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Scientists' Hole In Time Could Doom Universe

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Mad scientists do exist and some may just be outright insane.

Whether a research team at the esteemed Cornell University fall into the insane category remains to be seen, but they may be skating along the edge of sanity—and perhaps playing a deadly form of quantum Russian roulette with the entire universe at stake.

What has created this disconcerting state of affairs?

Dr. Moti Fridman

Certifiably brilliant scientist, Mordechay (Moti) Fridman, and his tenacious team of “time bandits” have succeeded in punching a hole in the fabric of time by compressing and decompressing it.

The Cornell Time-Lens

The amazing “Time-Lens”

The Cornell team constructed what they call a “Time-Lens” that takes advantage of a peculiar duality that exists between the physical properties of space and time. In essence they have succeeded in punching a hole in the fragile fabric of time through the clever manipulation of diffraction and dispersion via an incredible propagation of light.

“This ‘Time-Lens’ can, for example, magnify or compress in time,” Fridman explained.

Irwin Allen’s old Time Tunnel team had nothing on this group.

Incredible electro-optic modulators (EOMs) were employed to manipulate time. One remarkable EOM compresses a light beam passing through it in time; the second EOM decompresses it again. The result artificially changes time creating a hole in reality.

Tear in continuum as depicted in SF Dr. Who

Time holes might deflate bubble universe

Astrophysicists have theorized for decades that the time space continuum is an infinite bubble amidst an infinite space of infinite bubbles. Rips, tears or holes in such a bubble may allow other universes to “leak” into our universe or conversely permit our universe to spring a leak.

Such breaches in our universe might upset space time, the nature of reality…even threaten our very existence.

Representation of hole destroying universe

Limited ability for now

Thankfully, time-lenses and punched holes are currently limited in their ability to affect the underlying nature of space time. Fridman says the time effect can last only about 110 nanoseconds. The scientist believes that time lenses will not be able to manipulate time more than 120 microseconds.

Yet breakthroughs tend to lead to more breakthroughs and greater achievements.

While some see the Time-Lens as a small step towards the ultimate dreams of time travel and invisibility, others think it may lead to an irreperable tear in the fabric of time itself. Such a tear will have no way of mending and may inexorably lead to the horrifying result of time itself unravelling like the frayed threads of an old, used up sweater.

Time storms could be precipitated by such holes in the fabric of reality and whole worlds—perhaps whole galaxies—might be swallowed up by whirlpools of non-time sucking matter and energy into a featureless limbo of non-existence.

Dangerous toys?

Time-Lenses punching holes in time are brand new toys in the quantum physics lab…yet they may also ultimately be the undoing of literally everything we know.

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    • Alx

      bring it on! at least it would be an interesting end to everything

    • John L Sullivan

      Remember the three “R’s” , Research, Research, Research.
      NOTHING is impossible, it just has’nt been discovered yet.
      We live in dangerous and exciting times. If we are to thrive, as a species, in an ever expanding Universe, we have to push the boundaries of acceptability.

    • Anonymous

      What would a time storm be like? Would it maybe rain clocks, lol?
      Seriously though the concept is fascinating, I just have no frame of reference for it.

    • mooncat1965

      “featureless limbo of non-existence” … I LOVE it!!! Of course, it would suck in real life, but as a concept, wow! What *would* a time storm be like??? fun to think about, for sure.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, bring it on. I will support anything that will allow me to go back to the 1970s and change the course of events so I can have the childhood I deserve.

    • Barbie

      Didn’t we do this in the 1940s when the Philadelphia Experiment resulted in tremendous disaster?! Some people are said to have a suicide complex; looks like our mad scientists intend to take all the rest of us with them, when they go!

    • Jitzer

      Surely that was a typo and you meant to say “Certifiable mad scientist, Mordechay (Moti) Fridman”. Surely one person and his team of arguably stupid scientists should not tamper with or create something that the rest of us have to live/die with.


      The Hidden Texts from Nostradamus do agree:

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      EDICT CARDINAL DATE (Capricorn

      RINGS (planispheres) UNITE
      (UNITES RING of time) is the stage gate, which unites calendars
      GENUINE DIVISION of CALENDARS: the zodiac disruption
      I IS Yew tree day the eve of winter solstice
      A is December 22 which is a cardinal date in Capricorn
      RIP: seems to be a rip in the “APRON” which protects the Earth, the Van Allen belts.

      the forum FUSE PALL RIP…on page 7 of the site

      See also HOLE – CAR (where “car” is obsolete for the first 10 days in Capricorn)

      and this one:

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      BUSIEST SPIROCHAETAL – Equal Bacteriophages
      GEAN (rose-a Friday) G CAT Poe nag (horse) cat

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      CAR first ten days of Capricorn
      GAEA all Earth HAGELA Hagaliz is ice/hail
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      G Ivy zodiac: Sept 30 – Oct 27 CAT year of the rabbit 2011
      Poe – human combustion HORSE Oct 28 – Nov 24

      which will appear in the current forum about to be published


    • Blackwinter

      “Didn’t we do this in the 1940s when the Philadelphia Experiment resulted in tremendous disaster?! Some people are said to have a suicide complex; looks like our mad scientists intend to take all the rest of us with them, when they go!”

      Barbie is right.
      But, on the fortunate side, that experiment was limited in scale of effect—thankfully.

      This species is too young to be playing with this kind of physics just yet, but like a toddler that has to burn it’s fingers to learn that the stove elements are hot…
      And, one cannot time-travel, but one can punch a hole into an alternate dimensional reality that has a relatively slower Temporal Progression to our native dimension.
      Transdimensional physics, again, is not something Humanity should be playing with right now beyond computer-modelling and such. It’s too you and too uneducated as a species yet to fully understand the implications of it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they are compressing or stretching time.
      They are assuming that the speed of light is constant,
      if I understand what is going on in their minds, ergo
      any changes in it, have to reflect a change in time.
      There are experiments and observed events that raise
      serious questions about this.

    • Anonymous

      You are walking down the sidewalk of New York. On the ground you see hand written notes on paper, everywhere you look. You pick one up at random and read it. Do you take it seriously? Do you laugh and walk on? After days of this do you even care, or do you just begin to see litter? This is our blog world. This is the sidewalk.

    • George Elliott

      Cloaking an object can also be said to have made a “hole” in space-time; but we didn’t go poof.

    • O. Ryan Faust

      100 years ago this article would have warned against the irresponsible men endangering mankind by inventing horseless carriages that may someday exceed 60 miles per hour, which, as everybody knows, is a speed so recklessly fast one would not be able to breathe.

      Time is an observable phenomenon with characteristics that can be tested and measured and conclusions drawn about its nature and dynamics. Like any other technology, it is neither moral nor immoral. The men who apply the technology will choose whether they will use it to benefit mankind, or destroy men.

      Seeing the world today doesn’t inspire much confidence.

    • faithwalker

      God help us, why couldn’t these men use their minds for the good of mankind instead of using it for destruction? So sad!

    • Anonymous

      @John L SUllivan,

      Never should we push the boundaries of acceptability because when we push acceptability, we also push morality. Often times we do without thinking if we should. The jump and ask questions later attitude of humanity has gotten is into far too much trouble, and I think if we looked at things from a moral veiw point, I mean us as human kind not Americans, or Chinese, or Japanese etc, and think before we do, we would be a lot better off.

    • sjsrana

      This does appear to have cracked into another dimension however its just a differential on time to create a ultra temporary hole leaving an impression of time travel ‘which is not the case here’!

      I always say that you can create ENERGY from UNITY provided the sum result is back to UNITY eventually.

      Same way they are constructing TIME UNITY by first allowing 1 part to either slow-down or fasten up, eventually on the other END its re-instituted! Is this another dimension ? NO NO NO.

      If you can observe/alter/teleport to another DIMENSION then YES you may be able to reconstruct TIME at you will!
      There is much more to add but TIME won’t permit me……..

    • Anonymous

      Look at what time travel writers have come up with when the consequences of the technology are concerned. The “Meridian” series by John Schettler is one of the best out there. The instant time travel becomes possible (in our time) then that possibility immediately propagates to the future where adversaries begin using the technology to wage “Time War.” Fighting such a war involves operations aimed at altering key events in the continuum (in the past). The change then ripples forward through the line of causality through a “Heisenberg Wave” which changes everything, and only those who are protected in what the author calls a “Nexus Point” on the time meridian can know what has actually happened and recall what the original time line was. It’s fascinating! The series already has three books, and a fourth is coming out this fall. Love time travel? This is the series you want to read next.

    • Blackwinter

      (please excuse really bad spelling today, mdications + rheumatism don’t improve such at all and also affects vision capability also, damnably enough.)

      Trasndimensional physics, the model for such, indicates that to co-exist each dimension will not only have a Quantum differential but a Temporal differential as well.
      Otherwise….collision,badness, etc..
      One theoretical ratio is that for every year here, a minute passes in another dimension.


      Has anyone read Dan Burisch? – Cached

      And keep very much in mind when watching videos of his interviews post 2000 that this is the man who was a professional DOCTOR which indicates a minimum of 27 years of age IN 1947!
      So in 2007 (60 years later) you tell me how old you think he looks
      for a man who has to be a minimum of 87 years old

      His discussions on TIMELINES makes sense

    • Be4itstoo0ldnews

      not to mention the effects on other dimensions that exsist in this timeline as well. What ripples in this dimension carries over to the others and can alter their past/future as well. …supposedly this has already been done in some small degree….but effective none the less (negativly speaking)

    • tinteardrop

      Let’s see what happens….I’m bored.

    • building 5

      I’ve went 75 mph in my Ford Ranger.

    • Anonymous

      How very untidy.

      Now we’ll have to wait until His hand to pass over the firmament, but that doesn’t mean (in the meantime) everyone should be sitting on their asses.

      If we need help I think we’ll have to ask for it.

      Just be careful to whom you give your consent, because that’s exactly what everyone in this game is seeking from you.

      Procrastination is implied consent. And that is the way most folks will go… Others are just bored with life.

      Everyone will get what they want in The End.

    • Anonymous

      Some scientists believe the math and physics strongly point to the possibility that the Large Hadron Collider, when full power is finally achieved, could create a black hole with enough mass to engulf the earth, disrupt the space-time continuum and in effect vanish us all in the blink of an eye. I wonder if they have conducted a formal safety analysis.

    • Blackwinter

      That’s the problem with theories and math, you can run them over and over without conclusive finality…in the end, you just have to switch it on and see what happens

    • Barbie

      I, personally fear, the collider may contribute to the demise of our Universe,as we know it.

      But if you have a progressive, non-poiital, frame of mind, that might NOT be all bad…


      We have (more or less) STOLEN technology from other beings… things we weren’t supposed to know how to do/make/operate at this time – in other words, we are advancing without the correct frame of reference and without the appropriate protocols. We haven’t advanced mentally or psychologically/spiritually yet… to understand why these advances were incurred, or why we should or should NOT use them yet.

    • Blackwinter

      Stolen is such a harsh word, lets just call it what the Big Politicos call it what they would;

      ‘National Acquisitional Expropriation Of Foreign Materials Without Recourse’.

      There, doesn’t that sound so much better and cleaner??

      (I just had to reach out and jerk the chains of any Big Politico agencies trawling through here…)

      Aside from that, I agree with you completely Barbie. You sum it up very nicely and directly-to-the-point.
      (tip-of-the-hat) :-)

      Quoting you below;
      “We have (more or less) STOLEN technology from other beings… things we weren’t supposed to know how to do/make/operate at this time – in other words, we are advancing without the correct frame of reference and without the appropriate protocols. We haven’t advanced mentally or psychologically/spiritually yet… to understand why these advances were incurred, or why we should or should NOT use them yet.”

      Humanity playing with some of these technologies right now is about a good I dea (I think you’d agree) as leaving a box of armed hand grenades in a pre-school.
      It will not end well.
      But, Humanity has the hubris to think that, like in it’s sci-fi shows, Humanity can handle anything technological…
      Humanity cannot even control what it has made from it’s own ingenuity, and then one factors in technology of a level that Humanity is EVOLUTIONARILY not ready to fully understand??
      Bad idea, I agree.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a good thing that Someone is editing this (Reality, that is; not this commentary, of course) or we’d really be screwed!

    • Blackwinter

      It’s all in good fun….

      …until someone blows up the Universe.


      CERN is not the only collider
      There is a “secret” one in Africa “somewhere” (Where the CHANI Protocol came from)
      and I read about one under Lake Superior – on the same Latitude
      as CERN
      that makes sense

    • Blackwinter

      Yeah, the Lake Superior one…
      One the bright side, it’s powered by Green energy. :-)

      We harness all the high-velocity suprheated wind from Ottawa and use that to crank the wattage the beast needs to run.

      …had a good chance for a government-joke, woulda been unthinkable not to use it.


      Dare i now quote
      9 44

      Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you
      Saturn will be converted from gold to iron FROM LEO TO VIRGO (iron obs. For Virgo)
      Raypoz in opposition will exterminate all Contrary Pozitron Ray Particle Collider
      Before the coming the sky will show signs. AND WE HAVE ALL SEEN THEM

    • Anonymous

      His time is short and in his desperation he tries to rip…

    • Barbie

      Years ago I met a kind young man. He seemed to know me from another Time & Place. He gave me a solid copper coin/medallion with a strange symbol raised on the front of it. He told me to “Keep it close; this is your ticket to ride when the time comes.” He also said the symbol is my name, and the origin of the copper ensures I’ll be found and given the choice to leave. I don’t know if any of that is true, but I keep it with me, wherever I go. I don’t want to risk missing the chance to leave if I choose to do it.

    • Blackwinter

      Barbie, you just never know.

      Reality is a damn strange thing, and there’s so much more in it and about it than anyone knows.

      Small copper item, sounds attractive in appearance, easy to carry…and if things go that way, awfully handy to have.
      Just keep it safe.




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