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Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon

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When American astronauts left the Moon for the final time as the Apollo 17 mission wound down, none realized then that NASA would not return. Three more missions were scheduled, yet the program was scrapped.


For almost 40 years that question has been the nexus of an intense debate amongst space enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists.

George H. Leonard’s classic book documented Lunar anomalies.

Although guesses ranged from lack of money and enthusiasm to an ominous alien threat, the truth seems to lie somewhere between the mundane and the incredible.

It cannot be denied that some years later—when America finally returned to the Moon in the form of a Department of Defense high resolution mapping satellite—more than 2 million photos were taken of the entire lunar surface. Of special interest: the far side of the Moon.

The farside of the Moon

All the data was stamped Top Secret and rushed to a team of tight-lipped experts manning red-lit, windowless rooms in the secure underground chambers of the National Security Agency.

And then the decades dragged onwards under the cover of black projects funded by black budgets.

The Disclosure Project

A parade of military officers, aircraft controllers and former intelligence personnel appeared before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. during 2010. Among them was ex-Naval Intelligence officer Milton Cooper.

Cooper testified before the assembled press that during his career the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) briefed him—as part of his duty profile—about a base located inside a shallow crater on the Moon. He claimed the codename of the base—appropriately enough—is Luna, the formal name for the Moon.

Factions within the Pentagon, specifically the United States Navy, happened upon evidence that the Moon is inhabited and that at least one base exists. Circumstantial evidence also makes some suspect that other bases exist on the far side of the Moon.

Enhanced photo of crater Moon base taken by Japanese space probe.

Another Disclosure Project participant, former US Air Force sergeant Karl Wolfe, testified that “I was asked to go over to this facility on Langley Air Force base where the National Security Agency (NSA) was bringing in the information from the Lunar Orbiter.” [Disclosure Project]

“They took me into this laboratory, I took a look at the equipment, there was an ‘Airman 2nd Class’ in there, and I was an A2C as well.”

Wolfe went on to testify that “We walked over to one side of the lab and [I was told], ‘by the way we’ve discovered a base on the backside of the Moon.’”

According to Wolfe’s deposition, the NSA man showed the Airman a mosaic of the lunar surface photographed by the Lunar Orbiter “…he pulled out one of these mosaics and showed this base which had geometric shapes, there were towers, spherical buildings, there were very tall towers and things that somewhat looked like radar dishes…but they were large structures.”

Alleged American Lunar base built in shallow crater on Moon.

Although the ONI and other Pentagon departments believe that the bases are not of Earth origin, the preponderance of evidence suggests they were built by humans within the past few decades and were constructed with some of the $40 trillion that’s been funneled into the military and intelligence communities’ black projects since the mid-1960s.

Much of the base may be under the surface and connected by ancient sub-lunar lava tubes.

Lava tube. Some theorize an American Lunar base may be interlinked with such tunnels.

A ‘dark’ space program?

Rumors in the aerospace industry and the US Air Force have circulated for years about a separate, secret space program. The visible program run by NASA was for public consumption while the real work—and the focus of the nation’s national security interests—was done under cover.

Many still wonder why the Vandenberg military shuttle launch site was suddenly abandoned during the 1990s with little fanfare. After spending many millions building the space launch facility designed to accomodate the Space Shuttle, the USAF abruptly tore it down. The facility never launched any shuttle.

Shuttle Enterprise stacked at Vandenberg pad for test. Facility never used.

Some at Lockheed insinuate that the fourth generation Aurora has full space capabilities, but the smart money is placed on the black platforms that many around the globe have been reporting as UFOs.

Space capable military platforms

Alleged photo of TR-3b in staging hangar at Lockheed Skunkworks

Among the exotic space capable craft that may well be ferrying military personnel between the Earth and Lunar bases is the TR-3b. The designation is not the official military name, but one that has been “assigned” to the mystery craft by aerospace insiders that have been kept out of the need-to-know loop.

The TR-3b has been seen by witnesses leaving or arriving at some USAF bases such as Scott Air Force base in Missouri and Wright-Patterson in Ohio.

Aerial view of Scott Air Force Base, Missouri.

The craft is utterly silent, stealthy, and is not designed to fly through the atmosphere. Many witnesses describe the platform as gliding and swiveling when it changes vector. The frame is not an airfoil and it does not bank when it turns, it just points its nose in the new direction when it changes its vector.

As the new space programs of India, Japan and China continue to ramp up more information on the mysterious lunar base may be revealed.


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    • stopthepirates

      The Federal government, which is foreign to the United States of America.
      The Federal government, which is foreign to the United States of America, which is located in the District of Columbia, which is not part of the United States and which is in fact controlled to a great extent by the international bankers which created the… Federal Reserve and by the laws and rules of the United Nations, whereby this Federal Washington D.C. state or country, has set itself up as a control over the United States of America as a quasi-government.

    • Barbie

      I honestly don’t know if WE built the bases on the Moon with OUR TAX DOLLARS, or if some other race was there before we landed, the first time. But I strongly suspect that inter-stellar communications have been going on since the early 1940s, and that we DO have an ultra-secret Space Program which has been expanding via leaps and bounds since WWII.

      Perhaps our government has been just as derelict in honoring inter-stellar Treaties as they have always been with the American Indians… If so, then we probably have aggravated some of the off-worlders with our less-than-perfect humanistic traits… lying, cheating, using their technology for war instead of improvement of our human condition, etc.

      Would it really be a surprise to learn that instead of warm & fuzzy series and movies like Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, we’re now being spoon-fed violent-themed movies and TV series, because our government (along with some other governments) have put the entire planet in jeopardy, and they are now using movies and television to condition us to the “war of the worlds” that their deviousness has wrought?

    • asterflower

      Thank you Pink Floyd.

    • Norry

      Werner Von Braun (Nazi to Nasa)claimed according to Carol Rosin that there was to be a false alien invasion of some sort following the despot stage of events. If what he said is fact it could mean this and other articles and demonstrations of a similar bent would seem to be priming us to accept an alien presence in our local sky.
      But then again if these and other sightings (alien/ufo) are genuine findings and not just contrived press releases then the other scenario, due to abject denial from the authorities would be one of maximum psychological impact when apearing enmasse above a city near you.

      Check out ‘Carol Rosin’.

    • terry the censor

      @stopthepirates and aliadams

      Thanks for nothing.

    • Anonymous

      @ terry the censor = shill.

    • steveodendaal

      Maybe I missed some turning point in the story. Can beleive that such a base (s) might exist but would expect some “domes” on these pictures as there is no atmosphere – none. Then the pictures of the “tunnels” where do these pictures come from, are they actual or fake, and how would humans move around without oxygen ? Also, the present Stealth aircraft move as conventional aircraft, never an indication from anyone that technology exists that would allow an “aircraft” to simply change its vector ??!! AND….from the picture of the New stealth (silent) aircraft (moon vehicle) could not possible carry equipment to build a settlement ?? HELP, I need to beleive this stuff !!!

    • Kolta

      Is it just me? Can anyone else ‘not’ see these so called moon bases, and little flying saucers flying around the moon? What the f*^k are these boneheads smoking? The pictures are blurred, have no definition, they look like moon rocks and moon mountains and moon cliffs and just plain old moon stuff. I think I found out my problem, I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, maybe I need to start cuz you guy’s are having all the fun.

    • The Red Pill

      IF THERE WERE ANY SPACE STATIONS ON THE MOON…It wouldnt be ours, they might just say its ours because they dont want “that” thought going through peoples heads. Which is Extra-Terristrials and what not.

    • Anonymous

      If its a base on the moon thats not built by us, that means it was built by a reasonably intelligent race, which means they can reproduce probably, which means that the entire moon would, more than likely, be colonized. Not just a few bases here and there, that makes no sense.

      None of these pictures are credible, they are blurry smudged images that show nothing. You see what you wanna see.

      With that being said there are plenty of nasa images and cockpit recordings of the moon landings that are far more interesting.

    • Anonymous

      there is no moon, therefore, no base on a moon and thus no tunnels to explore…..there is however a Lockeed TR3-bravo air-craft which took pics of the dark side of the earths reflection, Da Vinci called Moon-glow. :)

    • tmikew33

      FAKE and GAY!!! Fake and Gay!!! Come on guys…..get real

    • MsPseudolus

      somebody’s a Ray William Johnson fan :)

    • Anon Amous

      What the fff..udge man! Whaaaaat? These deceivers need to explain away the rapture by staging a false alien invasion. What a bunch of garbage. They need fools to believe them….. and sad case.. they will find some! ucgh

    • Anonymous

      The pictures of the moon are taken from FAR FAR AWAY….

      Too many real people with real credentials have come forward, risking their lives, to share what they know with us.
      Many have been assassinated for speaking, yet others still step up.
      This brave action demands RESPECT.

      It’s important to verify WHO the info is coming from.

      Just because YOU can’t see it, doesn’t make it false…

      When more than 400 high level retired military personnel say its real…
      its time to pay attention, and start researching for yourself.

      Or… you could just blindly believe the bullshit on TV.

      It comes down to personal choice.

      Either live in a bubble, or get out there and FIND THE TRUTH.

    • MsPseudolus

      Some comments have been deleted for profanity. If you want it seen, keep it clean :)

    • terry the censor

      Censorship on “we won’t be chained down!” conspiracy sites? Yeah.

    • ouivalerie

      Oxygen on the moon? Of course. They always lied about it not being there already, as they lied about all the planets being uninhabitable and rocks….Atmosphere is created by science as is the proper temperature and colors of planetary skies… (John Lear explained it). Many come forward to lie, some lie and don’t know it, some lie and it’s paid disinformation. I figure they take people making things up already and spread it around some extra times, expanding on good old fashioned ignorance that appears to have public appeal.. If you add 3/11/2011 (Japan quake) to 9/11/2001, you get 12/22/2012 which is the first day after 12/21/2012. For this I at least deduct that 12/21/2012 is no Y2K year 2000 stuff and is a very real situation. I would have to guess that the system wants to prepare the planet for the new world with a lot less population as they say…and how they decide who they kill appears to be very random..whoever they can, on key dates they already know about. Probably planning on finishing off everybody that isn’t one of them…They have to be TIGHT KNIT people because no one in planes spreading chemtrails whistleblows a whisper….

    • curious

      The moon changes declination every day but between July 21 and July 22 2011, it changed declination by about 15 degrees. According to the physics dept at the declination of the moon July 22, 2011 should have been 11 degrees. I live at 40 degrees north and the moon was almost straight overhead on the night of July 22, 2011. On the night of July 21 the moon was about 15 degrees lower in declination as measured by a protractor using the roof of my house as a fixed point from which to measure. I am an avid sky watcher and this seems unusual.

      Anyone else notice this? From what I can find on the internet this is unusual. calculator showed that there should have only been a 5 degree rise in declination.

      What do you think?

    • O. Ryan Faust

      What it comes down to is belief.

      The “evidence” here is what I’d term “underwhelming”. It’s a good starting point for a fantasy, but it’s just not enough to add to my conceptual framework. It’s just not rigid enough.

      I don’t question that there is life elsewhere in the universe. I personally accept that extra-terrestrials exist. There’s alot of universe out there, why would God create life on only one planet? These are general beliefs. Once an artifact of alien origin is actually found, that’s specific. Now we’re talking about a specific race of aliens, and it raises questions, like: where are they from, what was their motivation for coming here, are they peaceful or warlike?

      Is the US building a city on the dark side of the moon? Again, no proof, but this is more believable considering the dark nature of the federal government. But I don’t accept it as truth, just possible, and perhaps even likely.

    • /dev/null

      Me for one thinks somthing is wrong with the moon. The orbit aint right it comes and go’s how it pleases sets up at sunup and get down in weird places

    • rdigital

      it does get down in weird places. i think faust does too. and he needs it rigid.

    • oldnwise

      cool a fly through macca’s.

    • Anonymous

      “The TR-3b has been seen by witnesses leaving or arriving at some USAF bases such as Scott Air Force base in Missouri and Wright-Patterson in Ohio.” & “Aerial view of Scott Air Force Base, Missouri.”

      Well, considering that Scott Air Force Base is actually located in Illinois, and not Missouri as you suggest, it would do you well to get your facts straight if you are trying to convince people that your information is credible. Just sayin’… :/

    • Anonymous

      I wish – really strongly wish – that The Powers That Be would just freaking share what they know with those of us who really want to know these and other things. I mean come on, what does it matter if so-called regular people know such things? It’s plastered all over the web anyway, and those who can’t deal with the info or don’t want to know could still be kept in their preferred state of knowledge-less bliss while the wack(y) folks already believe what they want already. I want to know the thus-far-known facts..Dangnabbit stop being stingy with knowledge!!! :-) :-) :-)
      Back to the topic: there are several theories I’m aware for who built the structures/ruins on the Lunar surface and below it. The candidates include various alien species and recent Military projects as mentioned, but other possibilities have been proposed. One I find particularly intriguing is that ancient advanced humans from Earth built (some of) them, and tho this may stand out as even more ludicrous then the other wild theories, it has some “evidence” of sorts in the traces and hints from archeological anomalies and references in ancient writings to objects and capabilities/effects that sound eerily similar to modern day technology from the astonishing descriptions of a nuclear bomb in the ancient Indian Vedas (complete with mushroom cloud, radiation poisoning, and more) to things like Baghdad Battery (which I’ve always thought seems like it’s almost like a clever salvage/copy of superior and far more ancient technology). In other words, there’s a lot of amazing and colorful mythological adventures from our ancestors, but when the details are precise and occur together to describe a particular event, it starts to feel even more ludicrous not to at least keep open the possibility it is an account of a real event and and not just the ancient equivalent to our Star Wars stories. :-)
      So perhaps humans DID reach a level of civilization and technology in Earth’s remote past that enabled space travel and other things we assume to be purely modern inventions – it certainly is possible, after all they had the same natural resources that we do, and even mainstream science allows for modern humans to have been around for at least the past 250 thousand years or so. Considering the main advances in our own civlization required for things like space travel have mostly occured in the past 150 years – and even then really the past 60 years – that’s plenty of time for another instance of human development to rise and whatever catastrophe (natural or man made) and fall that may have ended it. And as several studies have shown, the traces of our modern world that we usually think would last for millenia instead can be almost completely erased by non-extreme natural processes in mere decades.
      Wow, sorry for writing a response that’s almost as long as the article itself – I always write too much when it’s a topic I find particularly fascinating. But for anyone interested, there are tons of absolutely mind blowing theories and interpretations of “evidence” to support them just waiting for you – just google a couple of the points from the article and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that is vastly different from the one we learned in gradeschool! :-)

    • Charlie1970

      Above you talk about the meeting in 2010 with some Military Officers and a former Naval Officer named Milton Cooper.

      Unfortunately your data is incorrect as there is no way that Milton Cooper was at any 2010 meeting because Milton Cooper passed away (or was shot and killed) in November of 2001.

    • Kathy

      I think there are several possible truths here.

      1. It may be just a bunch of hype about nothing.

      2. If there are any alien bases there then it is not only being kept from us, but the NASA plans for more moon landings have been abandoned in order not to antagonize a much more powerful alien race.

      3. There is actually a top secret space program and an US presence up there that is being denied, because of the international reprocussions. Any evidence of anything up there could certainly be blamed on an alien presence in this day and age. It is reasonable to assume that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe. As far as the lack of domes or something to contain life support these could easily be hidden underground and the base or bases could be maintained by robots, although a small staff of humans would probably be up there also.

      4. Our government wants the world to think we already have space station(s) up there in order to deter our enemies from any major attacks on this country or at least to give them more bargaining chips with unfriendly countries in order to protect our national security.

      5. Another government has a space station up there and it won’t be revealed publicly, because it would be too scary and upsetting to our populace.

      These are just a few possible scenarios that come to mind.




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