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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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The Humbling of an Arrogant Barak Obama, the Comeuppance of Hillary and the DNC, the Repudiation of Globalists and Liberals, and the Exposure of the Media as the Elitist Propaganda Arm and the Useful Idiots Who Fall for Its Propaganda

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The Humbling of an Arrogant Barak Obama, the Comeuppance of Hillary and the DNC, the Repudiation of Globalists and Liberals, and the Exposure of the Media as the Elitist Propaganda Arm and the Useful Idiots Who Fall for Its Propaganda


At Obama’s White House Press Dinner he mocked the supposed disarray of the GOP and stated he wished the next president well, “whoever she may be”.  I would say Obama was as incompetent and presumptuous as he was arrogant.  The DNC has been left in a pile of ruin by its own self-imposed destruction that is as complete as that of a Syrian city controlled by ISIS.  How did the genius Obama miss this?  This ruin snuck up on him in the same way as did the rise of ISIS.  If the GOP was in disarray, what does this then say about the DNC and their choice for the office of the president in light of Trump’s resounding victory over Clinton?  The DNC lost everything, governorships, senate, house and presidency.  What does this say about Obama’s judgment with regard to the political position of the American people?  What does it say about America’s repudiation of Obama’s policies and leadership?  What does this say about Americans’ opinions regarding Hillary’s penchant for interventionalism, corruption and militarism?


Thanks to Wikileaks, Hillary’s State Department creation of a document was exposed.  This memo was called “Tick Tock on Libya” in which it documents the several year effort of Hillary to overthrow Gaddafi.  It details all the meetings Hillary had with various allied governments, the EU, numerous organizations and international agencies to coordinate a jihadist movement manned with foreign fighters that could infiltrate Libya and destabilize Gaddafi’s regime. This militia, composed of jihadist mercenaries, would be paid by the Saudis, armed by the US, managed by JSOC and supported by NATO air power.


Hillary assumed she could whip out that memo in the 2016 presidential election and use it as proof of her national security credentials and superior judgment regarding strategic maneuverings in the Middle East and Africa. Instead of it serving as a monument to her genius, it stood as “Exhibit A” to her arrogance, failure, stupidity, incompetence and mendacity.  It also exposed her gunrunning to ISIS in Syria, which cost Ambassador Stevens his life, to supply arms to the very same fighters that did in Gaddafi in Libya who were then transported to Syria in an attempt to do in Assad, an intelligence issue that did not go unnoticed inside the Kremlin.


Thanks to the neocons blabber-mouthing their agenda to the entire world because they saw their machinations as powerful forces of nature, they soon found out that even violent forces of nature are blunted by the unstoppable forces of history.  Once Russia saw that the no-fly zone in Libya to “prevent the slaughter by Gaddafi of his own people” was a false narrative to be used as a pretext to a six-month savage NATO bombing campaign, Putin was not going to fall for such nonsense in Syria which is home to one of only two Russian military bases outside of eastern Europe.  It seems propaganda like that of Gaddafi handing out of Viagra to rape squads would be taken even less seriously in Syria than it was in Libya, and so the vile and disgusting neocons left that one in their bag of dirty tricks that they had previously unpacked in Libya.


As Clinton, Obama and the mandarins from within the Anglo-Zionist empire continued to double down on Syria by sending more fighters, weapons, logistical support and other covert aid that included US Special Forces, and attacks on the Syrian military, and with the fall of Assad’s regime imminent, before the US could act Assad summoned Iran, Hezbollah and Russia as I has advised what I would do if in Assad’s shoes.  How is it the intelligence apparatus did not see this coming?  As the Russian slaughter began decimating ISIS and al Nusra, it also began hammering the US-supported anti-Assad opposition, an opposition that was indistinguishable from any of the other jihadist groups carrying out atrocities and terrorism inside Syria.  The US backstabbed Russia in Serbia, kicked them in the croutch by lying in Libya, poked them in the eye by falsely blaming them for the Flight MH17 shootdown, spit in their face by providing arms to Ukrainian fascists, and then crapped on them by attacking Syrian forces and supporting the downing of a Russian military jet.  Then, Hillary expected political support for a clash with Russia, a clash she intended on making an inevitability as she falsely painted Putin as the antagonizer.  Putin said he wants to cooperate with the US where it is in Russia’s interest.  He stated he was not elected to be the friend of America, but the leader of the Russia people. It seems in this respect Putin and Trump are cut from the same cloth.


The Anglo-Zionist empire became enraged that it could successfully be challenged, out-maneuvered and constrained after never having known defeat, but this unfamiliarity was only due to attacking countries less powerful than Iraq and its inability to distinguish abject strategic failure from tactical defeat.  The US can give the impression of being relevent so long as it only attacks countries that are more splintered than Syria and poorer than Afghanistan.   So long as our elites think they can keep wars simmering, they figure they can avoid reality and delay making a final account while continuing to profit from war spending.  Nevertheless, there continue to be moments when only the most stupid or foolish could deny reality gleaned from moments such as when General Austin told the US Senate that, after spending $500 million dollars to raise a fighting force, the US could only muster “a very small number” of only “four or five fighters” that could be characterized as moderate opposition to Assad. 


Then, Lindsey Graham got caught attacking the Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter and Joint Chief of Staff Marine General Dunford after being told that to invade a sovereign country and wage war against Assad while Russia and Iran were invited guests in Syria would lead to WWIII.  Now we see that not only has Russia and Iran backed Syria, but China has also lent its support to Syria.  This is not because China loves Assad, but because the US position in the Middle East is tenuous and its policies are the epitome of absurdity.  


Michael Moore gave a 45-minute speech in which he explained exactly why many Americans should not vote for Trump, but during the speech he explained why many Americans could and would vote for Trump.  In doing this Moore ended up explaining exactly why Americans should vote for Trump.  It seems the tide of political fortune is finicky and often times almost unknowable to those who are perishing.  The aforementioned excerpt from Moore’s speech was lifted out and actually used as an endorsement for Trump.  What Moore failed to do was to provide any reason why the middle class should not give Clinton and her establishment neocons, political supporters and media hacks the biggest “Fu_ _ you in the world.”  He tried some lame scare mongering that could never create as much fear as Hillary deciding to take the US on a collusion course with Russia in Syria because the establishment would rather align itself with ISIS for the benefit of Israel, but such efforts by Hillary fell on disbelieving ears.  Moore stated that Wall Street, the bankers, the politicians, the military-industrial complex and corporations all despise Trump, but it was wrong to view this as evidence of Trump’s positions then being correct or deserving of support.  However, what Moore conspicuously left out of his rant is the reason why all of these entities despise Trump and why Trump’s position was more principled and intelligent than Hillary’s pay-to-play political empire that caused the profiterring class to support Hillary and despise Trump.


It is as if Hillary had become the embodiment of Gollum and was being consumed by the presidency which represented the ring that initially promised a brighter future, but then corrupted its user as it made her thirst for ever more money, more power and more war as it created more ruin, despair and hatred.  Hillary had shown that not only would wearing the ring corrupt her completely, but it proved the fact that her even having been close to the presidency allowed her to lay the groundwork for a corrupt realm ruled by neocons who plotted the destruction of civilization in their desire to bring about a democratic revolution in which the elite could rule by using a corrupt media to manipulate the masses.


Just as important as what is covered is that which is not covered by the media.  What is not mentioned by our media is the qualitative edge Russia now holds in SA anti-aircraft systems such as the S400 Triumf, armor such as the Armata, cruise missiles such as the Kalibr, electronic warfare to conduct MIJI using unknown technologies, antiship missiles like the Yakhount, nuclear missiles like the new Sarmat “Satan II” and lastly an air superiority fighter called the PAK FA that is said to be able to eat F35s for breakfast. Walter Lippman, Edward Bernays and Marshall McLuhan all were revolutionary proponents of the modern media establishment.  They had planned for mass media to be owned by the elite and used as a means to manufacture the consent of the masses through thought control and the propaganda of the state acting behind the scenes controlling the talking heads television allowed to enter into our homes. What all these revolutionaries missed is that sometimes there are counter-revolutionaries who upend the most elaborate schemes of mice and men.  It seems that Hillary was too smart by half while forgetting that:


But, Mousie, you are not alone
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Often go awry 
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy.


The mainstream media seemed to obsess over the fact that non-college educated males overwhelmingly voted for Trump as opposed to college-educated females who overwhelmingly voted for Clinton.  It was as if they wanted to make it seem that only the unwashed ignorant masses could ever consider voting for Trump.  I am a college-educated male who is 55 years old.  I sometimes work Uber in Chicago to supplement my teacher’s income.  I deal with a huge number of both college-educated males and females, many of whom could be described as yuppies.  When I struck up conversations with them, what I found disturbing and pathetic was the fact that none of them could tell me a single thing about economics, geo-politics, philosophy, US military doctrine, or history, nor did more than a few out of 2000 I had driven even have a common understanding of quantum mechanics and the argument between materialism versus idealism, yet everyone had a sense of entitlement and were opinionated based on their perception of the world as provided by information derived from the mainstream media.  They were completely without self-awareness with regard to their attitude of moral superiority because they so believed that their privilege somehow transcended the reality of the machinations of the US empire which they believed owed them deference because of their service to society while being completely oblivious to the depredations, irony and absurdity that leads to state- sanctioned atrocities.

There was no awareness by these college-educated females as to the extent of the hypocrisy and self-deception it takes to believe Hillary is an agent of progressive politics.  To think how far down the path of corruption Hillary had traveled since the time she once represented the American progressive political movement is the emotional equivalent of trying to rap your head around the slaughter of millions versus the loss of your only child.  It simply is not possible to feel the grief you feel and then multiply it times a million.  It is just as impossible for the college-educated female to wrap her head around the fact that Hillary represents everything that is wrong with American politics, to include the American police state, the national security state, the surveillance state, state-protected criminal rackets, the justice system, the US media, American militarism, Wall Street, central banking and the privatized tyrannies known as corporations and their tendency toward exploitation, neo-colonialism and neo-liberal globalism.


These college-educated females had no understanding of recent history or even current events involving the American empire.  They had no ability to recognize or understand Clinton’s narcissistic lust for power and greed, no understanding of her crimes at the State Department as it was set up as a criminal racket, nor awareness of Clinton’s treason and espionage, her obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence, or the fact that she, Lindsey Graham and John McCain had identical voting records with regard to war and banking. No college-educated female wanted to accept the fact that Hillary was a bought-and-paid-for stooge of the most corrupt entities on Wall Street.  There was no knowledge of her pathological lying and war mongering, nor any awareness by these college-educated females that Clinton was responsible for arming and sending jihadists into Syria to kill hundreds of thousands and lay waste to the entire country of both Libya and Syria.   


What makes the college-educated female support for Clinton repulsive in my mind is that when presented with facts, video of Hillary herself, and the documents from her own office while serving as the US Secretary of State, the lack of curiosity, willful ignorance and outright hostility towards facts by “college-educated females” is nothing less than reprehensible.  When an attempt at discussion is made regarding the destruction of Libya and Syria, or the conflict with Russia regarding Clinton’s policy positions towards Syria or Ukraine, such discussion is met with annoyance, hostility and a refusal to accept elementary facts and logic.  One can take such behavior out of the realm of morality by attributing it to the brain’s limbic system response to truth when such truths conflict with someone’s deeply held beliefs, but what can not be overlooked is the sense of superiority and lack of self-awareness such people exude as their brain simply refuses to accept what is readily apparent to even the “non-college educated white male” who voted for Trump. 


To meet supposedly educated females who think themselves informed while having talked with both female linguists and political science majors who had no idea of whom Noam Chomsky is, gives even me, a person of very average intellect, an understanding as to the extent to which the only thing superior that exists between a college-educated female and an average Joe is the sense of entitlement and privilege those who have the means to be self-absorbed can afford to exhibit.  To this immature and ignorant coterie of Clinton supporters the fact that a male made some disparaging remarks about females appears to hold more weight in their twisted sense of morality than the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, the waying to waste of entire civilizations and the imminent threat of nuclear war with Russia that Hillary and our elite-controlled media was intent on sleepwalking Americans toward.


Wikileaks saved not only America, but the world.  Assange, Snowden, Barret Brown and Manning should all be granted pardons. Wikileaks exposed the fact that the DNC hired instigators to attack at Trump rallies so as to blame violence on Trump. They exposed how the DNC corrupted the political process to destroy Sanders and it thoroughly documented the collusion of the DNC with the media thereby destroying the Fourth Estate and any impression of media impartiality. The victims of contracted out violence ought to sue the DNC for tens of millions of dollars. How ironic it is that the democratic progressives now want to overturn democracy and are using violence to brutalize the most vulnerable while their organizations are paid for by the oligarch Soros as they accuse Trump of fascism and intolerence. These so-called progressives have stood with the Trotskyites who want Assange, Snowden and Manning dead for having exposed the fetid underbelly of empire.  It seems the only progress they want is the turning of the US into a multi-cultural kleptocracy, plutocracy and oligarchy devoid of white middle-class workers and families as it doles out social benefits.  Did these people who now protest democracy leave Americans with any other choice but to vote for Trump?

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      Beautifully written article on all accounts. One correction: I would certainly say that you possess much more than an “average” intellect, as this article clearly shows. Great job!!

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      This must have been one of your pieces that was glossed over and put in the dust BIN (pun intended)! Nice work!

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