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Oct. 20 2017; Pleiadians Explain Nibiru/Sun/Earth Effects and Climate Chaos

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This telepathic message, from the Pleiadian, Ratesh, was received on October 13, 2017 at 4:00 am Mountain Time at The Star Lodge healing Center in Lake George, Colorado USA, by Cody at [email protected].

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The Pleiadians have suggested that each one reading these words may choose to use their own Spiritual powers of discernment…not only with your minds, but also in your hearts – the Great Center of Higher Intuitive Wisdom. For, some of you, may one day be messengers, or “Bringers of the Dawn”, as another of our Pleiadian channels says. The time is now for all of us to band together, with truth, light and love as our bonds, to face our challenges together, as our Earth Civilisation emerges, at some future point, out into space with all the other extraterrestrial races.

CODY:  ….Yes, my love, I do feel you now making the repeated calls for telepathic contact. What is it you would like to share, besides this wonderful, warm energy you send?

RATESH:  Well, we have heard your calls – have acknowledged your need for assistance from the repeated attacks by your Shadow Govt./Intelligence Agencies/etc… we have also heard similar stories from some of our other channels. We will and do agree to “help you” even more, to face this onslaught of Darkness. These types of telepathic contacts, along with their associated “spin off” effects to our channels upon Earth, are understood and acknowledged by us. But, know that these types of higher informational transmissions, done in/through this telepathic manner, are as hard on us as they are on you. We Pleiadians know you do feel the same great love for the Earth Humans as we do…despite their flaws…despite their generally lower evolved, barbaric, warlike tendencies, along with their generally lower levels of mass collective ego based dominant consciousness. All emerging/developing humanoid civilisations experience similar “growth pangs”. Some destroy themselves, others do not.

We know that some of your Earth’s Shadow Govt.’s are “on to you”, as well as many others, and that they have attacked some of you very greatly. They have indeed murdered, or tried to murder/silence many upon your world….as it was with one of our other contactees, Billy Meir, in Switzerland, as he had experienced about 19 assassination attempts from various sources. So, we will help protect you, as we have many times before. But, each of you….trying to bring higher truths to a developing world, must do your own parts, BY NOT SUCCUMBING TO FEAR. This, we realise, is easy to say and harder to do…so, we will assist.

Now, I/we wish to further explain the Earth physics, basic sciences, as you call them. Your Earth/ Sun System is now being greatly perturbed/affected by the Nibiru system, as you call it. Many magnetic, electric, gravitational, and electromagnetic forces, on a number of dimensional planes, are all now congealing, affecting your common 3D-4D space/time, to create a variety of associated planetary/climactic effects. The signs of this are both increasing and occurring with ever more frequency around your planet.

One issue, which is foremost at this time, upon your small blue world, is the increased incidence of various forms and frequencies of radiation hitting Earth from your nearest star, you call the Sun. Its normal, or regular, fission/fusion caused stellar radiation emission parameters are now greatly being perturbed – or altered – mostly by plasmatic and magnetic anomalous inductions, produced through interactions with the Nibiru System, as you call it. This causes the ambient light/energy output, in a variety of electromagnetic frequencies, to gyrate, or fluctuate, greatly, and are abnormal when compared to similar class stars, like your Sun, found throughout this Milky Way Galaxy, which emit similar radiation spectrums in an unperturbed fashion. We Pleiadians are here now to monitor for scientific study, these types of anomalous star perturbation/astrophysical effects, like with this current near passage of the Earth/Nibiru System. The neutrino, gamma ray, and other generally high energy particles, and electromagnetic waves like x-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwaves, etc., generated by/through these ongoing Nibiru perturbations, ARE HEATING UP THE EARTH’S INNER CORE.

As your planet’s inner core reacts to these new stellar emissions, then heats up, a number of odd forces, like magnetohydrodynamical friction, or drag, coefficients, congeal to cause multitudes of “spin off effects”. Such as, changes of fluid inner core VISCOSITY, and therefore, DENSITY DISTRIBUTIONS of the various elements in fluid/liquid form, which comprise Earth’s mostly molten iron core. As this external stellar heating further liquefies Earth’s core, the measurable coefficients of magnetohydrodynamical – magnetic & electric components – forces associated with liquid spin angular momentum, can alter significantly, in some cases resulting in variations of the “normal” inner currents and movements of your planetary fluid core.

This, of course, can cause fluctuations/variations in magnetic/electric force moments, thusly affecting the normal, or usual, orientation of Earth’s poles. These inner changes to the planetary core – namely of increased liquefaction – can also alter the overall coefficients of friction between Earth’s INNER CORE and its more solid OUTER CORE, resulting in more “slippage”, or less “grabbing”, to use your English common terms. So, as your planet’s inner core heats up, it generally becomes more fluid, then spins at a slightly different rate than does its outer, more solid core. This, then, results in a variety of planetary geophysical effects- such as, increased volcanism, changes in deep/surface earthquake patterns, and other geologic anomalies. All this, dear ones, in turn, affects your planet’s oceans, atmosphere, climate, ionosphere, etc. associatively.

Some people have reported hearing “booms” from the Earth. One cause of these sounds, heard by Earth’s surface dwellers, is that the great forces beneath the surface cause “Earth lightning”, as discharges of electrical energy occur beneath the surface. Added to all of this, of course, is the little known (by Earth science standards), higher, multi-dimensional astrophysical models of your current Sun/Earth/Nibiru System, as you know them in 3D-4D. As seen from some higher dimensional aspects of space/time, all these movements of the various bodies in your Star System, which affect electric, gravitational, magnetic, and electromagnetic forces, do indeed affect our inter-temporal and inter-dimensional propulsion methods, which is one reason we monitor them. These intermingling forces cause “nodes”, “lumps”, or “gravity/magnetic wells” to form within your common 3D/4D space/time reference. These are energy domains, or places, localised in your 3D/4D space/time, which form according to your commonly understood terrestrial physics.

However, at certain points/times, when the various force vectors align, the Tube Torus, or Toroidal, geometric structures form within your lower dimensional 3D/4D space/time…..forming dimensional portals, or gateways to the higher dimensions of space/time……allowing the “bleeding through”, or transmissions, of higher inter-dimensional forms of energy – not necessarily common to your Star System, which is localised in 3D/4D space/time. These factors are, of course, mostly unknown to your primitive Earth sciences, but do – in one degree or another – further affect some of the happenings upon Earth. These Toroidal structures are both spatially and temporally variant, when they do occur, making the navigation of our Beam Ships stringent near to your Solar System.

This is an extremely complicated, or advanced, astrophysical anomalous system, especially when viewed from our understanding of higher, multi-dimensional physics/sciences. These considerations are exactly one reason why our Pleiadian scientists are here within your Solar System now, studying your Sun/Planetary System surrounding Earth, as this Brown Dwarf Stellar Core/Nibiru System perturbs things during its cyclical passage. Our scientists also study many things related to the biological/DNA effects of several lifeforms upon your world, not just the Earth Humans. We then compare empirical evidence with other planets/civilisations of other Star Systems, etc.

As far as the common consciousness paradigm associated with your 3D/4D space/time world view goes, you will certainly see more and more “climate chaos”, as these tremendous astrophysical forces play out. Know that, as a matter of course, many Earth governments with access to satellite and ground geophysical, oceanographic, and atmospheric data ARE CONCEALING PERTINENT SCIENTIFIC DATA TO COVER UP THESE AFOREMENTIONED PHENOMENON. They especially hide the important activities now occurring in the ANTARCTIC region of your planet.

Shortages of most every kind will inevitably ensue throughout your Earth nations, depending upon the nature, duration, and severity of climactic change. However, this is and can be a very exciting time for many of you Earth Humans, as long as you develop Spiritually to the point where you can step up over your lower ego mind’s “fear based” consciousness. The Elite leaders of your world, through their media /communications/education control, try very hard to keep you locked into this lower fear paradigm, to one degree or another, to more easily control….mind control… you all.

We will send/have more informational updates through our channels, thusly helping to explain these higher things to our little Earth brothers and sisters. If each of you know more of what is actually happening – without the filters of information control fostered by Earth’s govt.’s and Shadow Govt.’s -  then there is a greater chance of less overall fear within your overall planetary mass consciousness. This, in turn, fosters more Spiritual/consciousness growth. The lower emotional state of fear greatly disturbs the Human Being’s connection to the higher, Spiritual Self. Our channel tires…this is Ratesh, in service to Light and Truth.    (end at 4:41 MT)

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    • Cara

      One gains the strength to rise in consciousness, and thereby help by mental ambience all other creatures upon the Earth and the Earth itself to ascend in frequency or vibration thereby rising above ego reactions like fear, that RaTesh mentions in her talk, by reversing the flow or the outward going tendency of the sexual energy and making it go up in body. Thus the Ascension. That energy/ not act, is most critical to the Earthly process of a rise in frequency. People who can remain calm and think/be aware through it all are a God-send to the others. The Kingdom of God within us as the Bible says, is a power we can draw on – an inexhaustible source of energy that powers the mind and the physical nature. Use it wisely and don’t fritter it away….. be continent of that energy and not incontinent of it and you will not lose your soul in the weakening process of incontinence of the Creative force which wells up within you. Be strong, stubborn if you like, to not be swayed away from that energy.

      “Get the energy right on the inside of you and things seem to go better on the outside as well”. The outside follows the inside coming through the mind, not the inside or mind following the outside unless it is weakened by the spilling of that force. Prepare yourselves, “gird your loins” for the battle ahead… because it is a fight to the death of the ego or of the soul. People have to choose which they want to stay with, and never give up.

      Please see Mary’s messages and Jesus’ latest message in which he says we are out of time: NO MORE TIME WILL BE GIVEN.
      The latest one is October 21at.
      The latest one is October 19th 2017

    • Andy

      oh what alot of crap, you’d think highly evolved aliens would know the sun is not a nuclear furnace, but is electrically powered by galactic birkeland currents

      if the sun were a nuclear furnace, it would be hottest in the core, cooler in the radiative zone, cooler again at the convection zone, cooler again at the photosphere (what we call the surface), cooler again at the chromosphere (suns ‘atmosphere’)

      but that’s not what we observe at all, the chromosphere is vastly hotter than the photosphere and the photosphere is so much hotter than the convection zone that sun spots look dark, instead of bright as they would if the convection zone were hotter than the photosphere

      • 2QIK4U

        In theory the sun should be cold to the touch as it stays as rays in no atmosphere.

        • Daryl 0

          There have been a few different videos of different craft close enough to the sun to show them sucking energy emitted directly from it (like cme’s). It seems unlikely they were ours.

      • Cara

        If I am thinking correctly, Andy, the sun’s interior, when it gets so hot or energized, just like in our Ionosphere, atoms break down into subatomic particles – they ionize. This ionization, or breaking apart of atoms into parts of itself, could well be called nuclear. Space too is not a void but is filled with these subatomic particles, and the energy from which these particles are made and which moves these particles (condensations or gravity/magnetic wells, nodes or lumps), as RaTesh says.. See also Semjase’s explanation in the Billy Meier writings:

        “Semjase – “matter is the embodiment of idea. As energy, the matter is finematerial; and as matter, just highly concentrated and condensed…

        Meier- Then in fact, the whole Universe is, inside and out, only of finematerial and coarsematerial energy (which is) compressed and concentrated idea?

        Semjase – Certainly.

        Meier- But then, what is this vast spiritual formation, the factor of The Creation?

        Semjase – It consists of idea, condensed in itself towards itself to originate spiritual energy. We as well do not know much more about this.”

        And then immediately afterwards, the Ramtha explanation of thought and energy and how it lowers itself in vibration to form matter. Matter being condensed thought.

    • this is name i have chosen because i like it so i know i am smarter than you now i am here with name

      i read about them and it doesnt make sense and the pictures dont look good either i think its not real and just for money

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Yea! For once, Cody got all of the message jotted down before crying ‘Uncle’ and complaining about his arthritis!

      Stupid message,as always, but at least it’s complete….. Complete RUBBISH !!! :mrgreen:




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