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This Just Happened in California! Lasers, Microwaves, D.Ξ.W.s & a Trainload of Military Vehicles Coming In?...Oh My - Great Video

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Dana Ashlie

Published on Apr 27, 2019

These are not your normal batch of mιlιtary vessels headed off to the Sαudis. Does this batch stay stateside? We will explore here why that is a very likely scenario.


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John Ortiz

John Ortiz2 weeks ago

(Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; )

Dana Ashlie

Dana Ashlie2 weeks ago (edited)

There are several …ah…unkind comments to this video…and, sadly, people who have taken my SUSPICION about how our GOVT could feasibly treat its CITIZENS… to mean that I do NOT have respect for the MEN in our MILITARY.  That could not be further from the truth. Being from a very POOR part of the RURAL SOUTH of the United States myself, I have MANY deeply loved friends and family that have served our country. And it is from THIS position that I project doubt upon the intentions of our GOVT – and NOT our men who have served and even SUFFERED (having been IN the military) as a result.   The number of homeless, mentally ill and sick/just plain NOT taken care of…veterans in our country is STAGGERING…and today is greater than the number of soldiers who have died during the wars. This is disgraceful. One SMALL example of the way our govt has treated our TROOPS…is the case of our men and women who suffered as a result of the needless EXPOSURE TO Depleted Uranium during the Gulf War. The pentagon knew what those weapons would do- not only to Iraqi CIVILIANS as WELL as to our own brave troops. Very prestigious scientists have already proved that MANY American soldiers have died from radiation they encountered during Gulf War. They called it Gulf war “syndrome” yet a staggering 62 percent of sick vets tested to have uranium isotopes in their organs, bones, brains and urine. Laboratories in Switzerland and Finland corroborated the findings. In other studies, some sick vets were found to be expressing uranium even in their semen. Their sexual partners often complained of a burning sensation during intercourse, followed by their own debilitating illnesses and their precious babies born with horrible birth defects. But what does the pentagon do? It takes the filed complaints/medical proof of the deadly impacts of DE on vets and stores them in the Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City…just prior to its being BLOWN to pieces. How convenient. They save the billions they’d have needed to help our vets…they are off the hook with that $ and our country is one step closer to signing into law the “Patriot Act”… the most ridiculously named piece of legislature our country had yet seen. The one that annihilated our rights as individuals and made people like me – who DARE to expose these disgraceful acts – as ‘terr0rists” themselves. So…yeah, this ain’t about my disrespect for our troops. It’s not about what I believe our country is MEANT to stand for…it’s against the greatly deceived and evil folks that have our economy, our media AND our military hijacked. Keeping us fighting against each other with WINGed parties and constant propaganda that that makes sure we all hate each other, rather than the true spiritual evil that is currently in power. But hey, we know who presently rules this earth, right? Being a vessel to the Holy Spirit is the only way out of this mess. I love you all. Even the haters. :)



month later invasion update tanks reach base after war game

Frank Wiley

Frank Wiley2 weeks ago (edited)

To the haters, look up Federal Government Dissolved In 1933. See who they declare is the Enemy of the State. See what declaration the “president” must sign every year in order to stay in power. Time to get educated since schools just programmed you with lies. Know GOD ~ Know Truth Know GOD ~ No Fear Peace & Love to All

John Graf

John Graf3 days ago

Anyone feeling protected by the military? I sure as hell don’t.

Thane McEwen

Thane McEwen2 weeks ago

Why isnt this equipment stationed on our southern border ?

Mike Wilbur

Mike Wilbur11 hours ago

Nikola Tesla invented a laser, The Government wanted it for a death ray. Nikola Tesla said no my invention will not be used to kill. Tesla wound up dead shortly after saying no & the blueprints were gone when he was found.

Gerald Hartman

Gerald Hartman2 weeks ago

Hey Dana. I was a truck commander on a Styker over 10 years ago, as well as part of a small dismount group in a RSTA unit. The red-cross marker indicates a medical component and according to the Geneva Convention is not to be targeted…supposedly. The crescent-moon is the Arab world’s equivalent to our red-cross. The Active Denial w3ap0n is relatively new. The days of brigades & divisions of men (1000s upon 1000s) fighting each other in mass movements is long over – think WW2 and that long ago. Ever since then, fighting has occurred between ever decreasingly-sized units. And now, (right or wrong) we operate in and sometimes against civilian-pop. areas. The ADS is only one response to this situation. I can’t speak to its health affects, but it’s obviously a response to public calls for toning down lethality. The arms are for the LRASS System – long range advanced scout surveillance system. It’s just a really good set of binoculars that costs around a 1/4 mil. This “movement” could be several things… – heading to the NTC, – heading to the border, – heading to a port for deployment… It’s not necessarily nefarious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t or should not take notice. I remember during the L.A. riots in the aftermath of Rodney King, Marine LAV25s were brought in and rolled into civilian locations. It disturbed me to see our military being applied in such a manner, in spite of my being freshly out of the Marines at that time. The National Guard is supposed to be activated first and proven to be ineffective before anything like seeing LAVs rolling down Wilshire Boulevard, but this was done at the outset. Keep up the good work on all you do. God bless you and yours.

Mike Wilbur

Mike Wilbur10 hours ago (edited)

I don’t think a lot of people know this but when Kennedy put into action the Elite Units during his administration he set up the program to be like this “If the government ever goes rogue have a plan in place” So now here’s the thing. Now think about this & also think what is that plan? Is it in some way set in place to take the country back? That’s the whole point. Gramp was recon, my uncle was a baret I’d personally bet every penny I have to my name right now that what will be happening if the gov goes rogue & sh** hits the fan is that citizens will end up being trained by the guys who train the best.

Mike Wilbur

Mike Wilbur10 hours ago

The Salvation Army is affiliated with FEMA & the red cross is affiliated with the Salvation army idk it’s just a theory but that may be what the red cross has to do with.


maxvre2 weeks ago

Old chinese proverb – Of the 36 different ways to get out of trouble, the best way is to leave.

Somethin Aint Right Here

Somethin Aint Right Here2 days ago

spelling is what parents used to do to hide stuff from kids everything is going backwards it seems

Kate Gowen

Kate Gowen1 day ago

Were they en route to Paradise? Or is the time frame not in sync?

blk jet

blk jet2 weeks ago

Re cross equals ambulance Striker. The cluster of tubes are grenade launchers (mostly smoke, but can have anti-personnel).


Karin65092 days ago

The red cross is the Swiss cross. Great video! Thanks for sharing.


StoptheNWO20122 weeks ago


Anthony Griffin

Anthony Griffin1 week ago (edited)

Sensing the NWO Collective on our dime! We are already being replaced by illegals on our dime!

Annette Sutton

Annette Sutton1 week ago (edited)

Tyranny!! So much spent on war trillions! So much homeless! Including veterans! Just evil and tyranny!

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor2 weeks ago (edited)

It’s ALL GOOD… FOR GOOD… Arrests of terrible criminals are on the horizon!


YorktownUSA2 weeks ago

Worry more about the California State government then the Fed, currently.

Michael Goss

Michael Goss2 weeks ago

I guess maybe, just maybe these military vehicles are headed where they are needed; like the southern boarders.

Janet Walmsley-Heron

Janet Walmsley-Heron2 days ago

What worries me is that they might use them on American Citizens and if they sell them abroad KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO MIGHT HAVE GOOD REASON TO PROTEST. I HATE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND THE EARTH DOES NOT NEED THEM. BAN THEM ALL

Joe Shields from Boston

Joe Shields from Boston2 weeks ago

In History the RED CROSS symbol doesn’t seem to represent something that you run towards for HELP!

Shark Rock

Shark Rock2 weeks ago

Thank you all US MILITARIES!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 SALUTE!!

steve adams

steve adams1 week ago

The cluster of tubes are chaf dispensers. They keep anti tank missiles from hitting the vehicle.

Christopher Tolhurst

Christopher Tolhurst2 weeks ago

Crowd control Rioting and bands of hoodlums. That is part of the reason for the Stryker for martial law. God bless you. Peace




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  • rdfly

    I happen to know a army member from Ft. Stewart Ga. and they shipped a whole battalion to Cali. from desert training, they did leave around the end of april.

  • Dan Hammer

    Can you get a life???? I was in the Army for twenty years. We used to move the armor, tanks, Humvees for an armored brigade from Fort Steward Georgia to Fort Irwin California for training exercises two times a year. Three brigades in a division, that’s six movements of a military brigade in a single year from one fort! Just about every armored division deploys several times a year by TRAIN for TRAINING!!!! Did you note that those vehicles were painted green? If they were going to the middle east they would be painted tan!! As for the vehicles painted with a crescent, they were probably being sold to turkey who has the third largest military in the world!!! The mount that you referred to was probably for and infrared range finder or night sight, or for a Hellfire missile system which would NEVER be mounted for transport! That looked like a marine brigade moving to 29 Palms for a training exercise. Also note that if the were moving to the middle east they would be tracked Bradley Fighting vehicles. Those wheeled vehicles will go almost anywhere except SAND! STOP with the speculation!!!!

    • b4

      thank you dan–saved me the trouble…

  • DK

    Ye old tanks on rail car chestnut, you do know how much it costs to move them cross country by rail was about $2.7 per mile per vehicle v’s $1.69 for road nominally, however they only use tanks transports for tanks Driving a convoy across the US is not usually done these vehicles get 6.7 miles per gallon (@$3.17) but will have to contend with breakdowns en route. Say they do 1000 miles so $2700 by rail per car and $528 by road, in fact it is extremely odd that the military does not use the roads especially at night. If you are going to complain, do so about the costs of shipping first.

    • Dan Hammer

      It takes all day for the vehicles in one armored brigade to drive by a single point. If they moved an armored brigade from Fort Stewart to Fort Irwin it would take a month and would be a logistical nightmare. Put them on a train at fort Stewart , fly the soldiers to fort Irwin five days latter and pick up your vehicles. We made these type of moves constantly. Rail cars don’t have the weight limits of roads etc. It is just totally impractical unless you are moving a single company of wheeled vehicles two or three hundred miles.

    • Dan Hammer

      By the way if you think you can move a single tank for $1.69 a mile you are dreaming, you have to have a low boy with several axles, tanks are wide, you need permits for every state and escort vehicles, a low boy hauling a 50 ton tank would be lucky to get 2 miles per a gallon, on a thousand mile trip you would probably blow six tires. Put it on a rail car, send it on it’s way and pick it up 5 days later in California. Trains run 24 hours a day. An oversized load can only travel in daylight. Tanks are only moved by truck when necessary and they are usually hauled by a special military truck by military personal. Some tanks still have classified items on them and require a 24 hour guard by truck, rail, or ship. On occasion civilians will haul tanks but they are usually new or older model tanks with out all the bells and whistles.

  • truck driver

    Probably sold when armor to Israel to fund a vacation in Hawaii

  • beLIEve

    Proud to Serve the Military


    Every year, WE SHIP THOUSANDS of RAIL CARS of ammunition, Humvees, tanks and other VARIOUS types of MILITARY EQUIPMENT.
    Our geographic reach and connections allow us to DELIVER equipment ACROSS the COUNTRY between military installations or to a port for overseas deployment.

    Union Pacific’s military shipping capabilities are not limited to our extensive system map. WE will coordinate your SHIPMENT through our network, THROUGH OTHER RAILROADS and OVER THE ROAD, providing complete door-to-door service.




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