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By Josey Wales (Reporter)
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Ukraine Mobilizes Troops After Putin's 'Declaration Of War' Leaves Obama Dazed And Confused (Video)

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By Josey Wales

The Ukraine is mobilizing for war this Sunday morning, after Putin declared he had the right to invade, creating the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the cold war.

President Barack Obama is a little dazed and confused. It took US President Barack Obama 90 minutes of intense dialogue with the Russian President Vladimir Putin to grasp that Putin is unshakably fixed on the course he has set for Ukraine and has no intention of withdrawing the Russian troops he has positioned in the Crimean peninsula.

In fact, behind the diplomatic verbiage, Russian President Putin was clearly on the offensive. He let it be understood that unless the US and Europe rid Kiev of the “fascist gangs,” which had taken over, Moscow would move forces into additional parts of Ukraine to uphold its interests and “protect the Russian citizens and compatriots living there” for as long as the interim regime remained in Kiev.

Vladimir Putin was not impressed at all by Obama’s accusation of being in ”clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Neither was Putin deterred by the US president’s threat of “international political and diplomatic isolation” – or even a Western boycott of the G8 summer summit in Sochi.

After all, Putin did stand alone at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games – unattended by a single Western leader. After that experience, he is not afraid to stand alone on Ukraine as well, regardless of US and EU efforts to force him to abandon what he views as an imminent strategic threat on Russia’s doorstep.

They may be said to share four significant conclusions.

1. President Obama was seen backing off a commitment to US allies for the second time in eight months. They remember his U-turn last August on US military intervention for the removal of Syrian President Bashar Assad for using chemical weapons. They also see Washington shying off from Russia’s use of military force and therefore not a reliable partner for safeguarding their national security.
2.  The Middle East governments which opted to range with Vladimir Putin - Damascus, Tehran, Hizballah and, up to an initial point, Egypt, are ending up on the strong side of the regional equation.
The pro-American camp keeps falling back.
3.  American weakness on the global front has strengthened the Iranian-Syrian bloc and its ties with Hizballah.
4.  Putin standing foursquare behind Iran is an insurmountable obstacle to a negotiated and acceptable comprehensive agreement with Iran – just as the international bid for a political resolution of the Syrian conflict foundered last month.
With the Ukraine crisis looming ever larger, Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s scheduled meeting Monday with President Obama at the White House is unlikely to be more than an exchange of polite platitudes.

Ukraine’s security council ordered the general staff to immediately put all armed forces on highest alert, the council’s secretary Andriy Parubiy announced. The Defense Ministry was ordered to conduct the call-up, potentially of all men up to 40 in a country that still has universal male conscription.

Ukraine on high alert as Russia advances into Crimea Ukraine on high alert as Russia advances into Crimea


Russian forces who have already bloodlessly seized Crimea – an isolated Black Sea peninsula where most of the population are ethnic Russian and Moscow has a naval base – tried to disarm the small Ukrainian contingents there on Sunday. Some Ukrainian commanders refused to give up weapons and bases were surrounded.

Ukraine orders full military mobilisation over Russia moves.

Of potentially even greater concern are eastern swathes of the country, where most of the ethnic Ukrainians speak Russian as a native language. Those areas saw violent protests on Saturday, with pro-Moscow demonstrators hoisting flags at government buildings and calling for Russia to defend them.

Putin’s declaration that he has the right to invade his neighbor – for which he quickly received the unanimous approval of his parliament – brought the prospect of war to a country of 46 million people on the ramparts of central Europe.
Ukraine puts forces on combat alert, warns of war Play video
Ukraine puts forces on combat alert, warns of war

“President Obama expressed his deep concern over Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is a breach of international law,” the White House said after the leaders spoke for 90 minutes on Saturday.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, leading a pro-European government that took power after Moscow ally Viktor Yanukovich fled a week ago, said Russian armed action “would be the beginning of war and the end of any relations between Ukraine and Russia”.

Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsya said he sent a request to NATO to “examine all possibilities to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”. Ukraine also appealed for help to Britain and the United States, as co-signatories with Moscow to a 1994 accord guaranteeing Ukraine’s security after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

NATO ambassadors were due to meet in Brussels on Sunday. Washington has proposed sending monitors to Ukraine under the flags of the United Nations or Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, bodies where Moscow would have a veto.

Washington and its allies have suspended plans to attend a G8 summit in Sochi, where Putin had just finished staging his $50 billion winter Olympic games.

President Obama has shown so much weakness since he took office, no foreign leader respects him, wspecially a seasoned combat leader like Putin. Obama’s media appeal will not be as effective for him on the international scene as it has been for him on the domestic scene in America over the last 5 years. Will this lead to the beginning of war and world conflict? What is China thinking?

It is obvious that Obama is in way over his head at this point. This is what should scare the American people. What is the likely result.? Obama knowing he is in way over his head, thinking he is really looking weak at this point,  will over react in such a way that he actually esclates this conflict into WWIII. 

Ukraine Calls Military Reservists | Ukraine Military Combat Ready for WW3

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    • Elijah

      There are several reports that state that many Ukranian troops and naval personnel are laying their weapons down and/or joining the Russian military. It appears the western backed coup, clearly indicated by the fact that the new Ukranian PM is a former central banker, did not calculate all of these events.

    • LedaOhio9

      Russia has a Rothschild Central Bank and is a pawn being used to garner funding NATO Military Industrial Complex. Create a threat to get the sheep behind their long term goal(s).

      Any county with a central bank is a pawn, of Rothschilds.

      • Anonymous

        You’re insulting to the people of the Ukraine who want nothing to do with bully Russia.
        People like you who think they are somehow bestowed with secret knowledge are sick and delusional.

        • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

          The people of the Ukraine have had a Russian boot on their throat for centuries. And they also know that they will never be rid of it.

      • equal eyes

        Putin purged the Rothschilds, remember?
        Russia is the world’s last hope of defeating the NWO agenda.

        • Sean

          He never purged them, both his parents are Jewish/Luciferians and his Grandfather was Lenin and Stalins Cook, there is also a photo of him wearing an Illuminalti symbol tie when he was young and made a deal last year with the Rockefellers for some of Russia’s oil fields

          This is nothing more then a game being played by the RH Negative Blood Types on Humanity for your Soul

          All the Presidents ( except 1 ) have been the Grandsons of 1 King John and All have been and is an RH Negative Blood Type including All the runner-ups like McCain who is an O Negative and the rest..Hitler O Negative..Prince Charles O Negative..Rothschilds All Negative Blood Types..All the Royal Family in England Negative Blood Types including Diana..Stalin, Churchill, FDR all Negative Blood Types

    • GC-Project

      Open Letter to the alternative media – Read & Share if you want to win! /alternative/2014/02/open-letter-to-the-alternative-media-2895742.html

      • Mellissa

        Will you stop going to every single article on this site and begging people to come read your letter? It is really getting old and if people want to read it they will.

    • Warren

      Russia has navy facilities and personnel in Crimea as well as in the rest of Ukraine. These are the main facilities of the Russian navy (Black Sea Fleet) operating in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Logically Russia is not going to let the fate of its Black Sea Fleet be decided by a new western inspired and NATO controlled government in Ukraine. Russia will defend those facilities and associated personnel. This is not unexpected.

      The reasonable solution would be for NATO to acknowledge Russia’s defense of its facilities as long as Russia doesn’t overtly interfere with the government of Ukraine.

    • Anonymous

      This is Germany going into Poland and Czechoslovakia all over again. World War II evidently was never settled.

      • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

        War never settles anything. It merely sets up the scenario for the next war. And by the way, the Third Reich never disappeared. It simply morphed into the Fourth Reich, which is just upon us in the form of the NWO.

    • htimsxela

      President Obama has lived in “La-La” land since before he was elected. He (and former president Bush) feel secure pushing around other nations that can’t win a fight, but not Russia. Putin is calling Obama’s bluff. He won’t commit troops to ousting Russia from Ukraine. He’ll talk about how superior his ideas are and how sad it is that no-one appears to agree with his obvious intelligence. And then we will go on our merry way and ignore any further atrocities because we are too high and mighty to sully our hands.

      I do expect that US military complex will use this as an excuse to ignore the recent congressional budget cuts, though.

    • Brad

      Looks like the Illuminati is going to get what they want and it doesn’t matter what side your on they make billions on the deaths of our young people it’s all a bout money.

    • Anonymous

      It amazes me, that with the USA having problems of it’s own with unemployment, trying to instill martial law, trying to grab weapons, homeless people, aftermaths of Fuchashima, sinkholes, etc…that there would be any time/money left to take over another country they have no business in.

      It’s for sure that Obama, like all the other puppets since Kennedy have an agenda to follow. The One World Order is ‘suppose’ to be on top of Obama’s list. When the Pentagon announced they were taking 7 middle east countries in 5 years, they got stalled by Syria when Russia interfered.. because Russia knows the plan. Every documentary I’ve watched to date, it’s Obama’s goal to trash the USA.. part of his grooming. He’s lied to the ‘people’ ever since he was given a microphone, now he looks silly because Russia, once again, has thrown a brick in ‘the plan.’
      I pity the US soldiers that are being USED for this ploy. It’s NEVER about peace… it is however, about world control.
      Once everyone gets that, it will make sense.
      Since the USA & Canada have lost their sovereignty to the United Nations, their constitutions have been thrown under the train tracks and people keep doing what they are doing. Maybe soon, sometime soon, Americans will wake up and take BACK their country and constitution from the real terrorists (In the White House).. hopefully before their weapons are taken.
      Once they are gone, so will their freedoms be lost.. just like what’s taking place in the East.

      • Ponderer

        Absolutely correct. I fear it is too late for us. So few people are aware of what is really going on or at least they don’t let on.

        • Болеслава

          Maybe Obama thinks Ukraine is one of his “57 states” of America, after Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia,Iraq and Iran. :?:

          Maybe Putin :cool: thinks Obama needs a geography lesson.

          Maybe the bankers are pulling Obamas strings (they like wars) …… and Putin knows it.

    • Ron Harmon, Author

      Who is Beast of the Land, Military Leader and False prophet, promising Peace and Safety when he is taking us into the most Perious Times on Earth, even since the Beginning. It is no question who Putin-Russia are – Gog-Megog – Iran-Persia – the major players are steping on stage. Israel is Israel – read Isaiah 34:1-8 – verse 8 – all over the controversy of Zion. – – The 7th Day Humbing of Mankind – The Beginning of the End of the Age – May 2012 –

      • Bronson

        Who, is we. You have some frogs in your pockets?………..You think people are stupid…..your just playing the middle………
        Not everyone eats Squab

      • Anonymous

        Russia DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT represent “Gog”! The “prince of Magog” was named by three Jewish Rabbi! Look it up! This is a huge lie being told by the counterfeit Christian “Church” in America! Meshech and Tubal, as well as Magog, were areas located in the country now known as Turkey. Turkey is a member of NATO, as is the US, Canada, and Greenland. Russia is being “setup”!

    • willhart

      Clear Disinformation. Putin said he reserved the right to protect Russia’s interests. The Russian authorized the use of force…but no Declaration of War. It is also true that the chaos, instigated by Western Europeans, is dividing the Ukraine military. This is going to get very messy and confusing…

      • John

        so where is the disinformation then?…that’s pretty much what I understood the article to say and yet you shout **clear disinformation** lol

    • usathoughts

      Ukraine has but to return lands granted to them by Russia after Stalins death. This would pull the teeth of the tiger. Probably makes too much sense for a politician.

      We don’t have to worry about Obama as Putin has taken the measure of the man-child. Does not mean Obama won’t get out his teleprompter, spewing whatever his handlers tell him to say.

      What I believe to be interesting is how China will react. After they see Obama crawl back into his hole they may decide to make Taiwan an offer they cannot refuse.

      The greatest power on the planet but with no one at the helm.

      • John

        self proclaimed “greatest power on the planet” just like you guys say the great state of Texas or the great state of Washington…in Americans eyes everything is great but I think some are slightly disillusioned about the rest of the world and its capabilities…I agree with anonymous above in regards to *you would think they have enough problems of their own without butting their noses (time after time) into another countries business putting their own young men’s lives in danger, AGAIN.

    • zyklonb

      This community organizer is out of his league!

    • CatHunter

      The “coup” government of Ukraine has no legitimacy and is no democracy. The Imperial West has no clothes and it knows it. Virtually all of the Ukranian Navy has defected East and large army units are awaiting orders … and not from the little banker zshid the USA and EU has installed in Kiev. No one would rather see Ukraine permanently divided than Russia. The US/EU Soros/Zionazi cabal has WAY overplayed its hand here. At best the cabal will end up with the useless basket case of an economy in Western Ukraine and dare not station troops on it. Then, it’s but a matter of time before the west Ukraine falls into the abyss.

    • Lloydl333

      Stupid Dems tried to deal with the Devil. No air defense in the area and Putin
      made a fool of us. Obama reeks of stupid.

      He knows NO history. Now he is dazed and confused? My cracked butt! He was born dazed and confused.

      Those who back Obama are the ones that are even more dazed and confused.

      Stupidity has no bounds.

    • crabby

      maybe,, just maybe this will consume some of his time an free – us – up alittle on his hobby of ameikaizing of america..

      we need a little break..

    • from_the_bleachers

      Strange how the US says an invasion is in “violation of international law” when other countries do it, not when the US does it again and again. What hypocrisy, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. And then Obama wonders why nobody takes him seriously, that is, nobody that he can’t bully around.

    • Mole Johnson

      “O’weasel” has been dazed and confused from the first day of his so called presidency. :evil:

    • RompingWillyBilly

      I’m pulling against their evil dictator against our evil dictator. At least he has courage, doesn’t den that he is lying, and is openly against all laws and constitutions. Meanwhile, the evil guy on our side just pretends to be on our side.
      Oh yeah. And their evil dictator isn’t gay.

    • SGde3a

      Just arrest Obama for not being a legal president if he acts with military.

      Whats the most peaceful realistic option? Just leave Crimea to Russia, Ukraine to West then investigate its fascist leadership?

      • CatHunter

        If you include all of Russian Ukraine, including Crimea, it is a workable solution for everyone, except the western banking thieves and their puppets in Kiev. There’s simply not enough to steal in Western Ukraine to make it worth the effort.

    • Anonymous

      This video is sickening to watch.. the Main Stream Media (owned by the richest of the rich) will not show it to the West.

      The Shocking Truth about Obama’s Drones.

      While we (West) see another commercial on Television for new shoes, car, vacation or a new game console, – WHICH IS ALL PROPAGANDA used to distract ‘the people.’ – innocent people in the Middle East (women and children ) are being brutally murdered by the West. This video made me sick. The use of depleted uranium against ‘humanity’ is a war crime. It’s been used BY THE WEST in many of the countries already taken out. It not only kills the land, but bloodlines and deforms PEOPLE. They told you that Libya was because of Gaddafi killing his people. We believed that. The TRUTH was because Gaddafi was going to change his currency and also oil. They Always used the children and brutality as an excuse to sway the public opinion to allow them to KILL and WAR…
      I read comments on many different articles that display our ‘ignorance’ and teachings about how we should be against these people, be racist and to ‘win’ a war against people in sandals that are unarmed, pregnant and poor. For years, we promoted the blood spilling and now? Have we learned yet?

      Why should Ukraine be so important to the USA when the USA is ready to tumble? Why the rush to take out Assad out of Syria when Syrians ‘want’ Assad? Why? Because to complete their One World Order Agenda, these countries must be taken out.
      Please don’t get distracted with the goal of the bankers. We, the people, are in their plans also.
      It’s called de-population. It’s been planned for a long time.

      Iron Mountain – Blueprint to Tyranny

      Humanity must survive. I want to look at my grandchildren and tell them they have a future.

      Enough of the disgusting lies and wars. If everyone stopped fighting, support their neighbors and try to remember we are all born free and equal, we’d have a better world… there’s so much more to do.

      As for the bankers? Let them fight their own wars.

      • Anonymous

        If GOD does not step in to stop the insanity of humanity, no human being will be saved! We are not born “free”. Human beings are born with a carnal state of mind, a corrupt spirit. In this way humans are all “equal”, yet humanity insists that it can resolve this fallen condition on its own ways. This will never work, and the proof of this is everywhere to see! Only one Way the carnal spirit can be removed from a human being but, the majority of humanity rejects that Way.

    • Anonymous

      ““President Obama expressed his deep concern over Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is a breach of international law,” the White House said after the leaders spoke for 90 minutes on Saturday”…What moral authority the U.S.A has to tell another country not to invade a country when the U.S.A INVADE ANY COUNTRY for many years with total wanton and impunity, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Granada, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, etc,etc.

      • Anonymous

        “Russia has a Rothschild Central Bank and is a pawn being used to garner funding NATO Military Industrial Complex. Create a threat to get the sheep behind their long term goal(s).”

        ONe thing you left out, Russia controls the policies of their central bank. They decide when to print money, you know ….. the way the U.S. was supposed to be doing

    • Champak

      I wouldn’t be surprised if to the outside world Obama and Putin are arch enemies but behind closed doors they are good friends working together in secrecy, and this is all a big show so they have an excuse to put forth their hidden agendas while trying to look innocent. :neutral:

    • drturi

      Did you check the rest of my predictions for the world?

    • Diana

      You have to possess some leadership qualities to be dazed and confused. We all know that’s not Hussein Obama.

    • greenghost

      Russia would be very foolish to give up Crimea it holds key access to the black sea which is vital for them.

    • jhoosk

      Honestly folks, we need to use our critical thinking skills when it comes to stuff like this. I have now read a multitude of stories with various reactionary statements to what is happening in the Ukraine.

      First I will enumerate some facts, and then I will remind everyone of some historical context.

      Fact #1: The Ukraine AND Crimea are ethnically Russian (primarily). Certainly a few years ago the Ukraine felt it was high time to break with Moscow and favored a more balanced politico but Crimea is as close a neighbor as you can get. These people, for the most part, are Russians genetically and socially even if there are ideological differences (go figure).

      Fact #2: What is happening in the Ukraine and Crimea, what has been happening there, and what is going to happen there, is NOT a Russian (ethnic and/or national) event. Look closer at the real picture and you will begin to see a “rebellion” fomented by outside interests. That is, other nations are funding and otherwise supporting the violence (like that’s never happened before).

      Fact #3: Saudi Arabia sent their military leader to see Putin before the games. Why not a political leader? The Saudis don’t mind using the same mafioso skill set on those outside the Middle East. Cat was out of the bag then: support the fall of the Asad regime or the Chechen terrorists we control will spoil your fun and games.

      These facts set the stage for the grand play we are witnessing. It has been thoroughly choreographed and is being piped into our homes and businesses by the main stream media.

      Problem is the story doesn’t add up. So when some knee-jerk bonehead gets a wild hair and publishes a completely false “news story” that is picked up by the primary disinformation outlets and filters into every blog, vlog, forum and bulletin board, most will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Why? “Cause it was on the alternative site, dude!!”

      This is where critical thinking comes into play. Each of us already knows; a.) always use more than one CREDIBLE source for information; b.) if you want to know the truth – follow the money.

      A good place to start your research is here: (I neither support nor detract from the information on this web site. It is merely a reference.)

      The story is bigger than most suspect and has a whole list of supporting characters we are all too familiar with. Thing is, both Obama and Putin seem to have been caught off-guard. That could be a clever ruse, but I’m not so sure. That would make sense given the Saudis interest in all of this.

      You see Prince Bandar never got what he came to Putin for. The Asad regime lives. Perhaps, just perhaps, since the Saudis now control the Chechen ‘rebels,’ a traditional thorn in the Russian’s side, and they didn’t quite get what they really wanted from Putin, maybe the trouble in the Ukraine has roots in Saudi Arabia.

      God knows a lot of hard cold cash has been flooding into the country and neither the Russians, the EU, nor the USA have owned up to it. Again this could be a clever political ploy. But I wonder…

      As far as the reports of our Navy in the Black Sea – duh! We are ALWAYS in the Black Sea. Hello! Do your research before going off the deep end. Geesh! Even my kids will do their homework every now and then.

      Now let’s think. Who has the most to gain from the social unrest in the Ukraine? Hmmm.

      Could it be….The Banks?? Well at least it’s not some terrorist we don’t already know. Whew!

      Here’s the deal. Putin hasn’t threatened the Ukraine. This is the bankers reason for the unrest in the market. Putin’s threat. May I remind everyone that the President of the Ukraine invited Putin to send in the Russian military. He was afraid that the government had been infiltrated and that the military had been compromised.

      To see the Ukranian Navy ‘surrender’ is a misnomer. It was deactivated by the President of the Ukraine. To see Russian troops in Crimea is commonplace. Russia billets thousands of troops in Crimea and always has. What you have not yet seen are Russian troops in the Ukraine. Even though the President of the Ukraine has asked Putin to send them in Putin is no dummy. He knows that NATO will have a cow, light a brain fart and we’ll be on the way to WWIII. Good golly, miss molly!

      To see how the banks are manipulating the market you might want to check out this gem:

      What is really at stake here is not just currency, or it’s derivatives, but how to continue keeping the current global economic paradigm from imploding soon. Try as they might the bankers just can’t seem to get a handle on things. No matter what they do their ponzi scheme ala central banking is nearing it’s cyclical end point. We are at this very moment upon the event horizon.

      What better way to reboot the system? It’s been done successfully again and again. War.

      And not just any war. This time they want every human being under their thumb. WWII didn’t quite accomplish that. Neither have any of the conflicts since. So the time is ripe for total conquest.

      And we will let it happen. Just like we’ve let it happen so many times before. There will be some patriotic spiel that will move our hearts to action. Those poor people in the Ukraine. How dare the Russians try to lay their heavy yoke around their necks. Enough! We will save them! We will vanquish the dastardly, evil foe! Marines – Move Out!

      How pathetic that adults can be manipulated into believing the same outdated claptrap time and again. As we sit here banging away at our keyboards fitfully sharing our passions it hasn’t yet occurred to us that the information that supports so much subjective, arbitrary discourse is itself incorrect.

      What a waste of time.

      Talk to me of passion. Talk to me of newsworthy information. I crave it just like you do. Just remember to do the research and tell me the truth.

      The truth is objective, not subjective. It is based on observation whose outcome is duly recorded and matched with other like outcomes. This gives a broader perspective from which to propose the subjective nature of your findings, but provides the foundation layer of factual information so I can entertain your ideas.

      Let us all enter into the future with the right mindset. The world is already an ugly place and it is about to get a whole lot uglier. We should support each other truthfully, with an open and loving heart.

      Peace to you and those you love


      • Anonymous

        Very interesting response and much more thought provoking than the usual diatribe on this website. It is very hard to know the facts when there is so much false information being spewed out. Hard to obtain “objective” facts when those who want to deceive the masses are the same people who’ve poured billions of dollars into designing a “Global Information System”. When someone does provide “objective” facts, however, they are immediately set upon by the “wolves” in corporate media because they DO NOT want the “sheep” to know the TRUTH!

        • Anonymous

          Before It’s News Inc., is CORPORATE news!

    • don 1234

      Don’t know what confused Obamassa. Putin has said since the mid-1990s that he was and is dissatisfied with the break up of the soviet union. any of obamassa advisors with their heads out of his ass should have expected it. even the Russians at that time called him imperial putin. so what is the big deal. obamassa needs to get some advisors who will tell him the truth so he does not look like a douche bag panty waste in front of the whole world.
      I only wish he would get this message and know what the rest of the world, Russia, and the former soviet union countries already knew about putin. having been to Russia three times for conferences with Russian leaders in education since the early 1990s I am amazed that this may sound like new information to some people, particularly people that were supposed to know about putin and Russia. Even the Moscow English language paper was calling him imperial in those days. so this is not new info.

      • John

        maybe so but I think its great info as we all like to see McAmerica get told to shut up now and then lol
        I think if America minded its own business and just got on with life it would be a lot better…but when you poke around in peoples backyard then you have top expect trouble…spelt PUTIN

    • randy

      As long as we have Steven Urkel as our President, we can expect all of the worlds most ruthless leaders to do as they please and as long as Steven Urkel is our Commander in Chief, we should all pray that our troops are sent in to no battle.

    • zeus

      THERE IS ANOTHER AGENNDA AT PLAY IN THE UKRAINE CRISES WHICH NO ONE HAS AS YET TOUCHED ON THE USE OF COMMANDOS recruited fron georgian or neighboring states with an axe to grind???
      a few seconds ago · Like

      a few seconds ago · Like


      • John

        a few seconds ago **coughwankercough*** liked :)

    • patriotpj

      Obama has always been dazed and confused. This is nothing new.

    • Jaydog

      I heard Obama is practicing with that game battle ship right now in the white house with John Kerry. :)

    • Painless

      Obama is in over his head. The first thing he needs to do is put a muzzle on John Kerry’s mouth. He then needs to put some duct tape over his own mouth, before he says something we’ll regret. It would be like Ronald McDonald going into a fight with Hulk Hogan. It’s Russia’s territory and their business – let them handle it and live with the consequences. Our butting in others countries affairs has only created more failed dictatorships in the name of “democracy”, and a load more national debt.

    • VirusGuard

      American Sanction on Russia is also a Declaration Of War and very few people in the Ukraine are in support of the neo-nazi’s that have seized control of the country so lets put things into perspective.

      Europe has US military bases all over it, they pull the stings and it’s time they were told to pi$$ off back home

    • Anonymous

      Western media says that Putin has issued a “declaration of war”. Eastern media proclaims just the opposite, that Putin is acting to protect “Russian interests”. Western installed puppet government officials are the one’s saying that Putin has issued a “declaration of war”, and now, today, the US government has offered Ukraine ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN AIDE! So, who’s fomenting the conflict in the Ukraine?

    • foryoureyesonly99

      Satan’s Earthly Agents are amongst us today, hiding in plain sight.

      Wake up People!

    • CaptAmerica

      Dazed and Confused? The media is just figuring that out? Heck, I knew that 6 years ago.

    • Rip

      Hey everybody! Obama has been confused since he was elected for his first term. It is sad that our country’s President is always confused. Please help Obama before the Russians invade America.

    • clockwork angel

      Russia in Europe, China in the Pacific and Iran in the Middle East …oh yeah lets get ready to dance….oh yeah for those who dont know …where do you think U.S banks invest your money …can you say Europe and if they go so does your money…get it out now! easy to put back not so easy to get it back if SHTF.

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