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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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Why the Nullification of the Trump Election Should Lead to Revolution

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Why the Nullification of the Trump Election Should Lead to Revolution 

I have pondered at great measure what would be the line in the sand that our government should not be allowed to cross, and after having crossed it would be justification for waging war, either covert or overt, against it.  I have now found it and it is the attempt by the ruling class and people like George Soros to use ignorant children and illegal aliens against the American people to stop the people from reining in the abuses by those who have become vested in global domination and economic globalism.   

We see increasingly horrible instances of tyranny that include draconian sentencing, torture and even assassination by our government. The government claims the legal right to commit every specie of crime, tyranny and oppression, and offers as justification the famous Nixon line that says, “If your President (government) does it, its not against the law.” Government also allows its partisans, in the form of various and numerous corporate entities such as banks and security firms, defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies, oil corporations and many other favored government partisans of every variety, to engage in private tyrannies against Americans without redress under law.  Consider how government legalized theft and fraud by financial corporations or the slaughter by Blackwater and cyber-attacks conspired by HB Gary.  Now they want to usurp the will of the American people so that the criminal rackets like the Clinton Foundation can continue unabated. 

The American people must hereby claim their right to the use of violence to stop the abuse by the elites.   Reinhold Niebhur wrote, “Violence and revolution are usually ruled out as permissible instruments of social change on a priori grounds.  The middle classes and the rational moralists, who have a natural abhorrence of violence, may be right in their general thesis; but they are wrong in their assumption that violence is intrinsically immoral.   Nothing is intrinsically immoral except ill-will and nothing is intrinsically good except goodwill.”  He went on to further state that, “If a season of violence can establish a just social system and can create the possibilities of its preservation, there is no purely ethical ground upon which violence and revolution can be ruled out. 

The government has shown that it has now become our enemy.  Americans owe it no more reverence than we do any foreign government that has made itself the enemy of the American people and their liberty.  In fact, we owe it less leniency because as a domestic enemy of the Constitution it is an enemy that has made its way into our land and homes and is therefore an even greater threat as it disguises its tyranny and criminal rackets under the color of law. Moreover, we have believed our government’s lies and have been placed in a position in which, due to the government claiming the power as the final arbiter with a corresponding monopoly on the use of violence over the people and land in which we reside, foolishly believed that in exchange for these powers granted the government it would guarantee justice. Yet, government sophistry justifies tyranny as being law, albeit a law devoid of any justice.  The government first robbed us of justice and then every protection on our rights, liberties and wealth fell to them and their criminal state. 

So, even though our government has become a greater enemy due to the insidious position it has obtained through lies and subterfuge by using Americans’ misplaced trust, I will still grant it the same consideration I would grant the government of a foreign enemy.  This consideration is granted at great risk because government that has become a domestic enemy to the people can and will betray, lie, confuse, bribe, torture, indoctrinate and punish those who would otherwise be friends of forces fighting a foreign enemy in the cause of liberty.  In short, out government has betrayed us. Those who would side with the government’s lies are either part of the racket or weak-minded.  One need only research what measures the government has undertaken to oppress the people to discern its intent.  Those in power want people to serve the state as opposed to the American tradition of the state serving the people.  

Consider the fact that our government now demands that the US support it against the supposed Russian interference in our election.  While they have refused to provide any evidence at all, what they are demanding is that we should remain ignorant of the crimes and misdeeds of Hillary Clinton and because we have found out how truly corrupt she is, they demand that the election be ruled invalid. They want Russia to be our enemy because supposedly Russia told us the truth about Clinton.  

Therefore, the consideration I will grant our government will be to first review what justifications would be needed to engage in and wage a just war against it. For this I will refer to the tenets of the Catholic Church with its Just War Doctrine. It has been an axiom that a government which resists and makes impossible peaceful change in a peoples’ pursuit for liberty and justice, makes violent change necessary. After reviewing the Just War Doctrine I believe one will be a better position to decide if our government has made violent revolution justifiable, necessary and the final resort.  They have once again blocked the only method to peaceful change.  If those in the government deem the election of Trump as a radical end, then perhaps they should consider the few means they left use with to bring about revolutionary peaceful change.  I would further like to add that if any harm befalls Trump, I believe the people would have a right to begin assassinations of people like Clinton, Soros, Bush and Obama.  

The Principles of Just War provide:

Principles of the Just War

1. A just war can only be waged as a last resort. All non-violent options must be exhausted before the use of force can be justified.

A war is just only if it is waged by a legitimate authority. Even just causes cannot be served by actions taken by individuals or groups who do not constitute an authority sanctioned by whatever the society and outsiders to the society deem legitimate. A just war can only be fought to redress a wrong suffered. For example, self-defense against an armed attack is always considered to be a just cause (although the justice of the cause is not sufficient–see point #4). Further, a just war can only be fought with “right” intentions: the only permissible objective of a just war is to redress the injury. A war can only be just if it is fought with a reasonable chance of success. Deaths and injury incurred in a hopeless cause are not morally justifiable.  The ultimate goal of a just war is to re-establish peace. More specifically, the peace established after the war must be preferable to the peace that would have prevailed if the war had not been fought.  The weapons used in war must discriminate between combatants and non-combatants. Civilians are never permissible targets of war, and every effort must be taken to avoid killing civilians. The deaths of civilians are justified only if they are unavoidable victims of a deliberate attack on a military target.  For the sake of organization I will address each tenet and discuss the issues as I believe they apply and for which argument can be made. 

Our courts are no longer a path to redress as the government has authorized all of its tyrannies as being the law of the land. Where the government does acknowledge it is breaking the law, it has made it impossible for the people to take its officials to task for using their position, office or power to engage in tyranny, while it will often spend millions to cause economic ruin to those seeking justice. The government has decided to make it so nearly impossible to sue it that, for all intents and purposes, legal redress has been made nearly impossible and can no longer serve as an impetus for protecting or enforcing civil liberties.  The government has progressed to a stage where it now rules all of its tyrannies as being legal. 

People claiming their Constitutional Rights are given harsher sentences and placed under ruin for not groveling and submitting to the unconstitutional tyranny of police. The courts refuse to hold the partisans to government tyranny to the law and they are allowed to commit perjury and bear false witness without any threat of penalty. In fact, judges retaliate against people who demand the courts follow the U.S. Constitution and that police be held accountable for perjury and bearing false witness. 

When people attempt to organize they face repression of every variety by militarized police who are all too willing to enforce tyranny for a weekly paycheck and preferential treatment when bringing false charges. The media is no longer an option as it is controlled by private tyrannies called corporations that have aligned themselves with the oligarchs who control the  three branches of government against the American people as these politicians are bag men for the elite and are specifically in the position they are in because they serve the interests of power.  

As any enemy would, the government and its corporate allies now spend great effort engaging in propaganda, disinformation, deception, lies, indoctination, psychological operations and other forms of information warfare that is directed against the American people.  How ironic that Hillary Clinton now has the gall to complain about fake news, when the people have been being lied to for the last 50 years.  When people are able to organize and protest in non-violent ways, they are herded and jailed. The government has raided homes and seized property. In the past the government, under COINTELPRO, assassinated individuals. Now, it uses the “War on Terror” as is excuse for committing its crimes.  The FBI has proven itself again and again to be little more than political police. 

Past presidents of the American republic have argued that the will of the people is embodied in the president, and while I would certainly argue this point, nevertheless, President Kennedy was assassinated and his murder was allowed to be covered up by government. How can people even make decisions about their government, as if to support it or overthrow it if all the information coming from government is either a secret or a lie? The government relies on State’s Secrets Doctrine to hide it crimes, whistleblowers providing evidence of government crime are ruthlessly prosecuted and destroyed financially and even public knowledge becomes classified as matters of national security so the government can either hide or excuse its crimes. It has become increasingly worse under Obama and ther is now now crime committed against the US Constitution that any longer shocks me.  There goals are clear.   

Those seeking to expose the truth are attacked by a media that sides with government, as the media is owned by the private tyrannies  known as corporations and have been concentrated in the hands of a very few to manufacture consent for their crimes or cause them to never be brought to the public’s attention and subject to debate.  These media corporations are protected by and serve as an ally to the government and are a form of thought control forcing debate to remain inside a paradigm they have established.  After the media has lies to the American people, it now wants to give Hillary Clinton the election because it claims she was treated unfairly in the media, a media that has been 100% against Trump.  How bizarre is that? 

The courts, education and organization are no longer an options in opposing government.  Accordingly, we have let the government know just how much American demand change.  Public opinion is nothing but hot air to entrenched politicians and they will use the media to create whatever environment they want.  Speaking truth to power only serves as idiot wind to those who already know about and prefer the tyrannies in which they seek to continue to engage because of the economic advantage these tyrannies provide at the expense of the American people.  It seems there is little recourse left save violence against the government. The question then comes down to the aggregate of the individual asking himself if he has anymore means left to resist government tyranny with the resources available to him while relying on a principled and reasonable position.  I believe the people have reached the point where they have decided all non-violent means have been used and this is evidenced in the fact that government behavior has become increasingly more odious, secretive and tyrannous. There simply is no longer any crime the government can commit that will not be authorized, excused or hidden under law.  We are hundreds of times more likely to be killed by, or become the victim of jack-booted law enforcement officers than terrorists while our elected officials have done nothing to reign in their rampages. 

The American people can’t even go to the media anymore.  It is completely controlled by the elite.  Any disobedience to the government is represented as treason and protests are often discredited or even hidden from the American people as they did in Oakland, California, with the  Occupy Wall Street Movement.  The media has shown itself during this election to be a propaganda arm of the elite that all people ought to boycott.  

2. A war is just only if it is waged by a legitimate authority. Even just causes cannot be served by actions taken by individuals or groups who do not constitute an authority sanctioned by whatever the society and outsiders to the society deem legitimate. 

A government whose tyrannical rule is leading the people to universal misery, economic collapse and serfdom is no longer a legitimate government.  It is destroying the future for the citizenry’s children by burying them in debt because the elite make money off of war and weapons systems costing many billions of dollars.  It is now obvious that the rulers of this nation care not if America becomes Bangladash and the people live in squalor so long as their interests are protected.  The trade agreement our officials have placed us under have made the American people destitute and they will continue to get poorer as the rich get richer.  

In the U.S., the people have reserved the right under the Declaration of Independence to overthrow a government that has become abusive. The goal of the founders of this nation was to make the people masters of government, but the branches of government have aligned and worked tirelessly to make Americans their servants.  In a democracy, how can the number of people whose population exceeds the numbers of the government’s agents not be considered a legitimate authority?  In Libya, our government recognizes a number of less than 5% of the population who are rebelling as being a legitimate authority.  But, the number of people abused by law enforcement exceeds the number of those who suffered Gaddafi’s rule.  Look at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the murder by police occurring on a daily basis.  There is no doubt that the tyrannies Americans now suffer under greatly exceed those under which our founding fathers endured under the British. 

As the American empire has become increasingly leviathan in nature, it has overthrown established governments for political, economic and military gain while subjecting those nations’ people to militarily enforced destitution, torture and mass murder. There is no government under the New World Order that seeks to stand against the Unites States, while many chose to stand back and watch our elected tyrants crash the ship of state upon the rocks of authoritarianism and militarism. Our enemies are waiting in the wings for our officials to lead us to our ruin so that we may be delivered onto a New World Order in which other governments seek to benefit from the blood and toil of the American people as our government now exploits us.  If fact, what difference does it make if we are abused by our government of the government of an invader.  We are equally exploited.  As the government steals the peoples’ wealth through the mechanisms of central banking, it bribes other governments, foments war and stirs up insurrection and rebellion. Our government has recognized a rebel force as a legitimate government in Libya and so has decided to bomb the country into oblivion while refusing to confer legitimacy upon the government that is trying to stop the beheading of people based on religious sect.  Hillary and those who support her want to continue this crime against humanity in Syria. 

In the creation of the American Republic the legitimate authority rested in a group of rebels that swore an oath to God on their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. But, if truth be known, legitimacy rests in sovereignty, and sovereignty is conferred upon those with the ruthlessness and economic and political means to engage in sustained violence over a given geographic area even to the point of exterminating their enemies. It is the American people who cover this land, and as the forces of the U.S. make up a small number of the people, probably less than five percent of the population, if the people make up more than this amount they ought to have conferred upon them the legitimacy of a rebel force since the government refuses to honor its contract with the American people by overthrowing the election.  If the people show they are willing to fight for it, they will have sovereignty over themselves as opposed to being ruled by people like Hillary Clinton.   However, our government would never recognize a rebel force and would punish rebels as traitors and terrorists. While those engaging in such activity would be punished as criminals by our government, our government sought the prosecution of Gaddafi for doing exactly as our government would do to use if faced with a rebellion by the people, but they were happy with him having a bayonet jammed in his rectum.  Hillary was shown laughing about it on the internet.  The fact that the our government now refuses to recognize the strength of the American people tells you that a Clinton government would have no legitimacy whatsoever except that conferred upon criminals by more powerful criminals, much like the legitimacy conferred upon  mob bosses by a mafia don. 

Government power regularly goes to the individual that is able to lie, cheat, and steal his way to power.  This is exactly what was exposed by yhe Clinton emails and is exactly why they are so angry the truth was exposed.  If the people do decide to revolt, I hope they have a better way of picking leaders than we do for picking our elected officials now. But, if anyone not be a crook and seeks to lead the people back to liberty, freedom and a binding contract between the government and the people, I would argue that this individual would hold legitimacy that far exceeds that of  any of our current politicians. 

3. A just war can only be fought to redress a wrong suffered. For example, self-defense against an armed attack is always considered to be a just cause (although the justice of the cause is not sufficient–see point #4). Further, a just war can only be fought with “right” intentions: the only permissible objective of a just war is to redress the injury. 

The American people do not seek the extermination of politicians, police, prosecutors or judges under which they have suffered tyranny. They do not even seek Old Testiment justice of “an eye for an eye” which would cause these tyrants to owe the hundreds of years in prison to which they have wrongfully subjected others. The people do not seek the hanging of its officials for lying them into wars, committing treason, torture, assassinations, and outright theft.   They merely seek an end to this type of criminality.  If the government would only abide by the Constitution to which the officials have swore an oath, all talk of revolution would be dismissed as nonsense by the people. But, to a very large extent our elected tyrants have committed treason against the U.S. Constitution and “We the People of These United States” and they seek to place in jail those who expose these crimes and give elections to criminals whose crimes were exposed.  

Our elected official have done nothing to provide liberty and have done much harm to the people. These officials have not said a word as police are given more and more police state authority. I personally would be happy if these people, who have furthered such tyrannies as those visited upon the American people by those acting as its government, were barred from public office, government contract and the practice of law. Let the judges and prosecutors become painters, auto mechanics and grocery store managers. These individuals have refused to uphold the Constitution and it is assured they would engage in the exact same behavior under any new system thus corrupting it with their arrogance and criminality. They have either allowed to happen or caused to happen the tyranny under which the American people now suffer. So, the intention of the American people is to merely restore the republic, bind the government once more through a contract with the people and to safeguard our life, liberty, peace and prosperity while providing the people with an opportunity to pursue their happiness.  Our own government will not even now follow election law after the desperate measures it necessitated required the election of a political outsider. 

4. A war can only be just if it is fought with a reasonable chance of success. Deaths and injury incurred in a hopeless cause are not morally justifiable. 

In fact, the American Revolution was won against the world’s premier superpower with only 15% of the military-aged males fighting on the side of liberty. Our government needs to understand that there is a point where an armed people decide there are things that gnaw at them worse than death. When the people they love are being condemned to a lifetime of poverty, tyranny, theft and murder, the people may decide that they will personally wage war against government much as Timothy McVeigh did. He looked at the U.S. foreign policy and decided he would follow its example. Government was the great teacher for ill and Timothy McVeigh was its able and eager student.  He did exactly to our government what it does to other governments, people and nations.  Our government becomes enraged when people make comments about Americans assassinating officials, but then it sanctions the murder of presidents and demands those secrets be hidden for over 50 years.  

In Afghanistan the Taliban are the legitimate government and regularly punish traitors that collude with the puppet government or directly with the U.S. The fact is that the current Afghan government would not last as long as a good sand storm if the U.S. was not providing soldiers and arms.  The Soviet Union fell without a violent revolution, but it was years between its fall and the democide of 30 to 40 million of its people by leaders the U.S. government recognized as being its legitimate government. Does one have to wait for mass starvation to withhold legitimacy?  Legitimacy is conferred upon a people who, with weapons and the will to use them, seek to become a sovereign nation that protects the liberties and property of the people. Imagine if a military unit decides it would seize some nuclear Tomahawks and offer a free state to any American willing to take up residence in that area. Our politicians would surely have no problem with 40 million Americans dying to maintain its power and control.  But, if Washington D.C was the target, there would now be a new nation inside the United States.  Our leaders value their lives and wealth more than the freedom and lives of the country.  

Much has been written about how few it takes to lead a successful revolution when the politicians have made a nation ripe for revolt. The elite have shown they are willing to even shake the tree to encourage rebellion if they have the means to smash it so as to show their power and ruthlessness.  Again, the question comes down to ruthlessness. When a dedicated and brave few stand against what everyone knows to be tyranny, what at first glance appears to be a hopeless cause now becomes a fire that will  spread in the minds of men seeking liberty and justice for their posterity.  

As the government, to include the military, makes up a small percent of the overall population, there only need be 10% of the population in revolt to be victorious. I would also question the resolve of paid mercenaries fighting against a people with legitimate grievances. Furthermore, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, as the government becomes more desperate, it alienates more and more people due to it becoming more and more tyrannical.  Ten percent of the population would mean a force of 3.3 million fighters.  These people would be the friends of the American people and true patriots. 

5. The ultimate goal of a just war is to re-establish peace. More specifically, the peace established after the war must be preferable to the peace that would have prevailed if the war had not been fought. 

There is absolutely no doubt that if revolution comes to this country it will only be in defense of the Constitution and as the result of tyranny and oppression. The changes that need to occur are so obvious and simple, but yet they remain stymied. There are things that could so easily be fixed that would have a profound effect on providing economic and personal liberty. The elite seek to hold on to power and refuse justice as a matter of principle to demonstrate that there is no justice or rule of law, but the rule of their power and wealth. These people talk of ethics and morals and yet do whatever their power allows them to get away with. Morals and ethics guide the majority of society, but not those who believe society is there to serve them. To them the masses are ants. It is said that one should never give a sucker and even break. For people to continually vote for financial and power elites who care little for the average man, except where their interests are shared, which is becoming increasingly less common, demonstrates that they have no intention on giving an electorate an even break any time soon.  

Tyranny is a form of warfare in which people have accepted defeat before ever fighting, and having decided they have no means of resistance and must accept injustice as law. The people cry out for justice and experience has shown that after having fought for it, people have no intention of allowing the same tyrannies to flourish that they had fought to oppose.  So it is assured that if the people fight for liberty, they will have more liberty than they had under any president for the last 25 years. 

We see tyrannies and wonder how its perpetrators could so easily and without conscience decide to do exactly the opposite of what justice demands because the state’s agents would rather side with power than justice. I have no doubt that a revolution to end tyranny would make this country a better place. My worry is that the crimes committed by the elite in opposition to liberty would be so reprehensible that it would lead to reprisals. The French Revolution had resulted in the slaughter of the ruling class after the elite abused the people. But, the change Americans now seek is for no other reason than to provide justice and liberty.  But, should the elite decide to overthrow a Trump presidency, the people must ensure that those who have placed the American people in our current predicament are ruthlessly punished.  

6. The weapons used in war must discriminate between combatants and non-combatants. Civilians are never permissible targets of war, and every effort must be taken to avoid killing civilians. The deaths of civilians are justified only if they are unavoidable victims of a deliberate attack on a military target. 

Our nation has always been the invader and as such, regardless of the claim of taking care to limit collateral damage, always ends up killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. During the Iraq war and its embargo we killed at least 200,000 civilians, the sum of three entire football stadiums. During that time the U.S. claims it killed about 50,000 militants. During the bombing campaigns of the Vietnam War we killed millions. The body count for the Vietnam War was about 3 million dead Vietnamese. During the Iraq War we killed only a fraction of the actual combatants and had a far higher civilian death count. Most experts agree that we killed only about one combatant for every five civilians.  A revolution would kill very few innocents, but American can not be concerned with the lives of those who would betray those fighting for liberty.  Those who would inform against any rebellion must be killed for having committed treason.  

This monolithic leviathan of a government under which Americans now suffer owes its existence to Lincoln and his war upon the South.  Avoidable civilian deaths during “Sherman’s March to the Sea” saw slaughter conducted with such savagery that it required editing from the American psyche through educational indoctrination in government schools.  The summary executions, burning of cities, destruction of homes and property are now celebrated as a war against slavery.  But, this war also led to Americans becoming the slaves of a federal government.  Civilian deaths were of no concern to Lincoln and he was perfectly willing to exterminate the entire South if it meant his cronies would assume deeds to the properties and businesses and there were still people left from whom he could collect taxes.  Lincoln started the American system of corporatism and so it is reaching its logical conclusion, a conclusion that coincides with the destruction of our liberty.  

In the foreign arena, we have made civilians the targets of our weapons in hopes this would motivate them to overthrow their government.  The U.S. government has enforced starvation and the denial of medical necessities in the hopes this woud lead to rebellion by a people against their government.  This regime change was hoped to be forced upon a people so they would then be willing to endure the slaughter by their government.  Often these people were then abandoned by the U.S. government with their countries left in ruin and poisoned with nuclear and chemical waste. 

If there were an uprising in America, the people would not be the aggressor. The truth of the matter is that it has been the government that has been waging war on the world while engaging in an occupation of America. The people of this nation would be fighting a defensive war. The people of the U.S would only be defending themselves against a criminal government. With its corporate run rape prisons that use slave labor, to its perjuring police that lie with impunity, to the prosecutors who hide witnesses and evidence, suborn perjury, torture and murder, witness and evidence tamper, and engage in coercion, to the judges that give this cesspool a thin veneer of legitimacy for the ignorant and weak-minded to accept, this system is rotten to the core. Judges discriminate against pro se litigants and violate their rights knowing that an appeal is impossible for a citizen to perform and too expensive to obtain. So, the system needs to be ended. The system operates not for justice, but for the profits of the legal class where justice is sold to the highest bidder.  Justice has becomes one more tyrannical racket under which the people are forced to suffer.  The elite have become so abusive that they don’t even see revolt coming. 

Those who seek to save the republic would be using small arms and any killings would be strictly limited to those waging war on the people. There would be no bombing campaign by the people. They would merely be defending themselves and their property.  Revolution will start with an retalitory ambush resulting from police slaughter and at that point Americans will have to decide which side they are on. 

Our military has specifically targeted civilians and engaged in reprisals against civilian targets. There is no argument to this fact. However, during an uprising the people would be the popular resistance. The people would be helping and assisting those freedom fighters directly engaging in combat. While there will always be traitors who can be bought off, the time will come when the people who will be fighting government will recognize they are fighting on the side of humanity as an act of desperation.  Americans do not have to wait, as those in the Soviet Union did, for our government to starve its people, place citizens in gulags and have them be subjected to genocide. 

I offer this Declaration of Independence by Warner Todd Huston:

A New Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of human events it again becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with a failed authority and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God as well as our original, properly constituted laws entitle us, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Such has been the patient sufferance of we the people; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to repair to their former Systems of Government. The history of the present President, his Congress, and our recalcitrant federal government is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

It has abused its role over the law and instituted fiat rules that are detrimental to the common good welfare, cap and trade, oppressive taxes, onerous regulation on business are recent examples.

It has forbidden governors of states to pass laws useful to local needs and has interfered in state business.

It has refused the right of local government to govern at home and has as a matter of course caused local legislators to carelessly assume they have no power.

It has defacto dissolved the authority of state governments so that the representatives of the people constantly defer to rule from Washington.

It has refused to secure the borders so that all manner of foreigners of the lowest station might flood these shores without hesitation while refusing to allow those foreigners with useful skills and education to enter and apply for citizenship.

It has allowed capricious courts to usurp proper legislative duties and to rule from the bench.

It has seated judges with no opposition or investigation and has not required judicial candidates to express an interest in the true meaning of the law of the land.

It has erected a multitude of new regulatory offices few of which have any basis in the Constitution and has as a form of graft filled them with friends, lobbyists, and placemen.

It has refused to properly fund our armies in times of peace without including graft and monies unconnected to the needs of our armed forces.

It has therefore interfered with the military stopping it from operating at peak efficiency.’

It has conspired with powers outside our duly constituted authority to take away our constitutional rights, to subvert our national laws, and has given assent to forces such as the UN to rule us from afar without accountability. These outside forces are hateful of our system and desire it’s end. Therefore we accuse our government of attacking us from inside.

For positing that UN forces are superior in authority to our own:

For signing treaties inimical to our national interests:

For cutting off free trade with worthy countries such as Colombia, yet opening trade with evil countries such as China:

For imposing taxes on us without our consent:

For depriving us of our constitutional rights of property, life, and self-protection at every opportunity:

For creating rules that encroach on freedom of religion:

For increasing the size of government to never before seen size and power in a manner against our founding principles and for purposefully creating chaos in business, banking, and every other area of the private sector with never ending regulations that strangle, confuse, and stifle American growth:

For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:

And for corrupting our legislatures with federal largess and assuming unto the federal government all powers to rule from Washington D.C.

It has abdicated its Constitutional role and essentially come to see the people as an enemy and waged philosophical war against us.

It has plundered our businesses with overweening regulations, capriciously outlawed entire fields of business, and burdened the lives of the people with oppressive taxes.

It has created an army of police, taxmen and regulators to fan out across the land to assault and imprison our citizens, to confiscate lands to federal ownership and to lay waste the economy and bring our people into a form of dependency akin to slavery.

It has often sent our armed forces to foreign nations without a proper mission, held back necessary funding, and burdened it with untenable “rules of engagement” which has limited our troop’s ability to fight to win, and has allowed barbarous enemies to gain the upper hand on the battle field.  Our government has used our military for regime so our criminal rulers could control the criminal rulers of other nations and usurp the US Constitution.

In every stage of these violations millions of citizens have gathered in the streets to protest these government outrages yet no heed has been paid to the agony of the people in its hallowed halls.  Nor have we been heard by our Democrat brethren. We have warned them of the destruction of the American rule of law, yet they are uninterested in this plight. We have appealed to their love of country and we have reminded them of the glorious history of our great nation to no avail. They have turned a deaf ear to Constitutionality, a cold shoulder to our American character, and our law and we find their sympathies lie with Europeans instead of their fellow Americans. We must, therefore, consider them enemies of our national interests, safety, health, and welfare.

We, therefore, the representatives of the American tradition and character assemble as citizens proud of our history and institutions, and in the tradition of our national power being held in the hands of the people, assert our loyalty to our true American system. We hold this government to be illegitimate by its usurpation of power and its obviation of our laws. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence that has been rejected by our enemies, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred Honor. 

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