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New #MiddleEast #Conflict?!?! --- #IRAN: You Can Pay Me Now *OR* You Can Pay Me Later - Will the Ante up be MUSHROOM CLOUDS?!?!

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[Book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: / /]

(expounded upon from #FaceBook (May 2019 Post):

[NOTE: This article is now ARCHIVED (B4IN does that after 1 years time) and therefore embedded images will have been stripped and no longer visible which lent additional context when first published]

More morons (suffering #TDS) want to go back to the #Obama days of aiding/abetting #IRAN by sending them pallets of Cash that they then use to fund #Terrorists to kill more of us or our Allies?!?!? whining about #Trumps (DONT PREVOKE US) #PeaceThroughStrength Tweet and clear warning via our Build-up in the Persian Gulf, but they attack more Tankers and repeat threats to close the Straits or the Gulf!!!

Hey #NevilleChamberlain types…

  • #Hitler, wasn’t lying!
  • #Mullahs in #Iran, aren’t lying!

#Iranian Mullahs have been at WAR with us/West/USA (#Israel (little-Satan) and #USA) big-Satan) since 1979…. They are SERIOUS when they chant “DEATH TO ISREAL” and “DEATH TO AMERICA!”

They are responsible (directly/indirectly) for the Deaths of 1,000′s of #Americans / #Allies (no matter your desire to remain in denial, that is FACT). You want to wait til they have NUKES and casualties will be in the MILLIONS (they have means to create 2nd #Holocaust)?!?!?

These FANATICS openly state – THEY BELIEVE it is THEIR DUTY to create #Armaggeddon to usher in the Mahdi (and will have those means if allowed to develop NUKES). Rational MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION (#MAD) detant IS NOT A DETERENT!

Some people learned nothing from all the warfare of the 20th Century, and failings to prevent greater/broader/harsher War when they could have which resulted in countless Millions dead. NO casualties are “acceptable” but 10,000 is far better than 10,000,000 – unless you’re a complete moron and can’t grasp such or a Democrat who wants to depopulate the planet anyway!

IF we do it right and take out their Military installations via the Air (another round of #ShockAndAwe, KILL THE MULLAHS), #Iran is not #Iraq, we would likely then be able to sit back an let #Iranians finish the Job of taking control of their own Nation rather than needing any Ground Invasion Forces (though, we must be prepared for that worst case scenario)!

Imagine the Millions of Lives that would have been saved (Holocaust not prevented, but numbers victim to it greatly reduced) had we intervened early enough to matter (Countless #Jewish lives not MASS-MURDERED, countless US/UK Troops NOT sacraficed having to Crack Fortress-Europe when we could have staged Forces in France insteat!

How many Christians would NOT have been slaughtered by ISIS had Oblunder not pulled out of #Iraq?!?! How many Lives would have been saved HAVING STAYED AND STAGED, #PEACETHRUOUGHSTRENGTH, rather than snatching SURRENDER from the Jaws of Victory, and having to reFight and reTake Ground we already stabilized?!?!?

Remember, While many average #IRANIAN #Citizens (likely longing for a return to the #Shah Days) to MULLUAH AND #IRG (Fanatical loyalists, just like Saddam’s Guard and Hitlers SS, built since the 79 Revolution) – the Jewish State is just the “little SATAN” and the US is their MAIN TARGET (and will do so once they have sufficient advanced weaponry to engage our Homeland (til then, they continue to kill us around the perifery/edges thru #Terrorist attacks or proxies) and they won’t need long-range Missles to do it, they can put NUKES on a Tanker (or far smaller) and park it off our or our Allies cost to detonate)!

AGAIN, I guess many would prefer the aiding/abetting of our enemies, and sending them pallets of Cash, of Obama (so they can spend it on #Terrorism killing more Americans/Allies)?

As for me, I believe the #Reagan Doctrine: #PeaceThroughStrength!

Those who wish to AVOID WAR (must prepare for War). Must be so Powerful even FANATICS FEEL THE FEAR! But when dealing with Pack of RABID DOGS, it’s best to handle them before the Pack grows far Stronger in Numbers and they learn to use NUKES!

related/more -  Isolationists never learned anything from the last Century of Warfare, again wish to wait until Casualties will be in the MILLIONS not the Thousands….   /v3/war-and-conflict/2018/2470663.html

[JUNE 25 2019 UPDATE:

I still am unHappy about #Trump not responding to the downed Drone, but have less issue NOW that he is (and should have more then) issuing a LINE IN THE SAND (as the saying goes) and further Offense will (with certainty) be met with Military Ruin on their Nation. Though, IMO, we should have then and if need be in the Future, NOT hit #Military targets in #Iran but go DIRECT AT LEADERSHIP TARGETS! Decapitate the Head of the Snake IF POSSIBLE and allow the #Iranians to take to the Streets (like Green Revolution that failed to get #Obama support) for #Regime change (and follow-up, if need be, with #Military, IRGC, not General Military, targets to aid overthrow of any remaining ISLAMIC RADICAL Leadership!]


IRAN remains the biggest State sponsor of Terrorism (GIJIAS) everywhere.


only semi-related, but I wanted to include none-the-less….
Which, relates, as it harkens back to Jimmy Carter’s weakness leading us to the mess we’ve had since 1979 with Iran….


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    • JLenardDetroit

      SEP 25 2022
      Could POINT & PURPOSE of #Nixon’s “opening #China” (sadly #FASCICRATS & #RINOs taken TOO FAR to enrich themselves & harm #USA, not #Nixons intent) FINALLY paying dividends it did intend? No-one knows whats happening in #China right now, but #Chinese people have RUN ON THEIR #BANKS, finally having learned what REAL #SOCIETY & some #PROSPERITY is like & #CCP is scrambling & #XI nowhere to be seen.
      Pray for #Revolution in #China, as well as #Russia & #Iran (where protests are now rampant).

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