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Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle

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(Editor’s Note: It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of the author of this story, Terrence Aym. Please visit his obituary here.)

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The Bermuda Triangle: mysterious, unworldly, sometimes deadly. For decades intrepid researchers delved into the maze of mysteries hidden deep within this most enigmatic place on Earth.

Some speculate the bizarre time anomalies, disappearances and weird phenomena can be explained by natural occurences. Others are insistent that relics of an advanced, unknown culture left behind fantastic technologygreat energy machines that literally warp spacetime and open portals to other realities.

Now American and French explorers have made a monumental discovery: a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed its origin, age and purpose completely unknown.

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Pyramid discovery challenges current archaelogical theory

A gigantic structure, perhaps larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, and initially identified by a doctor in the 1960s, has been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S.

The discovery has rocked scientists around the world. Will they rush to investigate it? No, they’re more likely to studiously ignore it. If pressed, they’ll officially position themselves as highly skepticalespecially in light of the potential ramifications.

The pyramid could confirm some engineers’ contentions that pyramids were originally created as massive power sources, support the claim that the ancient city-state of Atlantis did exist, or even provide answers to the mysterious goings-on that have been recorded since the 19th Century in the region of the Atlantic dubbed the Bermuda Triangle.

Researcher Zach Royer, has more on the discovery here.

Artist’s conception of the incredible crystal pyramid

First discovered in 1968

According to the history, the pyramid was accidentally discovered during 1968 by a doctor of naturopathy, Ray Brown of Mesa, Arizona.

Brown was in the Caribbean on vacation and making dives with friends in a region off the Bahamas known as “the Tongue of the Ocean.” The area acquired that name because a tongue-shaped portion of the seabed extends out from the island before sharply dropping off into much greater depths.

When relating his discovery, the doctor explained he became separated from his diving friends underwater. While attempting to rejoin them he came upon a massive structure rising from the ocean floor: a black, hulking object silhouetted against the lighter sun-filtered water. The object was shaped like a pyramid.

Because he was low on air, he didn’t spend much time investigating the pyramid, but did find a strange crystal sphere.

Images of 3 pyramids can be seen in Brown’s crystal

He brought it to the surface with him and later when the ancient crystal was studied researchers were astonished by its properties.

Is the crystal pyramid causing the Triangle phenomena?

Some Triangle researchers have theorized for years that a strange energy source exists at the bottom of the sea within the region of the ocean affecting planes, ships, and boats.

A few investigators postulate that if the fabled Atlantis really did exist the remains of its mythical energy-vortex machine might still be intact at the bottom of the ocean. Such a machine, they claim, would likely be pyramidal-shaped and the original historical template that succeeding cultures around the globe copied much later.

Mysterious pyramids scattered across the world

Pyramid structures have been discovered across North, Central, and South America; Eastern Europe; the icy tundra of Siberia; Northern and Central China; and possibly Antarctica. The South Pole pyramid cannot be confirmed as it’s deep under more than a mile of ice and images of it are controversial.

Years ago, mysterious ruinsthe vestiges of an unknown culture—were discovered on a small island called Malden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The ruins were claimed to also have the remains of an ancient pyramid.

Enigmatic Pacific Island Malden in the middle of nowhere

Believers in the ancient land of Lemuria (also called Mu) proposed that the ruins might be all that were left of that ancient land, while others speculated it might have been an outpost colony of Atlantis.

An anthropologist from the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii explored the ruins back in 1924 and found no pyramid. What scientist Kenneth Emory did find, however, was evidence that a small Polynesian tribe once settled there briefly, perhaps no further back in time than the 16th Century.

Despite that finding, more revelations were to come from the tiny island during the ensuing years.

Researcher Mitch Williamson dug deeper into the mysteries.

Reporting on some of Williamson’s amazing findings, Rich Hoffman, explorer and investigator, writes: “There are 40 stone temples on Malden Island that are described as similar in design to the buildings of Nan Madol on Pohnpei, some 3,400 miles (5,475 km) away. In fact, there is a basalt road that runs along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which connects these islands under hundreds of feet of water.

“This suggests a culture that is more than 50,000 years old and that this entire land mass was once above water supporting a civilization that had no trouble moving around tremendous stones to build very large, complicated societies which we know absolutely nothing about, other than the fact that someone built them and they are older than biblical history.

“Yet, nobody discusses them because they don’t fit into our understanding of the human race and their origins. Scientists have their diffusion theories of how migrants arrived in North America using the land bridge of the Bering Straight and they are sticking with it.”

The same can be said of the scattered ruins of the Caribbean that suggest a very large civilization extending from the coastal waters off the Florida Keys, toward the Bahamian waters, crossing near Bimini, and east into the Atlantic.

Cuba too has underwater ruins off its coast that may have been part of the same city-state complex.

Two divers explore the rambling ruins off Bimini

Hoffman also mentions, almost in passing, the incredible report of explorer Tony Benik who made the momentous discovery of yet another huge pyramid under 10,000 feet of water in the middle of the Atlantic.

The pyramid, Benik claims, is capped with a huge crystal.

And if that’s not enough, Hoffman shares the discovery of the Ari Marshall expedition in 1977. The team discovered a smaller pyramid off Cay Sal in the Bahamas. Marshall snapped underwater photos of the pyramid that’s submerged beneath 150 feet of water.

According to Marshall’s account the mystery pyramid glows. He also reported the water around the pyramid was luminescent and glistening white water flowed out of openings in the pyramid.

Despite the water at that depth being dark (not much light reaches that far down), the water surrounding the amazing pyramid was lit by the glow from the structure and appeared like a phosphoresent green color.

No follow-up exploration has ever been done of the find.

‘Atlantis: The Lost Continent’ [Image: MGM Studios]

Did Ice Age flood destroy Atlantis?

Did Atlantis really exist? Is Plato’s description the only history left of theperhapsmythical land?

For an answer, Hoffman turns to the story of the amateur archaelogist who discovered the legendary city of Troy, Heinrich Schliemann: “The man who found and excavated the famous ruins of Troy (which historians thought was only a legend), reportedly left a written account of his discovery of a vase with a metal unknown to scientists who examined it, in the famous Priam Treasure. Inside it are glyphs in Phoenician stating that it was from King Chronos of Atlantis. Identical pottery was found in Tiajuanaco, Bolivia.”

If Atlantis did exist, it probably existed during the end of the last Ice Age. The story of its sinking relates to the massive floods and rising ocean when the oversized Arctic icecap suddenly receded with catastrophic results for much of the Northern Hemisphere.

At the end of last Ice Age sea levels were nearly 400 feet lower than present day levels. Once the waters began to rise, they rose swiftly. Conceivably, no technology then, or now, could have saved Atlantis from its watery grave.

Properties of crystal pyramids

Some theories of Atlantis propose the island city’s power pyramids were made of crystal, or their tops were capped with a crystalline substance.

Could such a thing actually generate, store, and distribute energy on demand?


Kirlian photograph of pyramid grid energy

Experimenters discovered decades ago that pyramids do tend to act in some ways like a natural electrical capacitor gathering and storing energy around them. The larger the pyramid, the greater the capacity of gathering and storing energy. A pyramid’s composition is important too. Having one made of crystal, or an apex made of crystal, could vastly increase its power.

Image by Dr. Dee J. Nelson, University of Wyoming

Crystal has long been known to have energy applications and exhibits natural piezoelectrical properties.

Early radio used germanium crystals to capture the radiowaves and convert them into electrical signals that could be processed and broadcast through headphones into soundwaves duplicating the human voice, music, and other sounds.

Illustration of vortex energy and apex discharge

Pyramid power, say investigators, is intrinsic to the pyramid shape. It’s an architecture that’s proven to function as an energy accumulator and amplifier of energetic force.

As if to prove the investigators’ assertions true, recently some of the worlds pyramids began discharging beams of raw energy into space. [See: World's Pyramids Beaming Energy]

The bottom line? Pyramids are intrinsically natural generators of power.

Pyramids and the ‘Cavity Structural Effect’

Barry Carter calls attention to another property that pyramids exhibit called the “Cavity Structural Effect” (CSE) by its discoverer, Dr. Viktor S. Grebennikov. The scientist employed the CSE to construct a rudimentary anti-gravitic platform.

Viktor S. Grebennikov demonstrates anti-gravity platform

Carter explains that “Grebennikov also claimed that he could feel energies emitting from the apex of a pyramid: ‘You will soon pick up an active zone, a “clot”, where the Egyptians had their tombs. Another active zone (a “flame”) above the top of the pyramid is also well-perceived by the indicator if you drag its end over the top. The “clot” and the “flame” are well-felt by the finger inserted into the pyramid, or your palm moved above it after some practice. The pyramid effect, which generated many scary and mysterious stories over the centuries, is one of the CSE manifestations.’”

A Bermuda Triangle ‘Death Vortex’

Another deadly phenomenon pyramids may create: an energy vortex

Besides the time and spatial anomalies reported in the Triangle, some survivors of terrifing incidents there have reported huge, swirling vortices suddenly appearing and disappearing .

Evidence exists that some missing ships may have gone missing because of this phenomenon.

Observations of some of the submerged pyramids reveals they sporadically generate intense vortices in the ocean water flowing around them. Those vortices may be caused by a discharge of internal energy.

If those submerged pyramids also discharge massive enegy through their apexes, that could account for the formation of deadly vortices on the surface of the sea that swallows up whole ships along with their doomed crews.

Computer simulation of pyramid creating vortices

Future expeditions to these mysterious pyramids may finally uncover the truth and reveal amazing ancient technology.

Unfortunately, deep sea archaeology is very expensive and not well-funded. Most dives are to ancient wrecks that promise riches to risk-taking treasure hunters.

And, of course, the world’s universities are not especially eager to explore the idea that very ancient ruins containing high technology may exist that challenges virtually all of the foundations of their pet theories.

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    • Anonymous

      Humm, Lets see devils triangle. Ruler of atlantas satan. located in atlantaic ocean. aka the abyss
      so lets see pyramids collect energy and release it out the top.
      sounds like a great place to hold satan.
      Mayby if you live in a glass house you should not throw stones.

    • Joerg Klaemt

      Good Article but it had been around here a while back.
      Too bad this should have been on the Mainstream News and in every Scientific Magazine.
      Pyramid Power has been known for a long time but has it been exploited?
      Maybe by our Ancestors,perhaps they were smarter,however even with their green Energy they perished.
      What a shame so we will perish with our fossil fuel and Nukes,
      leaving a Mess for millions of years behind.

    • Anonymous

      trouble is with all these discoveries and I believe they all exist, but we’ll never see the light of day of them whilst we are being controlled and brainwashed by the leaders of this world – and probably not in my lifetime. The brainwashed public are too busy and concerned with their material lives than the knowing about advanced knowledge deep under the oceans and probably doesn’t exist in their eyes. So unless the powers of these pyramids materialise something themselves for the whole world to see and that cannot be denied by the authorities, then we have a very, very, long frustrating wait.

      • Anonymous

        your 100% correct The Governments controll yur right to do expeditions I’m in Ecuador I know where 6 amazing sites are Can’t touch them need special permission. The NAtives they just go dig what they want if the find Gold or silver the melt it right away so they don’t get in trouble. the very laws trying to protect thsi stuff is destroying it.
        If they let amatures dig and sell on teh open market we’d have tons more stuff than we do now.

    • It's Me Again

      Yeah, I agree, what Anonymous said uh-huh that’s right.

    • WTFU

      I guess there is a reason why there isn’t a CLEAR PICTURE of this so called Pyramid.DOH.

    • HDThoreau

      It would be nice to document the find before writing an article without any evidence. Or am I hoping for too much?

    • Authentica

      There have also been several pyramids discovered in Queensland Australia.

    • Rick Carufel

      Another good compilation.

    • Anonymous

      Great article, but, where are the photographs of the large dark object surrounded by strange green light?

    • HfjNUlYZ

      The original Pyramid was Atlantean, used to discharge negative torsion out of the Earth’s core, easing the buildup that ultimately results in a Torsion Event, a hyperdimensional cataclysmic eruption. As it were, the pyramid saved the world, so it became the much-copied subconscious symbol of stability. However, it was later co-opted by NWO which has ever used civilization as a means to generate negative emotional-content which feeds the Torsion and programs a regular Event called Judgment Day, perhaps 12/21/12. Such a Doomsday seems self-defeating, but the Elite/Chosen are off-planet on Mars/Moon sanctuaries; they return to reboot NWO. The purpose of Destruction, small by kosmic standards, is Earth’s special anomalous-torsion fed by ensouled human agony/ecstasy, such that the eruption has unknown/untold potenttial Negativity. This is the ultimate goal of Evil on our planet. The only way to break the cycle is to reinstate Atlantis and its culture of Peace as Prosperty.

      • ScarlettReeper

        I think I love your creativity! Sir you are one of a kind!! :grin:

    • nimbunje

      Sorry seeing is believing-where are the photos ,how about some maps,sonar scans etc? As to claiming Atlantean origins like the last post W.A.L.O.S. Why is there is no proof as to what you are writing ? Oh I admit people believe it ,but just because intelligent people delude themselves , I say give me the proof not the delusion .If you believe this post prove me wrong as I would like to believe it .

    • HfjNUlYZ

      The effects of the Bermuda triangle were caused by time shifts/anomalies, as the energies of two distant suns affected that area, as well as an area on the opposite side of the globe, off Japan. These anomalies has now ceased.

      The answers to all the questions posed are in, the most heavily censored contacts with et. Also well explained in Randolph Winters book The Pleiadian Mission, of the same case. Go learn.

    • Anonymous

      Ya’ll found this just in time. Now, round up the idiot world leaders and put them into this pyramid with Satan and his angels. We’ll get back to them in a thousand years or so.
      Or after the Aquarian Age, 2160 years or so. We need this coming Golden Age badly.

    • Angel Eyes

      I Live and have had many experiences in the air and on boat in this area. I have seen things that blow the human mind, watching the instruments spinning out of control, engines stopping. Once had to rescued by the coast guard due to instrument failures and came back in to the coast 30 miles off course. Compass spinning around in circles.

      I have flown over these waters and areas, have seen underground roadways and temple walls under the clear waters from the air. I nearly died twice in a single engine plane because of these strange experiences. I knew if I continued I would die. Just a feeling. I didn’t go one day and my fiance went out in the plane alone. He was a successful heart surgeon had everything to live for. His Plane disappeared and he was never found. His father grieved himself to death over the loss. And, I lost the Love of my Life, but not my Life because I had a bad feeling and stayed behind. But, losing him changed my life forever.

      So Something Happens in these waters that we will never have an explanation for. Believe – It’s no Hoax. Been in S. Florida most of my life.

    • nollywood

      old news

    • Anonymous


    • Apparently Apparel

      Thank you Terrance, for adding the article and my name to this post as it should have been originally. Very nice of you, and I asked Chris to recant my comments above.

    • Don't be hating! one will never know the truth..

    • Anonymous

      finally, a great posting of some intelligence. i like articles you can sink your brain into. anyone can post a you tube video link. most all of the programed inhabitants of earth now think this is somewhat of a fantasy or wishfull thinking by atlantis junkies. So why don’t we all go see a ridiculous fable at our 3D wideplex cinemax theatre, eat some popcorn with cancer causing chemicals on it and then drive our outdated pollution putt putt cars to our zoo homes consisting of 4 walls and report to the slave market the following morning. enough said little mammals.

    • jenchen

      read what Edgar Cayce said about those pyramids. He said the last people alive at the end of time-before atlantis was destroyed used those pyramids to torture people. The pyramid is evil. It makes you worship technology-and forget there is a God. It keeps you bound to the material plane-to never evolve into a higher life form- never ascend to become angels in heaven.It keeps you regressing backwards into less evolved creatures-less loving beings-sociopaths-with no power except technology.
      The more evolved you are=the greater is your capacity to love others-as equals, to make everything better-the true power-the power of love can only do that-technolgty leads to killing and so to death-such as it did in atlantis. Eventually you all receive back whatever you give to others-so it better be love and peace and truth-not evil destruction and torture.

    • GreenleafSeer

      My name is Joan, and like most I am aware of Atlantis. I have heard and read stories about it for most of my life.
      But that’s not why I am bringing up the subject today. After my near death experience I was given a mission.
      I know it involves Atlantis. I keep seeing a team of people that will be involved with the Atlantis project.

      Of course, the general public doesn’t know, as yet, to what degree this story is true.
      However, I was recently given an article about the two pyramids that showed up about six months ago.
      I keep seeing the same vision. In the vision, the Atlantis field will protect the planet; and that we will be able to activate it and bring the land mass into view.

      If I haven’t mentioned clearly already, my mission is to activate Atlantis. I would like the government to let me try to. Below are the reasons I think it should.

      Atlantis Power Generators:

      There is a strong electrical activity generated at the apex of pyramids. These pyramids were found about six months ago.
      What was also found there was a rod with a gem on the end and crystals that generated a field and distributed it to another
      point to create a system of energy. This can be used to make the magnetic field around the planet at different points.
      The field would both protect the planet and heal it as well.
      The field can also be used to power electrical units such as lights and act as a power source for most of the things we have today that depend on electrical connections. What we need is a transfer points from the main field to be able to harness the energy.

      Significant earthquake reduction around the planet:

      The earthquakes around the planet will calm down and any tremors that do occur will be smaller once the points are connected to the power source that will provide a stabilizing field to the planets core. In addition, once connected to the power source, the beats per cycle for the planet will increase which will bring it in sync with the new rotation speed of the core. This is important because right now the planet and its core is rotating at two different speeds which is causing the mantel to breach the planet’s crust. The new alignment will have the effect of minimizing this process by allowing the mantel’s explosions to come through the volcano vents like normal, rather than breaching the the planet crust. This will effectively hold our planet together.

      As these changes to the planet take place it will require some time to readjust to the new cycle. During this adjustment period we will unfortunately experience an increase in natural disasters. However, these will calm down significantly as the adjustment period comes to an end. Despite the problems these disasters will create it will be far better than having the gravitational pull and stress on the planet caused by the black hole currently coming into alignment with it. If this stress continues unabated the planet will not only continue to see an increase in catastrophic events, which we are already starting to witness, the black hole will literally pull the whole planet apart over time.

      Enormous column of energy detectable in the atmosphere around the pyramid for hundreds of miles:

      This is the reason that in the Bermuda Triangle many strange happening continue with those who wander into the column of energy.
      Once the field is activated it will deflect severe weather activity patterns from developing on the planet. This will effectively stabilize weather patterns and protect the planet from extreme heat or cold coming from space for a period of time.

      Finally it will produce substantial healing for the planet’s water, land, plants, and of course all the life it sustains. The healing process that will happen on the planet because all life is effected by the earths field. Once the change of the current field is stabilized all of the life on the planet will thrive again after we pass the effects of the black hole, pole shift, ozone depletion,extreme weather patterns ect. I have my team ready to start we are all waiting on your response to my proposal.

    • Anonymous

      and not one picture of it./

      what a load of BS

    • Nim

      I agree with Joan that we need to activate the Atlantis machine
      and distribute fresh warm chocolate chip cookies to every single
      person on earth! Then we will power our digital killing society
      with Atlantis Powah! Which we will draw from the air with crystal
      sippee straws in our Pina Coladas. Let us stabalize the current
      fields to neutralize the effects of the CERN generated stranglet
      currently consuming our planet from within. Do it because it’s
      the right thing to do! Atlantis Power for EVERYONE!

    • Anonymous

      You people are serious morons of infinite magnitude.

    • sten

      “Nim” thats hilarious, well said. lmao

    • Angel Eyes

      JOAN, Interesting information.

      I was told that the base of the Atlantic was a Portal that was to balance the planet out.
      URGENT Matters. So, your information makes sense to me.

      When I had my NDE, I was sent back for what they told me was a “Cosmic Event” I had to be here for. Living in S. Florida on the Coast I know the Mystical Magic of this Special Area the History of Atlantis even as a child I knew.
      So, if these are your instructions.

      God’s Speed that you get these orders fulfilled. Our Brothers and Sisters love us and they are here to Help.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Angle eye, funny you should say that, I came to that conclusion scientifically. I also thought on a counter scale you would have to create an equal but opposite hole up in the atmosphere

    • Apparently Apparel

      Great comments and excellent article Terrence, thanks again! The world is waking up..I especially liked this comment:

      The original Pyramid was Atlantean, used to discharge negative torsion out of the Earth’s core, easing the buildup that ultimately results in a Torsion Event, a hyperdimensional cataclysmic eruption. As it were, the pyramid saved the world, so it became the much-copied subconscious symbol of stability. However, it was later co-opted by NWO which has ever used civilization as a means to generate negative emotional-content which feeds the Torsion and programs a regular Event called Judgment Day, perhaps 12/21/12. Such a Doomsday seems self-defeating, but the Elite/Chosen are off-planet on Mars/Moon sanctuaries; they return to reboot NWO. The purpose of Destruction, small by kosmic standards, is Earth’s special anomalous-torsion fed by ensouled human agony/ecstasy, such that the eruption has unknown/untold potenttial Negativity. This is the ultimate goal of Evil on our planet. The only way to break the cycle is to reinstate Atlantis and its culture of Peace as Prosperty.

    • Anonymous

      Edgar Cayce was right.Media and the powers that be covered it up.Discovered in 68 by a man from mesa ARIZONA.

    • Anonymous


    • TheZeppelin

      Here is a link to a psychic comments when she focus on the Bermuda Triangle, check it out, very similar, the White vortex picture caught my attention.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      ok good, now pocket nuke it, dont let the powers that be get a hold of that power!

    • Eagle Eye

      He need to put that globe back where it was until its purpose is determined. Removing it was totally irresponsible !

    • mortimerzilch

      Dr. Joseph Davidovitz of Paris discovered that the top 20+% of the Egyptian pyramids were not cut stone, but cast-in-place “geopolymer”. He founded the “Geopolymer Institute” in Paris to duplicate the formula to make permanent stone harder and more durable and GREENER than concrete, with no carbon dioxide emissions. MIT was running a class on it too. The desire is to come up with a commercial formula. The only problem is that the ingredients to the Egyptian formula – which the Egyptians learned from some previous civilization that cast ceramic statues out of this stuff as long ago as 30,000 years ago – the ingredients are hard to find elsewhere than in and around Egypt.

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