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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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Hillary Keeps Running - More Proof That Trotsky, Strauss, Bernays, McLuhan and Lippman Were Correct

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Hillary Keeps Running – More Proof That Trotsky, Strauss, Bernays, McLuhan and Lippman Were Correct



In Noam Chomsky’s book “Manufacturing Consent”, he provides exact quotes that explain what the ruling class thinks of those whom it terms to be the “ignorant masses”. Chomsky also explains, using their own words, the motives, methods and the sophisticated behavioral science behind their manipulation of the masses.  He goes on to explain that this process of thought control has become the primary method used by a media that has become concentrated, owned and dominated by corporate globalist interests.  Chomsky further explains that because of the success of media manipulation using a propaganda model, the use of force has become the second method of control and is used only when the primary method of control happens to fail from time to time.  


Chomsky then clearly demonstrates why and how these types of intellectuals, such as Bernays, McLuhan and Lippman serve the state and the interests of the elite, and how the masses are viewed as pawns and serve as useful idiots for those who have pathological will to power for whom tens of billions of dollars is never enough. Chomsky speaks a great truth when he explains the elite position in which they state that emotion plays a far more important role in politics than logic or reason for the ignorant and how it is the cool-headed observer that is much better suited for leadership.  This method of control is so effective that the elite make John McCain and Hillary Clinton appear as diametrically opposed opposites when in fact they have the exact same voting record when it comes to the police state, monetary policy, economic policy, the pharmacutical industry, engaging in wars and occupations, foreign aid and anything else that matters substantially. This leadership provides the emotion and imagery to the masses thereby providing input for emotional responses and the illusion of choice and free will as people argue about nonsense issues.  The elite know this and so provide emotional imagery as opposed to facts, logic, policy discussion and debate.  On these types of issues the masses are woefully ignorant.  This is why someone that does not support war and occupation suddenly becomes branded and isolationist and appeaser by the mainstream media


Here is another important truth:  If the GOP and Dems both hate a candidate equally, it is because that politician threatens the status quo.  Chomsky goes on to state that these intellectuals whose function it is to maintain the status quo admitted and acknowledged that if the masses were to ever know what goes on behind the scenes, they would object to elitest rule and become too arrogant to submit to civil rule.  


In the case of Trump, he threatens the military industrial complex.  The elite know that if Trump allows NATO to drift, it will mean the end of the petrodollar status.  The US needs NATO to add a false sense of legitimacy to maintain petrodollar supremacy.  It cannot go around carrying out attacks, invasions and occupations while also working covertly as a global threat to regional stability.   It should be clear to anyone that, as Nigel Farage said, the EU is a tool for globalists who seek to circumvent democracy and destroy the nation state.  As with Gaddafi and Saddam, what should be clear is that the US will accept almost any type of crime against humanity, as the US regularly commits them itself, but what it will not accept is any threat to the petrodollar status. 


When Gaddafi decided to start an African monetary fund and African central bank and fund a currency backed by gold while driving up the value of gold by only selling Libyan oil for gold, his days were numbered.  The US was determined to get him and did not hesitate one minute even if it meant laying waste to an entire country.


When Saddam was using chemical weapons he obtained them from the US for his 7-year war with Iran, it did not matter to the US that he had killed 650,000 Iranians using poisonous gas he had obtained through his meeting with Donald Rumsfeld, nor did the US care enough to throw him out of power when he invaded Kuwait.  But, once he received permission from Kofee Anon that he could sell his oil in Euros as opposed to dollars in the UN supervised Oil-For-Food Program, little did he know that his rule was rapidly coming to an end.


While Saudi Arabia may seem to be a purely radical fundamentalist state, and this may be primarily true, it also has economic concerns relating to the petrodollar status.  Accordingly, it is difficult to ascertain if their first loyalty is to jihad or the petrodollar system since the US is in hoc to the Saudis for well over a trillion dollars.  It is said that if you owe someone a million dollars, it is your problem, but if you owe someone a trillion dollars, it is their problem.  Such is the position the Saudis find themselves and so have a vested interest in preventing the collapse of the petrodollar. The Saudis view themselves as agents of jihad and so rationalize their opulence and collusion with the US and Israel as a means to an end.


This is one reason the House of Saud was willing and able to send many thousands of fighters into Libya as the US and EU sought to establish a no-fly zone to protect Libyan civilians who were not Libyan civilians at all, but were instead takfiri fighters from all  across the Sunni Middle East.  These militants were paid for and supported by Saudi Arabia and NATO air power.  The US also said Assad wanted to kill his own people in Syria, but the fighters in Syria were the same ones who destroyed Libya. These fighters, with the help of the CIA, looted Libyan weapon stores to arm ISIS, which both McCain and Hillary claimed to be Libyan moderates.  All involved knew this was not the truth even though the same lie was used in Iraq about Saddam killing his own people.  Americans are so stupid that they fall for the same lies over and over again because they are so ignorant as to the ground truth of any US intervention thanks to the elite’s control of the media and the media whores who serve empire. 


The Russians fell for the US lies in Libya just as they fell for the lies in which they agreed to withdraw from eastern Europe in exchange for NATO promising not to expand into former Warsaw Pact nations.  As the US claimed only to be establishing a no-fly zone to protect  civilians the Russians watched a no-fly zone turn into a six-month bombing campaign against Gaddafi in which the country was turned in to a wasteland ruled by anarchy.  When the US sought again to establish a no-fly zone in Syria, the Russians did just that and emplaced the vaunted S400 anti-aircraft missile which flies at mach 17, the equivalent of three miles per second, and established a no-fly zone against the US and NATO as it did more damage to ISIS in a four month bombing campaign than the US did in four years.


There are many other issues in which the media does not care that it was later caught lying and engaging in propaganda because most people don’t pay close enough attention to discover the truth of an issue once it has flooded the media, even after it has been proven world-wide to be patently false.  The media will shamelessly continue to spead lies and disinformation because the American people are just to apathetic and lazy to investigate even as the rest of the world stands by in horror.  Our political establishment wants the American people to believe Saddam was on the verge of attacking the US and he could not even effectively fight Kurds or Shiites in his own country.  It did not matter that Saddam had no air force or navy, once the elite decide to turn the dial to stupid, the American people believed what they were told and those who said otherwise were against branded as either stupid or treasonous traitors.  The American people believed the elites knew better. 


It has been proven that Ukraine shot down the Malaysian passenger plane, Flight MH17, which is why the story has since died and the US vetoed the release of the final investigative report, a power it stipulated before agreeing to be a member of the group to the investigation.  While the US knew the truth to the matter, it continued to lie in order to create an embargo against Russia.  It was also proven that it was ISIS who used chemical weapons in Syria so as to make Obama believe Assad had crossed his “red line”.  It is the US who has 1000 military bases in 120 countries and spends ten times what Russia spends for weapons.  Additionally, Russia only maintains ten bases outside its nation and several are only because ethnic Russians who were citizens of several nations were attacked as the result of the US fomenting fascist coups.  It was the US who expanded NATO to Russia ‘s borders and issued constant threats thereby initiating a new cold war with Putin.  It was the US who funded ISIS and now wants to establish safe zones for ISIS so it can continue to exist and attack Syria.  It was the US who admitted to spending over $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine. 


The US lied about Libya, the issuing of Viagra for rape campaigns and Gaddafi attacking his own people even as over 1/5th the country protested in a mass protest to expose NATO/US crimes as the media blacked-out the entire event to keep Americans ignorant and propagandized.  Clinton lied about a CIA gun-running operation being executed through the Libyan embassy that cost Ambassador Stevens and others their lives.  Hillary knew the deaths were the result of these operations but tried to blame them on a video knowing full well this was a lie.  She even had the Justice Department go after the producer and arrest him.  Clinton wants Americans to believe that Putin is the aggressor and working with Trump to destroy America when it was Putin who was invited by Syria to help it fight the US-produced ISIS that is beheading women and children and conducting sectarian slaughter.


Now the media wants us to believe that Trump is in cahoots with Putin because the Democratic Committee’s computers were hacked.  Yet, again we find out that if the DNC was hacked by Russia, the NSA would have known about it.  Evidence continues to show that it was an inside job by disgruntled Sanders supporters who learned the DNC rigged the election for Clinton.  Unbelievably, Clinton now wants Americans to believe Putin personally hacked the DNC but claims it was impossible for her non-secure, non-governmental servers and phones to have been hacked by foreign intelligence while she was running a server out of a bathroom in Denver.  All this was done so that she could hide her play-to-play and treason as she armed ISIS. Actually, there have been people inside the CIA who have stated that the hacking of the Clinton emails led to the torture and death of CIA operatives.   


The lies just don’t stop and Americans just don’t care.  Personally, I would like to see Trump destroy the GOP and then go on to prosecute Clinton, Obama and Bush.  I would like to see all the neocons indicted for inciting war crimes and I would like to see all the bankers jailed for the frauds they perpetrated.  Trump has the motive to do all this after the way the establishment has treated him. 


Clinton continues to pine for an attack on Russia and Iran without realizing neither  Russia nor Iran have any place to back up. As the US charges all its political opponents with crimes, never mentioned is the fact that Saudi Arabia perpetrated 9/11, nor the fact that it is waging an illegal war against Yemen as ragtag militias pound Saudis who using the US’s most advances weapons systems to include illegal cluster bombs against civilains.  Agains, nothing about this is mentioned in the mainstream media.  


The media has proven itself corrupt and partisan towards Clinton as it demonstrates extreme bias against Trump.  It has also shown it has no intention of ever correcting crooked Hillary’s lies.  So, I am hoping that Trump wins because nothing can be worse than the continued lies, propaganda and disinformation emanating from the White House.  There is no shame being heaped by the media towards the DNC. Hillary, her lies, the Clinton Foundation and its treason or Hillary’s destruction of 30,000 emails.  Hillary wants us to believe Trump will start WWIII as she aid waste to Syrian and Libya and engages in propaganda as she was also telling Americans that Putin invaded Ukraine, another Clinton lie.


So, if the GOP cannot help Trump by pointing out all of Clinton’s lies, it is as corrupt as the DNC.  While Americans may not have the patience to build a viable third party, maybe they have the sense to smash the corrupt two-party system that allows Hillary to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for favors to the most corrupt and heinous governments the world now knows as she destroys many tens of thousands of emails right before our eyes. If Trump can smash the two-party scam maybe something else will spring up in its place.  


Hillary can afford to promote WWIII as the economy crumbles and government tyranny grows because she makes millions off war and is invested in the military industrial complex and Wall Street who pays her and her husband millions to speak.  She can, and has, helped sell missile technology to China so that they can now accurately target American cities.  She claims Trump is the new Hitler as she laid waste to Syria in such a extreme manner that experts have stated it will take three generations to rebuild Syria.  Then she mocks Trump because he mentions the fact that NATO is a US dependency that has cost American taxpayers trillions of  dollars while for 50 years it has failed to pay its bills and keep up its commitments to the US.  How long must American pay for an organization that has been in search of a mission ever since the Warsaw Pact disintegrated?


I say screw the FBI, NSA, CIA, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, NAFTA, CAFTA, the media establishment, the defense establishment, the DOD which spends $500 million to train five soldiers and the neocons which ran towards the stench that is Hillary Clinton.  She has created war, chaos, destruction, ruinous debt, fraud, treason and tyranny wherever she goes and pollutes whatever she touches.  She laughs in the face of justice as she brags about all of her successes where I see none.  Yet people can not see past the media manipulation.  May they please get what they want.  I can think of nothing more ruinous than Hillary, and maybe the best and fastest way to get rid of the old order is to let it destroy itself.


Yet the media continues to promote Hillary and attack Trump because he wants to secure US borders as terrorists have slaughtered thousands across Europe.  They mock Trump even as the CIA, DHS, DOD and the State Department admit there is no way to vet terrorists. Hillary wants us to believe this makes Trump a racist while she continues to support every liberty-crushing bill that places Americans under the boot of a police/prison/surveillance/security/media/military apparatus of which Hitler, the STASI and the KGB could have only dreamed.  Maybe Americans will wake up, but I doubt it.  So, let WWIII begin as Hillary leads us to our economic collapse and military defeat.  Maybe we will forget what she has done, is doing and will continue to do to this nation as we climb out of the radioactive rubble.  Americans are simply too stupid to realize that they are victims of a two-tiered justice system that provides justice for few.  The powerful trample the Constitution, law, common sense and decency as the rest of us remain under their boot heel. Hillary violates her written agrement with Obama as she was Secretary of State and obtains hundreds of millions of dollars so China can get missile technology, Russia can get uranium and Saudis can get cluster bombs.  I can’t wait for Hillary to start WWIII as her supporters get their draft letters and those who despise her for the rotten power-lusting, greed-crazed lunatic she is are also called to duty to serve her.


I was a Republican who twice voted for Obama, but I can tell you this, if Hillary wins it will be my greatest revenge against a government, my government, that I have come to loathe and despise. Hillary is the natural progression towards the stupidity of empire.  No longer does the government serve the people, but the people serve the government and the elite’s drive towards globalism.  Bon voyage.

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