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Ice Age, Supervolcano Could Topple US Government

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As more evidence mounts that the world is slipping faster into the next Ice Age, Washington insiders are scurrying to solidify their new power base for centralized government operations. Fears that the US capital might be struck by another more deadly terrorist attack—or other disasters—prompted federal agencies more than a decade ago to hurriedly establish back-up operations in case catastrophe struck. Despite the fact that many conspiracy theories are weaved around the subjects that follow—including some fairly wild-eyed, tin foil hat scenarios—most conspiracy theories have a basis in fact, albeit the facts are often distorted or wildly exaggerated. The actual story of the bizarre Denver International airport, the nation’s “second capital,” the impending Ice Age possibility, and the Yellowstone supervolcano threat to America follows…

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The nation’s Doomsday capitol

As long ago as the 1990s during the Clinton Administration, civilian agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture and Federal Bureau of Investigation created a secondary nexus in Denver, Colorado.

The political theory to establish a Doomsday capitol—a “Washington outside Washington”—was created by Arlington think tanks. They believed their plan would afford a higher level of security if the nation’s emergency capitol was located near the geographical center of the country with the Rocky Mountain range at its back instead of the Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep.

Agencies duplicated resources and some moved their entire headquarters there such as the National Geospatial Technical Operations Center.

Denver is a logical choice as many government assets exist in or near the city: Nellis AFB, Groom Lake , and the Omaha SAC base are within defense range, much of the US nuclear arsenal is stockpiled in the general region, the mountains make a ground attack force next to impossible, and Denver sits a mile above sea level.

Pentagon moved some of DIA, DARPA, and SID to Denver area

In addition to the civilian agencies, the Pentagon has also moved segments of its operations—including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the super-secret Strategic Intelligence Department, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and others—to the more secure Doomsday capitol. Some of the Pentagon assets occupy part of newly refurbished levels deep underground inside the famous Cheyenne Mountain NORAD facility.

Allegedly CIA has moved some assets to Denver International

After the 9-11 al-Qaeda attacks, the CIA, NSA and some smaller nuclear intelligence agencies that are virtually invisible to the proverbial man-on-the-street, also transferred some assets to Denver.

While some military assets are fully established in the sub-levels of the Denver International Airport, a few are still outside Denver closer to Colorado Springs, home of the United States Air Force Academy.

The projected Death Zone

Now, however, the carefully crafted plans of the federal government are in disarray. As evidence mounts that a possible full-blown Ice Age may be emerging, Denver and the surrounding region is rapidly becoming problematic.

Another concern facing officials is the increased chance that the supervolcano at Yellowstone might erupt. The last time the volcano blew was in the far distant past. It obliterated almost half of what is now the United States. Unofficially the risk area is called the Death Zone.

The western city would not be an auspicious spot if Yellowstone erupts as the volcano’s footprint could have a shock wave and debris radius extending more than 800 miles. Denver is a mere 463 miles from its city limits to the lip of the Yellowstone caldera.

Denver is well within the Death Zone region

$100 billion already spent

According to budget insiders, the federal government has already spent more than $100 billion since 1997 to establish the framework of an emergency second capital for the US.

Now, planners are in a quandary. Although the odds are extremely low that the Yellowstone supervolcano will undergo a catastrophic eruption, some officials argue that it’s too high a gamble to risk. In fact, a small, but growing number of geophysicists see Yellowstone erupting before 2020.

Others are adamant that Denver will be fine.

Possible Ice Age makes federal plan for Denver problematic

Experts fear creeping disaster

More worrisome is the possibly impending Ice Age. It may not materialize. If it doesn’t, Denver remains the best location.

Conversely, an Ice Age may come, but only the so-called mini-Ice Age. A small Ice Age would probably present an inconvenience and task logisticians, but it can be worked around.

A full-blown, major Ice Age, however, is definitely a game-changer. The entire region would have to be abandoned and the city of Denver—and most of northern Colorado—written off for as long as several thousand years, maybe more.

Whereas a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would be swift and deadly, an advancing Ice Age would be a creeping disaster.

For now, the decision is to wait it out. The risk in doing nothing, of course, is if the Ice Age arrives with a vengeance—some scientists say the process can happen as fast as a relative handful of years—the federal Denver capitol will have to be abandoned as Washington, DC itself becomes unmanageable.

Yellowstone will destroy many American cities in hours

And the steaming, burning Yellowstone caldera dome is rising at a faster pace than ever recorded in history—an ominous sign that it might indeed erupt. If it does, the government will not be able to do much to protect the 100 million Americans expected to perish in such an apocalyptic calamity, but the guilt-edged priority in any case is that the government maintain a viable structure and seamless continuity.

Federal installations beneath Denver Int’l may be at risk

Suggestions to move the second capitol from Denver to areas with an infrastructure—such as Atlanta, Georgia that’s well outside the Yellowstone Death Zone or Austin, Texas that lies on the theoretical border of the deadliest effects of the supervolcano’s reach—are being intensely debated at government think tanks and intelligence agencies.

In the meantime, with the nation’s capital at risk and the possibility of its second capitol’s infrastructure being compromised or wiped out, the U.S, government finds itself in the untenable position of ceasing to exist if the odds happen to tip the wrong way anytime in the foreseeable future.

There are those citizens that would celebrate the idea of getting rid of the federal government—especially such unpopular institutions as the IRS, EPA and BLM. But with any kind of sober reflection most rational individuals would have to conclude that a disaster leading to total anarchy—a Mad Max type of country—is really not something to desire in any shape or form.

Meanwhile the internal debates rages. The clock ticks; the danger mounts.

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    • Ranger_Ric

      The only -good- thing about such a disaster would be the end of the elitist, thieving scum that run the gov.

      If the disaster don’t get them, we will.

    • Count

      “As more evidence mounts that the world is slipping faster into the next Ice Age”

      … what?

    • Anonymous

      Despite their frantic geo-engineering efforts the elites can’t fool Mother Nature. Wonder how much of our vanishing money was used for their massive underground bunkers. I’d love to see them outwitted by the far more intelligent universe.

    • Pix

      “Despite the fact that many conspiracy theories are weaved…”

      I think the word you were looking for there should be ‘woven’. ;)

    • putupjob

      The idea that something could happen to DC leaves me with I don’t care.

    • Fake-it

      Ice Age will start as of 2014 and it won’t be because of volcanic eruption. The cosmic rays will do it.
      In the beginning it will be slow, then gradually it will get worse all the way to mid 2030′s… and decades beyond.
      Once there, we freeze permanently! We will wish the global warming or the CO2 theory was true.
      By that time (mid 2030′s), the government will simply vanish underground!
      So you can bitch about the government now and then weep for it in a few years from now.

    • Sid

      My bet is on the failure of the electric grid for want of sufficient energy to maintain and operate it, that is if an electromagnetic pulse of Carrington event doesn’t bring it down first. When that goes down the entire economy goes with it, and those who can’t provide water, food, and shelter for themselves are doomed; this means 80% of the population swiftly perishes. (Reminds me of an email circulating that point out that the Department of Agriculture has signs in National Parks warning not to feed the animals as they will become dependent on it and lose the ability to take care of themselves.)

      There is no way that the federal, or even state governments could survive such chaos, and that would be the only good thing to come out of such a horrid future.

    • Wake up

      Actually Co2 is real in different ways, but one big one to look up is what’s going on,on the ocean surface plankton conversion of Co2. So more Co2 more UV, and that affects all plants. Co2 absorbs infrared energy, and so they use fluorine to balance their fk ups and you have crazy things being created.

    • Wake up

      Haarp, Did you know it heats things up? Duhhh oh sorry, how about heat is a catalyst? For what?

    • Anonymous

      Something tells me things aren’t gonna go as planned for them.

    • Wake up

      I am doing what I can for that, their plans to be dismantled. But its hard to be optimist when people are one self-righteous and naive.

    • McClarinJ

      There’s a saying in the survival preparation business: Three is two, two is one, and one is none. This explains the recommendation for having at least three versions of everything: weapons, food caches, fire-starting systems, light sources, and places to stay. The emergency capital (Continuity of Operations Plan)is based at present is Mount Weather, a deep underground facility in Virginia. Another one in Denver is an excellent idea. If one gets wiped out the other will probably survive barring a large asteroid strike. The thing I fear though is that the worst elements of our government would be the part that survives.

    • O. Ryan Faust

      All the federal activity in Denver just tells me that these crooks know they’re on the wrong side of judgment day. They’re doing all they can to preserve themselves against catastrophe, but it won’t save them.

      Bible prophecies concerning the end of this age started going active in 1948 when Israel became a nation. Genesis 49 has been almost completely fulfilled with only the last aspect left.

      2018 will be a significant year (70 years after the prophetic clock came alive). It’s only my read of prophecy, but Revelation 6:12 will probably take place sometime that year. That’s when people will start paying attention. It’ll be the last hurrah for those of “the synagogue of Satan”. They’re “happy time” will be over. That’s what Hitler’s submariners called the period of time early in the war before the allies figured out how to deal with them.

      The lying, cheating murderers in D.C. will find out that God doesn’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to HIS elect. Throughout the Bible he repeatedly tells us that he’s a jealous God. The time’s short . . . get right or get left.

    • ImprobabilityDrive

      Please, don’t you have a feeling The Bible was created by elite just when all of that had started… They knew how it will finish – that’s all… Prophecies ;) Imagine: they came out of their bunkers after last cataclysm and exactly knew how to feed the sheep. Well i do believe it will be different this time…

    • Anonymous

      And should this all happen. You are not welcome in the South. Us backward, rednecks will do just fine without you.




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