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Researchers: Alien Skulls Prove Earth Was Invaded

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You may not have to look up at the stars to discover aliens, evidence of them might be just below your feet…or so say some.

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Still frame from 1959 motion picture, ‘The Four Skulls of Jonathon Drake’ [United Artists]

Bizarre skulls: Evidence of extraterrestrials that invaded Earth long ago?

Giant skulls, incredibly tiny skulls, skulls that have horns, and prehistoric skulls pierced by bullet holesare they real, fake, or easily explained away?

The ET skulls

Impossible skulls dug up by astonished archeologists and anthropologists for hundreds of years are piling up. In many cases a skull can be identified as a mutant animal, damaged ape skull, or the skull of a deformed human from a culture that believed changing the shape of the head was a mark of sublime beauty.

Yet some skulls defy such easy explanations. Those are the embarrassing skulls hidden away in locked cabinets deep inside the deserted basements of musty museums.

This partial skull found in Romania is neither animal nor human

Those are the skulls that mock the experts and antiquities curatorsthe skulls that desperately cry out from fading eons of the past for recognition.

If they could speakif their owner’s tongues had not disintegrated into a fine, powdery dust long agothe skulls might tell tantalizing tales of the early cosmos , speak of wonders that forever change the mosaic of science, reveal secrets that give humans a new perspective on natureor perhaps even alter the destiny of the human race.

But the bizarre skulls are mute, their bone is brittle and lifeless. Their stories can only be deduced by extrapolating upon their original appearance and peering at them through microscopes.

The ‘Starchild’ skull

Researcher Lloyd Pye holds mysterious ‘Starchild’ skull

Late in the Twentieth Century Lloyd Pye came across an astounding skull unlike any ever seen. The unique skull seemed to have both human and extraterrestrial qualities.

Dubbing the oddity the Starchild Skull, Pye launched an intensive investigation into the history, origins, biological make-up and meaning of the skull in relation to its impact on human history and what it may say about humanity’s future.

About 2,200 years old, the skull is part of the remains of a child that died at age five. It was discovered in a tunnel that is part of an old mine located nearly 100 miles south southwest of the Mexican state of Chichuahau.

Intense forensic study has ascertained that—unlike a human child’s skull—the channels for the optic nerves lie near the bottom part of the eye sockets and the cranial capacity held a significantly larger brain.

Other oddities are evident including a tapestry of fine fibers that seems to be part of the bone casing and a strange residue no medical expert had ever seen.

‘Starchild’ and human skull: note eye sockets, shape of cranium

Since 1999, specialized teams of scientists and medical doctors have collaborated across three countries in an international effort to determine if the skull has ET origins. Under the banner of The Starchild Project, Pye acts as the Project Director.

As can be imagined, the research has had its ups and downs, advances and setbacks. The project is controversial and has attracted legions of debunkers and naysayers.

Despite the detractors and mockers, the team has stubbornly forged ahead employing objective scientific research in an effort to prove or disprove the alien-origin hypothesis.

Twelve years after serious research began—despite a chronic lack of funding—2011 genetic tests of the skull’s DNA supports Pye’s contention that the skull is indeed a mix of human-alien genes.

Now the team has turned their focus to a complete mapping of the genome. This final stage will either completely confirm the existance of alien biology co-mingled with human DNA, or close the book on the possibility.

Lloyd Pye bio

Lloyd Pye’s website

Lloyd Pye video “Everything you know is wrong”

The amazing Connolly skulls

The incredible Connelly ‘alien’ skull [Photo: Robert Connolly. Source]

“This skull is in all respects similar to modern skulls, with only several factors out of proportion. The size of eye sockets are about 15 percent larger than normal. The cranial cavity is almost double that of a normal human–the estimated cranial capacity ranges between minimum of 2600 cm3 to 3200 cm3.

“What is noticeable about the remnants of the facial portion is that the characteristics are entirely within the range of a normal human skull.

Connelly skull superimposed over human skull [Source]

“The cranial cavity, on the other hand, is extremely largewith the cavity exceeding 3000cm. Also, the two protruding ‘lobes’ are highly anomalous.” [See "Alien Skulls" by Robert Connolly]

Another bizarre skull found by Connolly [Photo: Robert Connolly. Source]

The ‘vampire’ alien skull

The Andover skull – experts say it’s real [Aquiziam]

The story behind this skull is fascinating. Where the skull originally came from is anybody’s guess.

According to the website Aquiziam “…sometime during the 1950’s a newly married couple…moved to Andover, Massachusetts.

“…A year or so after moving in Mrs. Morris…found a heavy wooden box which had been nailed shut. That evening her husband opened the box with a claw-hammer and together they discovered a large and disturbing skull. It had unusually big eye sockets and several pieces of the bone cranium were broken. There were strange carvings on the front left of the skull but the most interesting part of the discovery were its canine teeth which were strangely elongated. Overall the skull was larger than an average human’s and had a distinctive domed forehead.

“Mr. Morris glued the skull fragments together and apparently kept it in his study where he would show it to curious friends and visitors. After some months Mrs. Morris became distressed by its presence and insisted that it be reburied as she had convinced herself that it was demonic or at least the skull of a powerful Indian medicine man. Instead, he allegedly took the skull to a nearby Museum of Archaeology which specialized in Native American history.”

If the skull is authentic, it’s doubtful that it is proof of a vampire race as some claim. It’s more likely either a bizarre genetic mutation or…one more piece of evidence that aliens once invaded Earth.

The ‘demonic alien’ skulls


Fake skull from carnival sideshow? No, say some experts [Source]

Throughout history people have been digging up horned “demon skulls.” Some theological historians have even advanced the theory that the belief in horned devils and demons is, in part, due to skull like this being found.

The true horned skulls are mostly very ancient and are defintely non-human, yet neither do they match any animal known on Earth.

It is therefore possible that the authentic demon skulls are not demonic at all, but simply another of the menagerie of extraterrestrials that once roamed the planet…giants amongst primitive Man.

Auroch with bullet hole [Courtesy Museum of Paleontology, Moscow]

Who shot the auroch?

Lastly, this little embarrassment is quietly tucked away in a Moscow museum: an 8,000 year old auroch skull with an inconvenient, large caliber bullet hole piercing its forehead.

Who shot it with a bullet eight millennia ago?

Perhaps it wasn’t a bullet? But forensic experts claim whatever shot the auruch was a high speed projectile and the hole could not have been made by a stone, a spear, or even a speeding arrow. Of course, bows and arrows hadn’t been invented 8,000 years ago anyway.

Aurochs are the ancestors of modern day bison. They lived during the Neolithic Era from about 10,700 BC to 4,500 BC.

The Moscow specimen is roughly 6,000 BC making it 8,000 years old.

It’s impossible, yet the 8,000-year old auroch skull sits in that exhibit. Something with technology that wouldn’t appear for almost 8,000 more years put a hole in its skull and killed it.

When the creature died, humans only possessed crude stone axes. But the research into the wound revealed the damage to the skull was the same cranial damage the animal would have suffered if a high-powered, larger caliber rifle bullet had hit it. A slower speed would have resulted in more extensive damage to the bone mass. Even if the animal received a terrific blow from a sharply chiseled stone ax parts of the skull would have shattered.

The consensus of forensic experts: the ancient beast was felled by a bullet. A bullet fired from the weapon of an alien invader?

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    • Anonymous

      “The incredible Connelly ‘alien’ skull” – Horse pucky. My holloween pumpkin looked that that this year. Alien sKulls…….. You guys can really dish the crap.

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous You poor ignorant human …..

    • MindMe

      Ah Pye and his skull. It’s human.

      DNA testing in 1999 at BOLD (Bureau of Legal Dentistry), a forensic DNA lab in Vancouver, British Columbia found standard X and Y chromosomes in two samples taken from the skull, “conclusive evidence that the child was not only human (and male), but both of his parents must have been human as well, for each must have contributed one of the human sex chromosomes”.[4] Further DNA testing in 2003 at Trace Genetics, which specializes in extracting DNA from ancient samples, isolated mitochondrial DNA from both recovered skulls. The child belongs to haplogroup C. Since mitochondrial DNA is inherited exclusively from the mother, it makes it possible to trace the offspring’s maternal lineage. The DNA test therefore confirmed that the child’s mother was a Haplogroup C human female. However, the adult female found with the child belonged to haplogroup A. Both haplotypes are characteristic Native American haplogroups, but the different haplogroup for each skull indicates that the adult female was not the child’s mother.[1]

    • Gojiroiscoming

      This just adds to the anecdotal evidence that not only were there other periods of technological enlightenment on Earth from before the last ice age that we have no idea about.

      On top of the wars described in multiple myths that deal with battles between different creatures, there are aliens mentioned in every major religious text.

      The circumstantial evidence keeps adding up to the conclusion that the Earth has had visitors, that they’ve warred here in the past and manipulated us to be their proxy armies in battles against each other. We see this in the Enuma Elish, the Mahabarata, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Egyptian myths and almost all of the south american cultures. The great hero, gets manipulated by a more powerful deity to fight on his behalf, The same as the great adversary has been co-opted by the other side. Its the oldest story in the book, in every book really. And there is always a war in whatever flavor of Heaven there happens to be.

      I think in the end, should we ever uncover our true history, we will realize that the Earth has been involved in a struggle for hundreds of thousands of years and that we have not been alone once during our entire development.

    • Blacksheep

      I’m a firm believer in aliens visiting this planet on occasion…

      It’s no secret that we’ve been visited before many times in the past. That godlike technology we practically stole from a superior race of creatures (not unlike ourselves) is proof we had help…

      You find this hard to swallow? Well the next time you gaze into that night-time sky. Remember that those dim flickers of light are large super-bright stars just like our sun… Thus, orbiting many of those stars are planets some class (M) just like ours. Then ask yourself a question…

      “Could there be life on any one of those planets?” And at the exact same time millions of lightyears away, another living breathing creature is looking at our sun a star to them, wondering if there’s life out there…

    • Anonymous

      well said Blacksheep

    • RainMan

      Einstein once said…”Mathematicaly, it’s possible that there’s a planet exactly the same as Earth, with the same people as ours”
      Carl Sagan once said…”What if we are the only one’s”…it’s all food for thought, either way, amazing, so enjoy.

    • Anonymous

      I recognize one skull. It’s from Predator

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a rat’s a$$ what Einstein thought. That creature was a plagiarist who stole his ideas from French and German scientists. If it weren’t for the jew-press, Einstein would be NOTHING.

    • MindMe

      Blacksheep there’s no necessary jump from “there’s a good chance there is life elsewhere” to “therefore they’re visiting earth.” I think there’s a good chance of life on other worlds. Whether that life is visiting earth, I’d like to see concrete evidence of it (a piece of a flying saucer, for example)

      The godlike technology we have today has a well establish providence in the technical literature. Vacuum tubes to transistors to ICs. There’s no mysterious jump in understanding. It’s stepwise.

    • John L Sullivan

      If you want to see the truth, the answers are there. History books tell a very sugar-coated history of our planet, with some pretty fantastic explanations for the evolution of man, of how life on our planet started, the birth of the Universe etc. But with thanks to some pretty remarkable advances in science, we are no longer “guessing” what happened, but proving what has happened. Darwins theory of evolution was a guess, he had no proof to back up his theory, because of the missing link. Life may genuinely have started here on Earth, but not all at the same time. So at points in our history, something has intervened, and nudged us into a general direction.
      Now there are people challenging written history, with alternative explanations for serious events from our past, and they are backing it up with evidence that is better, or at least just as plausible, as what we have been spoonfed since written history began.
      We have a choice as to what we want to believe, I am openminded about history, but I have always thought that the theory of evolution had always had far too many gaps in it.

    • Dawn

      The evidence is everywhere John, but no matter how much is presented, people will still mock it, because this is what they have been trained to do. The US. government made this so when they began making it a common practice to make this subject a joke in the 1940′s.
      Our planets history has been ignored far too long. Its time to upset the Christian apple cart of creation and face the evidence… evidence like the Human Genome Project announcing our junk DNA is actually extraterrestrial in origin. Evidence like the Sumerians knowing what the outer planets looked like or how the story of Adam and Eva was copied from the Sumerians and in the original account, God was Plural and they came from another planet.

    • Paris

      Humans are sad little earthbound creatures. Their minds are so tiny, they couldn’t even begin to grasp the truth. Most of them would rather cling to the lies…its much safer that way.
      God created Adam and Eve and that’s the end of the story…hahhaa! What a joke.

    • Reaper

      what is not realized is that we humans are of Martian orgin or at least those who settled on Mars before coming to earth, therefore what you are seeing when it comes to the so called alien skulls are in fact recessive genes coming and or presenting themselves as an anomaly but are actually of human evolution /heritage —— We are the aliens! !!! Proof exists in the Smithsonian and Egypt —FACTS THAT I KNOW

    • marcos anthony toledo

      Scientist have had habit like the religious of covering up the truth. Always denying interstellar travel is impossible and only slow radio signals will find intelligent life. So these skulls maybe the only proof of their existence and they came to our solar system.

    • aliadams

      Quran 42:29
      ومن ءايته خلق السموت والارض وما بث فيهما من دابة وهو على جمعهم اذا يشاء قدير

      42:29 And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and all the living creatures that He has scattered throughout BOTH of them: and He can gather them together if He wills.

    • Anonymous

      If you could see all the freaks of nature in the last 10 millenium you’d think it was an invasion . Go to new york city and walk around for a whole day, you’ll think you had seen all the characters from the alien bar in starwars dispersed throughout the city. Truth is stranger than fiction. yankee phil

    • MindMe


      “Always denying interstellar travel is impossible and only slow radio signals will find intelligent life.”

      Could you quote a reputable scientist denying the impossibility of interstellar travel? I’ve never encountered one.

    • MindMe

      @John L Sullivan

      “History books tell a very sugar-coated history of our planet, with some pretty fantastic explanations for the evolution of man, of how life on our planet started, the birth of the Universe etc.”

      Could you cite a textbook that has an example of this sugar coating? A lot of high school textbooks are quite watered down, I will grant you. But they don’t represent the consensus view of science, say.

      “But with thanks to some pretty remarkable advances in science, we are no longer “guessing” what happened, but proving what has happened.”

      For example?

      “Darwins theory of evolution was a guess, he had no proof to back up his theory”

      No. I was more than a guess. Origin of Species goes into great detail his evidence (scientists rarely talk about proof… they talk about evidence) for his theory. It was not a guess but a painstakingly argued defense of how species come to be.

      “We have a choice as to what we want to believe”

      I can have a choice to “believe” 2+2=4. But that’s a nonsensical proposition. I can have a choice to believe in an earth centered model of the solar system too. But that’s nonsensical. You can ignore the vast amounts of evidence for evolution…

      “I am openminded about history, but I have always thought that the theory of evolution had always had far too many gaps in it.”

      All domains of knowledge have gaps. 100 years ago there were some big gaps on our understanding of the evolution of the immune system or whales. Not as many gaps today. But gaps are merely gaps. A gap doesn’t mean “therefore god! space aliens! etc.” If you think you have an explanation for a gap, you have to table your evidence. The absence of an explanation is not evidence for an alien hypothesis.

    • Don't be hating!

      Who cares we will never know the truth. Is all hidden and forbidden to know. We can all guess and dream on. This will never be told in any text book for the next generation to know.

    • 1shot

      Man leave the poor dead deformed folks alone.

      The DNA shows that we all have a common link to each other.

      As to the apple cart, let me shine some light on that dawn.

      The Bible basically says that we are made from GOD who is from Heaven~space, is not from this earth, who created us as part of a project to make teachers and priests, for the followers of His word, we will be reunited with HIM in heaven…

      Sounds like an extraterrestrial science project, so far…

      Yet we were made after HIS likeness, that HE is spirit not flesh, that a day in Heaven is 1000 years on earth, time travelers? Interdimensional beings?

      Yep compared to GOD we are like walking talking monkeys.
      But still no signs of any evolution, yet historically there is a JESUS, the city of David, The temple of Solomon, so real you can touch it.

      Like it was spoken to existence, oh wait, LET THERE BE LIGHT, could it be?

      Time to stop being too full of yourself, stop being faithless, and Godless.

      And really if you know so much, cure world hunger, the deficit, and the aids virus, just for starts.


    • particolor

      And So Be It!!!…Particolor!!!

    • MindMe


      “The DNA shows that we all have a common link to each other.”

      “But still no signs of any evolution”

      The DNA that shows we all have a common link (eg a common ancestor) is also clarion evidence of evolution. You can’t have it both ways.

      The signs of evolution are replete. It’s the central organizing principle of modern biology. Before evolution, taxonomy, inheritance, germ theory, etc. were all very disparate fields. All these fields converge under evolution. There are at least 29 lines of evidence for macroevolution:

      If you have a problem with evolution, you need to take each of those down. Handwaving them away isn’t science.

    • youstopandthink.disqus

      Anonymous: The Jews are the chosen people. One day they will rule over all nations. Intellectuals who have made significant contributions to science and technology come from all nations. Do a little research instead of ranking and raving your venom.

    • 1shot

      The Link is EVE… SPORT

    • Blacksheep

      Godlike technology stolen from some highly advanced aliens? Yes! I stand by it 100%

      I’m a electronic technician of 40+ years. My father started his career in electronics fixing all tube appliances such as radios and early versions of b&w TV receivers… Those cool vacuum tubes have been around forever as far as I’m concerned. It was only 5 decades ago when we went from all tubes to all solid-state… Just like the cars of today, some which use both gasoline and electric power plants under the hood to form the term “high-bred” we too had a slow transition from tube to transistor. It took many years, for the early transistors created in 1951 by Bell laboratories to evolve. In the beginning they were quite large and bulky. Silicon transistors were still years away then. Thus, forcing us to rely on these fragile crystal transistors that could fail without warning, and sometimes did = (half-life diminishing factor due to some internal leakage) I remember repairing all kinds of huge industrial equipment that had these plug-in transistors.

      The computers back in my day were quite remarkable not because of that sophistication jazz? No, they were remarkable because they had hundreds of vacuum tubes making-up the memory matrix… Naturally, with that many tubes in one single memory bank, each bank’s power requirements were quite enormous. In excess of 50 amps of current pre bank.. Ouch!

      This was in the early sixties where tubes were still widely used. As the transition continued, I watched this progress slowly change the face of our technology. Soon everything became (all solid-state) Thus, this telling the consumer that there were indeed no vacuum tubes used in this particular product..

      It amazed me that they had vacuum tubes even back in late 1800s. However, it took over a hundred years before these glass devices were put to a practical use, the invention of the control grid opened the door wide for the next step. Yes, many watched this progress? A kind of slow evolution i guess. However, the corresponding technology of today is not in sync with yesterdays… No, what I’m saying is, the evolution of tubes versus transistors versus IC chips versus microprocessors is quite disproportionate indeed…

      We went from vacuum tubes to large bulky transistors in less time than we would go from horse driven buggies to horseless carriage (automobile) now for some reason we have accelerated way past the norm and possess these godlike technologies way to early. Microscopic marvels of great sophistication that now have the world held spellbound today…

      It took over 120 years to go from tubes to those large bulky transistors, and only 50 years to go from those large bulky transistors to microprocessors? Something is very wrong here because, even the companies that manufacture these little microscopic marvels, are incapable of repairing them when they malfunction…. Drop that cell phone by accident on a hard surface and watch what happens… The tiny device is now permanently damaged = (unrepairable because of its microscopic size) =Thus, if we are unable to understand these (internal details) of a technology we can’t even repair. Then that one factor makes us the user not the creator of it…

      That’s those cool aliens = 1

      And our own scientific ingenuity = 0

    • MindMe


      “It took over 120 years to go from tubes to those large bulky transistors, and only 50 years to go from those large bulky transistors to microprocessors?”

      Your personal incredulity is unfortunately not an argument for there being some unexplainable jump in human knowledge that only alien technology can explain.

      When you have very smart people getting paid a lot of money and the lure of billions in profit, it’s not surprising at all we can advance technology very quickly. We created an atom bomb in a handful of years. We went from Wright brothers to f15s in a lifetime. Most scientific discoveries go from initial discovery to a whole department in a university teaching/researching it in about 20 years. It sure helps when you have the vast resources of the USA being tapped to split the atom or put men on the moon.

      The increased pace of discovery and refinement is as easily explained by the fact past discoveries build on each other and allow new discoveries at a more rapid pace.

      I see no gaps that needs plugging with aliens. Others besides you have suggested it. As I’ve noted, the paper trail is all in the literature. If you think there are gaps, show were there was a huge leap not based on well documented stepwise improvements.

    • 1shot

      Here we go again
      listen ye who are so FULL OF THEMSELVES

      Just because someones opinion does not match your own it doesn’t make them wrong, quote and misquote all you want, point to others opinions who you agree with, but that does not change anyone thoughts or points of view.

      have you ever herd some one say?
      well your right, I’m wrong, thanks so much.

      Ah NO.

      So get off your soap box, and really just get over yourself.

      Your not trying to help one another, your just trying to hold yourself higher then someone else.

      That’s why the USA is in such a mess now, selfish greedy people, who don’t care about one another.


      JESUS said love thy neighbor as thy self.
      This is one of the reasons why.

      Together we will win, or together we will fail.

      If your so flipping smart, why don’t you see that?

    • aliadams
    • MindMe


      You seemed to claim there were no signs of evolution. I passed you a URL the details 29 lines of evidence for macro evolution. You seemed to ignore that. Here it is again:

      This is not opinion. It’s peer reviewed scientific evidence. If you really think there is no evidence for evolution, you need to address pretty much that entire site. Get crackin’.

      I’m not trying to hold myself higher. I’m holding myself to the standards of science. I hold you to something more than hand waving.

      The rest of your post is just a silly ad hominem attack and not really worth addressing. If you wish to deal with the evidence of evolution, I’m happy to respond to that.

    • 1shot


      HAHAHAHA To The Monkey would be more ad simiiformes not hominem.

      Sign up, over here, look I’m waving my hand, are you for real?

      From evil solution to vac tubes
      Such a smart monkey, must be from that gray group.
      I use monkey not to be rude, but if your godless, then that is your roots

      AH did you miss this part sport?

      Common descent is a general descriptive theory (THAT’S THEORY) that concerns the genetic origins of living organisms (though not the ultimate origin of life).


      WELL not even into the 29 and creation or the origin of life can not be explained, other than a theory.

      Well climb a tree, and pull a banana.
      So…happy lil’ fella, whats your point?

      Careful now don’t slip off that soap box…

      I bet you consider yourself a good person too, right?

      If so what do you use as a Standard?
      Id love to hear that one too.

      Science my foot, theory, well here is a theory for ya.

      We’ve gotten close before, with the Gaia Hypothesis, but just missed it. The Gaia Hypothesis showed the entire Earth as one large living organism, but failed to show it as an intelligent organism.

      The Highlife Theory shows it as an extremely intelligent organism.

      If you look at a higher life form like people for example, you’ll find that we too are made up of billions of lower life forms. Each individual cell is capable of surviving and reproducing on its own with the proper environment. Each cell is identical in program yet an individual differing in every way from its neighboring cells. In much the same way, people are almost identical in design and programming of the mind and body. Yet all are individuals, forming their own opinions and doing their own thing.

      This is a basic principle of life. Lower life forms coming together in a group for survival reasons and forming a higher life form. This interaction is in fact the very essence of life.

      Notice how the people of the earth as well as the plants and animals tend to group together in the same way. Each individual is living, reproducing, then dying so that others may live. Each is performing a necessary function just like the cells of our bodies.

      Yet what governs these cells?
      What or who designed these cells?
      Hardly, design calls for a designer.
      If you can not see design in the human body, in the expanding universe, then there verily is a beam in your eye, a Vail so to speak, think now, why do spiritual people see the work of GOD while proposed scientific people do not?

      HERE…Science this one, ok?

      Do you, or have you ever loved some one?

      I mean really loved someone that it hurts to be away from them?

      That strong emotion, does not make any scientific sense.
      Yet there it is, times that love, by eternity and that is the love JESUS has for you.

      Don’t waste it, chum, no theory, its a fact.

      Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

      John 15:13
      Book waving now.

    • Anonymous

      “The unique skull seemed to have both human and extraterrestrial qualities”.. Extraterrestrial qualities were determined based on what!? Their own imaginations!!?

      I also like how they simply call Lloyd Pye a “Researcher”! Instead of calling him what he really is, a “Paranormal investigator” (or delusional/gullible douchebag)! They make up wild (and wishful) assumptions for sh*t, then do the exact opposite of anything that can even be considered scientific-method!

      The few ACTUAL anthropological experts who were given the chance to look at this skull, have all said this was nothing but a common birth-defected human child!.. But of course, Alien conspiracy enthusiasts always fail to mention that part for some reason..

    • MindMe


      “Common descent is a general descriptive theory (THAT’S THEORY)”

      Yep. A theory. Like, germ theory. The heliocentric theory. The theory of gravity. What’s your point? Theory does not mean guess. A theory is a set of well tested observations that explain a wide variety a phenomenon and has predictive power.

      Again, visit that URL I sent you (did you?). 29+ major lines of evidence all point to macro evolution. You’ve offered nothing but mocking. (You seem to be a religious man but seem quick to disparage when confronted by the evidence. I wonder what comfort your religious beliefs actually give you if you fly off the handle the second you’re challenged with scientific facts.)

      “that concerns the genetic origins of living organisms (though not the ultimate origin of life).”

      Right. Evolution, as Darwin laid down 150+ years ago, is about the origin of species. How did the diversity of life come about? Not how did life come about. Let’s not confuse the two. We’re not in the dark about the origin of life but that’s another debate. This article ultimately calls into question the origins of humans. Is there some gap best explained by alien intervention.

      ||Yet what governs these cells?
      What or who designed these cells?
      Hardly, design calls for a designer.||

      Simply because YOU don’t know how cells function (as opposed to a cell biologist) you reach for “god did it”. No. Not so fast. No one had to design cells. They could also have come to be via step wise evolution. Familiarize yourself with the work of Lynn Margulis and then get back to me. The answer to your question is out there and has been known for decades. Your ignorance of it doesn’t make you right. I makes you seem like a guy trying to claim you can, in fact, build a mile high tower by simply stacking on brick on top of another and an engineer is trying to explain to you there are all kinds of well tested reasons that’s going to fail. And yet you assume YOUR ignorance trumps well tested science. Don’t be a textbook example of the dunning kruger effect

      Oh, and not “accident”. It’s a process called descent with modification and natural selection. Familiarize yourself with the nuance of that. Hint. It’s a two step process. In your bald ignorance, you’re creating a silly straw man argument.

      “That strong emotion, does not make any scientific sense.”

      They make perfect sense to me scientifically. You seem to posit a theory of origins based solely on “this doesn’t make sense to me therefore gawd did it! yee haa!”. Sorry, others don’t agree and they have well tested science behind them vs hand waving denial and claiming gaps where none exist.

      ||Don’t waste it, chum, no theory, its a fact.||

      Theories are based on facts.

      Sorry you seem to be trying to dismiss an amazingly well tested theory, one where biology, chemistry, geology, and physics all agree with, and yet you don’t seem to have even the most basic understanding of what science is, let alone what evolution is about and the actual evidence for it.

      For example, you totally fail to even grasp why the DNA evidence you claim supports a common origin for humans is also solid evidence for evolution of all life from a common ancestor. Other than “my pastor said it” could you explain why, as you put it, “The DNA shows that we all have a common link to each other.” Take your time.

    • Blacksheep

      MindMe say’s “When you have very smart people getting paid a lot of money and the lure of billions in profit, ( Clear LED technology of today) it’s not surprising at all we can advance technology very quickly”

      OK, that’s a giving, well maybe?

      However, you left out the key equation? “KNOW-AGE” Thus, you can’t create silicon devices like (transistors) until you have an rudimentary understanding of how silicon actually works…

      The current “path code equation + 3″ in an output,input,zero biased b.e.c must be solved first. Like the incandescent filament that will burnout quickly unless subjected to a high vacuum.

      Let’s suppose a weather satellite got sucked into a wormhole and transported a hundred years back into the past. Without the technology to guide or correct its destabilizing orbit the high-tech device crashed in some Nevada desert…

      Obviously after that reentry heat jazz there wouldn’t be much left of it (recognizable that is) However, all we need is one single transistor or IC chip fragment to duplicate it. In this vacuum tube culture a device that does the same application as a large bulky tube using far less power and requiring no filament, would obviously have a dramatic effect on the technology of the day…

      My argument is a simple one, I don’t believe were smart enough to create the kind of technology that seems to be doubling every 3 years now…

      Example 1. I can buy the most advanced computer system on the market today and in just six months it will become obsolete… Therefore this leaves only one conclusion either were getting smarter on an mathematical geometric scale, or were getting a lot help from a far more advanced race of beings who enjoy the most top-secret protection at the highest level of security possible… The CIA is great at faking heart attacks, especially when people get a little too nosy and threaten to expose some well guarded internal secrets…DOA

      Example 2. How advanced would this god like genetic research jazz be today, if we didn’t have that strand of DNA to examine first… Thus, we can only duplicate already existing technologies, not create them from scratch or out of thin air…

      That Bible says that in the last days, “knowledge shall be increased” so what did this god character do? Purposely knock a UFO out of the sky and cause it to crash in Roswell New Mexico in a deliberate effort to dramatically speed up man’s sluggish pitifully slow progress in the arena of that electronics?

      Like it or not, aliens win again…

      One more thing I’ve discovered recently when researching various items of interest that you may find most intriguing too.

      The materials used in all the microscopic electronic devices of today, have some inherent impurities in them. Material impurities that are next to impossible too screen out completely… Yet many of these impurities (that would cause a premature failure of any microscopic device) have somehow been suppressed… Accept for one microscopic highly conductof ice crystal that forms on the pins of microprocessors… ouch, Thus, dictating just how small we can create these devices…

      So with all that advanced nuclear technology now at our disposal, we can barely split an atom not alone, change the structure of a single one to rewrite those textbooks on physics….

      Therefore as far as I’m concerned, we obviously found a small piece? Of something far more advanced then anything we were presently capable of creating, and “duplicated it.”

    • aliadams


      But even then we didn’t understand how things really work and just became users. In our attempt to understand the underpinnings of what a field is and the force its exerts on other fields, we ended up with dreaming up a zoo of particles that makes us look fools in the eyes of those who gave us the technology.

      “Every particle in essence is a giant structure of photons orbiting each other in interlocked orbits.” [Len Gaasenbeek 1990].

      “Every particle continuously emits photons to forms a field around itself we call “Electric Field” and as it spins, it curls/twists that field to form what we call “Magnetic Field” or magnetic moment (moment = turning force) [Ali Adams 1991].

      This applies to all particles and yes just like our Sun, particles also run out of active photons and eventually switch off and disappear from this c-governed Universe [c is the speed of light].

      The “scientific facts” we are taught at schools are simply approximation of what really happens deep down inside each particle. Take for example the Neutron. The Neutron is NOT neutral at all or else it is useless (non-participating particle), a Neutron in fact continuously changes its electric field polarity from positive to negative and back so rapidly that the observed electric charge looks neutral whereas in fact this oscillation is what keeps the protons “dancing” in harmony around it and not repel each other out of the nucleus. [Ali Adams 1987].

      There is no need for new particle type everything we do not understand nature. The strong nuclear force is none other than the electrical force between neutrons and their dancing protons. No need for gluons and all baseless particle zoo that blinds current science.

      Finally, a particle’s impedance/resistance to the passage of gravity field (primordial soup) through it is what gives rise to what we call “Mass”. Like inertia, mass depends on both the quantity of matter/photons inside the particle and on the way these photons are distributed and oriented. The electron although much lighter than a proton, could actually house similar number of photons (matter) but arranged so differently that its impedance to the passage of gravity through it is much less than that of the proton.

      There is no need for a new Higgs boson or God’s particle. Everything is so simple but with very complex interactions forces and our inability to understand this emerging complexity is what misleads “school educated” scientists to the wrong path.

      Nature obeys ONE LAW made by ONE CREATOR, your Creator and real-time Sustainer of all existence (Seen and Unseen).

      Glory to God and may He give us the opportunity to prove that we are worthy of His guidance to the Right Path and keep us worthy to stay on it till we meet Him.

      Please see Helical Particle Waves at

      Peace to those who deserve it,

      Ali Adams
      God > infinity

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      There are some desperate people here. You don’t expect anything more than the proslethised “truth” at wikipedia. The mystery of the starchild is the bone composition. It is lighter and stronger than anything human. It is not human bone. Currently human understanding of DNA properties is about 10%, so enormous “broad” conclusions can be drawn from research. Indeed it is my opinions of today may radically change over the next 50 years as techologies become more precise.

      Lloyd Pye is intelligent enough that he suspected the scientists might “cook the books” or lose the sample (as has happened before). He knew the pedigree of the item and knew it was correct. Science and its audience can justify it in any way they want.


      You need to read the Tibetan Book of the Dead which is actually levels of exsistance from the life cycle of the molecule, cell, body in relation to time. Time is not linear in the way science rationalises it, but instead “pulses”. I forget the exact breakdown of the 4 time quadrants of life for humans, but it would be something like Q1 0-3 years, Q2 3-8 years, Q3 8-20 years and Q4 20-75 years. In other words each quandrant “seems” as long as the other from the perception of it.

    • MindMe


      “My argument is a simple one, I don’t believe were smart enough to create the kind of technology that seems to be doubling every 3 years now…”

      Unfortunately that’s not an argument at all. It’s just a string of claims of personal incredulity. “I don’t believe” “I don’t know how this is possible”.

      The problem with your logic is this:

      I don’t know how this done, therefore I know how this was done. Aliens.

    • MindMe


      “The mystery of the starchild is the bone composition. It is lighter and stronger than anything human.”

      Says who? That’s a testable and publishable claim. What medical or anthropological journal was that published in? Anyone can claim anything, even someone who thinks he/she is an expert..

    • Anonymous

      Tired of all the speculations without facts.People want ET’s to feed their fantasy. It is always the same people that see UFO’s but none of them has full HD unmanipulated pics,films or artifacts about them. It is to keep us busy. If there are aliens amongst us for a long time already then what is the fuzz? Why do those who rule us hold all the info? It is not a matter of knowledge, it’s a matter of time.
      Why are not we the aliens? Why don’t we come from space? We are here on earth with all its beauty undiscovered,…the key is held in every humans body. Better known as the Pineal Gland.We are the mystic people.You cannot fly when you don’t know where the control panel is.




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