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100% Proof Obama Rigged 2016 Elections in the White House - Busted - Treason!

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(830) Proof Of Who Hijacked The 2016 Election – YouTube

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The last President used Tax Payer Funds to rig the 2016 election.

In October 2014 the President sent his White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Park to Silicon Valley to help with the Frazzled Rat’s campaign and to help her implement Facebook Election Rigging Software.

The last President then hired Google Engineer Mikey Dickerson at the White House and created the US Digital Service – which routed All Election Results nation wide through the White House so the President could control the outcome.

Fortunately there was  an Adult there who then rerouted these elections through a Secret Location and gave President Trump the win.

We are talking about Open Treason by those in the White House, those in charge of Face Book and Google.

The article then goes on to describe exactly who was in charge of what part of the Treasonous Acts – a who‘s who of Treason.

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander – why can’t President Trump use this same system to control the 2018 elections Nationwide?

Time will tell what happens to these individuals.

Please Pray – focus – that those who are committing Treason against the American Public are neutralized immediately.



The United Nations brought forth legislation to force Homosexual Education onto all 10 year olds across the world.

Only one of the 4 resolutions failed.

Further – Abortion will be taught as an alternative to having children as parental Control for their Children’s Education was ruled to be – Antiquated and now illegal.

THE PLAN must be implemented immediately – Complete anarchy, massive world conflict, and the reduction of the world’s population to 500 million.

Do not worry as the US is now  dropping  “Flowers” that go “Boom” on the Somalia “Taliban” and killing one man per $10 Million Dollars of military expenses.

In a Macy’s Parade 4 Illegal Aliens blocked the path. They were arrested but they discussed the 11 Million Illegal Aliens not in America.

Those two Items have Bankrupted America so the Elites expect Chaos  soon to occur world wide.

Please pray that these Elites are Neutralized and for your families that you are ready for any disaster – from Food Shortages to power outages.



Yesterday we received another Intel Dump – a Briefing of sorts.

1) Protect President Putin over the next 4 days – as there is a great threat against him and his doubles.

The Rothchilds have paid a Bounty on his head for seizing their Illegal Syrian Oil Profits.


2) Secret Service – President Trump is about to find out who has been protecting him – Warning him 3 months out as to the threats on his life – and when he finds out you have been screwing with him Poop will hit the fan.

Yes – Secret Service Agents are needed to guard the Northern Alaska.


3) With the deaths of the original Clintons, David Rothchild, David Rockefeller, George Soros , George Bush Senior, Queen of England things are now coming out.


4) China may soon loose liquidity as they are now experience huge debt problems as their economy continues to tumble.

This may mean a pulling in of the Thousands of Billions of Treasury Bonds now out there and the end of liquidity here in the United States.

What that means is Economic Chaos – which means – World Wide Depression unlike the world has ever seen.

If this World Wide Depression does not occur by 1 January – forcing a Huge World Conflict using Huge Firecrackers fired from Iran onto Israel – then there will be an attempt to take out the US President 4 January. This would be a great time not to be in the White House. We shall see about 8 February – hint, hint, hint.


4) Just a note to the President: many bottles of booze are laced with a new Encapsulated Patented Herpes Virus G+. If you insist on drinking then please have your own trusted staff bring it to you.

Any bottle in the White House Booze Cellar with a red dot or smiley face on them – avoid them. The New Virus – meant to take you down in 24 hours with fevers – are activated by stomach acids.

The last CIA and the last 2 FBI Directors were informed about these bottles.


5) In the Sub Basement of the White House there are some Chemical Agents – they are beginning to leak. Get rid of them.


6) There is still a crack on what was just Air Force 1, now #3 on the left landing gear strut – the long metal pole leading to the landing gear. Please replace it.


7) The New Computer Upgrade now being loaded into Air Force One gives Microsoft complete control of Air Force One.



6) There are Moles in the New Rothchild’s Headquarters In Switzerland – White Dragons so to speak. The living GOD will never let you find them and they are speaking out.


7) Finally – President Trump, Putin, Jinping, Rothchilds, etc – Until you do as GOD has directed the world economies will not recover. 




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.



The Army retirement System is so screwed up that the man in charge of Fort Knox and the US Army Retirement System  – Colonel Kaune – is not able to have anyone on his entire post enter in a correct Birth Date.

It is like everything is breaking down in this nation – even the US Army Retirement System.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go – but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount



Absolute Proof: Obama Rigged Elections – American Intelligence Media

FIG. 1: BARACK OBAMA used taxpayer funds to rig the 2016 election. In Oct. 2014 he sent his White House chief technology officer Todd Y. Park to Silicon Valley to help with Hillary’s campaign and to implement her Facebook election rigging software. Simultaneously, Obama hired Google engineer Mikey Dickerson at the White House and in just seven weeks created the U.S. Digital Service. Together, Park and Dickerson routed all election data through the White House, so that Obama could control the entire nation’s election . . . at least the parts that his operatives Bob Creamer, Robby Mook, John Podesta and Terry McAuliffe had not already rigged. See proofs below.

United Nations Plan to Push Sex on Young Children is Defeated as African Nations Fight Back |


US carries out sixth straight day of airstrikes in Somalia | Fox News

Anti-Trump policy protest briefly blocks Macy’s parade route – NY Daily News

“I was scared of being arrested, I was scared of losing my job,” Hernandez said. “But once there, I felt empowered, having them with me, and knowing it wasn’t just for me — it was for everyone, not just the Dreamers, but all 11 million.”




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    • Universal spiritulaity

      Great Waves of Change are sweeping our world.

      Humanity must prepare.
      Recommendations for living in a Great Wave World

    • truck driver

      In 2016 I had to deliver to Brampton Ontario twice a week and Canadians would say when Hillary becomes president we will kill all Americans, and they would threaten shippers and receivers that do business with us trucks and make up laws saying it’s illegal to do business with us trucks. Canada freight is for Canada trucks. Canada is for Canadians and not you people from the US. You will become somebody’s SLAVE if you become a Canadian person .get out of Canada and don’t come back. Then say the Canadian government told us to say that

    • Pink Slime

      Ohhh, the Negro wasn’t worth a darn. Just a mahoo sodomite pagan Moslem lazy yes man. Put in there just to sign laws that his handlers gave him making him just as WORTHLESS as them.

      I owe, I owe so off to golf I go – said the Negro.

      I have a feeling the next few months will bring TERROR to the world. That’s right around the corner. Check your six, count your survival food mix, and learn some Karate kicks. :lol:

      • Anonymous

        Time to stock donuts, medical weed, and top shelf tequila. :shock: :eek:

      • Andy

        “Check your six, count your survival food mix, and learn some Karate kicks.”

        i’m impressed Pink – reality advice rather than fairy-tale advice like “please pray”

    • unidentified

      you elected obama to do your bidding so go back to your cave j**hole




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