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NASA Announces 'Forbidden Zones'...On Moon!

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[Note from author: This story originally broke in India. The American media is ignoring it. Why? Moon to have no-fly zones by month end. - The Hindu ... For those that may question The Hindu as a credible source, the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts believes The Hindu is a credible news source. They link to it themselves on this page (scroll on NIAC page to see link to The Hindu article about NASA's future). This story is real.

Feeling the pressure of mounting investigations launched by citizen activists concerning alien structures and artifacts on the Moon and Mars, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration has made a bold and incredible move: NASA has announced No-Fly Zones on the Moon.

Although the space agency claims the purpose of the No-Fly Zones are to preserve and protect the historic landing sites of the Apollo astronauts, some question why the zones happen to include regions where heavy attention has been focused—areas where purported alien technology is lying scattered across the lunar soil.

An alleged alien artifact photographed near an Apollo landing site. [From website Over the Moon]

According to official archives more than three dozen Lunar historical sites exist. It may be more than coincidence that many of the strange anomalies and structures are near, or in the same region as, all the Apollo landing and early Lunar space probe sites like Surveyor.

Photo taken by LRO of a large artificial structure at Rima Hadley not far from where Apollo 15 landed.

A portion of the NASA statement declares: Apollo 11 and 17 sites [shall] remain off-limits, with ground-travel buffers of 75 metres and 225 meters from each respective lunar lander. [Science journal reported the full guidelines.]

Aerial view of alleged complex at Gassendi Crater.
Despite the pronouncement, international attorneys do not believe the space agency has the authority to enforce such a proclamation, nor claim any regions offbounds by nature of “U.S. government property on the moon.” They argue that the United Nations 1967 Outer Space Treaty takes precedence and that no nation can lay claim to any portion of the Moon.

Apollo 12: Photo taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC).

Despite that, NASA is desperate other countries will abide by its announcement—after all, more than 40 years of cover-up is at stake as well as the reputation and future funding of the currently beleagured agency.

One of the many structures that just ‘happens’ to be in the No-Fly Zone.

While NASA takes pains that it’s only doing this to protect astronauts’ discarded food and feces, the argument itself is specious. The real purpose of the No-Fly Zones—alleged by some researchers—is to dissuade upcoming lunar missions by other countries including Japan, India and China from “spilling the beans” on what’s really up there.

Space probes from the European Space Agency have already uncovered the fraud NASA perpetrated for decades about the real color of the Martian sky. [See: "The color of Mars"]

A Japanese lunar space probe uncovered astounding evidence of the alleged base that exists on the far side of the Moon. Some insiders swear that America has a secret military base on the Moon and present evidence to support their charge. [See: Before It's News Claim: America has secret base on Moon.]

Meanwhile, some NASA insiders have blown the whistle on the space agency and claim they have personally seen photographs and other evidence of artifacts, machinery—even cities—documented by robot and manned space mission from both the U.S. and former Soviet Union. [See: Before It's News NASA whistleblower: Alien cities exist on Moon.]

Photo of alleged American Moonbase. Notice the structures in the square-walled ‘crater.’

Publicly, NASA says they were moved to act because of the announcement by Google’s Lunar-X Prize. The Internet giant has created a contest awarding a monetary prize to the first private company that can land a robotic craft on the Moon, travel across the surface and transmit clear images. Google has sweetened the pot with the offer to add bonus money for a landing close to any of the Apollo sites.

Whether any of the up-and-coming spacefaring nations will abide by NASA’s No-Fly Zones—especially if they discover hard evidence of ancient alien artifacts—is unknown. They probably won’t abide by the NASA restrictions.

But unquestionably, the worried space agency desperately hopes they do.

Now NASA plans force field project for Moon… CLICK HERE!

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    • Mellissa

      It does not really matter unless they have a way of enforcing it up there.
      The arrogance of N.A.S.A, to put it all in a no fly zone and try and make the world sing their tune. You would think they would want people to prove for once and for all that they did go, what other way is it going to become public knowledge.

      What is next a no fly zone around mars, of course it does not apply to NASA. Where do they get the power to enforce anything world wide? An American company , funded by their government.

      We need a UN just for space, and they together could make what ever laws for the good of the world, not the good of the Americans, There are people in the rest of the world, as much as it seems they do not think of them unless they are in a disaster.

      We are not an American run world, as much as they would like it to be. They cant even clean up their own damn room, the mess they have going on , with the backdrop of a government acting like junior high students, not elected officials with the BEST mind for their peoples, not for their popularity or their wallets.

    • cyberkahuna

      source link to where the supposed official nasa announcement exists ????????????

    • Don Quixote

      more bs articles.

    • sten

      Its hilarious isnt it, could imagine a court case involving someone “trespassing on the moon” lol.

    • Anonymous

      wow. the idiocy.

    • skepticguy

      75 meters is less than the length of a football field. 225 meters is less than a quarter mile. That is not a very far distance.

      Also, NASA hasn’t mandated or declared or commanded anything. They have only asked that other Moon going countries respect the junk we’ve left up there for its historical value.

    • Pix

      “NASA has announced No-Fly Zones on the Moon.”


      How the fuck is NASA going to enforce that piece of egoistic BS. They don’t own the moon to be ordering any such thing. Histerically funny.

    • Outlaw_Wales

      You would be surprised Pix. One second the XPrize spacecraft has a beautiful shot of Earth as it makes its first lunar orbit then….beep-da-dee-bleep…signal lost!
      Our Black project folks have doing near and deep space travel for 40 years. If they want to keep something off limits they absolutely can.
      Listen Ben Rich of Lockheed Martins Skunk Works said we already have had (past tense) the means to bring ET home.
      Read Here, Great stuff:

    • TSR

      Someone else has warned us away

    • Outlaw_Wales

      You’re warned again then. Don’t come back.

    • WatchingU247

      NEWS FLASH – none of this matters. It’s nothing more than a distraction from events happening on EARTH right now. The elites must be pleased with the scriptwriters this week… have fun ignoring real issues going on around you while bickering over politics and questioning if people ever walked on the moon. Absolutely irrelevant and a waste of time.

    • andronaonda

      WatchingU247 .. Well said Mate! Good stuff

    • Anonymous

      no fly zone in those area’s because they don’t want them to find out that America never went to the moon and that there are no artifacts left behind from the alleged moon landings.

    • One Who Knows

      N ever
      S traight
      A nswer

      1. The first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, pronounced the stars being “astonishingly brilliant”.
      Our astro-nots reported them as “dim and fuzzy”. Was this because of NASA’s inability to
      accurately simulate a starry background?
      2. The photo of Collins in the zero-G aircraft was painted over to show him space walking on
      the Gemini 10 mission. Why was the picture doctored if the mission was for real?
      3. The astro-nots reported that the LEM blasted out a deep crater in landing on the Moon.
      Why have NASA pictures never reflected this?
      4. In fact, even the dust was left as shown by the crystal clear footprints under the various
      LEMs. Why should the Moon dust leave such clear footprints when here on Earth clear prints
      are always the result of moisture?
      5. The original TV pictures were blurry and indistinct. The TV networks were forced to scan
      a magnified screen instead of piping the pictures directly using coaxial couplers. Why was
      NASA afraid to let us see the clear pictures?
      6. The Sun creates only parallel shadows everywhere. Why did so many NASA Moonscape
      photos have non-parallel shadows?
      7. The backgrounds on most of NASA’s lunar photos starts after just beyond the subject and
      shows little detail. Why did NASA use painted backdrops?
      8. Stage prop rocks have identifying marks so that they may be correctly positioned for the
      scene. Why did one of Moon rocks have a capital “C” marked on it?
      The Conclusion / Chap. 18 p. 166
      9. A NASA photo of the Gemini 6A capsule clearly shows a long fiberglass whip antenna
      mounted on it. How did this antenna survive the tremendous heat of re-entry?
      10. Skylab overheated after 3 hours in orbit while it spent 80% of its time exposed to the
      Sun. Gemini 5 became cold when power was lost, although it spent half its time in the Sun.
      Apollo 13 began to freeze up when it lost power even though it spent all its time in the Sun.
      All six of the LEMs spent up to 72 hours in the Sun and they were reported as “too cold to
      sleep in”. Why do these discrepancies exist?
      11. After a two and a half years I have not received the data on x-ray and proton solar
      emissions during the Apollo years. Why won’t NOAA send me that data?
      12. The Russians told astronomer Bernard Lovell that they knew of no way to protect their
      cosmonauts from radiation after they passed the Van Allen belts. Why did NASA claim that
      a fabric suit could protect them against lethal flares?
      13. A NOAA solar flare expert claims flares are unpredictable. Why did Collins claim a few
      years earlier that NASA could predict them?
      14. An astrophysicist who has worked for NASA writes that it takes 2 meters of shielding to
      protect against medium solar flares and that heavy ones give out tens of thousands of rem in a
      few hours. Why didn’t the astro-nots on Apollo 14 and 16 die after exposure to this
      incredible amount of radiation?
      15. There was a crotch-to-shoulder zipper on the Apollo space suits. Why was there such
      little leakage when even a pinhole deflates a tire in quick order?
      16. The astro-nots seemed able to bend the joints of their fingers, wrists, knees and elbows
      at 5.2 psi. Why is a 4 psi boxer’s speed bag virtually unbendable here on Earth?
      17. Apollo space suits were air-conditioned by the release and consequent explosive
      freezing of water. This effect should be spectacular with the brilliance of the sunlight
      reflecting from a myriad of frozen crystals. Why didn’t NASA ever film it?
      18. During Apollo 11 either Armstrong or Aldrin went gamboling past the LEM. It was the
      atypical blurry ghost TV picture that we received from that mission. Why could you see the
      LEM through the astro-not at times?
      19. During the flag setup ceremony on Apollo 14 the flag wouldn’t stop fluttering. Since
      there is no wind on the Moon, why didn’t they tell us they had a Moonquake at that time?
      20. The best TV shot is the takeoff of the Apollo 16 LEM. The camera that recorded the
      blast-off panned upward to track the capsule. NASA now claims that this camera was
      controlled from Houston at the end of a longer than two second transmission loop. Who did
      they leave on the Moon to operate the camera?
      21. Without reiterating the list of “Gotchas” I will ask only one question. How will NASA
      or their apologists explain away the eight “Gotchas”?
      22. It is a simple fact that if a single thing is wrong with a photo then it has been faked. I am
      not a photographer. Why have I been able to find something wrong with almost every NASA
      The Conclusion / Chap. 18 p. 167
      As citizens, you and I must retain our skepticism about “truth” in government. The great
      iconoclast, Mark Twain, correctly observed: there are liars, damn liars, and then there’s
      Congress! He also noted that some members are undoubtedly among a definable “criminal”
      class. Nothing has changed. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom!

    • Anonymous

      The alien artifacts that people think they see on the moon come from aliens, all right.


    • Anonymous

      It’s a BUREAUCRATIC ILLUSION that ownership of land exists at all.

      Countries already ONLY are a bureaucratic illusion.

      That is how they CONTROL us.

    • Be4itstoo0ldnews

      @andronaonda … Troll. You need to see a shrink. Did your mum-n-dad leave you as a child? Very personal self issues you need to deal with.

      At topic…American does not own NASA. The elite own NASA….and yes I will say it bluntly….let it sink in….here it comes….the elite own YOU too. It has nothing to do with America nor it’s people herein or around.

      I could say that the elite came from where you’re at and that they were inbred in your neck of the woods and spread out like herpies to the whole world…like some anal STD…but I won’t because it appears you already have issues.

    • WTFU

      WE are the Aliens.If you haven’t worked that out by now there is no hope for any of you.

    • Freedom

      NASA has no jurisdiction to enforce jack shit on nthe moon nthey can F off

    • Anonymous

      Well there goe the weekend trip to the moon with the family ! And I had just filed a flight plan with the FAA to fly our Cessna 180 there . Guess we will just go to Mars , before NASA declares it a no fly zone .

    • Azriel

      As for weather or not these artifacts are indeed alien or not, we will not know until some independent groups of people go there and take a look and return with the info. For all we know, it could be junk left over from other earth to moon bound travels that may have gone bad. And to enforce the man made artifacts left behind by NASA (Need Another Seven Astronauts), they would have to have a base there with people who would do the security work for them. And also, the UN treaty that this nation signed concerning no nation owning any part of the moon, well, we have seen what the usa thinks of treaties,,, don’t we Sitting Bull???

    • JasonX

      What gives NASA any rights over the moon? America is collapsing in on itself and it won’t be long before they are broke and powerless. They are gasping their last breaths.

    • latinjoy

      f*ck NASA… I”LL GO :)

    • Anonymous

      proof there are bad aliens on the moon

    • Anonymous

      This is a double bluff to suck in all the “conspiracy” addicts.

      NASA never got to the Moon. They didn’t have the technology and they certainly couldn’t risk the possibility of failure. So it was faked. So many flawless landings on the Moon. So many years ago. You have to be kidding.
      The “forbidden” zones are just a further escalation of the smudged NASA photos and the hints of buildings and aliens on the Moon. All part of a clever ruse to make you think they did get to Moon and they have something to cover-up.

    • Shpooky

      What the…why the crap is everyone so gungho over the Moon? There are plenty of perfectly good unexplored planets out there that we could be posting about, and the Moon is just a giant round chunk of rock that we can’t even terraform. :/

    • Anonymous

      The Weekly World News is no longer in business. This story would be perfect for it. How could anybody write that with a straight face?

    • rdigital

      ya why is everyone getting so emotional?

    • It's Me Again

      How many people do they think can actually get to the moon ?
      It’s not like anyone has plans to start building mosques up.

    • marcos anthony toledo

      With stories about water on the Moon who knows what is on or in it a alien base perhaps I have read about these rumors about the Moon at lest since Apollo 11 the problem is those of European decent especially they haven’t got over discovering people in the Americas and Australia let alone in the rest of the Universe and add to that they can come here anytime they want.

    • Anonymous

      why would the “aliens” colonize the moon, or use it as a base? A base for what? The conditions are pretty harsh there.

      This is just another distraction of the financial tsunami that is about to hit, the continued looting of taxpayer receipts (the treasury), and the incredibly treasonous and criminal behavior of our elected officials.

      You people who suck up this crap of moon people, bases, UFOs, Nibiru, etc. are typical of the brain dead americans that contribute to the degeneration of this country. I think the place would be better without you. When the inflationary depression hits, maybe you all will shut the fuck up.

    • One Who Knows

      AirBrush – A NASA Cover-Up
      A former employee of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reveals how NASA covers up and erases UFOs from satelite photos. But first a little bit about this former employee: DONNA TIETZE HARE
      Formerly of NASA, female slide technician, the recipient of numerous space awards including 1969 Apollo Achievement award from the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, 1973 Skylab award, a medallion for success on the Skylab-Suez Test project, numerous other awards for her skill as a technical Artist, honors, awards and a 1994 reccomdation by Texas Governor Ann Richards to the Advisory Committee of Psychology Associates. Donna Tietze has spent most of her professional life involved in the Space Program as a technical illustrator. She drew lunar maps, landing slides, she worked in the photo lab, Precision Slide Lab, reducing art work to one inch by one inch drawings. She drew launch sites, landing sites and was employed as a sub-contractor to NASA for over 15 years. She worked on flight manuals for astronauts & has the wonderful ability to put words into images but uniquely, learn to do everything backwards, including mathematical computations, the writing of words, to put it simply, this woman has seen just about all the different kinds of images one could see that are used in Space Programs.
      Donna Tietze interviewed on Washington D.C. Radio Station
      The following is a partial transcript of a radio talk show that occurred 5/6/95 on WOL-AM in Washington D.C. which is simulcast on WOLB-AM in Baltimore Maryland. The show is broadcast every Saturday night at 12:00am. The show is called “UFOs Saturday Night”. The guests on that date were Stanley McDaniels, author of the McDaniel Report, Erol Toron, a cartographer and who provided valuable information for Richard Hoagland in preparing his book, “The Monuments Of Mars”. Also on the program was keith Morgan, Dan Drazon and Donna Tietze, a former employee of NASA in Houston, Texas. The transcript was transcribed by Donald Ratsch, “Operation Right To Know” (ORTK) from an audio recording of the show. Elaine Douglass (ORTK) host of the show:
      Elaine Douglass: This is Elaine Douglass, WOL News-Talk Network, our show is UFOs Saturday night and here in the studio with Keith Morgan and our topic is the Face On Mars. We have a new guest on the air with us, Donna Tietze. Donna, you are also with three scientists who are on the air with us and that would be Stan McDaniels from California, Erol Toron from the east coast and Dan Drason whose in Colorado. The reason that I asked Donna to come on the show, Donna is in Houston, Texas and kind enough to join us tonight to tell us some very interesting things she observed while working at NASA. Donna is an educator and she is working on her Masters in Education. In the past Donna, as I understand it you held a position for 15 years with a contractor at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. You were a photo technician?
      Donna Tietze: Correct!
      E.D.: Donna welcome to UFOs Saturday Night. Tell me and tell everyone the incident that you recall as they say in the law court, did there come a time when you walked in a photo lab and someone told you something quite astounding? What happened that day?
      D.T.: Yes Elaine, thats true. During the Apollo mission I worked at NASA throughout those Apollo missions and I did leave NASA at the time the space shuttles began. I worked in building eight in the photo lab. I had a secret clearance so I thought I could go anywhere in the building. And I did go into one area that was a restricted area. In this area they developed pictures taken from satelites and also all of the missions, the Apollo missions, flight missions. I went in and I was talking to one of the photographers and developers and he was putting together a mosaic which is a lot of photos, smaller photos into a larger photo pattern. And while I was in there I was trying to learn new methods and new things about the whole organization and I was looking at the pictures and he directed my attention to one area, he said, Look at that. I looked and there was a round oval shaped, well it was very white circular shape of a dot and I, it was black & white photography, so I asked him if that was a spot on the emulsion and he said, well I can’t tell you but spots on the emulsion do not leave round circles of shadows.
      E.D.: So there was a shadow on the ground?
      D.T.: Right, a round shadow! And I noticed that there were pine trees, now I don’t know where this area was or what, you, pretty close to the ground what I saw but I didn’t see outline of the continent. But I did notice that thre was shadow under this white dot and I also noticed that the trees were casting the shadows in the same direction as this shadow of the circle of this aerial phenomena because it was higher than the trees but not too much higher than the trees but it was close to the ground and it was spherical but slightly elongated, not very much but slightly. I then said, is it a UFO? And he said, Well I can’t tell you. And then I asked him, what are you going to do with this piece of information? And he said, well we have to airbrush these things out before we sell these photographs to the public. So I realized at that point that there is a procedure setup to take care of this type of information from the public.
      E.D.: Isn’t that remarkable gentlemen?
      Stan McDaniels: Elaine, I was unable to really hear very much of that.
      E.D.: Oh really?
      SmcD: I did catch air brush it out.
      E.D.: Alright, Stan can you hear this station break coming up?
      SmcD: Uh, sure.
      E.D.: So alright, we are going into that, we’ll be back in just a couple of minutes
      E.D.: Erol Toron, you are here?
      E.T.: I’m still here
      E.D.: Alright fine, Stan you said you could not hear the account that Donna gave?
      SmcD: Not very well.
      E.D.: Alright, Keith would you like to recapitulate what Donna said?
      Keith Morgan: Stan, what she said was that she was in the photo lab at NASA and that she was looking at some photos and one showed an elliptical object, white object that was casting a shadow on the ground above some trees and the technician in there, she asked him if it was a UFO? He said I can’t tell you. She said what are you going to do with this kind of information? He said well that is the kind of stuff that we airbrush out.
      SmcD: Oh I see, thanks for that!
      E.D. So Donna thats approximately, essentially correct what you said, right?
      D.T. Right!
      E.D.: Yes well I, Stan I think thats quite startling, don’t you?
      SmcD: Its speaks for itself.
      E.D.: Yes it certainly does, Now Donna there is another matter that you learned about when you were there at NASA. I believe this was through a third party, a person that you were spending some time with who was a fellow NASA employee?
      D.T.: Right, in fact after we talked, I thought about another incident with a guard that I would like to convey too thats very important. This man that I had dated was in quarantine with the astronauts when they had come back from the moon and I had talked to him about seeing this saucer (satellite photos) and asked him if he had heard anything about that and he told me that every astronaut, every moon trip had been followed by craft, by saucers, that every one of them, every astronaut that went to the moon, now I don’t know about other sites but they all had seen it and all had been told to keep quite about it and they were threatened with jail and their whole retirement, everything taken away from them. They were also, this told me that if I ever told that he said it, that he would deny it, that he would never admit that he told me all of that.
      E.D.: Did you hear that Stan?
      SmcD: No
      E.D.: Alright, ah, go ahead Keith, recapitulate.
      (Keith repeats everything of that part that Donna Tietze stated, to McDaniel)
      SmcD: Oh yes I see
      E.D.: Yes and I believe that Donna you related to me, you friend came to believe that the UFOs were instrumental in geting Apollo 13 that was, ah, our disable mission to the moon, was it 13?
      D.T.: Right, well he said that it shouldn’t have come back, I mean, there was no, ah, they had help. And thats was all he would say.
      E.D.: All he would say?
      D.T.: He said it was impossible for that craft to have gotten back home
      E.D.: Donna you said that there was another matter that you wanted to relate to us.
      D.T.: Yes, something that I didn’t talk to you about earlier. When I had quite work, I had an office, I was doing ilustration work at another office, in another part of town. And a man that had been a guard at NASA during the time came into my office and he had a large gash scar on his forehead and he told me that he was a guard at NASA and that he was burning a lot of photographs of UFOs. That was his job.
      E.D.: Really (surprised)
      D.T.: And he said he stopped to look at one too long and one of the other, I gathered it was some type of military man, hit him in the head with a gun butt and knocked him out.
      E.D.: What? (shocked)
      D.T.: Because he had looked at one of the photographs too long, he did describe the photograph to me which I tend to believe was an accurate photograph.
      E.D: Oh, my god!
      D.T.: He explained that it was a craft on the ground and it looked like, it was like a regular saucer with like little bumps all over and he said it was like it was burnt. He said cows in the field all had their tails stuck straight up. At the time he said he didn’t know when cattle were frightened, that their tails would stick staight up. And he described this to me and since then, I did describe it to someone that I thought might have looked at some of these photos, possibly and they did look kind of frightened that I shouldn’t know about that one.
      (the next several minutes later the conversation is more about UFOs following Apollo crafts to the moon)
      E.D.: The second part of her account had to do with the stalking of our space mission by UFOs of our space missions to the moon and so on. She even said that they apparently helped in one case by bringing the Apollo 13 back, that was the impression that she got and..
      D.T.: yes but they (aliens) also didn’t want that craft to investigate the part of the moon that they was going to, so they may have caused some of it too, but it was supposed, we were told not to go but we ignored it. Now thats what I’ve heard, that some of the stuff he was telling me.
      E.D. Did he say that, your direct contact?
      D.T.: Yes!
      E.D.: That the United States was told not to go to the moon? D.T.: To that certain place on the back side of the moon.
      E.D.: And did he know why we weren’t supposed to go there?
      D.T.: I guess they didn’t want us to see something back there, I don’t know, I don’t know that part.
      (interview winds down a few minutes later and the show is out of time)

    • darkwolfoz

      Only about 1% of the comments on this story are worth the read…the rest of it is pure crap posting. Be real.

    • Anonymous

      I get better resolution from google earth of the last house i owned and can clearly reconize my old truck.

    • Anonymous

      NASA is a taxpayer funded entity that has no RIGHT to withhold information from the people that fund them! They intentionally doctor pictures birth certificates and whatever suits their purpose. which is to deceive the “masses” and propagate their chosen message to the “serfs” who support them. this is criminal and punishable in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I saw the astronauts go into a rocket, and come out of a capsule after it came from space. I saw them walk on the moon live. The moon landings weren’t faked. I can’t believe that anybody with a brain believes it. Those idiots keep repeating lies, half-truths, and undocumented nonsense that they find on the internet as if it were fact.

      The best argument against is the fact that tens of thousands of people would’ve had to be in on it and everybody would’ve had to keep silent. Especially the news media that hated Nixon. That just didn’t happen.

    • Nae affy anonymous

      Blah blah, if this story is true, wouldn’t the USA have to colonize it first?

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t read the previous comments yet, but I really don’t think or believe that NASA ( such as it is ) has absolutely any right or authority what so ever to make “No Fly Zones” on the moon nor anywhere else in the universe. This is one of those ‘We Are The Supreme Being’ cover statements that NASA likes to think of itself as, and they’re so not. For so many, many reasons. My personal belief is that we already have colonies or bases on the moon and have for a while. Ask Gary McKinnon. ( that’s his name, right? ) What NASA does not want is the public ( us, basically ) to know that other civilizations have been or may still be on the moon let alone that WE have bases on the moon. And it isn’t OUR moon. It may belong to this planet, but that’s only an accident of circumstance. Or is it? It’s obvious to those of us who have done our work and studied the moon intensely that there are objects on the moon that are of artificial construct and not by us! Why this must be hidden from us is beyond my understanding. But then again, it’s not hidden to me. It’s out there and very obvious for anyone to see. What? Have people for gotten how to READ? Who do NASA think they are fooling? Apparently plenty of humanity judging by some of the comments on here. Unfortunately for NASA though, they are not fooling me or thousands of others. These suckers need to be reigned in though. Meaning NASA. They have been proven to be liars and now by trying to act as if they are the end all be all in space technology, they are making it only worse for themselves. No fly zone on the moon. How very laughable. PLEASE!

    • Anonymous

      A new Area51 on the Moon this time? NASA´s signals are that they are the masters of the UNIVERS.What sauce from a warrior race, always ready prepared to use nuclear weapons.Wilds unevolved!

    • Anonymous

      “I saw the astronauts go into a rocket, and come out of a capsule after it came from space. I saw them walk on the moon live. The moon landings weren’t faked. I can’t believe that anybody with a brain believes it. Those idiots keep repeating lies, half-truths, and undocumented nonsense that they find on the internet as if it were fact.”
      1.Which rocket? what is the name of it? (is this fact?????)Do you have some brain? why should people believe YOU and not the INTERNET?On Internet there can be much crap,it´s true,but also many intelligent ideas and theories and many,many trues.Is NASA repeating whole truths and very well documented ideas???you make me laugh-Btw,are you leaving on this planet?

    • Garrett

      Did anyone see that guy waving in the top right of the second picture?

      ok good, me either!!!

    • YOU

      This is terrible news. I was planning to take a tour of the moon this weekend in my friends flying saucer. I will have to let him know that, if we go, we may get a ticket for crossing into a no fly zone. Thats too bad. We were going to do some sky diving into one of the craters.

    • RickDC

      NASA has been corrupt since its inception, it was run by two competing groups, former nazi scientists who we brought to the USA during project paperclip and Masons. Everything NASA does is on some pagan date or Hitlers birthday, just match it up yourselves you can’t miss it. Also NASA won;t even release a picture of mars unless it purposely make sit look all red, including the sky. The Sky is blue on marks like hear. Ask a moon landing astronaut HOW THEY FELT on the moon and you get weird reactions, crying, running out of the room, anger. Deep hypnotism, Mind control?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I always look to some made-up news source in India for front-line coverage of events in the US. So, where is a link to any NASA website with this announcement? Was it too much trouble to post a link? Typical garbage-mind pseudo-science HOOEY. God gave y’all brains, folks, feel free to learn how to use them sometime.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing I can say would compete with the above but here goes:
      Sol’s heliosphere is being compressed, noticeable from a decade ago due to end 2012 year end. This is a periodic event occurring every 5,000 yrs. Civilizations have 5,000 yrs and then Zap! Not only are we compressed as sol’s heliosphere shrinks to the near orbit of Mercury, but as it rolls over us inward, we and the outer planets are exposed to pyroelectric action that means we expand outward. This naturally eliminates tech progression.
      Have their been other civilizations before us, yes. 10,000 y a Earth may have been only slightly if at all exposed to the back side of the DL and expansion and significant dna altering cosmic rays. So, coming out of this periodic incursion would have been survivors.
      This civilization would have experienced peak pizeoelectric contraction which may have the effect claimed by the quote: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The smarter us may have had an event that Flowers for Algernon is based on, temporary brilliance and the struggle to make it permanent. They would have devised ways to let us know the answers to the questions we now seek, how the universe works, to help us leapfrog over nuclear to cosmic understanding. Unfortunately, it didn’t make any impression other than myth and we ran in place.
      Let us ponder why NASA even bothers; the smarter us who escaped enduring expansion, had the best chance to
      1) leave us an understandable communication about solar system formation, universal energy, etc.
      2) save themselves in some way, shape or form, that would preserve their civilization.
      3) escape the planet/solar system/Sagitarrius arm/Milky Way since outside these formats would be necessary to escape the giant capacitor (Milky Way) that fills with charge and discharges every 5,000 yrs.
      So, if they are here, they are at the bottom of the sea of which we are unaware. Maybe they were slightly tech ahead of us (not much tho) so they could hide a bigger mass by bending light. Might they have created clones ( beautiful so you pick it up, talented so you find it useful to keep, tame to you want to be around it, and hidden, a giant gift of a healthy immune system). This genetic package may have been intended to ‘tame’ the violence in our dna that the catastrophic past our planet has had. Science now recognizes a one time trauma event can alter your genetic code. So the clones were necessary to keep up from nuking our home planet.
      We are a year from the capacitor discharge and are experiencing maximum compression which falls short of theirs as the electromagnetic incursion will stop outside of Venus’ orbit this time. We are seeing all around us the evidence of this compression: plants transmute elements, atmospheres of all the planets changing, and we ourselves becoming smarter. The chances of us accidentally nuking each others is almost nil now.
      We aren’t going anywhere, there is no time travel, there are no other dimensions, so we are faced with the same conundrum as before: how best to leave a message for those who come after.
      Kepler will confirm that other suns are compressed, that our stretched out planets were perhaps due to our twin sun going nova and donating its planets to Sol. Perhaps we are looking to confirm universal expansion or some other reason for the fact we escaped a quantum expression 5,000 y a.

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      Good Lord, People, the stinking criminal U.N. also has NO authority to regulate the moon. What the hell is the matter with you people that believe the U.N. ran by the Zionist Rothschild family is a good thing? wake up to the real enemy of America.

      And, of course, N.A.S.A. has no authority either, nor does any other Earth based criminal government organization.

    • Anonymous

      a man seen he could knock out another man one day and the art has been refined in such a way that they think they are god!

    • Anonymous

      Hey NASA, you don’t own space. You don’t own the moon and you don’t make law. Kiss my @ss.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! This is wonderful!

      1. How would NASA ever know there were others on the moon or where they were?
      2. Considering that it’s impossible NOT to ‘fly’ over a spot on the moon at some altitude if one is in other than an equatorial lunar orbit, the idea of a ‘no fly’ is kind of absurd.
      3. Notwithstanding all of that, as was said, how could it possibly be enforced, and by what authority do they declare this?

      Terence, I heard there’s a no-fly zone around uranus, but the flies keep buzzing around there anyway. I’m surprized they don’t spend more time buzzing around your articles instead. Oh, wait…

    • Anonymous

      NASA can’t order a no fly zone, because NASA is NOT the military, nor is it part of the government, it’s a private company. Besides, who the fuck would they be to ORDER the rest of the world around like that…

      Whomever wrote this garbage, get real and pull your head out of your ass, look in the mirror and watch a moron staring back at you.




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