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Russia's Attack Scenarios, Venezuela Is the Trip Wire to War, Trump Has No Choice: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

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Russian TV lists potential nuclear strike targets in US after Putin warning

FoxNews (Russian TV lists potential nuclear strike targets in US after Putin warning)

BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

When you were a kid and moved to a new neighborhood, did you (like me) encounter the kids on the block with an invitation to welcome you into their club? Once you became their new found friend, you discover their plans to beat Jimmy to a pulp and rock his house, because of this or that. Not knowing Jimmy, he immediately became your enemy too !

Is that the same scenario we are seeing on a global scale with Trump being the new kid on the block and Russia is the “bully” to go after?

Who is really the “bully?”


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The Deep State is the club of globalist thugs that want their New World Order to control every neighborhood (Nation) in the world. It’s all about taking control of resources, and building the pipelines THEY want for their club.

Once WWII was just about finished, and thanks to the Russians for being a major part of destroying the NAZI regime, General Patton made a request to Eisenhower to allow him (Patton) to “now let’s take the opportunity to go after those commie bastards.” A couple weeks later, Patton was dead from a suspicious car accident in Europe.

Shortly thereafter, ‘McCarthyism’ ripped Americans apart with the notion that Russian Communists were in every segment of the U.S. government. The [Communists] actually in America played-down the Conspiracy Theory and Americans went back to sleep. Communist Creep is back bigger than ever…..

Along comes Reagan, another outsider Hollywood actor that was demonized as ineffective for America’s foreign policies, single handedly caused the USSR to crumble with his “Tear down this wall” speech in Berlin following a very dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis.

The crisis ONLY ended because Kennedy agreed to remove the missiles illegally stationed in Turkey, aimed at the USSR, but not reported at the time by the media.

“The agreement, signed by President Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, bans nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 300 and 3,400 miles.”

Reagan became the GOP hero and today we have another “hero” with President Trump, the new kid on the block…faced with decades of the Deep State’s play-book for taking down Russia, a country that abandoned Communism and adopted Christianity.

Within Putin’s circle of globalist / Deep State operatives in his military, his advisors and media…Trump has the same players a.k.a. the Council on Foreign Relations / CIA, backed by the cigar smoking / scotch drinkers that sit in their lush mountain mansions in Europe, together dictate future policies for the ‘End Game.’

So…when did it all go to hell in a hand basket for both Russia and America?

After the fall of the Soviet Empire, the U.S. promised there would not be any “further expansion east of the [current] NATO countries towards the Russian western front.”

In 1990, U.S. Secretary James Baker stated the U.S. had never made that promise….which we have learned, that was a lie.

“West did everything it could to give the Soviets the impression that NATO membership was out of the question for countries like Poland, Hungary or Czechoslovakia.”

“Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accused the West of breaking promises made after the fall of the Iron Curtain, saying that NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe violated commitments made during the negotiations over German reunification. Newly discovered documents from Western archives support the Russian position.”

During the fall of the Soviet Empire, the military wasn’t being paid and that is when the Deep State pilfered the stockpile of weapons, tanks and the alleged missing nukes. Arms dealers, protected by the U.S. government / Deep State, allowed weapons to be shipped to several countries in Africa where civil wars broke-out in mass.

Shortly thereafter, China began it’s build-up in several African Nations and the Deep State continued to dominate the world stage for their New World Order that was on the path to completion UNTIL Trump showed-up on the scene.

It’s all very complex and I don’t think the best of the best professing to be expert Geopolitical Analysts have all the answers as to the secret maneuvering by the globalists to corner nations like a dog being cornered in a cage.

When WE think Trump has all the answers and the ‘Alliance’ are the miracle workers that can stop WWIII, let alone a raging (upcoming) Civil War in America, we have to sit-back and wonder how well prepared is the Deep State for dragging Putin and Trump into WWIII?

Remember those kids and their club and you are now in that club? To keep you in the club, propaganda and lies are necessary as to how bad the other kid (bully) is and what (he) wants to do to you.

You are in that club by default, or you will be their target with a rock in the forehead. Maneuvering inside the Washington D.C. belt of criminals is like dancing without shoes on a bed of nails. You step to hard, you will bleed….

Keeping these other “clubs” Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Iran, China, Pakistan and India in-check is a balancing act that Trump might not be able to accomplish…..and of course, biblical revelation and prophecy says the “end” is coming.

How bad will that “end” be is the big question.


Signs of the End of the Age
For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nations will rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.…


Current day 2019 A.D. the world is in turmoil and inching closer to a WWIII scenario, but will NOT be total devastation of the planet (IMO).

Threats by Putin is pressure by his “club” of Deep State players on the same page as the globalist players around the world…..together have created situations that can force Trump’s hand. Syria and Venezuela are two hotspots of major concern.

Trump has tried to appease Putin and Assad by pulling troops out-of-Syria, but NOT before the U.S. Army forced the remaining ISIS leaders to give-up all their $2 billion dollars worth of gold bars for a “free passage out or die.” Part of that gold was given to the Kurds and where the rest was going is anyone’s guess….but think Deep State.

NATO is expanding eastward like never before, which Ukraine is the big one that covers a huge chunk of the Russian border and then covered by Belarus, Latvia and Estonia to the north.

Putin wanted to join NATO but the Deep State shot that down !

Trump threatened to pull-out of NATO and the Democrat Communists threatened Trump and forced him to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which in-turn caused Putin to react with the deployment of medium / short range nuclear missiles as NATO moves missiles to and near the Russian front.

“The U.S. has publicly accused Russia of violating the treaty since 2014 by fielding a cruise missile known as the 9M729.”

The Deep State / Globalist players moved their chessboard pieces around and are now focused on Venezuela as the trigger point for war.

The idea that a Communist Dictator Maduro turning Venezuela into a Western Hemisphere Communist Power Player is a reason to take him and his military out ! Otherwise, other countries in South America will fall to Communism…….(then) their populations advance to our U.S. border.

Venezuela is Putin’s ‘ace card’ for slowing NATO down or reversing what the Deep State is doing in Europe, but apparently, the main issue is the proposed pipeline from Russia to Germany and a Europe that could depend solely on Russian natural gas.

Remember….Putin is very anti-New World Order and doesn’t want to be in the “club.”

It’s a stand-off that could end up badly for all sides…..

Russia has a fleet of bombers in Caracas, the Cubans have about 25,000 troops in Venezuela, the U.S. are mobilizing in Colombia and Puerto Rico and Putin says we are about to see another Cuban Missile Crisis event soon….along with threats of three targets in the U.S. by launching nuclear missiles from “undetected subs.”

The build-up to a limited nuclear war is advancing everyday and Trump has no choice but to NOT back down on destroying the Maduro regime in Venezuela. The price to pay might be heavy casualties, but in the end, South America will be Communist free.

Now…if Trump can multi-task the takedown of the advancing Democrat Communist onslaught of his presidency and eventually America, he will certainly be EVERYONE’S HERO.

Unfortunately, just as a battery requires a negative and positive terminals to operate, this world operates in the same continuity, good vs. evil and without one or the other, we wouldn’t exist.

Little Jimmy is up against the real neighborhood bullies that want to take him down, and the club house will be built regardless.

The world is our show and soon it will be time to get out the popcorn.

—Dave Bertrand

[email protected]

Rick Sanchez explains why Russian Nuclear Bombers are in Venezuela – Video

BREAKING!! Russian State News Shows Their Choice American Nuclear Missile Targets!! URGENT! – Video

CHINA and RUSSIA backs Venezuela against, U.S. at the UN! – Video

THE HIT LIST — The American Cities Russia Will Target With Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles

By Mac Slavo

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to use nuclear weapons against the United States in recent weeks. Not long after his most recent threat, Russian state-run TV media has released a target map of the cities Putin would target in the event of an attack.

Russia also says that once they decide to attack the United States, the hypersonic nuclear weapon that they are currently developing will reach any of the military facilities listed as a target in a mere 5 minutes – or sooner. According to the media report, which was called “unusual even by the sometimes bellicose standards of Russian state TV” by Reuters, was broadcast on Sunday evening, days after President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was militarily ready for a “Cuban Missile”-style crisis if the United States wanted one.

Russian’s ramped up rhetoric is based on fears that the Russian fears that the United States could deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe as a Cold War-era arms-control treaty unravels. Putin has already vowed that Russia would be forced to respond by placing hypersonic nuclear missiles on submarines near U.S. waters if Washington follows through.

Russia Will Respond To ANY U.S. Weapons Deployment In Europe

The U.S. government (who has been so honest and genuine in the past) claims that they have no intention placing any weapons in Europe. However, Washington’s decision to quit the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty over an alleged Russian violation, something Moscow denies, has freed both warmongering nations to start developing and deploying such missiles.

“Every time Putin issues these bombastic threats and touts his new doomsday devices, he should know he only deepens NATO’s resolve to work together to ensure our collective security,” Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman, said according to a report by Reuters.

Russia’s targets were listed as the Pentagon and presidential retreat at Camp David, along with several defunct military sites were such as Fort Ritchie in Maryland which closed in 1998, and McClelland Air Force Base, in California, which shut in 2001.  Some analysts see Putin’s threats as an attempt to engage the U.S. in talks for another treaty while some say it’s just plain war rhetoric and Putin has no desire to actually start World War 3.

Putin has said Russia does not want a new arms race but has also dialed up his military rhetoric since the U.S. bailed on the INF Treaty. The U.S. has been ramping up anti-Russia rhetoric for years, though, and it’s only fair to call it like it’s seen.

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From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

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    • Canderson

      Isra-Hell should stay the hell out of this, not their turf by any means. (The Khazarian Mafia)

    • Anonymous

      You may need to break out your clapping Monkey for this one.

    • Anonymous

      Never been right before.

    • Man

      Aren’t we friends with Russia?

    • Slimey

      The Democrap and Communist party must go. Outdated, old party that everyone knows does not work. Yet they try to cling to power because they hate people.

      Using Muslims to culturally finish you off and the new Green (greed) deal to economically destroy you. This is how much they HATE your guts. :twisted:

    • Tedx

      Globalist propaganda agent Captain Dave Bertrand’s claims are easily debunked nonsense:
      Venezuela came under socialist rule when Chavez was elected president in 1999. He nationalized the oil industry, replacing many western oil companies. The US began placing sanctions against Venezuela, but the price of oil was high enough that they didn’t hurt as much. The US staged a coup that failed and probably poisoned Chavez; at least Chavez claimed so on his deathbed. Chavez died in 2013; his vice president, Maduro, was elected president a month and a half later.
      Cpt. Bertrand identifies himself as a globalist propaganda agent when he claims Maduro is a dictator. Venezuelan elections are internationally monitored and require a thumb print on each ballot to prevent vote fraud. America’s voting system is a joke compared with theirs. When I worked as a commercial diver in Maracaibo back in the late 80s, all businesses had to close on election day and only police, election staff and emergency personnel were allowed to go to work that day. Even Maricaibo’s top ranked brothel, the Hotel Jardin, had to close on election day. Don’t ask how I know.
      Fear of Communism spreading throughout South America is nonsense. For years Brazil had a far-left government. The Brazilian people got fed up with it and elected a conservative as their current president. He has even said he may allow the US to build military bases in Brazil.
      Venezuela is being attacked for one reason: A few years ago, the US Geological Survey discovered that Venezuela has more than twice the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia in its Orinoco Belt alone. Before that, Saudi Arabia’s reserves were rated the largest in the world.
      The emergency that demands military intervention is that China recently took advantage of the economic mess caused by US sanctions by buying a partnership in Venezuela’a national oil industry with a $20 billion loan. They stole the loan the IMF was counting on. They stole the business western oil companies like EXXON and BP were counting on. Russia is sure to get some of the business, as well. In two months following their agreement, China has doubled Venezuelan oil production. If the price of oil goes up. Venezuela will be the wealthiest country in South America again and China will be richer than ever. But if China and Russia influence the government of Venezuela, it won’t be classic Communism as formerly practiced in the Soviet Union and China. It will be the new Capitalism practiced in today’s Russia and China, while the US sinks into Marxism.

      • John Rolls

        “Globalist propaganda agent Captain Dave Bertrand’s claims are easily debunked nonsense:
        Venezuela came under socialist rule when Chavez was elected president in 1999.”

        Yes…and Chavez is dead and Obama is no longer president….and NO, I am certainly NOT a “Globalist” but very much anti-globalist / New World Order, however….it appears your organization is affiliated with those that promote socialism and communism on a major worldwide scale no less !

        TED Conferences LLC (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan “ideas worth spreading.”

        Sounds like “propaganda” to me… “idea worth spreading,” but always depends of what that idea is !

        Socialism under a Marxist ideology is an idea that has spread around the world as propaganda, and counter-propaganda is good propaganda meant to destroy a BAD idea.

        “Past (TED) speakers include former president Jimmy Carter,[94] Hillary Clinton,[95] Sheryl Sandberg,[96] Madeleine Albright,[97] Nancy Pelosi[98] and Halla Tómasdóttir,[99][100] among others.”

        “TED is currently funded by a combination of various revenue streams, including conference attendance fees, corporate sponsorships, foundation support, licensing fees, and book sales. Corporate sponsorships are diverse, provided by companies such as Google, GE, AOL, Goldman Sachs, and The Coca-Cola Company, among others.”

        “In a 2013 article for The Guardian, Benjamin Bratton claims that TED is actually “middlebrow mega-church infotainment,” where audiences prefer presenters such as journalists – who recycle fake insights – to actual scientists who produce actual knowledge. This oversimplification of complicated subjects, focused on style rather than substance, is akin to “taking something with value and substance and coring it out so that it can be swallowed without chewing.” Even some presenters dislike the focus on slick, over-the-top performances. “Black Swan” author Nassim Nicholas Taleb described TED as “a monstrosity that turns scientists and thinkers into low-level entertainers, like circus performers.”

        “The TEDx program, in which organizers arrange their own speakers, has created problems of vetting and content, primarily because of the tremendous publicity and financial benefits accruing to a TED presenter. In its April 2013 issue, Harvard Business Review reported that TED no longer controls its content or its brand, using the example of TEDx presenter Randy Powell’s presentation about “Vortex-Based Mathematics” that was roundly criticized for its incorrect information. Writing in The New Inquiry, Nathan Jurgenson compared TED talks to the “infamous patent medicine tonic sure-alls pitches of previous centuries,” and that the “conferences have come to resemble religious meetings and the TED talks techno-spirtual sermons, pushing an evangelical, cultish attitude toward the ‘new ideas that will change the world.’”

        Therefore Tedx, at the end of the day, it’s your ideas and vision(s) for a world government versus someone (me) of whom you adamantly disagree with by using parallel events in foreign policy that does not relate to the current facts. I guess the old saying, “you know you’re over the target when the fodder begins,” and my opinions and analysis of CURRENT events can ALWAY go one way or the other, which also means….yours too !

        A note for you Tedx…..foreign policies under Obama and Chavez have changed dramatically since. You say it was more of a “legal and fair voting system” in Venezuela than ours, therefore is the reason why millions are fleeing the country now???

        Under Chavez and his buddy Obama, why is it NOW, Russia is sending supersonic bombers to Caracas and Cuba’s deployment of 25,000 troops, including Maduro’s release of criminal prisoners to serve in his Marxist Army to kill civilians “propaganda?”

        Of course it’s all about the oil…and all I added was the fact, Venezuela could easily become stronger under Maduro than Chavez ever dreamed about and would (LOGICALLY) expand to other countries in the region !

        But thank you for your opinion sir !

        Capt. Dave Bertrand

    • Tedx

      Globalist propoganda.

    • grayeagle40

      Jeremiah 50:41 Behold, a people shall come from the north, and a great nation, and many kings shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.
      A person from the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) said our early warning radar system can not see anything coming in from due north. So this is why the attack will come from the north. We will never see it coming. Prophecy page




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