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Humanity IS Mutating: 6th DNA Base “Discovery” May 4, 2015!!! 4-Stranded Human DNA Acknowledged By Science; Ashtar And Sananda Provide Waves Of Ascension Guidance; Earth Reincarnation Cycle IS Ending!

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Humanity IS Mutating: 6th DNA Base “Discovery” May 4, 2015!!! 4-Stranded Human DNA Acknowledged By Science; Ashtar And Sananda Provide Waves Of Ascension Guidance; Earth Reincarnation Cycle IS Ending! 

Sixth Base human DNA component in the news!!!!!!!!!

  1. Human DNA could have a sixth component suggests study

    International Business Times UK-18 hours ago
    A possible sixth component or base that goes to build the DNA mayexist in … “It was known for years that bacteria, evolutionarily very distant …

    Scientists Discover Sixth DNA Base?
    Nature World News-5 hours ago
    Methyl-Adenine, A Sixth DNA Base?
    Science 2.0-May 4, 2015

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“The molecules and atoms, your sub-atomic particles, all that you are, will be transformed and accelerated into the fifth dimension. So you do not have to die. Well,that’s some good news. Despite the fact that human beings have grown so accustomed to dying that it has become a common awareness or common belief, I am telling you now: you do not have to die. And you will not.” – Sananda (The Crystal Stairs; Eric Klein)

Cherished readers… here is some clarification from Ashtar And Sananda on the waves of ascension (reposted below).  

Some points and context on the mutation of humanity, from 2-stranded DNA humans, ascending to a fifth dimensional species with crystalline DNA:

-Earth human dna is 2-stranded which coincides with earth being in a dark part of it’s 26000 year cycle.

-Now that earth is entering the photon belt, it is activating “junk dna”, and DNA is mutating.

-In 1980′s a fifth DNA base was discovered.

-Just today a six DNA base is reported by mainstream media!!!!!

-Just like water ‘ascends’ in frequency, and changes from liquid to steam… so too can lifeforms ‘ascend’… like earth, or humans… though a raising of frequency, until there is a molecular reconfiguration.

-Mother earth is ascending from a planet to a star.

-Humans are ascending from homo sapien, to homo luminous.

-There is a first wave of humans who go through the transfiguration, first… those ones are likely Starseeds, who came to help humans through these end times.

-Since we all come from high frequencies, this process is like a doorway back ‘home’ to higher frequencies. 

-The dark side of humanity seeks to poison air, food, water, soil, minds, and bodies, in order to prevent the mutation of humanity from happening… but they cannot stop it. Ooops let’s not forget the low-frequency entertainment choices, and all human teachings that are of limitation consciousness… which are plentiful!

-It is extra-challenging to mutate a species, even at the best of times, let alone doing so on a warring prison planet… but hey it’s happening anyways. :)

-You may scoff and laugh… but know that there is evidence of the genetic mutation of humanity underway; 4-stranded human DNA is acknowledged by science:

  1. New Genetic Twist: 4-Stranded DNA Lurks in Human Cells 23, 2013
    Sixty years after scientists described the chemical code of life — an interweaving double helix called DNA — researchers have found …

    4-Strand DNA Structure Found in Cells
    Scientific American-Jan 22, 2013
    Four-Stranded DNA Found In Human Cells, Could Help Fight Cancer
    International Business Times-Jan 22, 2013

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ASHTAR: 144,000

The Ashtar Command have predicted that those who ascend in the first wave will be given the opportunity to return to the Earth in the ascended state, to awaken the rest of humanity to the ascension opportunity. The Keys of Enoch support this prediction by speaking of the sudden appearance of 144,000 Ascended Masters on the Earth, who will transform the world and push back the clouds of darkness and despair. The appearance of 144,000 masters is also predicted in the Native American prophecies. In April 1983, the Medicine Teacher, Harley Swiftdeer declared that, “144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their dream mindbodies. They will begin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged serpent wheels(Merkabah) and become a major force of light to help the rest of humanity to dance their dream awake.” This would also provide an explanation for the 144,000, spoken of in the Book of Revelation.Chapter 7, of Revelations, refers to an uncountable number from everynation clad in what John perceived to be white robes. This could have been his perception of the light bodies adorning the multitude, who follow in the wake of the 144,000, to rise in the second and third waves of ascension. John also said that these were the ones who had been cleansed by the time of great distress, a seven year period of great tribulation. This would correspond to the natural disasters that have been predicted as necessary in order for the Earth to cleanse herself of industrial civilisation and pollution prior to her own ascension.

Preparing for ascension

Ascension is the goal of all the self-transformation processing that humans beings undertake in physical life on Earth.It corresponds to the final resurrection from death which is an integral part of the belief structure of a number of World religions. Ascension would appear to be available to anyone who acknowledges and respects the Creator – who can be known only as love and life – and surrenders to this, which is their own innate reality.The suggested way to prepare for ascension is the practice ‘inner quiet’ for which the stilling of the mind by focussing on the breath, is strongly recommended. Sananda has outlined that either ascension, or physical evacuation, will occur for all innocents, children, and adults, of the right disposition, who will allow it to happen to them. He stressed that people do not have to be religious in order to ascend, but rather they need to be trusting, loving and fearless.


Sananda on Ascension

From the book the Crystal Stair by Eric KleinINTRODUCTION TO ASCENSION by SanandaHello. Nice to be here with you this evening on this auspicious occasion. I am Sananda here to introduce you to a great adventure in your lives. I might say to re-introduce you to something you have known on some level of yourselves for a very long time. So please make yourselves comfortable and be relaxed. We will be introducing you to the ascension process this evening. The first class is always the most challenging for us. There is so much to discuss that it is difficult to know where to begin. But with your help in the form of questions, we generally end up taking care of most of the information you need to know regarding the ascension and these times that you are living in.


These times are quite extraordinary What is occurring now has not occurred on this world before. It is a transformation. There is an incredible amount of growth available. The opportunity to take a quantum leap into higher consciousness is now here for you. You may have a certain awareness of this in your lives. You may be in your own ways experiencing a quickening of growth, a heart opening, more light and love in your life, more desire to know the truth. This is a result of this increased energy that is occurring. What I am here to talk about, as well as the others who will speak to you in this series of classes, is the completion, or goal, of all of this transformation. You are not here on this planet to endlessly grow and process your emotions. This is part of a larger picture. This is just part of a growth towards a completion. And now at this time, through a special dispensation of the Father/Creator of the universe and all the universes, we are putting out the call to those beings such as yourselves, those Light Workers and Starseeds, who will be the first to learn about this opportunity to return to their true states of awareness, their true identities. This will culminate in the ascension process.

What is ascension? It is a great leap of experience on every level of your being. In general, you could say it is a leap from third-dimensional reality into a fifth-dimensional or higher state of consciousness, third-dimensional reality being what you now see and hear and taste and experience with your senses, all that appears to be solid or having this dimensionality of solidness. I would like to include in this definition (though they are more fourth-dimensional manifestations: thoughts and ideas, emotions, etc.) all of that which is existing in this planetary realm. You might say that the fifth dimension or higher, the ascended state, is a state of increased frequency of vibration. It is as if you have a prism and you shine white light through the prism, breaking it into many various colors, various wavelengths of light. You could say that the third-dimensional existence as you know it relates to that visible spectrum of light that you can see with your eyes, from the violet through the other colors. Ascension is a matter of going beyond this limited spectrum of experience. The nature of the universe does not change so much. The laws of physics do not change so much. But you expand and increase your frequency of vibration and your consciousness to a point where you can see those colors and move into those realms that are now invisible to you. So part of the process is an awakening to your potentials, your hidden potentials. They have been hidden quite well, have they not? You have been using a certain percentage of your grey matter. Some of you are more aware through meditations and psychic powers, but nevertheless you have been existing within a certain limited framework of consciousness. So another difference between an ascended being and yourselves is that we have a one hundred percent mental capacity fully operating in our consciousness. And you have much less. I would say you use only ten to fifteen percent. Maybe I will give some of you the benefit of the doubt and say that you have used up to twenty percent. Congratulations. But you see, there is a great deal more for youto be aware of, a great deal more for you to experience. And it is very enjoyable to do so. It is very blissful and peaceful to be surrounded by this loving presence of the Father continually to feel at one with the Creator. So an ascended being is one who has made that leap, who has at least attained to the level of awareness of the fifth dimension, who has gone beyond birth and death, who has attained that state of immortality wherein consciousness will no longer be broken by the sleep you know as death. Neither is there aging. You have seen pictures of Ascended Masters and they look the same pretty much all the time. If you have seen photographs of me (there are a few in existence), I have not changed much in 2,000 years or for even longer than that. So again, an aspect of ascension is that you will be free of birth and death. You will be free of all of the limitations of third-dimensional reality.


This transformation is not something that is intended to be selective for a very few individuals. It is something which is now occurring on a planetary scale. It is something that is going to be available to all human beings in this lifetime, in a very short time. You are hearing about it. You are in the first wave of those who have heard about it, of those who are interested. So this is not something that is an option. For you, only the timing is optional. This is not a new automobile I am selling you that you can decide whether to purchase or not. I am telling you something that isgoing to occur and is going to happen one way or the other. And it is for you to align yourselves and to open to the transformation if you wish to be among the first to take that leap of consciousness.

So why are you the first? Why are there so few who are ready to hear about this at this time? Why are you so different, you might ask. Why are your hearts a little bit more open? Why are your minds a little bit more open tothis possibility? It is because you have somewhat higher origins. Those of you who are in this room with me now are what I would classify as LightWorkers or Starseeds. You are, believe it or not, very evolved beings. You are very beautiful and courageous beings. You are among those who chose to leave the ascended state, to come here, to take third-dimensional incarnations many thousands of years ago in order that you might assist humanity in order that you might assist in the transformation of this planet. It is time for you to realize your origins to some extent, and to begin to appreciate yourselves for who you are beyond your minds and your personalities, beyond your limited concepts of yourselves. This is why you are among the first to hear of this. This is why you are awake to the possibility Many have heard these descriptions of the ascension and for some reason they do not awaken to that. For some reason they are somewhat sleepy or disbelieving. Their time will come. Now it is your time. So part of what we will be working on together in this series of classes, for those of you who choose to continue onwards, is the unveiling of your own higher Selves, the increased awareness of who you really are beyond your personalities and individual life experiences. You will begin to experience an expansion of your self concept. You will begin to feel a great deal more of your true presence, your higher Self, as we do our best to connect you more strongly with that aspect of yourself We are going to work on integrating you with that higher Self so that you do not feel separate from God or from your true self, so that you do not feel disempowered or helpless or lost here in this third-dimensional quagmire you call “planet Earth experience.” There are many benefits to this process. Indeed, it is aprocess. So I congratulate you for your openness this evening, for having the courage and openness to come and hear about this. I encourage you to ask whatever questions you have about this. This is not an ordinary class that you are taking. This is not a workshop that will assist you in manifesting more money exclusively. This is a class that is cutting straight to the very essence of your beings. It is very transformational.

So what is occurring now that is different? Why is this time more powerful and intense? It is because the Earth itself is undergoing the initial phases of its transformation to the ascended state. The Earth as a third-dimensional manifestation has a, very short time to continue. There will be incredible transformations of this planet and this solar system that you are inhabiting. All of the atoms and molecules of the Earth, of the solar system, and of every being in existence on the Earth are transforming towards a higher frequency and will soon be in the fifth dimension experience. This is why this is not an optional experience for you. If you are inhabiting the planet Earth, know that you are here at this time for a purpose, You are Light Workers and you have been awaiting this time. A great deal has happened to you in your Earth lives, a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of lifetimes where you were trying our best to be ordinary citizens. Sometimes you were persecuted for being extraordinary citizens, Sometimes you were great teachers. Sometimes you were yogis and meditators in your caves. Sometimes you were white witches or my other sort of manifestation, trying your best to do your missions here, to channel the energy of God into the desert like consciousness of the world. You have done a lot. You have been rather successful individually. Yet collectively I would say the change that is intended for this planet has not been proceeding as smoothly or as rapidly as we had hoped when this choice was made by you to incarnate here. So the original plan requires a little bit of a boost at this time. What has happened is that most of the Starseeds have fallen asleep themselves. This is why the world is so sleepy and why even the Starseeds are sleepy Because there is an aura of sleep and confusion which surrounds the planet. The light has not broken through fully yet. But it is making great strides to do so.


Humans, if you want to, because we are at the end of an age, and the start of a new age, you can consciously raise your frequency and body, to where only love remains, and thus, keep your body this time, for the cycle of reincarnation on this planet, is ending forever!

Indian in the machine

Breaking Ascension News! Sananda (Jesus) And Archangel Michael Say Ho’poopono Prayer Clears The Way For Ascension

the energies, frequencies, imprints, cellular memory, skills, abilities, activations and embodiments I require to move with ease and perfection through the coming year, achieving powerful accelerated ascension and deep awakening within my being as well as profound healing on all levels of my being. May I move beyond illusion into truth; the truth of my soul and the Creator.

Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn: “The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

“You see, the ones who have agreed to work with us without question, often without rest, and without financial rewards have been filling the required positions as “boots on the ground,” carrying the weight of the entire project, against great odds. They are too few in number, and so they must work tirelessly, or the Great Plan, which is the Ascension of all humankind, would not be completed.” 

Your ascension energies will increase in purity with every day that passes and every effort you each make to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, and as long as you can live in alignment while keeping in mind that you’re going to make mistakes every now and then, you’ll have little difficulty finding the flow you seek throughout your daily existence and radiating it for everyone around you to feel and benefit from.

The Magnetic Clash Of Nibiru And Earth To Catalze Mass Ascension Theory 2014

What Are Ascension Symptoms? Guidance To Comprehending And Resolving The Challenges

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      ET propaganda!!!!

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      Joh 10:1 “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter through the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up by another way, that one is a thief and a robber.
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      Joh 10:5 “And they shall by no means follow a stranger, but shall flee from him, because they do not know the voice of strangers.”
      Joh 10:6 יהושע used this figure of speech, but they did not know what He had been saying to them.

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      These times are quite extraordinary What is occurring now has not occurred on this world before. Remember “As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man. There really is nothing new under the sun.

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        which is it? nothing new under the sun or this has never happened before? ;)

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      You never seem to respond to me. Why did you say last year that there was going to be an ascension, yet it never happened. Now here we are this year, you saying the same bs. So when this doesn’t happen, what excuse will you give?

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      Nice to see somebody is reporting the truth

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      I farted again when I read this BS. Must be my DNA upgrade.

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