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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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Putin Leveled the Playing Field for the Average American

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Putin Levels the Playing Field for the Average American


The CIA has now authoritatively stated that Putin’s agents supported the election of Donald Trump by hacking into the DNC’s and John Posdesta’s email accounts after which the email downloads were given to Julian Assange by Russian intelligence to be released through Wikileaks in a manner calculated to ensure they caused maximum damage to the Clinton campaign.


 There are so many issues raised by this allegation that it boggles the mind, but this situation clearly shows that most politicians are either immoral or amoral to such an extent that they, rightly so, leave people to decide what is right and wrong, and what is true and what is false.  It seems more people have an easier time determining what is true and false than what is right or wrong.  This is because most people are afraid to make their own determinations regarding right and wrong because they have always relied on institutions that provided them with guidance, institutions that were created by power and always skewed towards power. When people accept the dictates of power, they give their power away to the powerful.


This situation, that of Russian agents exposing the truth to the American people, brings to mind so many corollaries, well-established contradictions and absurdities, hypocrisies and the logical consequences of illogical belief systems bereft with irony caused by humanity’s egotism and its desire for wealth, power, fame pride, fear, hate and envy, that the corridors down which one could travel branch out in so many different directions can lead to only one inescapable conclusion –that being that one must come to his own conclusion and decide for himself.  This means he must decide what he believes serves his best interests.  In short, he must think like an elite.


The mainstream media has been called the 4th Estate, so let’s look at what the other “Estates” are and how the new 5th Estate now challenges the power of each of those “estates”. The first two “Estates” have always been used by the elite as a means of domination and control over society.  It was the French who delineated the three Estates.  The First Estate was the clergy. One need not be a historian to understand how religion and the priesthood tied into the Divine Right of Kings and the abuses of the church that led to the fall of the clergy during the French Revolution.  The Second Estate belonged to the nobility.  These people served as judges, magistrates, military leaders, political leaders and served as functionaries to ensure institutions maintained their power, had their royal edicts observed and ensure royal rule was left unchallenged.  The Third Estate was composed of the people.  The people rightly believed they were the nation and should not be subject to the whims of the other two Estates that they viewed as deadwood that oppressed the masses.  The Fourth Estate referred to the media and was a British-coined term first used in parliamentary debate in 1787.  In the US the media is referred to as the Fourth Branch because we have a different type of government, but it is called the Fourth Branch to show that it is not independent of government while its original goal was supposed to be that of serving as a check on the power and abuses of government. 


The term Fifth Estate is a modern phenomenon that refers to the non-mainstream media.  It includes social media, bloggers, people running independent non-corporate media outlets and independent journalists.  It is the Fifth Estate’s challenge to the mainstream media that has made the Fifth Estate, working through the internet, the modern day equivalent of the first printing press and its use in the distribution of the Gutenburg Bible in the language of the people as opposed to the Bible only being hand-copied in Latin.   


What the French never saw coming was the Trotskyite and Straussian revolutions that advanced the philosophy of Robespierre and whereby the role of media was made an arm of the elite to distribute its propaganda that later was taken to the level of a high art form and social science by people like Edward Bernays, Marshall McLuhan and Walter Lippman.  These ideologues rightly understood that violence could no longer be used as an efficient means of controlling the masses and so determined that the intelligentsia could best control the masses through  mass media’s appeal to the emotions of common people.  They understood themselves to be the cool-headed rationalists who could best steer society by framing debate, limiting the discussion and manufacturing the consent of the masses to accept their elitist rule as natural and logical, and when possible even be totally oblivious to the perception of the masses.  The elite viewed the masses as ignorant, incapable of self-rule, and easily manipulated.  They feared the common man gaining an understanding of the machinations of government because they knew that once the people understood how the elite controlled them and abused them, the people would be too stubborn and prideful to submit to their civil rule.


During the early rise of the American nation, the US government was able to perpetuate many crimes and have these remain hidden for many decades.  During the American Civil War Lincoln understood how the press could hamper his war effort and so shut down and burned many newspapers and jailed many journalists.  This divisiveness only occurred when there were divisions within the ruling class.  Since the advent of major media conglomerates, namely the six major conglomerates that control 95% of all television, radio, newspaper and magazine media, the interests of the media elite have become aligned with each other, aligned with the interests of multinational corporations, aligned with Big Oil and the energy sector, aligned with a globalized banking system and aligned with the military-industrial complex.  Big media’s interests are now also aligned with the warfare-welfare state, the police-prison state and the national security-surveillance state.  All of these entities are in some degree in opposition to liberty and the interests of the masses.  All of these entities engage in fear mongering, disinformation and propaganda and their intended target is the masses.


The media no longer corrects its mistakes or calls attention to its inaccuracies.  It purposely misleads the people and has been admittedly controlled by the CIA, corporate interests and globalist interests.  Its audience, readership, economic viability and influence have waned as it maintains itself through subsidies of multinational corporations whose deep pockets can in some instances allow and maintain 14 million dollar losses per year.  If this were not the case, the media would be subject to much harsher market forces that would require it to begin providing news as opposed to being an echo chamber for propaganda.  One CIA chief quipped that news reporters were bought easier and cheaper than a call girl. 


The rise of the informed intelligent bloggers, internet activists, independent media reporters, commentators and analysts, and non-mainstream media news aggregation distributors have all served to call attention to the lies and fake news authored by the mainstream media.  This mainstream media, via Wikileaks, had its own emails document its partisanship and interventions in the 2016 presidential election.  Wikileaks itself, one can argue, serves as a news distribution outlet by exposing the hidden dealings of government and then often offering commentary and analysis.  We have had Assange, Snowden, Manning and to a lesser degree Barrett Brown expose the duplicity of government, media and the power elite.  These people have helped to document the lies of government and the media’s obsequiousness to power. 


The non-mainstream media exposed the lies about Iraqi WMDs, the Iranian nuclear program and its forged laptop and nuclear documents, false flag operations involving ISIS chemical attacks it attempted to blame on Assad, it exposed the lies about how much the Iraq War would cost, it exposed the lies about who committed the 9/11 attacks, it exposed the lies about the downing of Flight MH17 and the US refusal to release the final report or any of the satellite imagery or radar data, it exposed the obfuscation of the Clinton email fiasco and Clinton Foundation bribery and racketeering that dozens of powerful Democrats participated in, it exposed the planned violence staged by the DNC to discredit Trump and his supporters, it exposed the fake news created by the mainstream media as it passed debate questions to Clinton so as to make the presidential debates little more than a staged “fake news” event, it exposed the Clinton’s lies about the death of Ambassador Stevens and the Benghazi attack, it exposed the “Tick Tock On Libya” State Department memo that showed how Hillary was trying to use the Libya intervention as a major image booster until it turned into a fiasco of unspeakable proportions, it exposed the lies about Gaddafi handing out Viagra to Libyan rape squads, it exposed the lies about ISIS being made up of Syrians, it exposed Hillary Clinton’s support for ISIS, it exposed Hillary’s perjury about the Libya gun running operation, it exposed the State Department lies about US intervention in and destabilization of Ukraine, it exposed the lies about a Russian invasion of Ukraine, it exposed Hillary’s destruction of State Department emails and use of multiple email devices, it hid Rep, Trey Gowdy’s destruction of Hillary Clinton in a Congressional investigation.  Exposed were the hypocrisies, absurdities, arrogance, manipulations, disinformation and propaganda of the mainstream media. 


The new Fifth Estate and its stars exposed the Clinton Foundation and the contributions made by dictators and others seeking favorable consideration from the US State Department.  The Fifth Estate proved that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play criminal racket regardless of the institutional paralysis of the FBI and DOJ.  Americans knew the truth about the Clinton Foundation, but as stated earlier, they had a hard time deciding whether it was right or wrong.  It is clear that anyone supporting Hillary thought that espionage, racketeering and treason are job perks belonging to Hillary to serve her purposes and of no moral or political consequence.  In fact, Hillary supporters berated those who found out the truth and helped distribute this information as being Putin supporters, Russian agents and Kremlin dupes.


The mainstream media and even government officials now want to demonize Russia, Putin, Wikileaks and Trump  for exposing the crimes, lies, propaganda, political activism and partisanship of the mainstream media.  The people who have authored these lies want us to be offended by Putin telling us the truth about what goes on inside the DNC.  The Democrats want all Americans to be angry that we learned that the DNC and Hillary herself sent operatives to sabotage Trump rallies and engage in violence they could then use to discredit Trump. 


So, Putin is bad for telling the truth and Clinton should have been allowed to lie, deceive and manipulate the American people.  I am glad that Putin hacked our political process and exposed its rotten to the core pathologies.  If anyone thinks that someone who lies to them about war, economics, domestic policy or foreign policy is their friend, they are idiots who deserve to die in the useless wars that are initiated by these liars, opportunists, and exploiters.  If you want to be lied to for the personal gain of others, then please lend me some money and I promise I will get Hillary to pay you back. 


The political process, to include the electoral process, is a decision making process that involves political accountability.  If you lie about political problems, courses of action, evaluation criteria, constraints and outcomes, you have destroyed all accountability, the means by which democracy and self-rule can function, and have placed the people in a position of blindness whereby their trust and subservience is demanded. 


The fake news organization PropOrNot, began lying by telling the American people that the Wikileaks Hillary email dumps were filled with false documents.  They then created false documents and claimed they were from Wikileaks so that others would quote the inaccurate information so that they could then prove their own false documents were not true and use their own false documents in an attempt to discredit Wikileaks.  Glenn Greenwald of “The Intercept” wrote a piece that details and documents all the players involved in the Fake News meme Hillary now claims lost her the election.  It is located here and is a great must-read:


A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs


Glenn Greenwald writes in his article, “ ‘THE PHRASE “FAKE NEWS’ has exploded in usage since the election, but the term is similar to other malleable political labels such as “terrorism” and “hate speech”; because the phrase lacks any clear definition, it is essentially useless except as an instrument of propaganda and censorship. The most important fact to realize about this new term: those who most loudly denounce Fake News are typically those most aggressively disseminating it.”


Greenwald goes on to list the lies of the MSM and attack the fake news it creates.  When the fake news organization PropOrNot created fake news by listing on its site dozens of highly credible alternative news organizations and reporters it claimed were under Russian control and created fake news, this story was carried by all of the mainstream media.  PropOrNot has since been exposed as a fake news site that lied and created fake news. PropOrNot has already had non-MSM personalities and organizations inform them that they will be sued for defamation.  The MSM carried this news story with reckless abandon.  Yet, after finding out they were duped, no mainstream media outlet mentioned the irony of them broadcasting a fake news article as a means to discredit credible alternative news sites and accuse them of carrying fake news.  The MSM even went as far as falsely claiming that these credible journalists and news sites were being run by Moscow, another false claim made by a false organization running a false news site to provide the MSM with false news.


For me, the question as to whether or not I consider Russian intervention by hacking and releasing true emails as being an assault on American democracy, I guess it is only an assault if you want to be lied to, controlled, deceived and manipulated.  How is someone who tells you the truth ever operating against your interests, harming you or deceiving you?  Just because Russian interests of ensuring a Trump victory is good for Putin does not mean it is necessarily bad for me.  If people lie to me, then they are my enemy.  The people who tell me the truth may not be my friends, but at least when they tell me the truth they allow me to accurately make a determination as to whether their interests and mine coincide.  Lies will ensure you work against your own interests, and this is exactly why these lies were told by these liars.  I don’t care how someone got the information from a principal, if it was that principal’s intention to deceive me, then their misfortune is fortunate for me.  If knowing the truth also happens to be fortunate for someone else, then good for them.  It the truth keeps my country from placing me in a war with someone from another country over a lie or pretended dispute, then good for both of us.  It is only a fool who seeks deception as counsel.  Our politicians have enough problems with deceiving themselves, and hence us, unintentionally.  What I don’t need is a politician being allowed to deceive me.  This is a classic case of the elite believing they know better then the ignorant, illogical and emotional unwashed masses.  It is elitism at its core.  How can people not see this?  How can we make decisions if the political economy of ideas is full of counterfeit logic and its lies provide worthless stock?  


Where is free will when all that is free is the right for the powerful send you to fight and die based on their lies?   What value is freedom when all you have is the freedom to be wrong?  Isn’t someone who lies their countrymen into war committing and act of treason?  But, once again we find that while we know treason when we see it, we have a hard time deciding if it is wrong when it is committed by those whom we deem it to be within their purview to commit.  We make believe the elite have the right to commit crimes and subject us to its consequences. What would happen if we decided to believe that elite criminals should instead be held to account? 


Given how the MSM backed Clinton, lied for Clinton, hid facts to protect Clinton, attacked Trump for Clinton, provided false polling for Clinton and acted in unison with television, radio, newspapers and magazines and the only entity exposing the truth was alternative media, I vote we keep the alternative media and expose the MSM.  If the truth were ever told by the MSM, there would be a popular uprising that would end with the hanging of thousands of politicians, judges, news reporters, government officials, and bankers.  The elite are losing their grip and their next move will be to try to stop debate, analysis, criticism and truth. At that point the government is the enemy of humanity and anyone who sides with it is a treasonous traitor to the country and its people.  Those who work against the people during such circumstances deserve to die after being provided due process.  Whether this killing of a traitor is right or wrong will once again be another decision that you will have to make.  Why allow others to condition you into following their beliefs?  Revolution is just when its outcome leads to a justice that is sustainable and superior to the present condition and does not cost too much in treasure of blood or is sure to prevent an even greater tragedy in the future.  What one needs to consider is the point at which he or she will revolt and support revolution.  How about that point being the place at which our government begins to take away our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, or once the government sends us to war based on lies?








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    • CRUNGLER (Poet-in-Action, Wordsmith, Rebel, Chronicler)

      Another excellent article! Oh, how I long for the MSM to be exposed, and its treasonous liars be dole out the proper punishments…

    • wiseoldlady

      The very reason why we must strike back by starting a war on the TERM… “MSM”…. To stop the path of delusion as to whom has the fake news. We MUST STOP the politically correct indoctrinating term MSM and CHANGE the term to DIM or DIS-INFO MEDIA. In that way the correct news sources will be called out. Otherwise the many ever so indoctrinated will gullibly believe the alternative true news is the fake news. Psychologically it would be a wise move to change the term to DIM and start using it. BOYCOTT the term MSM.

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