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Wikileaks: Alex Jones: George Soros to Be Shadow President of USA (Video)

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Alex reveals the shadowy characters that are working behind the scenes to destroy our democracy and very way of life.

Who is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones is internationally recognized by many as a trailblazer of new media and an icon of the burgeoning liberty movement.

Starting at the tender age of 20, Jones launched an access television show which within a year led to him scoring a highly rated week night radio show in Austin, Texas.

The Alex Jones Show is now syndicated on over 160 stations across the country and routinely breaks huge stories in addition to featuring some of the most insightful and news making guests from across the world.

Jones is dedicated to libertarian and constitutionalist ideas, in addition to what he has coined “1776 worldwide” – promoting a true culture of liberty, transparency and freedom on a planetary scale to empower humanity, while vehemently opposing Agenda 21 and the globalist threat to national sovereignty.

Jones believes that informing people about the true nature of power, we can foster a real debate about humanity’s destiny and allow the species to evolve towards a more orderly singularity that has humans at the core of a system which is based around maintaining free will and integrity  – defying the transhumanist goal of Social Darwinism and scientific dictatorship.

Amidst the mammoth ideological clash between techno-authoritarianism and free human movements across the globe, Jones is a bullhorn for true libertarian principles and the empowerment of humankind in the eternal battle against tyranny.

Jones has hit the headlines on numerous occasions for his outspoken advocacy for freedom, notably in January 2013 when he took part in a televised debate with CNN’s Piers Morgan on gun control which garnered global attention.

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    • Sun Tzu

      How would that zio-shill know. TBBP. DGIT,

      • HitleryforPrison

        Anus-inmouth…I have chunks of BS girls like you in my stool!!! What difference at this point does it make!!!?

    • truther357

      YES…For the past 8 years..add RINO-McCain and RINO-John ( gun control) Kasich to that shadow & $$$

    • Morgana Le Fay

      I think it’s apparent to most that those with the most wealth are the true rulers of this country—and the world. Realistically, this has been the case since the dawn of civilization, and it likely always will be. Sugar coat it in polity all you want, it still amounts to those with the most power and resources at their disposal making the rules—in their favor, ofcourse.

      • Takealook

        Yes that is true but until the past 10-12 years those with immense wealth did not have as their main goals the genocide of most of the inhabitants on the planet. Now they clearly do for those that can see.

    • Doccus

      “Who is Alex Jones”? :-) Is there anybody left that still doesn’t know? He’s famous! He’s run roughshod , verbally, over some of the most interesting whistleblowers who were able to divulge the most revealing information about the shadow government.
      They never did, of course. AJ never let them. He just loves to hear his own voice, and the only reason he even has guests at all is as a foil to allow him to blab on. And on. And on. And on.
      And you know what? That’s giving him the benefit of the doubt, as I could have said he’s a cointelpro agent to make the alternatine news media look like stupid maroons. Like what he did at the Texas gun rights rally. If you haven’t seen that video yet you really MUST.
      Luckily, there’s infowars, with the excellent interviewers like David Knight and that LeslieAnn Macadooo (maybe she should shorten that name a touch?), and they get the interviews done that AJ just can’t seem to manage.

      • wiseoldlady

        Yep…if he would shut his BIG mouth and allow the guests to talk….instead we get 10 minutes of guests info and 50 minutes interruptions and gab from Alex…..quite rude, and repulsive. Is he an obsessive-compulsive or a power control bully???

        • Thom V

          You mean Alex is like O’Reilly??????????????!!!

          • BEEF SUPREME

            Yes, but O’Reilly’s tits are smaller.

    • thejoshualewis

      Ugh. Alex Jones ia a dipshit. Even if what he says is factual, his delivery and mannerisms are so oft-putting that its immediately discredited. Not to mention the lies he’s told about how many people he’s beaten up, how the government killed family members, etc etc.

    • Enjoykin4

      BREAKING NEWS 23 October 2016 !!!!

      Scores of Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Attack East of Damascus
      Syrian Army troops and popular forces repelled an attack by terrorists in Jobar in Eastern Ghouta, leaving dozens of militants dead or wounded.

      Terrorists Continue to Prevent People from Leaving Eastern Neighborhoods of Aleppo
      The terrorist groups in Eastern Aleppo keep blocking civilians’ exit path despite the humanitarian pause by the army and the plan for the relocation of 900 militants from Aleppo city to Idlib province.

      Iraqi Forces Rescue More Families Escaping ISIL Terrorists South of Mosul
      Iraqi popular forces rescued more families escaping the ISIL terrorists in Shoura area South of Mosul.

      Terrorists Come Under Missile Attack by Syrian Army in Quneitra and Damascus
      The Syrian army missile units destroyed terrorists’ technical vehicles carrying ammunition for the militants near Khan al-Sheih in Damascus and al-Hamidia in the countryside of Quneitra. Also another unit of the army demolished militants’ … more

      Iraqi Popular Forces Dismantle ISIL’s IEDs, Booby Traps in Recaptured Villages South of Mosul
      Iraqi Popular Forces and Federal Police units destroyed and dismantled ISIL’s car bombs, IEDs and booby traps in newly captured villages South of Mosul.

      Iraqi Army Liberates Another Village from ISIL Control
      Iraqi forces liberated the village of Tal Al-Samen, South of Mosul, as the battle to retake the city of Mosul continues.

      Syrian Army Foils Terrorists’ Offensive in Eastern Damascus
      The Syrian army destroyed terrorists’ positions, vehicles and heavy weapons, and inflicted large casualties on them in an offensive in Eastern in the town of Jobar, Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province.

      Forever War: Ending It Is a Much Bigger Problem Than Continuing It
      The participation lies of the United States and allies in the Mosul offensive and their refusal to commit to accepting the legitimacy of the Syrian government distract from the real threat to global peace and security.
      Iran, Brazil to Hold Joint Economic Commission Soon

      Iran, Brazil to Hold Joint Economic Commission Soon
      Tehran and Brasilia will hold a joint economic commission aimed at boosting mutual cooperation in the coming days.

      Austrian Parliament Vice Speaker Due in Tehran Tonight
      Austrian Parliament Vice Speaker Karlheinz Kopf is scheduled to arrive in Tehran on Saturday night.

      Nearly 1,000 Reportedly Treated for Breathing Problems after ISIL Torches Sulphur Plant near Mosul
      Nearly 1,000 people had to be treated for breathing problems after ISIL terrorists set a sulphur plant ablaze in Mishraq, South of the Iraqi city of Mosul, Reuters reported, citing hospital sources.
      IFRC Hails Iran’s Humanitarian Efforts

      IFRC Hails Iran’s Humanitarian Efforts
      A senior official of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) lauded Iran for its notable humanitarian relief operations.

      Iran Condemns US-Led Coalition Attack on Kirkuk Civilians
      Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned the US-led coalition airstrikes against the civilians in Kirkuk province in Northern Iraq.

      Euphrates Shield: Turkey Sends More Tanks to Syria as Tensions Rise Between Damascus, Ankara
      The Turkish military sent more tanks to Northern Syria to support the Ankara-backed militants in the fight against the Kurdish forces as tension are high between two country.
      Minister: Malaysian Firms Eyeing Investment in Iran’s Oil Industry

      Malaysian Firms Eyeing Investment in Iran’s Oil Industry
      Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said several Malaysian companies have voiced their willingness to invest in his country’s energy projects.
      Syrian Army Warns Turkey of Impending Battle

      Syrian Army Warns Turkey of Impending Battle
      The General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces in a statement issued on Saturday lashed out at Turkey, specially President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for its continued aggression on Syrian soil, and described Ankara as a staunch supporter of … more
      Iraqi PM: Turkey Fights in Iraq for Own Influence, Not Against Terrorism

      Turkey Fights in Iraq for Own Influence, Not Against Terrorism
      Turkey has sent troops to Iraq to extend its influence, but not to combat Daesh terrorist group, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said Saturday.

      Terrorists Not Letting Red Cross Evacuate Wounded from Aleppo
      Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists prevent the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) mission from evacuating the wounded from the Eastern districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo, a Geneva source familiar with the situation … more

      Commander: Yemeni Forces Capture Saudi Military Base in Najran
      Senior Yemeni commanders announced that their forces have captured a Saudi military base with all its weapons and ammunition inside Saudi Arabia.

      Iran Unveils New Short-Range Radar System
      Iran on Saturday unveiled a new short-range radar system, named ‘Matla al-Fajr 3′, that traces targets 500km in range.

      6 Top ISIL Security Chiefs, 2 Saudi Commanders Executed in Southern Hasaka
      The ISIL executed eight of its own senior militants, including two Saudi nationals, in the Southern part of the city of Hasaka in Northern Syria as they were trying to flee to the neighboring provinces.

      Kurdish Forces Capture 2 ISIL Terrorists Disguised as Women Trying to Flee Mosul
      The Kurdish Peshmerga forces arrested two ISIL terrorists who were trying o escape the city of Mosul in disguise.

      Syrian MP: US Opposing Evacuation of Terrorists from Aleppo
      The US is using the terrorist groups as an instrument to implement its plots in the region and would, thus, never accept the ceasefire in Aleppo, senior Syrian legislator said.
      Syrian, Russian Troops to Launch Anti-Terrorism Operation in Aleppo as Soon as Humanitarian Pause Ends

      Syrian, Russian Troops to Launch Anti-Terrorism Operation in Aleppo as Soon as Humanitarian Pause Ends
      Russian and Syrian forces will launch massive offensives on the positions of the remaining pockets of the terrorist groups in the Eastern districts of Aleppo city once the humanitarian ceasefire ends, media sources disclosed on Saturday … more
      Washington Apparently Seeks to ‘Fully Destroy’ US-Russia Relations

      Washington Apparently Seeks to ‘Fully Destroy’ US-Russia Relations
      Moscow will find a way to respond to possible introduction of new sanctions by the United States against Russia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Saturday.

      Hashd Al-Shaabi Resolved to Confront Turkish Military Presence in Iraq
      A recent meeting of the senior commanders of the Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) conveyed the message of their preparedness to confront the Turkish army’s military incursion into their country and also prevent the relocation … more

      Russian Military Presence Aims at Helping Syrian Authorities Combat Terrorism
      Russia’s military presence in Syria aims at helping legitimate power in combating terrorism, the Kremlin spokesman said.

      Russian Foreign Ministry: Militants in Aleppo Fail Assistance Delivery, Civilians Outflows
      Moscow calls on the countries, having influence on the Syrian opposition, to observe their obligations to master the militants in Aleppo, spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on Saturday.

      French Envoy: Eutelsat Eager to Send Offer to Iran Satellite Tender
      Paris Ambassador to Tehran François Sénémaud announced that the French-based satellite provider, Eutelsat, plans to win contract with Iran to build a satellite for the country.

      ‌‌US-Backed Terrorist Group Calls on Allied Militants to Unite against Syrian Army’s Crushing March
      Nouralddeen al-Zinki terrorist group that is backed by the US and Turkey refused to join the ceasefire agreement with the Syrian government in Aleppo, calling on other militant groups to narrow down differences to slow down the Syrian army’s … more

      Iran Mercantile Exchange Weekly Trade Reaches $228mln
      The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) announced that around $228mln of various commodities weighting over 633,796 tons were traded in its domestic trading and exports halls in the past working week

      Expert: Iraqi Forces Block ISIL’s Escape Path to Syria
      Iraqi security experts announced that the new battle tactics used by Iraq’s joint military forces in their military operation against the ISIL in Mosul have surprisingly resulted in high casualties among the terrorists while preventing … more

      Iraqi VP: Mosul Liberation Prelude to Raqqa, Aleppo Capture
      Iraq’s Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki said the operation to take back the last stronghold of the ISIL terrorist group in his country will be an introduction to the capture of Raqqa and Aleppo in Syria.

      Syria: ISIL Forcing Deir Ezzur Residents to Go to Mosul Battlefield
      The ISIL terrorist group arrested, at least, 200 residents of Deir Ezzur city in Eastern Syria and sent them to Mosul in Northern Iraq to help the terrorists resist against the large-scale operation of the Iraqi Army troops and popular … more

      Yemeni Tribes Go on Alert to Give Crushing Response to Saudi Arabia
      The Yemeni tribal leaders declared a state of alert to respond to Saudi Arabia’s aggressions and massacre of the civilians in their country.

      Head of Syrian Journalists’ Union: Terrorists Seeking to Exacerbate Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo
      Head of the Syrian Journalists Union Elias Morad warned that the terrorist groups continue to violate the ceasefire and refuse to leave Aleppo city to make the situation more critical and difficult for the civilian residents.

      Iraq: Over 470 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Mosul in 5 Days
      The Iraqi Army’s War Media Center announced that hundreds of ISIL terrorists have been killed in the first five days of the Mosul liberation operation.

      Civilians in Aleppo City Show Fury over Int’l Bodies’ Indifference to Terrorists’ Brutalities
      A large number of people in militant-held districts in Aleppo city in Northern Syrian called on the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, to force Jeish al-Fatah’s leaders to stop blocking civilians’ exit from the Eastern … more

      US Congressional Aide Asks about Assassinating Bashar Assad
      A US Congressional aide for Republican Doug Lamborn asked former White House Middle East coordinator, Phillip Gordon, why the government has not assassinated Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

      Security Forces End ISIL Assault on Iraqi Oil City
      Security forces overcame a big assault by ISIL militants in Kirkuk and regained full control of the Northern Iraqi oil city on Saturday, Iraqi state TV said.

      Sources: Terrorists Insist on Staying in Eastern Aleppo in Hope of Ankara’s Aid to Break Siege
      The militants stationed in Eastern Aleppo have remained adamant to the repeated calls by the Syrian army-led forces to leave the city as they have pinned hope on Turkey to break the siege imposed by the Syrian army and its allies, residents … more

      Iraqi Army, Assyrian Forces Enter Strategic Town near Mosul
      The Iraqi Army, backed by the Nineveh Plains Protection Units (Assyrian paramilitary), entered the strategic town of Al-Hamdaniyah this morning after an intense firefight with the ISIL militants.

      UN: ISIL Takes 550 Families as ‘Human Shields’ in Mosul
      ISIL militants have taken some 550 families from villages around Mosul, and are thought to be holding them as ‘human shields’ close to terrorists’ locations in the strategic Iraqi city, a spokeswoman for the UN human rights office said.

      Iran: Upcoming US Presidential Election Not to Affect Nuclear Deal
      Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister underlined that the upcoming US presidential elections will in no way influence the nuclear agreement reached between Tehran and the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany).

      Iraqis Launch Cyber Army to Support Mosul Liberation Operation
      Iraqis from different walks of life, specially the country’s media persons, launched a campaign on the Internet in support of the ultimate defeat of the ISIL terrorist group by the country’s military forces, specially Hashd al-Shaabi … more

      Hundreds of Fresh Syrian Soldiers Arrive in Aleppo to Reinvigorate Army’s Defense Capabilities
      A large number of fresh Syrian soldiers have joined the country’s Army troops and popular forces in Aleppo city to strengthen their defense capabilities against an impending massive attack by the Jeish al-Fatah terrorist coalition, military … more

      Over 25 Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army’s Advance in Southeastern Damascus
      Syrian Army soldiers continued to beat back Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly the al-Nusra Front) from their positions near Khan al-Sheih in Western Ghouta, claiming the lives of over 25 militants in the battlefield.

      Leader’s Aide: S. Arabia Colluding with Israel in Sparking Crises throughout Region
      Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati blamed Saudi Arabia for spreading crises in the region, and said Riyadh has been in secret collusion with Tel Aviv to deteriorate the security situation in the regional countries.

      Militants in 15 More Towns Give up Fight against Syrian Gov’t
      The Russian Peace Coordination Center in Syria said on Saturday that militants in fifteen more towns have given up fight against the Syrian army troops and popular forces and joined a peace agreement with Damascus.

      Thats all for now !! Stay tunned !!


        Okay. We’ll stay tunned.

        • The Clucker

          WTF does tunned mean? Is this guy really going to spam that same post on every article? For the length of it he might as well just post his own article. I’d click the spam button but we all know how well that works. All I can say is “Gil Carlson.”

    • Soshisp

      Bill Hicks has definitely made a name for himself these days.




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