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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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Government Says Parents Cannot Send Lunches With Children To School Anymore Unless They Have A Doctor's Note

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Not even a preschooler’s lunch can be free from Federal control. Health conscious parents are not allowed to opt their children out of eating the processed, nutritionally-deficient, genetically-modified garbage food without approval from a doctor. Pink Floyd was right. 

This parent lives in Richmond, Virginia.

What a disgusting thing to say.  NOBODY has the right to get between a prent andhis/her child.  That is a relationship nobody has any say in.  If the government thinks they can inbetween them, there is going to be a problem.  This is outrageous. -Mort

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    • Gov can say what it wants but not all school follow along.I been in public schools that still proclaim Jesus as the reason for the Christmas season .

      • Boxed in Freight

        Want to get government out of your school lunch program? Treat your lunch program as a necessary class one must pass in order to graduate.

        How many of us have any clue as to what we eat and what the effects the food has upon us? Not many. If the school lunch was a required course which needed to be passed just like PE (Physical Education) to get a graduation certificate, much more would be taught to help students learn proper nutrition.

        The person in charge of most school cafeterias has a college degree in nutrition – Dietician. This person is responsible for meal choices, preparation, and serving. But, what if these important credentials went beyond the food preparation and into a classroom environment which teaches students about important aspects of food choices and proper nutrition? So many problems Americans are dealing with now because the absence of education in nutrition would be mitigated such as obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, and depression. which many times appears because one has a food allergy and nothing else wrong with them.

        If a nutrition class began to be part of the lunchroom, as it should have always been, many of the health problems which plague Americans would be removed or severely restricted. :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • jrogersp

          I disagree! If students were to get off their Lazy X-Box butt and start getting some physical activity at home rather than getting by with gluing their butts to the couch then there would not be the obesity that there is now! Schools cannot force you to feed your kids whatever they choose! Tell them where to get off!

    • Jeff Brown

      The government says?? Who are you calling the government here?? When you’re looking at parents, you’re looking at the government. I don’t recall making any such law. This is just another conspiracy to dictate. Just because somebody runs their loose stupid mouth, doesn’t make it law. The law originates with the parents. It don’t originate anywhere else. “We The People.”

      • Price of Freedom

        Jeff schools in NC are revoking lunches brought in by students from home. This started happening in January. My sister teaches in the area that it happened in. Can’t believe the parents let them get away with it!! I’d pull my kids faster than they could grab the damn lunch out of my kids hand. Glad my kids are older now but hell my grandbabies have to deal with it!!

        • Ruk9p

          It is not your grandkids who must deal with it. THEIR PARENTS….YOUR OWN CHILDREN are the ones doing your grandkids the shameful disservice of (insert their lame, selfish excuse here) which is only occuring because you failed to teach them the value of freedom & liberty as well as why it is worth dying for. You in your own selfishness and neglect are the true root cause of the cowardice that accepts such tyranny. If I had grandkids, if need be to demonstrate what the word, “American” means (or used to mean) a noble exit while protecting their future would be greatest legacy I could leave the two generations I had previously done wrong. Let them remember your story with pride, not scorn because you decided you could do nothing. Everyone knows that is not true.

        • patriotwolf

          Well then I suggest some parents get of their ads and fight it or face the consquences cause it never gets better this is a damn test and if you do nothing then they go ahead and see what else they can get away with give them a inch they take a mile

      • jrogersp

        Where have you been all your life? Certainly not here in America! We the People do not make the Laws anymore! The Liberals in Washington decide which Laws are passed! When We the People do get a Law passed the Idiots in the unsupreme court tell us it is unconstitutional and therefore cannot be a Law! Do you really think they are going to let We the People decide what Laws we will live by?

    • Wonkadelica

      “A public school in Flushing, NY that was the first in the nation to offer a 100 percent vegetarian lunch menu reported recently that students have improved attendance, test scores and energy in the wake of the change.”

      • greenghost

        until they become vitamin B-12 deficient and get premanant nerve damage.

        • Anonymous

          Vegetarian does not have to be deficient in B12. Dairy foods contain plenty.

      • cece

        The website is ecowatch. Now what do you think they are going to report? They won’t tell you that the children would rather starve than eat nothing but fruit, vegetables and picnic tables.

    • sarah

      Why do we still have public schools? Are they glorified daycare centers? If children are learning anything much of value there I can’t tell. Maybe homeschooling or private school could be a solution. As for a doctors note, get the doctor to write a note stating the child is made sick by eating GMO foods, and that he/she will be bringing a lunch from home.

      • Impeachment Now!

        Actually just tell the Doctor that you can’t afford the meal they are making the children eat at school and that your child won’t eat it even if they did, but that you supply your child with an apple, a meat sandwich and celery stocks with peanut butter. That in itself is far more nutritious than anything the school Nazi’s put on a child’s plate.

        I had to go to school one day and I saw my grandchild in the lunch room with her tray. I walked over and asked her what they were serving her and she said it “tastes like dry paper”. It was a very small slice of pizza (overcooked) with dry cheese product on it, a salad that consisted of four tiny leaves no dressing and wilted, two crackers and 2 small slices of orange with a 1/3 pint of non-fat milk. All totaled it probably came to 300 calories. My granddaughter is not a picky eater, but she had not been eating anything for lunch for weeks.

        When my daughter told her Doctor he not only sent a note but he sent a letter to his patients stating that he was advising his patients to ask for a note from him to remove their children from the school lunch program if they wanted it.

        Where there is a will there is a way!

      • Freeamerican

        Right on the money. Anyone throwing their kids in daycare at all deserves to be treated like a moron. People shouldn’t have their kids in any school, fake school is to separate and brainwash, to feed them garbage mentally and physically, and to database them because the government is going to take them, probably during false flags. Nobody should be having kids the last few years. What kind of loser puts their kid in daycare or in any school now. Too many idiots in this country think paying a mortgage on an overpriced house or diriving a newer car is more important than getting their kids out of school. Even though they know something’s up. Same dummies sit while we’re doused by chemtrails and let forty million illegals leech off us. The big show is coming, when it does the idiots rats who shove their kids in daycare or schools will get what they deserve for their ignorance, on everything.

        Don’t have kids, if you have them be a parent and take them out of school.

    • mfritz0

      My god they are feeding the nanobots to the kids!

    • Price of Freedom

      What are they putting in school lunches that they want the kids to eat that we don’t know about? That’s my question! I absolutely agree that there will be hell to pay if Washington think they can govern parenting!! It’s past time to flush the damn toilet in DC!! Get rid of the lot of em!! They are worse than the worst cancer but one that can be most certainly got rid of if we all stand together to do it!

    • shock an awe

      what a joke, are they serious, control freaks america the land of the not so free,

    • LightandLife

      its a Federal Program Preschool… why wouldn’t you expect them to have “control”… Wake UP

    • 7

      Doubtful – but I say everyone is welcome to visit

    • USN_Ret

      The Winter Solstice is the reason for the season. Dec 25 was always celebrated for that reason. Here’s your Christmas tree verse.

      Jeremiah 10:1-25

      Hear the word that the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel. Thus says the Lord: “Learn not the way of the nations, nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens because the nations are dismayed at them, for the customs of the peoples are vanity. A tree from the forest is cut down and worked with an axe by the hands of a craftsman. They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so that it cannot move. Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field, and they cannot speak; they have to be carried, for they cannot walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, neither is it in them to do good.”

    • GuitarLots

      What a joke … The whole system is paranoid
      When I was a kid I would get to bring an apple, peanut butter and jelly, carrots, raisins, and 10 cents for a milk, and ever now and then a bag of potato chips. If I had to eat at school it was 35 cents

      Today with all the GMO and lack of nutrients … A kid might go into anaphylactic shock if they ate peanut butter so I can understand the dilemma … A good attorney could clean up

    • Hard Salami

      That’s because if a kid brown bags, the gov can’t put drugs and stupifiers in the kid’s peanut butter and jelly sammish.This is an OUTRAGE.

    • UberNuts

      Mmm, GMO lunches laden with hormones and added biotechnical nanobots for extra immune-depleting goodness! They’re grrreat!

    • patriot156

      no it dont; hasn’t for well over a hundred years we the people fell with the civil war!
      But dont abide what the gona do? :cool:

      • Hard Salami

        plus the black and brown kids get a extra dose of Ritalin in their grits…eugenix muddafucus.

    • underhispinions

      This is what you get when your child goes to public school.They tell your child they can’t pray over their food and then they tell them they can’t have their food (unless the loving state supplies it).What’s next?

    • dg3909

      Don’t send your kid to preschool. Raise them yourself. You owe them at least that!

    • The Secret Behind Communism

      The Jews did this too.

    • Anonymous

      I see an opportunity. Get a doctor on retainer and have all the parents get him to issue “notes”. Say something like “my child is allergic to GMOs”

    • Greenfire

      As long as we allow them to do it to us, they will continue…. :sad:

    • warnel73

      The federal mafia can flat go to hell and I mean that totally, the demons from that mafia have overstepped their authority, and I will be very happy when Texas kicks the tyrannical batards out of Texas for good

    • Chartricia

      Any parent that dances to that fiddler certainly does not have my respect. Not that that means diddly squat. But yeah.

    • Misleading story. Best as I can tell the story has its roots from a Chicago news story in 2011 in which a single principle at Little Village Academy decided that home made lunches would be banned in her school. Which is different than saying that “the goverment” is banning lunches from home. Linked below is the Chicago Tribune story.

    • TombRaider

      Now what are these American freedoms Obama’s always boasting about every time he steps up to the podium?

    • Anonymous

      ha! where is that poster here, “freeamerican” the one who proclaims that americans are free..

      if this isnt enough proof, heres some more to chew on..

      • Freeamerican

        Idiot troll, the point isn’t the laws passed by your scum jew government buddies, the point is that I do not consent. I already replied to that before on the other story, troll. I have been aware of the legal traitorship taking place for decades, long before you. You make no point about the story, your pointless trolling makes you an idiot. Get a life.

        • Anonymous

          the point is.. idiot. you are not free. never have been, never will be. legal traitorship? what a moron, change youre name to american idiot.. more applicable.

    • DD

      This article stems from an incident over 2 years ago. In a PRIVATE preschool. It’s not REAL news.

    • AndreyE

      You eat only what government puts into your food.
      If you don’t want that – you ask for a refugee in russian embasyy. Very soon you won’t be able to do because they will be closed.

    • Solidus1

      Is anyone but me tired of this nonsense?

    • Mole Johnson

      Rogue government is now in our children’s lunch boxes …

    • me\\\'

      one thing for sure ‘ ”we ” the people of this great nation caused and will continue to cause crap like this . it is time ”we ” the people take back America like our ancestors have done many many times before us.

    • Marika

      Heh. Well, this is easy to address, folks-go to your doctor and show them a photo of a typical school lunch. My kids’ doctor sent a nastygram to their schools that said “if I want my patients on a diet, I’ll tell their parents.” Nice doc. No one says a word about my kids’ lunches anymore, lmao.

    • Anonymous


      :roll: :lol:

    • Room With a View

      Two words – Soylent green.

    • RobiMac

      Just for that, I’m gonna send my granddaughter to school with a peanut butter & jelly samich. And, Obama can just kiss my white arse.

    • notrightenough

      Notice that this letter is for a preschool. I have paid thousands of tuition dollars to preschools, and one of them had this rule. Kindercare. I also noticed that I was the only parent writing out a check for tuition! All the others were swiping their government aid card set out right as you walk in. My kids also got lice at this school. I had to pick my kids up to feed them everyday – they hated the lunch. after summer, we were done for good. Absolutely ridiculous. Keep a close eye on who is attending your kids day care and preschools.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      WOW…so much info that we continue to do THEIR bidding, and attack each other, cause of course “I’m right!”
      An open mind usually gets it right, a closed one (because I know it all) is doomed to its own idiocy.
      Seeing you guys argue just tells me that the powers that be, are having wonderful success.
      Divided WE fall.
      Our ENEMY is one.
      The enemies we choose are many.
      The “ONE” hides behind them and laughs at our stupidity.
      Keep attacking each other brothers and sisters, because you have half the facts and won’t help or share them with the other in a meaningful way.
      Fight each other, or fight the “ONE”
      It’s us against him, fortunately We have GOD on our side.
      Show some love and respect, even if your views are a little different from others.
      Talking, learning, sharing of information in an ADULT WAY, is the ONLY way to get critical info passed on.
      Insulting and name-calling I don’t believe have ever helped a differing view.
      But, it IS fostered by many, CIA, FBI, ect.
      Don’t argue with each other, brothers and sisters, EDUCATE each other!
      Show your evidence! Prove your point!
      You will be heard.
      Let the “Labeling” be put on us by the corrupt government, not by our own brothers and sisters.
      Stand strong and be at peace with each other.
      It’s US against “THEM”.

    • Jay

      It is time to leave the nineteenth century and enter the future of education. Do away with the brick and concrete “prisons” schools. Fire 95% of the so called “babysitters” teachers. Dump the parasitic Departments of ” Propaganda ” educations. Stop the warehousing bullying and intellectual stifling of our young people. Throw away the elitist snobbery of the past and enter the intellectual freedom of the future. Most education could be done over the internet with accompanying software CD’s and TV broadcasting. Look at the benefits of learning from home. First safety, no predatory harassing elitist” teachers” to worry about. Bullying, random violence and snobbery wouldn’t be an issue. Epidemic’s that run through school systems would lessen or would be eliminated as would the high anxiety of peer pressure .Second the student would have the freedom to explore without the prejudices of a faculty or a student body that would hamper their creativity .Third it would mean the eliminations of most of the nanny tax that is perpetrated on the public calling it a school tax. It would make government less intrusive and controlling . For many, homeschooling in the beginning would prove difficult but the advantages make it a much better option.

    • terry the censor

      According to people who do research, rather than just repeat stories, this claim is half-true. The federal government does not ban homemade lunches but some schools have taken their own initiative to do so for banal bureaucratic and financial reasons.

    • cloud nine

      Why are so many children still attending public school anyway?

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