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★Operation American Spring★ 1st INFO ATTACK! 6 Videos. LIVE Feed.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of America… We have a HUGE problem in Washington, DC as of May 16, 2014. My name is Sharaud Norman. I’m an Army Veteran and my job title was Information Systems Analyst. I possessed a SECRET Clearance and I worked under General Abrams during the 9/11 era… I know my Government VERY well. I now do social media marketing, music, and part-time reporting on various World incidents that are missed by our mainstream media. 

I will tell you this… When information online is starting to get CENSORED in real time, it is a telltale sign that our very Freedom of Speech being taken away. Even though whole Youtube Channels have not come down “yet”, we have to start asking ourselves…. When will it happen? When will our corrupt Government “pull the plug”? We all know that it is only a matter of time. Are we prepared to NETWORK in real time when they do pull the plug on Free Speech and Internet Access? 

The United States Government owns the Internet and EVERY “Incorporated” Company is on their roster. We as American Citizens have become last on our Leader’s list of priorities. This is fundamentally backwards and the very definition of a perverse and corrupt Government. Barack Obama has NOT enacted on behalf of the United States Citizens. He has instead been supplying our enemies that have KILLED our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq with our very own American Weapons. This is just the tip of the iceberg on the list of indictments against President Barack Obama and members of the United States Government. They have been amazing at providing disinformation to the public to make our Leaders look like “Gods” instead of the elected officials that they are. Remember they are suppose to WORK for US.

So as you all know Operation America Spring is underway in Washington, DC as of RIGHT NOW!! The website for the event is … Our Brothers and Sisters around the Country and around the World are starting to WAKE UP!! Never in my lifetime did I think that a situation would happen like this in the Country that I risked my Life defending. Never…. Because we are in threat of LOSING our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights to LAWLESS ENTITIES, our Brothers and Sisters Globally are coming together to combat this tremendous TYRANNY. Yes my sharp tone may be alarming… The times truly call for it. We are in “Make It or Break It” mode in America. NOW is the time to take action for our GOD-GIVEN Rights. How? By simply showing up and PEACEFULLY standing with our Brothers and Sisters. 


I know people that can’t join Operation American Spring and I understand that. All I’m asking everyone to do is this one thing…… “SHARE” this article with your Family and Friends. DO NOT deprive them of the knowledge that something BIG is going on while they ignorantly sit and watch their normal sitcoms and local brainwashing News. THIS sounds harsh but it is REALITY. Our Government and BIG BANKING INDUSTRY oppressors know that they have been using PsyOps and Eugenic-based beliefs to steer our Lives and this Economy into the ground. They laugh at the thought that we are becoming a Godless, immoral Nation who appear to be powerless and dumb. They TRULY believe that they are ELITE and we are just sheep. It’s time to wake up and realize what the truth is my friends. Operation American Spring is that opportunity!! 

If you can’t attend Operation American Spring do like me…. SHARE, SHARE, and SHARE some more!! Let’s get this word out their so hard and heavy that the National Media has NO CHOICE but to VOICE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE… NOT OUR CORRUPT LEADERS!! US….. Our POWER lies in BREAKING the bond of the Government and the National Media…. How? Through simple passive resistance and sharing this word with everyone. Simply standing in the Nation’s Capital and not leaving until our President answers the call and STOPS running from the American Peoples’ questions is our FIRST STEP to getting on the road to getting our Country back. The time is now. The time is now Mr. President… We are NOT Anonymous. We are the American People. (S.NORMAN) 

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      BIG ARTICLE… A lot of Information!! Use this Article as your Point Of Contact if anyone wants to know what is going on in Washington!! #OAS #SHARE

      • Apollo is the A/C

        Yes and a good article too! It is my sincere HOPE that all 200+ Generals, Commanders, and other military men & woman relieved of duty by the CRIMINALS in Washington are taking seriously….are seriously reflecting on THE OATH THEY SWORE TO UPHOLD…….To protect America from DOMESTIC enemies or DIE TRYING. I hope they are organizing a full brigade to swarm the Congressional Bldg at the next SOTU address and ARREST every Criminal who voted NDAA & the Patriot Act and try them as the traitors they are and lets put those Guillotines to some use!!!  :lol:

        Yes, I am talking about a Military coo and no, it doesn’t have to result like it would in 3rd World dictatorships. Each of the States can appoint replacements as well as amend the Constitution to TOTALLY eliminate Lobbyists as well as re-establish the Gold Standard and completely close down Wall Street. Anything less will result in a ORDO AB CHAO – which is what these Luciferians want:

        You know. ALL the Presidents are related right?

        This doesn’t happen by chance……which means our elections on a National level are a sham and always have been. We have a choice – either FORCEFULLY take our country back or when we fall and people wake up, the entire Nation must get on its knees and repent of how we lost our way and pray God the Father shows us some mercy. We are at THE tipping point.

      • BooBoo

        no point in this video

    • BooBoo

      Never in my lifetime did I think that a situation would happen like this in the Country that I risked my Life defending. Never…. Because we are in threat of LOSING our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights to LAWLESS ENTITIES, our Brothers and Sisters Globally are coming together to combat this tremendous TYRANNY. Yes my sharp tone may be alarming… The times truly call for it. We are in “Make It or Break It” mode in America. NOW is the time to take action for our GOD-GIVEN Rights. How? By simply showing up and PEACEFULLY standing with our Brothers and Sisters

      GOD-GIVEN rights, ha, thats funny, what are you saying here?, are you at the march at washington DC, or are you armchairing this event?


        Aye BooBoo… -Yogi Bear Voice- …. God-given rights means you are born as an intelligent animal under a Creator. As an animal born under a Creator you are entitled the ability to fend for yourself, free speech, and your next breathe of air. The moment any intelligent animal has to worry about those basic concept of “unalienable” Rights being taken away should be considered a serious moment. There is more than enough proof in the Executive Orders and various incidents that this is in case the truth for us intelligent animals under our chosen Creators. Meaning? I don’t care what Religion you are…… Or anything else. We ALL understand one thing… Our Rights. If you think that’s a “haha funny” situation that’s cool. Don’t tell me… Tell the members that have served in the Military from your family. Their BELIEVE is they are fighting for American’s Rights… They aren’t. They are fighting for The Plan for America. That plan includes nothing about our modern day Rights and our Service Members are FINALLY starting to realize this… You should realize what’s going on too. There’s more to the World than Commercialized News. Gotta pick up a book or something… Oh and btw… Yes!! I’m “arm-chairing” this event… LOL! Why you so mad man? I honestly can’t make it due to Family situations but God knows I am trying my hardest to at least make a difference. I hope you do the same too!! Don’t be so mad buddy… :cool:

        • BooBoo

          your response is way more than i have ever expected, i will have to ponder, and think about your response, its very interesting to say the least, and i am not an easy push-over to anything.

        • Doggoneit!

          I do not think that God ever said that.

    • Anonymous


    • BooBoo

      Anonymous, your an idiot, where is your proof to your post?

    • MSG Chicken

      The solution is very simple. REMOVE THE FOUL NEGRO. He is the foreign born sodomite king we were told not to put as our leader.

      That is why it was put in there in the OT as a WARNING!

      Now you have CROSSED that line and at this moment it is unclear whether our DESTRUCTION IS IMMINENT or not!

      But I would make every effort to remove the sodomite negro.

      • BooBoo

        Mr chicken explain please!

        That is why it was put in there in the OT as a WARNING!

        • MSG Chicken

          You mean to tell me it was put there for us to DISOBEY?

    • winedude

      Col. Riley and his merry band of losers couldn’t come up with ten to thirty million similarly deranged souls…I’m shocked…(not!). I tried to have a reasonable conversation with the fool but he kicked me off the OAS web site. Now they can arrest him and try him for treason! :cool:

      • BooBoo

        your just jealous that he dint talk to you personally!


          Oddly enough I’m getting a kick out of reading your replies BooBoo… lol! I can definitely respect the fact that you at least take the time to read! That’s more than I can say for a lot of folks these days… lol. I’m new to this reporting thing but I doubt this is the last time I will see your comments on my stories. I definitely welcome them. Commenters that strategically challenge a writer should be given more credit… If you’re mission is to uphold these reporters to a higher level of accountability, I applaud you. #Respect

        • 1 darkstar

          How old are you BooBoo?

    • Egail2

      Hmm I heard no on showed up. Where’s the millions that were to show up?
      Typical big talkers. Another failure.

      Just know every time these clowns fail it only strengthens the opposite side.

      • sarah

        The Trolls are out on a Friday night.

        Obamapay must be good to get Trolls to work on weekends.

        I thought weekends were when Trolls hung out under bridges.

        • Egail2

          Call me a troll but facts are facts. A simple search shows how big this turn out was. It flopped.

          The media is laughing at you, your fellow Americans are too. So Sarah what’s your excuse for not going.

          Seems like there are 5 people voting on every comment I post. Pretty obvious there’s someone with 5 accounts or a small group of tinfoilers who get mad over a comment they see.

          I guess the truth hurts.

        • StavoV

          Well gee, when you are standing around, waiting for something big to happen and short of nothing happens…….Obamapay? Pretty funny. :roll:

      • House of John

        STRATFOR is on the line and says they have a new script for you jew.

    • Godzilla

      When even infowars avoids a topic then you know there is very little substance to a topic. OAS, although well meaning, was poorly thought out and an embarrasment for both occupy and tea party followers.

      I commend the protestors that showed up for their drive, but they are naive if they think a few hundred protestors camping out near the white house will effect any meaningful change. Egypt and ukraine had many millions and it still took weeks to get rid of the regime, and they even had the backing of soros.

      This event has no backbone to it and unfortunately will fail. I forsee a small scale civil war or a bloody revolution if the democrats and republians continue to neglect their country and focus on foreign affairs. Its inevitable. Americans are well armed and well defend their country. Maybe if we are lucky we will get the 2016 elections and the libertarian party will rise from the ashes to defeat this duopoly with no blood spilled. But we also have midterms this year and it is the perfect chance to elect greens and libertarians to capital hill. Do not focus only on the president elections. Focus on all elections: town/city, county, state, congressional districts, senate.

    • Godzilla

      I guess the population of washington dc that is nearly 7 million people are totally brainwashed and hardcore obama and bush fans. I cant imagine someone living in the capital or in the immediate 100 mile vicinity being too damm lazy to join the people that drove or flew thousands of miles from the west coast to attend. I just cant! :mad:

    • Anonymous

      live feed is a FAIL

    • Bobbyray

      LIVE in Washington DC 5/17/2014 NOW…….

      Tune in to Mark Conners live radio show and call in to give support

    • Daniel

      TO; Judge Jeanine, This is what they are not telling you, “THE SMOKING GUN IF YOU WILL.” President Obama and the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a back door deal with Mr. Putin. The deal was very clear. If Ghaddafi stepped down, we the Americans would guarantee is safety and allow him to simply retire in Lybia. Obama and Clinton reneged on the deal because Ghaddafi still promoted his “gold backed new reserve currency.” Black ops orders issued to Jihadists aligned with former President Clinton were given, orders to assassinate Ghaddafi. They did. Putin found out and demanded retribution. Putin demanded an eye for an eye. Our top American representative for Ghaddafi. Orders were then given to take out Stevens. This is why no rescue attempt was made. It was suppose to be a hijack for ransom gone bad but the Navy Seals broke orders (just like they were trained to do) and attempted the rescue of Stevens. The jihad kidnappers, who were Bill Clinton’s same “go to guys” in the Middle East, the same people who took out Ghadaffi thought they were being double crossed by Clinton(s) and Obama and they applied their revenge by beating Ambassador Stevens nearly to death and then attaching his body to a pick-up truck and dragging it through the streets until the Ambassador succumb to his injuries and died. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. EXACTLY! NOW THE WORLD KNOWS WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER THE CLINTON’S AND OBAMA ARE. ANYTHING TO GET ELECTED.

    • BrianNYR

      This thing is one big PsyOp and it’s hilarious ppl are falling for it. The damn creators and main promoters of AP are all on Government payrolls with the CIA,FBI and COINTELPRO.


        I’m inclined to partially believe you based on a few hidden but extremely obvious signs… I make videos and write articles but I remain open minded and optimistic… I’m doing another video right now. This next article should prove to be extremely interesting. Yin and Yang are becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate on so many levels these days.

    • Down with Apathy

      You don’t need to convince me, I have been aware for years of the decine of our freedom. A lot of people are counting on 2016 for another chance to fix things but they are fools because by then there will be nothing left of OUR UNITED STATES to fix.

      Obama obviously hates America, has lied to us from the beginning and would not be president if the media hadn’t betrayed us. I wondered when I was a kid in school how people like Hitler managed to gain control – didn’t the people see what was happening. I understand a lot better now – even with the enhanced communication we have, people are in the dark, some because they don’t want to know, i.e. apathy. Some don’t care because they can’t envision anything bad happening to them, Americans are spoiled that way. I would have hoped that 9/11 would have dispelled that false belief.

      People say if you don’t support Obama you are a racist, which is b.s. frankly. It is stupid and unpatriotic to think or to force others to believe that a black person can do no wrong. That’s why he was chosen, because they knew when people started to complain they could silence them by charges of racism.

      I don’t give a damn if you call me racist, I’m not stupid and I see what he is doing and anyone who is in denial had better wake up ASAP or we are going down. To see this marxist socialist creep destroying our country and the entire government allowing it to happen is insane. TIME is running out so wake up America – if you haven’t felt the pain yet you will, every damn one of you.


        Wasn’t meant to exactly convince you specifically… lol. Calm down… Woosah… lol. Just getting the info out there. I do however agree with a ton of what you just said. I think you may seem a little upset in the delivery of your views, which people could tend to pair with an “extremist” point of attitude… At least that’s the way it’s been set up. That’s the way people are being conditioned to view people who speak with passionate opposition. You and I speak from a passionate place though. A place not rooted in anger but instead in discontent and disbelief for the many unanswered injustices inflicted on humanity through deception. I salute you for speaking you truth. Let me be the first to say that judging by what I am reading you are not a racist. I don’t know your life or your personal views so I am laying this claim on solely judging your words and the tone of them. If I am right, I ask that you in particular go forward in telling the truth and not to be afraid in doing so. Sounds like you’ve been doing your homework and that knowledge is what is needed to wake people from this amazing trance they seem to be in… Much #Respect…

    • BooBoo

      this is crap, from judge jeannie show, what crap is that you have to resort to TV to get your point across, more “false reporting”

    • TombRaider

      America where are you now?
      Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
      Don’t you know we need you now?
      We can’t fight alone against the monster

    • Anonymous

      Why doesn’t he realize when his show is being played over? Those on site interviews Should be airing on one of the OTHER live USTREAM feeds!!! Mark isn’t even aware of it happening it seems… He says such a bummer! WHO lashed up the audio for his show? Where are the OTHER FEEDS?? I thought these were techies taking care of the video/audio feeds, not little kids!!! Irritating… Poor control! The intrusive ads from USTREAM is bad enough, but then when the feeds do it, good grief!! There has been 4 days so far to sort this out.. Someone is NOT either qualified or not doing their assignment…

    • Apollon

      10-96 10-61

    • tthb

      This looks like it’s it, or something enough. The causes have my support.

      Very strange around, things too hard down own end.

      If Jesus arrives to set up things up ( or if that’s even what it all is about? ) , please tell him to hurry up, to be much more quick. Probably most people have had enough of the bad side of things/life.

      That would sound great.

    • tthb

      is it now only an automated chess game, with only those who no one’s told left, running on auto-pilot? . . . . . . . . hold-overs?? . . . . . .

      • tthb

        only because things really may be that Freakish, . . . . . .

      • tthb

        (. . . .if so, don’t make anything worse around, but each tend their own, or each other’s ‘avatar’ persona, . . . ) . . . . . . .

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