to the electorate and only favors the Democratic party and its mission to socialize our great nation. There are laws within our constitution that protects this country from the very actions the Democratic party is trying to establish. This behavior by the Democratic Party is a form of sedition. Time and time again our leaders in government have been chipping away and our constitution this needs to end immediately the former president has done great damage as we can see by the corruption within our judicial branch. It is extremely apparent their goals and aspirations to water down this nation with illegal immigrants and those who care not about our founding document this needs to change are this country will end up just as the Chinese and the Russians have dreamed of which is a completely segregated government it is my opinion that the Communist ideology has infected the upper branches of our government so please America vote your conscience the next time you step into The ballot box because you could be living in the demise a free society which happens to be the most powerful on Earth when this is gone due to our negligence so goes the rest of the world and it will not be pretty.

Chris Q Patriot

Chris Q Patriot20 hours ago

Welcome to the #PatriotParty. #GreatAwakeningWW Open the Pandora’s Box and we will come up with a new name for treason. Godspeed, Mr President. WAWY


Oilwellian23 hours ago

Clickbait title that has nothing to do with Graham releasing sealed indictments, of which he has no power to do. That would be done by the Justice Department.

Jamie Wilcox.

Jamie Wilcox.20 hours ago

Thank you Senator Graham…you nailed it. May it come to a final JUST resolution!!!


A A19 hours ago

Sen Graham is doing great work exposing the deep state and the corrupt Dems.

Barney Fife

Barney Fife22 hours ago

Of course the DOJ and FBI had to systems of justice. One according to law and the other biased.

Pam Bauder

Pam Bauder22 hours ago

Once again, Lindsay Graham speaks profoundly the truth!!!

Karen Pearson

Karen Pearson1 day ago

Thank you Mr. Graham. Not too many left in Congress that will stand up for WE THE PEOPLE! WE DEMAND AND HAVE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

Mary Gallegos

Mary Gallegos22 hours ago

Mr. Graham, we are all bothered. You all kept hiding the crooks!!!

Richard Kilmer

Richard Kilmer1 day ago

Time for the Judical Watch Batman spotlight.

Bxbby Xarcia

Bxbby Xarcia23 hours ago

Well since a Republican (Mueller) is investigating trump then a democrat should investigate Hillary.

Dakota Blessing

Dakota Blessing20 hours ago

AMEN GOD YES AMEN Sen Graham God Bless You

Off Grid Nation

Off Grid Nation23 hours ago

Please stop believing in this corrupt clown show called government.

Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall1 day ago

His hairstyle has changed. He’s starting to drive a Trump swoop!

Nick G

Nick G21 hours ago

I have no faith in the FBI or DOJ as it stands. They need a house cleaning NOW!

World Coming Down 5778

World Coming Down 57781 day ago

Wipe Israel off the map.

Suzanne Elliott

Suzanne Elliott20 hours ago

I believe you Senator…..go after it till the whole truth is clear and justice is served.

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama23 hours ago

Yea , if if if, …. If Obama had a meeting in the white house with the russian he would already been impeach!!!! loll

Venerable V

Venerable V1 day ago

Steele dossier was also spread by Lindsey Grahams close friend John McCain and staff, that needs to be investigated too.

Dominic Challenger

Dominic Challenger18 hours ago

Senator Graham we salute you sir. WWG1WGA MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💥#Qisreal

Robert Stewart

Robert Stewart22 hours ago

And America walk on the moon, “yeah right”

Frode Grunsvold

Frode Grunsvold1 day ago

The other day somebody let me know the sun rises in the east…and now this…and I’m thinking…holy shit ? Two in a row. Testify Mr. Graham, I’m listening.

Right On Q

Right On Q1 day ago

Democrat slap down coming! Jeez….hate those people.

Victoria O'Shea

Victoria O’Shea1 day ago

Here here!! Go Lindsey Graham thank you so much thank God may God protect you! This is a holy battle we need Justice to heck with the two-tiered justice system!

Karen Sellers

Karen Sellers1 day ago

This is why Lindsey Graham needs to be in the White House with Trey Gowdy. They are both perfect for exacting the truth and applying justice for all. Brilliant man, brilliant strategist, knows how to make it work.

Joseph Szarmach

Joseph Szarmach22 hours ago (edited)

It took Graham this long to figure out how politics was driving things at the Justice Dept and FBI??? Hint: CNN and the Dems made it up. It’s a faux allegation. Dems are slick. Republicans are clueless.

Lori Faulkner

Lori Faulkner23 hours ago (edited)

Clickbait ! Senator Graham released NOTHING!


michelerandall1231 day ago

I wish Trey Gowdy was AG. Things got kind of quiet ever since his investigators were murdered and buried when they were working on the Clinton Library research.


LEEP APPLING22 hours ago

Didn’t release anything as ur vid claims.. #CLICKBAIT

Rhonda Taylor

Rhonda Taylor19 hours ago

Paul Ryan was supposedly part of the tarmac meeting with Lynch and Clinton.


renovate22 hours ago

nice click bait. first of all, HE can’t release them or unseal them.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson1 day ago

I agree 100% don’t stop until the swamp is drained!

Daniel Talbott

Daniel Talbott1 day ago

I believe that Mueller has been that special council for 2 years. Hammer time.

Brian Flanagan

Brian Flanagan1 day ago

Absolutely! There is more than enough evidence that we need to appoint a special council!


GoSlash2723 hours ago

Clickbait. I wish I could stop this page from showing up in my feed…

mj Rotondi

mj Rotondi22 hours ago

Hopefully this is not another empty investigation on THE CLINTON CRIMES or another promise.

Cristi Beehn

Cristi Beehn18 hours ago

Yes Sen. Graham, It does bother us!! We are mad as hell!!!


dee761 day ago

I curious how two books are being released on March 23 about The mueller findings when nothing has ever been released.

Robert Benedict

Robert Benedict1 day ago

But will anything come about?? Or just be put under the rug.

Saul Castaneda

Saul Castaneda1 day ago

Senator McCain must be Rollin over in his grave

Shannon Phillips

Shannon Phillips1 day ago

It will never happen. To many hidden agendas and politicians involved.




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    • HypothesisFree

      BS Click-Bait Title – There is NOTHING HERE about releasing the so called Sealed Indictments.

      Regardless of Intent Your Vote is Effectively a Hate Crime:

    • AJ

      Where?? BS

    • digdug30

      Just thought I would poke my head round the door, don’t often come by this way much now, seeing you are still peddling the sealed indictment crap guess I will continue my very occasional visits. Take a hint get a new angle and stop flogging the long dead horse.

    • Equalizer

      Burn her at the stake…especially after her peeling that poor young girls face off with Huma Abedin on the dark web…God has a special place for her, Huma and Bill the serial pedophile “rapist”.

      • Equalizer

        Never become sedate or complacent with Satan, always remain alert and vigilant.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          And to stay totally alert, continually clap your hands for comedic effect.
          Right Sir Claps Alot? :mrgreen:

    • AmericaWakeUpNow

      Would be nice to see some action, not all this talk and posturing!!!!

    • American

      The linked video did NOT include anything about releasing sealed indictments. A problem regarding credibility increases and continues. NEXT

    • LightsOut

      I was not a fan of Senator Graham UNTIL NOW! I hope all the Perps get the harshest

      of punishments (TREASON) For purposely trying to destroy this great nation!

    • faithbrother

      We Know The Truth.
      Hussein Obama
      Obamagate- illegal spying Fake dossier,
      Illegal DNC money laundering,
      Clinton Foundation .Foreign donations
      used in a US Presidential campaign.




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