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This Is What Panic Looks Like! All Roads Lead to Hillary Clinton Plus Will They Run 2NZ? Durham Equals Fear/Fair - Video

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The Red Pill Book

Published on Jun 5, 2019

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Dora Tiscareno

Dora Tiscareno1 day ago (edited)

NOT TOO WORRIE….. GOD 🙏 and Trump have a “PLAN”….. WE 🇺🇸🌎… WILL BE FINE… OUR 🇺🇸 MILATARY and Our Allies WILL TAKE “CONTROL”….

The Red Pill Book

George W Shealy 1

George W Shealy 11 day ago

Barry Soertoro said, “Preditor Drones, You think I’m joking.”…..Hilarity Rotten Clinton said, ” If Trump wins, We ALL hang.”…. They were both right. Let them run to New Zealand or anywhere else. We will track them down with no mercy. WWG1..WGA. Q…..

The Red Pill Book

Nomad 2112

Nomad 21121 day ago

The only way to get those rats is to ground all flights at the moment of the declassification.

The Red Pill Book

syncletica saint

syncletica saint1 day ago

No…the Deep State is on another is the fivht against it..Yes whats Coming. We All must find and cling to The Good.

Deborah Varney

Deborah Varney1 day ago

Awesome video from an awesome patriot. God Bless You !!!!

The Red Pill Book


H M1 day ago

Grab em all. Throw the charges on them. Then and only then will they start ratting each other out.

The Red Pill Book

Peg D

Peg D1 day ago

Water boarding would be an acceptable form of “ Getting The Truth”. The top of The American Government officials thought it was a great tool at first for “ The Terrorists “ during the Wars. So let’s give them a little torture before they Go to Gitmo or The Death Penalty. I Have absolutely no hesitations in torture because The Torture they have done to Innocent Victims is Hell on Earth. Ambassador Stevens alone who was tortured with items put in areas of the body that …..I can’t even imagine… It makes me sick to my stomach. No Deals but also “ Feel The Pain of Torture “.

Linda Puccio

Linda Puccio1 day ago

Are they running to GITMO !!’ Lol ! They will be brought to justice. They can run but you can’t hide ! God knows where they are !

Viper4 Gaming

Viper4 Gaming1 day ago (edited)

Dave my friend…YOU ARE THE MAN!! GREAT STUFF PATRIOT…GREAT STUFF DEFINITELY my go to channel. Your videos are like no other. Very informative and so so Interesting. Thank you for all your time efforts and courage. My hats off to you sir!

The Red Pill Book

Sherry Lewis

Sherry Lewis1 day ago

What I want to see also is how fake news is going to hide behind this one I’m hoping for justice that’s all.

Mr. Aldrich

Mr. Aldrich1 day ago

Seth rich needs justice. Sorry the ones in Power get away with murder.

Joan Holliman

Joan Holliman1 day ago

Nothing will be more SATISFYING than to see the Deep State EXECUTED!!!!!!

Puke Puriri Pararewa

Puke Puriri Pararewa1 day ago

They come to NZ. They will be hunted and eaten by Maori. We hate them as much as Americans! We stand by Potus.!

The frog

The frog1 day ago

Tick tock get the ropes 😁. WWG1WGA MAGA.

The Red Pill Book

Peg D

Peg D1 day ago

“ The Person Of Interest” Show was a Television Show that now as I know what I know now…. the CEOS and Directors of this show were sending its audience a powerful message about what is “ here now regarding A.I. And more.

Travis McCasland

Travis McCasland1 day ago

Where’s the wheel so I can help push it a little faster ? Round and round we go where it stops nobody knows .


capeman101 day ago

I become a believer when I hear the clicking of the cuffs.

The Red Pill Book

Timothy Mccarthy

Timothy Mccarthy1 day ago

We can send Air craft carriers with in range of New Zealand. And a stealth bomber can drop a 250 to 2,000 lbs bomb right on there head even if the population is dis-armed.

Patti Patriot

Patti Patriot1 day ago

Our Constitution has only ONE remedy for Treason!>>>firing squad. Let the Justice be served!

Carletta Edwards

Carletta Edwards1 day ago

About time Jail them all up. WWG1WGA

The Red Pill Book

Susan Jewell

Susan Jewell1 day ago

Dear Lord, Thank you for President Trump. Amen.

UnknownF BeinQ

UnknownF BeinQ1 day ago

How am I not up 50 point?!?! You may ask

The Red Pill Book


HardknocksPHD1 day ago

Smelly deplorable Russian Walmart Robot! That is the smell of work. GET OFF TOUR ARSES, AND DO SOME WORK blend in 😂

Diane Seest

Diane Seest1 day ago

Katie G does an amazing breakdown of this.

The Red Pill Book

Bruce Wright

Bruce Wright1 day ago

Orange jumpsuits first, then public exicutions.

Jeffery Mackey

Jeffery Mackey1 day ago

They will run,must not escape.they fear the light.our father in heaven is waking his army. Onward christian solider honesty,and honor. God bless us all.


Olivia1 day ago

We have talked and accused enough. Now its time to start seeing arrests and there crimes made public.

Patrick Cohoon

Patrick Cohoon1 day ago

Why were these people not impeached? Thank God for President Trump in Jesus name.

Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson1 day ago

Barr knew the dems would go after him. However, I think it was dirtier and more personal than he had anticipated. The dems will rue the day they made that mistake.

David Reetz

David Reetz10 hours ago

The roths childs, sor os, the banks, the clowns, those are the puppet masters. Hope they go down so we can be free.

Alain Hauters

Alain Hauters1 day ago

Coz you are going to be in jail. When I First heard this words, without knowing Q, I was so happy to hear somebody talking normal nonpolitical language. TnQ

N. Madsen

N. Madsen20 hours ago

Dark to light Trust the plan PAIN is coming Nothing can stop this, Nothing Q Research #WeThePeople #SheepNoMore #Qanon I love X22 listening to his videos every day

Clear as mud Yeah

Clear as mud Yeah1 day ago

The Prison is too good for the demonrats and the deep state. You know what I mean.

Jacqueline Olesen

Jacqueline Olesen1 day ago

Well Canada is in there somewhere …. to many visits from Obummer Killery and such next maybe I sure hope so

Charlyn Kulla

Charlyn Kulla1 day ago

Too many videos keep using the word “panic”….I really don’t care for sensationalism….We’re in a mess….let’s try and get out of it sensibly!

Richard Myhan

Richard Myhan18 hours ago

We just see the tip of the iceberg! Hold their feet to the 🔥

Linda Puccio

Linda Puccio1 day ago

Great reporting ! Thank you !

The Red Pill Book

The Guitardude

The Guitardude1 day ago

Resilient communities could be a hint to some kind of bunkers or fortresses. Just a thought.

The Red Pill Book

Doug Er

Doug Er1 day ago

Damn! She. Was. Pissed. That clip never gets old

The Red Pill Book


JoJo K

JoJo K1 day ago

Nothing can stop what is COMING!! THANK YOU RED PILL BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💣💥💥💥 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 💜U

The Red Pill Book

Ronnie Bridged

Ronnie Bridged1 day ago (edited)

I hope they don’t Let them get a Way and Run I would thank they got a eye on them


MA S19 hours ago (edited)

We LOVE you President Trump!!! You are a GENIUS and the BEST world leader EVER!!! We’re SO proud to have you as our president!!! This is AWESOME!!! ❤️ These demonrats can run but they can’t hide…. not for long. They WILL get what they deserve one way or the other! Karma is a BITCH!!! WE LOVE TRUMP!!! WE LOVE TRUMP!!! WE LOVE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️

Dawnie Newman

Dawnie Newman1 day ago

And it was Hillary Clinton said if I go down half of DC is going with me

ann johns

ann johns1 day ago

Hillary Clinton used her “book tour” to speak to these people personally, seems she doesn’t trust emails. She had a breakfast meeting with Jacinda Adern, WHY?? She is irrelevant and why should the PM of NZ make time for her? We’ve also had visits from Podesta (right before the CHCH shooting) when he called NZ a “juicy” target. Clapper, Brennan, Comey they’ve all been here – what for? NZ is of NO importance in the big wide world.

The Red Pill Book

Diane Seest

Diane Seest1 day ago

X22? Is this you?? I know that voice.

The Red Pill Book

Charlie Walter

Charlie Walter1 day ago


The Red Pill Book

Johnl White

Johnl White1 day ago

President Trump please let me pull the lever on George Soros

sofia lizzy

sofia lizzy1 day ago



The Red Pill Book



Granville12 hours ago

The elites will hide in the huge HUGE underground complex they built in NZ! If you want to wait out the coming war, that’s where I would hide! NZ is small and out of the way!



Kim Heller

Kim Heller1 day ago

Nice mix!


The Red Pill Book


Rue Elli Stokoe

Rue Elli Stokoe1 hour ago

Globalism (satanism ) will never work Aussies will never do what the new zealand pm says -epic fail to the wit-chees.



2JOHNNYT1 day ago

#EnjoyTheShow! 😝😂😝



Marvin Boggs

Marvin Boggs1 day ago

Why are you using X22 content?



Jim Manngard

Jim Manngard18 hours ago

Great video and info from an awesome patriot! God Bless You!


Jean Hawaii

Jean Hawaii20 hours ago

So Excellent! Great work RPB!


Harry kiolBASSA

Harry kiolBASSA1 day ago

Bring that STORM on💥💥💥💥💥

The Red Pill Book


Mary McLean

Mary McLean11 hours ago

Only 567 people have handed in their weapons in NZ. They feel safer having their guns…Hehehehe 😁😎


anita xxx

anita xxx1 day ago

Charge them all



Danny White - Band

Danny White – Band1 day ago

That was farheed zakaria not obama.



terry jenkins

terry jenkins1 day ago

love it bring it on

The Red Pill Book


Eve Haslam

Eve Haslam1 day ago

Psychosis never ends well. #kag2020



Tina Shay

Tina Shay18 hours ago

Who are the leaders of Climate Change??? The Elite! The Satanic Pedovores!


Jordan Goodin

Jordan Goodin1 day ago

Climate change is Fake



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David Herrell

David Herrell1 day ago

I guess most of these pols want to get in foreign land and turn the phones off. They know they’re being watched.



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Billy Shears

Billy Shears18 hours ago

Can we TRUMP up some charges to get Tony Blair chucked into GITMO i ask? All say Aye!!👍💥💥💥💥


Patrick Fritchley

Patrick Fritchley1 day ago

All roads lead to HRC? WHAT about Bill? What about the masterminds of the theft and evil deeds of the last 70 years


William Fredericks

William Fredericks1 day ago

BOOM BOOM BOOM PAIN PAIN PAIN 🐐🐂⛈⛈⛈🖕🖕👊👊👊🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲❤❤🕊🕊# 17 WWG1WGA



a. sandoval zuniga

a. sandoval zuniga1 day ago

They can go to their underground cities and tunnels and hide but God will not stand for that! “Their underground cities will be their underground tombs” says the lord.


Mr. Aldrich

Mr. Aldrich1 day ago

To quote a man called crazy by the left “the truth will set you free”



HardknocksPHD1 day ago

Wow 😮 go their and just spit it out in one sentence. Storm coming


tout-petit dreamer

tout-petit dreamer3 hours ago

Because they hide soooo many things,meurters,sooooo many.



matt21 hours ago

Great video! Thank you patriot



dustyblue1 day ago

You can’t believe anything given to you by any mainstream corporate owned media to any false alternative You Tube channels~ that claim for the People( so paid to give false perceptions for the people~ so easy to spot)~ all smoke and mirrors w/ problem reaction solutions to fear mongering….just like all these tech companies like facebook, twitter, google, You tube ect w/ internet to silicon valley and revamping new policies..same~ problem reaction solutions…Government whom paid most w/ Internet Monopolies subsidies by who?..YOU THE TAX PAYING CITIZEN~WAKE UP!! Now many of you being censored by your own Tax Dollars~ Get It & Wake UP! For that matter any paid deep state politician. Their making you think their working for the People but they will no doubt make more deceptive actions with the Problem Reaction Solution but make it look like the Bill their signing is for the people but really in the fine lines you lose more of your Constitutional Freedoms!! Be proactive doing your own research and call out your local or state politician always and if they don’t act for the people vote them out or if by law their not being just get them removed from their position period!!

Read more


Judith Doolittle

Judith Doolittle1 day ago

If and when HRC and other high profile criminals they will find a rude awakening with no place to run and no place to hide, they will be found and will face justice.



Woogie1 day ago

Still waiting for just indictment of one of these clowns 🤡


Jeannie Griffin

Jeannie Griffin20 hours ago

“Resilient” is a term for interm camps.


Max Kammerer

Max Kammerer1 day ago

Lock them up now!


Justin jambo62

Justin jambo6217 minutes ago

Oh yeah ! clean underwear for the deep state ,full throttle mr president no mercy for the swamp creatures only commute to life imprisonment for sworn testimony Gitmo awaits y’all.



HardknocksPHD1 day ago

Dems will give out guns maybe with i d so they can get back


rodney worthington

rodney worthington1 day ago

Hannity Mr Interupt!



Denis Russo

Denis Russo1 day ago

There was a new murder in Arkansas

The Red Pill Book



HardknocksPHD1 day ago

We will give good guys guns n ammo when they need

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    TOO LATE for Killary. Numerous testimonies tie her to the White House possession of the black Colt .38 revolver found wiped clean of all fingerprints in the right hand of the dead Vince Foster in Marcey Park. Foster’s prints were NOWHERE TO BE SEEN, and the powder burns on the thumb first finger web of BOTH hands prove he was trying to pull the pistol back out of his mouth when it was fired. Custom black powder half-loads, as purchased with the gun from Seattle Hardware in 1982 have Killary Stab Kitty’s ass nailed to a log heading over the falls. Besides, the White House guards watched her and her Israeli Mossad detail carry the body out of the White House through an access tunnel.




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