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Hordes of Superhumans To Rule Earth

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Still from classic thriller, Village of the Damned [MGM]

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They first appeared more than five decades ago, the superhuman children that some have labeled the Indigo Children. Now startling evidence reveals that these childrenmany now adults that appear more than humanmay be the next leap forward in evolution. Some, however, claim these superhumans are the result of alien-human hybridsthe forced fertilization program many UFO researchers believe selected human women are subjected to by emotionless alien creatures

Children of the Damned [MGM]

The incredible Indigoes

First noticed during the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and later followed up on by spiritualist researcher Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, Indigo children (also called the Violet Children) are claimed to be remarkably smart, have incredible memories, telepathic (and other psi) powers.

Indigo Children have unusual eyes

The children’s eyes appear strangely inhuman or Transhuman. Many are aloof, have a strong sense of identity, “appear to be on a mission,” and develop an unsettling affinity for others like them while tending to avoid “normal” humans.

The children exhibiting these extraordinary traits were termed “Indigo” by psychic and synesthete, Nancy Ann Tappe, because she claims to read human auras and the humans falling into this category have Indigo-colored or violet energy fields surrounding them.

Tappe writes: “The Indigo phenomenon has been recognized as one of the most exciting changes in human nature ever documented in society. The Indigo label describes the energy pattern of human behavior which exists in over 95% of the children born in the last 10 yearsThis phenomena is happening globally and eventually the Indigoes will replace all other colors.

“As small children, Indigo’s are easy to recognize by their unusually large, clear eyes. Extremely bright, precocious children with an amazing memory and a strong desire to live instinctively, these children of the next millennium are sensitive, gifted souls with an evolved consciousness who have come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one land, one globe and one species. They are our bridge to the future.”

Although some investigating the phenomenon of these superhumans claim they have advanced DNA and traits that appear to make them the next stage in human evolution, most neurologists and psychologists are skeptical. While no formal study has been done on the children, the feeling in the professional community is that some of the Indigo Children suffer from various forms of autistism, or exhibit the emotional traits of people suffering from ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Carroll and Tober’s book, The Indigo Children and their website counter that the professionals are wrong and misinterpreting the psychology and behavior of these unusual humans. They assert the Indigo Children are actually “a new kind of evolution of humanity.”

Some startling evidence seems to support their claim.

Super-advanced or super-evil?

Truth is often stranger than fictioneven science-fiction. Once only the realm of science-fiction films like the classic Village of the Damned and its sequel, Children of the Damned, super-children appear to be a reality.

Whether these children are psychologically impaired or are the next leap in human evolution is being debated. Still there is no denying that these humans are very different than most humans. Are they the brave new vanguard of the future, or evil incarnate?

They may be the next stage of humanity, but they are probably not evil, just aloof toward what society labels “normal” humans. Most of the children (now some adults approaching middle-age) identified as Indigo excel at almost anything that interests them and are amazingly quick in acquiring knowledge and applying it. Some researchers have identified Indigoes that have telekinetic powers, the ability to accurately foresee various future outcomes, and the sometimes disturbing ability to communicate with others of their kind non-verbally.

Some suspect the Indigoes not only have a sixth sense, but a seventh sense.

Other than pronounced psychic abilities, the Indigoes have these main traits in common:

1. Act like they’re priviliged.

2. Define themselves and who they are.

3. Rebel against authority figures.

4. Refuse tasks they don’t agree with.

5. Feel traditions are a straitjacket preferring creative approaches.

6. Innovate constantly.

7. Appear anti-social. Some are misdiagnosed as having Asperger syndrome.

The gods themselves

Famous science writer and science-fiction author Isaac Asimov once penned a novel called The Gods Themselves. Stripped of its science-fiction trappings the aliens (who reside in another universe) have a race split into three distinct groups:

The Rationals who are termed the Lefts. They are logical and scientific.

The Emotionals are known as the Mids. They’re intuitive an empathetic.

The Parentals are named the Rights. Parentals give birth and raise the children.

The book is eerily presentient defining in the first two traits the emerging Indigo Children and the last (the Rights) the role of those that bring the Indigoes into the world and raise them among a doubting, sometimes fearful, society.

As the Indigoes age and mature, their mental and psi prowess seems to strengthenand their number is growing. They are being born on every continent except Antarctica and they now account for an estimated majority of births worldwide.

Their numbers are growing exponentially.

Brave new world: the Transhuman-Indigo war

While the Indigoes may be nature’s plan for humanity’s next step, the superhumans have competition: the Singularitists. Unlike the Indigoes, however, the Singularity Movement seeks to become Transhuman with bio and silicon technology. The mad (but possible plan) is outlined here.

The Singularitists-Transhuman dream is frightening:

Earth: 2100. The world is ruled by Transhumans with IQs on the high side of 1,000. From their lofty towers they manage the swarming subhuman massesglobs of lower humans controlled from birth to deathat least those that are allowed to live as slaves to Transhuman overlords.

The subhumans will be molded and fashioned. Designer life for the purposes and whims of the godlike elite that mastermind the busy hive-like society.

In case some get the bright idea of overthrowing or outliving the self-styled masters and their 10,000 year reich, they can forget it. The rulers will be immortal.

Singularitists plan on re-shaping themselves with supercomputers, mind-machine melds, exotic biotechnology, and more. What didn’t figure into their grand vision, however, was the arrival of the Indigo superhumans.

If the Transhumans achieve their bio-mechanical goals they will run head-on into the self-assured, guiltless collective of psychically linked super-intelligent Indigo humans. Evolutionary giants versus self-made gods. Who will win such a titanic battle?

Are you an Indigo human?

If you think you’re one of the new humans leading the way into a brave new future, you can take the self-test to find out here. If you are Indigo watch out for those creepy Transhumans!

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    • Den

      God loved King David, but David was a murderer… the whole Bathsheba thing… a real screw-up.

      So God could only bless his son King Soloman. God asked Soloman what he desired, and Soloman said; “Knowledge.” So God gave Soloman all the knowledge that would fit into a human. From this knowledge, Soloman stated that; “There is nothing New under the sun…”

      So, what are Indigo Children? Something New? No, just old Nephilim. The offspring of Fallen Angels and Human Women. Demons present themselves as “Alien” to deceive us. Nothing new.

      They are endowed with superhuman traits, yet they are not human. Their task is that of the ancient Nephalim, to corrupt the human genome, to attempt to block God’s will for humans. Do not be deceived. There is nothing new under the sun.


    • Fred C Dobbs

      I’ve never seen one.

      • anonymoustache

        “…..their number is growing.
        They are being born on every continent except Antarctica and they now account
        for an estimated majority of births worldwide.

        Their numbers are growing exponentially.”

        So like,
        where are all of them?

        Don’t you think that’s just a wee bit exaggerated?

        As for the comments below,
        I hope the indigos aren’t the ones writing them because they sure are largely incoherent-
        very scattered and babbling.

        Just because you feel spiritual while rambling does not mean it is worth writing down…

    • nonukes

      Good work Terrance. You are correct. Unfortunately, TPTB are using the military (black ops groups) and technology to rip off the souls / spiritual essence of Indigo Children for their own uses. Believe me. Also check out a book called ‘programmed by deception’ by Solaris Blue Raven.

    • Don't be hating!

      Indigo these. No such crap. What makes a child Indigo..Well is the poison in the VACCINES. If VACCINES were never created, then we all be INDIGO…you think? Uh DNA

    • TruthHurts

      i think you’re just describing ALL intelligent kids. doesn’t matter the generation

      it doesn’t take much to realize “authority figures” are wrong and oppressive, and that this world is a prison and we are slaves.

      im more concerned with those that DON’T realize this.

      • osz2

        Yes, smart kids who question authority, are creative and innovated, reject the mundane, superstitious, and perverse ideologies served up to them by status quo, reject certain mindless traditions, and are very intuitive. The only thing they are not, is aliens! They just seem that way to small minds because of their superior gestalten compared to the typical obese, lost, abused, bullied, controlled, dysfunctional product of domesticated society.

    • Anonymous


    • CHASKA

      THIS IS BS!

      As a person with abilities & I also work as an intuitive I can HONESTLY say that the color they call INDIGO is a sign of ILLNESS. Not the blue eyes but the aura. Depending on how I see it I can tell you if death is imminent or illness. Just like these NWO folks they can hoard their money,but, when push comes to shove they have NO CLUE whats going to happen to who & where. There will NOT be a year 2100 start preparing now for survival for you & your family. Seek knowledge, and you will find it. Right now people seriously seek out safe shelters that are hidden & load it with survival equipment. I’m doing exactly what I tell others so it’s no joke. I thought we had more time,but, the re election of OBAMA has me concerned… When I see blue eyes I see a purebred not a special child ,but, these are the descendents to ROYALTY in lineage just like Jews to Jesus. If you want the safety of the country for your GKIDS VOTE OUT ALL ELECTED POLITICIANS IN THE FUTURE & VOTE IN MOTHERS TO OFFICE! OR new folks but the political system now is so corrupt the ONLY way to fix it is to start fresh. This may be a REVOLUTION coming but keep in mind INTELLIGENCE can WIN anything just stay alive long enough to face the battle!

      • Ruffcut

        The general has not edge on the smarts over the elite. THey are ten steps ahead.
        YOu have some valid points, but they are winning the divide in everyone’s belief system.
        THe NWO is way… way… ahead.
        And survival will not work with out support with neighbors. I tried a few times and I’m on my own and that is not a place to be.
        SOmething is definitely up, but what?
        Too much debt and corruption is obvious. ANything else is denialis.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be hating! Indigo these. No such crap. What makes a child Indigo..Well is the poison in the VACCINES. If VACCINES were never created, then we all be INDIGO…you think? Uh DNA

      Children children… You all need to wake up … of course there are Indigos, there are christal chilren that will change this world for the better…they are already encoded with the 9th dimensional consciousness…sheeeees
      “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance…People must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives”…
      Rainbow Children …do you have children…or do you know od friends who have children … they will know what you are going to say before you say it :-)

      Open description to READ MORE …
      Rainbow children are already attuned to the world we are moving towards when things will instantly manifest. Humanity as a whole is not there yet, so the mass consciousness grid holds back instant manifestation from being commonplace. A toddler has a hard time understanding that. They feel if they “think” juice, well then juice ought to naturally appear instantly. In higher dimensions this may be true and it will be true here on Earth as well, thanks to the Rainbow kids making it so.

      Rainbow Children tend to:

      · Have very strong wills and personalities.

      · Be very high energy.

      · Be very attuned to color and color vibrations around them.

      · Have passionate creativity.

      · Love bright clothing and colorful environments.

      · Bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life.

      · Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need.

      · Have healing abilities.

      · Have telepathy.


    • Anonymous

      Hi…From the UK again…a different subject this time ….

      “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance…People must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives”…
      from within the video…
      I’m just posting this so that we can see the dirty tricks they had played … which we are WAKING UP TO

      Disturbing, I’m Sick☞ ABC Practicing Israel’s War on Iran
      Open description to read more…
      “I was visiting ABCNews the other day to see a friend who works on graphics. When I went to his room, he showed me all the graphics he was making in anticipation of the Israeli attack on Iran; not just maps, but flight patterns, trajectories, and 3-d models of U.S. aircraft carrier fleets.
      But what was most disturbing — was that ABC, and presumably other networks, have been rehearsing these scenarios for over 2 weeks, with newscasters and retired generals in front of maps talking about missiles and delivery systems, and at their newsdesks — the screens are emblazoned with “This is a Drill” to assure they don’t go out on air — (like War of the Worlds).
      “Then reports of counter-attacks by Hezballah in Lebanon with rockets on Israeli cities — it was mind-numbing. Very disturbing — when pre-visualization becomes real.” [ “A CounterPunch informant reports”
      playlist of short videos…

    • Anonymous

      From the UK again…wait…there is more after this :-)

      Hey …CHASKA THIS IS BS!…I could same the same to you….but I’m spiritual/intuitive/very 5D consciouslness and have been all my life…i am also Indigo?Starseed…if you know your Indigo History…Gandhi…Martin L King and JFK were the leaders of the Indigo Movement/Evolution… …just saying…perhaps you could do to listen to this beautiful music…and, just so that you know…once we get rid of all our Karma… in the New World we will able to communitcate with animals once they realise that we are not going to harm them, isn’t it amazing…

      1:33 mins video but worth it…Enjoy

      Special music to balance the brain hemispheres. It is convenient headphone listening some of the tunes that integrate video, as this interaction occurs in both ears

    • Anonymous

      From the UK again and …. From another site … this is the second half of the page …please share to wake your family and friends up :-

      “The Invisible Hand of the Media” at

      “George Orwell’s prophetic world where ‘ignorance is strength’ no longer seems a prophetic forecast, but a present reality….
      “Carl Jensen’s assessment of Adolph Hitler’s philosophy of information control–

      “More than half a century ago Hitler said the masses take a long time to understand and remember, thus it is necessary to repeat the message time and time and time again. The public must be conditioned to accept the claims that are made…no matter how outrageous or false those claims might be.” Censored 1996. ….

      “‘If, however, the public does not receive all the information it needs to make informed decisions,’ Jensen claims, “then some form of news blackout is taking place… some issues are overlooked (what we call ‘censored’) and other issues are over-covered (what we call ‘junk food news’).’Why does a boxer’s bitten ear receive local and nationwide coverage, but we are never told about presidential Executive Orders that affect the entire nation?’ …

      “Aldous Huxley in his book, Brave New World, observes, ‘The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.’…
      “‘Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country’, wrote Edward Bernays, assistant to William Paley, founder of CBS. ‘…We are dominated by a relatively small number of persons…. ‘
      “World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are able to not only tighten their stranglehold on this nation’s economic structure, but can extend that control world wide. Those possessing such power would logically want to remain in the background, invisible to the average citizen.”

      Remember… belief in GOD is Faith…Belief ABOUT… GOD… is called religion…

    • Anonymous

      ME again from the UK…now the icing on the cake :-) :-) :-) ENJOY we made this journey thus far, only GOD knows how we survived the 26,000 cycle, but here we are…REMEMBER…we were created as Angelic Humans by Divine Design ….

      We are the ANGELS of the PAST bringing the WISDOM OF THE PAST TO THE ANGELS OF THE FUTURE …

      Tamera – ‘Beyond 2012′ by Dieter Duhm
      The birth of a new humanity ? What is the shift in consciousness ?

      We greet the peoples of the Earth. We greet the groups on all continents preparing the new age. We greet the newly developing planetary community. We are in a huge cosmic transformation. The great peace of which we have dreamt so long without avail can now be fulfilled if humanity remembers its sources and builds its culture on new foundations.

      Help to spread this message to the world:
      blogger :
      Wow, this is a really something new about 2012. I’m touched by the combination of a new relation between the genders and political change. These are not just elevated spiritual sentences, this is revolutionary and most needed! Thank you for these thoughts.

      Love to all
      and now a little Bonus :-) because we are all ONE
      Ardas Bahee ƸӜƷ Snatam Kaur
      Ardas Bhaee ║✫║ Singh Kaur & Kim Robertson

    • Anonymous

      Good morning back again from the UK…just posting this in it’s entirity as was posted on our blog so enjoy … I am posting another one after this …


      Just came across a comment which was posted in reply to the attack on Drake, which you can find here

      Anyway thought some here may appreciate the comment posted

      “Hello, I have followed Drake, David Wilcox, Ben Fulford, etc. Drake once said “What timeline are YOU on?” It made me do my research. What timeline did I want to be on??? Well you should read the Daniel material, go to the David Wilcox site. You will see they believe from their research we will come down to 2 timelines. One that we survive and go on and One that we ALL die (who are on the surface of the Earth) Sooo maybe Drake and David and Ben etc. know the big O is the best of all evils because he being elected means we are on the right (survival) timeline. I truely believe the timeline info. All the right and wrong, and Democratic and Republican info does not matter. If we do not Ascend as Humans to the new Earth we fail and perish.I do not care about the RV anymore (It is a sacrifice I can make if it means the Human Race will go on, who needs money if you are buried under 20 feet of mud?), I don’t care about the chemtrails anymore, I care what timeline I am on when we are given the decision to Ascend and go on as the Human Race or perish and the Cabal wins. They (the Cabal) will win because those that survive the wrong timeline will be their slaves. I do not care who is president right now. It could be Mickey Mouse. If they (the elected person) have been seen to be on the timeline that the human race SURVIVES on. So Be It. Do your research on timelines and I think you will see the LIGHT! Peace!”

    • Anonymous

      Back again…just a little something for my brothers and sisters on this blog … there are times when you just have to within and feel the joy and love of the Divine Creation that we are :-)

      Mantra for Compassion and Healing – Guru Ram Das Chant by Mirabai Ceiba

      Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ramdas Guru –

      This mantra relates directly to healing and protective energy represented by Guru Ram Das. It is a mantra of humility, relaxation and self healing. It projects the mind to infinity, and opens the space to be guided from the heart and compassion.

    • Anonymous

      nonukes …Good work Terrance. You are correct. Unfortunately, TPTB are using the military (black ops groups) and technology to rip off the souls / spiritual essence of Indigo Children for their own uses. Believe me. Also check out a book called ‘programmed by deception’ by Solaris Blue Raven.



    • Anonymous

      Hi Me again from the UK.

      « ‘Proof of Heaven’Time is Speeding Up, Really!
      November 13, 2012 by theupliftingcrane

      Time is Speeding Up, Really!

      Einstein’s calculations showed that the closer an object comes to the speed of light, the slower time passes. Scientists have done experiments that prove Einstein’s theory to be correct. So, if Einstein’s theory is correct, then the opposite must be true; if our speed decreases, time will speed up!

    • Anonymous

      Hi…It’s me again from the UK … you may want to listen to this about 30 mins long BUT you may also want to share it…the only way we can become free is if WE KNOW THE TRUTH…and let them know that we KNOW THE TRUTH :-)

      World Global Settlements History With Dr. Todd – September 6th 2012

    • Anonymous

      @Den No, just old Nephilim. The offspring of Fallen Angels and Human Women. Demons present themselves as “Alien” to deceive us. Nothing new.

      How true!, Only God caused a flood to destroy most of them,but promised not to use a Flood again,so what is it going to be now ? Asteroid, Nibiru, Fire from the Heavens, or just our own stupidity using Nuclear Devices? Either Way time is very very short 21/12/2012 perhaps?
      Israel is just itching to fulfill the Prophecy.

    • Anonymous

      Hi it’s me again from the UK … just brought this over from our site

      Mr. Paul on Secession – YouTube

      “petitions in the White house site for the secession of the States- now all 50 are represented in petition form- the need for them to leave should be taken care of very soon.”

      Ron Paul Says Farewell and gives his thoughts of the issue of “secession”

      Dr. Ron Paul’s farewell speech to congress is a reminder of all the things we are fighting against and points a very direct finger to some of the greatest issues that currently face America. I think that many years from now, Ron Paul will be quoted as often as America’s Founding Fathers

      If any of you have trouble relaxing – just go into bliss with this …I had a wonderful vision with it yesterday on the third play :-) ENJOY BOTH this first mantra would be great for children and babies too to relax them at bedtime :-)

      Mantra for Compassion and Healing – Guru Ram Das Chant by Mirabai Ceiba

      and this is really beautiful also:

      Mirabai Ceiba – Ocean Of My Dreams ( Official Music Video)

      “Between The Shores Of Our Souls’, Spirit Voyage Music,

      O beloved companion of my Heart, you have reached and touched the essence of my being and showed me the way. Your Love has awakened me.
      ~ Rumi

    • Anonymous

      Hi…it’s me again from the UK:

      This is from the Facebook page of “Israel Loves Palestine”

      Dear friends,
      I dont know how to start to write what i want to say.
      maybe the first words should be: I am human, I am Israeli. In that order. When Rockets and bombs are in Gaza, and in Israel- arriving to tel aviv as well for the first time from Gaza, people dont have time to think or feel love, they just want to survive..
      but maybe in this moment, we can stop for one minute to understand that this feeling of survivng, is the same feeling that our “enemy” feels, the same feeling in the other side. And offcourse you say to yourselves:”what can i do? i cant change it..” but you can. you can with starting this process with yourselves, so in the right time in the future with this power we will change the outside as well. nobody has more power then you, nobody. it just we are not using it- we are not united- now it is the time to unite- first in your mind. understand that in the other side -there are people like you, with children..if you give hate a place in your hearts now- you are letting war to win you. so no matter what happens, and how much its bad, remember allways: we are all one, we are all in the same problem, we must help eachother and love. when this is over, we will make sure it will not happen again- change your mind. its now or never. Love you all, Israelis&Palestinians.
      Noa,Israel Loves Palestine ♥

      Please give you’re attention to this new awareness campaign called Israel Loves Palestine. It could be a big factor in the awakening, both Palestinians and Jews are embracing the message of Peace and Unity.

    • Anonymous

      Good morning from the UK again…I have not posted for a while…and thought I would add a few more posts :-)

      Healers Journal News November 20th, 2012

      Cosmic Awareness: The Lightbody Activation Process – An Explanation

      Pineal Activation, Solar Gazing and DNA Recoding

      Dr. Albert Villoldo: Letting Go of What’s Not Working for You

      Bad news for The Cabal:

      Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012 He said 8 minutes

      There is something special about the 8 min/sec thing.

      Here is a new Message from Matthew. I realize he is channeling through his mother but I really liked the message.

      The is quite long so I will apologize now.

      New Clif High wujo up

      A new video has been posted by Tolec from “Andromeda Council” will try and find it and post it here OK :-) good message too :-)

    • Anonymous

      OK I found the video… BTW…I hope you all a great “Thanksgiving” :-)

      New Tolec video at

      muse feeling good lyrics .

      Now…this is how I want you ALL to feel about December 21st 2012 and give off those good energies to make MOTHER NATURE FEEL IT TOO … SHE DESERVES IT FOR LOOKING AND TAKING CARE OF HER CHILDREN FOR MILLENIA … :-)

    • Anonymous

      REMEMBER this Good People :-

      Religion is at Mind Level

      We are Spiritual Loving beings of Light Energy … once we go into 4D and the New World the COSMOS is our oyster :-) Onwards and Upwards :-)




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