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3:33 AM Woke up to This Message From God - Completing the Puzzle Pieces!

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I just honestly do not know what to type here right now I feel like weeping yet I am so upset at these people!! God’s Will be done, Amen.

God just spoke to me when I was heading out the door. He said, “The same murdering spirit they have allowed to rule over them Shall Fall On their own heads!”

Ok crazyyy… I woke up this morning, grab my Bible, and asked God what he wanted me to read today. I heard Jeremiah 51. I thought I made that up in my own mind because I thought there wasn’t a Jeremiah 51 LOL. But I looked in the Bible anyway and sure enough there is a Jeremiah 51. And it is about the destruction of Babylon. Do you think America is Babylon? Amber Sidener

The phrase mount up with wings like eagles can be found at the end of Isaiah 40, in verse 31, “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (ESV).

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  • DangerWillRoberson

    Jesus did not come to Earth to condemn the wicked? Jesus came to earth to save the sinner, heal the sick an cast out demons! :idea:

    • Syrin

      So/ The entire Old Testament is about God’s wrath on the wicked. You think that just disappeared?

      • chuckfrank

        Not only O.T., Ananias and Sapphira found out the hard way as did Herod Agrippa. Also most of the book of Revelation is judgement. Most Christians have no idea because their pastors only preach feel good, itching ears preaching.

  • dakota

    Beware. The devil can do miracles too. he tried to fool me with miracles about 25 years ago. he does a really convincing and excellent job. however, I told him, I knew it was him and I wasn’t fooled. That ended the ‘miracles’.

  • wheeties

    the bible…the book of wrath and judgement,satan’s best work…god has no wrath nor judgement–god is love-only stupid,petty,small minded,immature humans have wrath,judgement,agents of satan,bible humpers…if jesus was here today(he/she might be) he would be hanging with the outcast,down on their luck,junkies,alkys–he would not step in any freakin church where the self righteous and ego driven maniacs hang out–nor has he/god ever or will read one word out of the bible,a book written by old insane men–so thump on you insane ones about your rantings about god—the devil has your brain,not god….

  • humaka

    Seems the conservative religious gets so deep in trance trying to beat its self sworn adversary, the none religious, it forget its own self professed platform leader said forgive others 70 X 70 in one days time for up to 4900 perceived sins in a day, but they deem this same one shall return as messiah and breakouts own declared creed and sentiment, so not do the same, it self, hence god not self these declare, shall not lead by example.

    And be it self a hypocrite.

    Hence why religious notions implemented in to morality legislation for all human behaviour, based upon a belief system that contradicts its own theoretical theorem, be inherently flawed in principle and effectiveness at representing any larger global collective human logistics of governance and hr infrastructure.

    • humaka

      …and break its own declared creed and sentiment, so not do it self what it told humans to do, hence who these declare god not keeping its own commandments, so hence the divine god does not lead by example…

      The premise opposes it’s own directive.

      So can’t be of divine, so only of human made religion.

  • humaka

    So, the contributor heard from god, ‘the same murdering spirit they have allowed to rule over them, shall fall on their own head’…

    So a brain heard a thought, contributers brain, and agreed, murder should fall upon those who did allow a murderous spirit to rule them.

    But contributer it self stating such words as truth, it self by agreement, be allowing murderous spirits to rule over it self, by agreeing first to the statement.

    How can anything actually divine, condem others for endorsing being murderous, but do the same, it self, and it be considered divine justice.


    Complete religionist CHURCH propaganda delusions of grandeaur of self thoughts as of god, when indeed, the thought proves by its own premise to be of satan, or murderous spirit validating it self, calling it self of god, but totally false.

    The contributors own self professed notions called god.

    Such glaring breech of self edict tis why all religions are doomed to the dustbin of history as false light.

  • DJ Dog

    I was gonna post a smart assed comment but I got nothing. Slimey help me out here. :cry:

  • TheDirectHouseofDavid

    :!: This is true, the Messiah is upset about what they are doing to each other, to children, this war, and all the sort corruption and negligence. He won’t be holding off much longer. And you know who the Messiah is..that is why he spoke :idea:




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